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Arms Warrior DPS PvE Guide

Talent Builds for the DPS Arms Warrior


Minor Glyphs:

These are our recommended minor glyphs for Arms Warrior PvE.

Arms Single Target Rotation:

Here are your highest priority abilities and their order of use.

  1. Rend – start of battle and keep up
  2. Colossus Smash – When not on cooldown
  3. Mortal Strike – When not on cooldown
  4. Overpower – whenever available
  5. Slam
  6. Heroic Strike — with over 65 rage

After you’ve got a Rend on your target use Deadly Calm and start going down the list. If no one else in your raid is putting sunder armor on your target then you will need to keep 3 stacks of it on your target. When you have 3 stacks of rend just hit your Colossus Smash when it’s up and that will keep your rend refreshed, if you have the glyph (which you should).

Arms AoE Rotation:

Keep up inner rage as much as possible and use the above abilities as often as possible and whenever the CDs (cool downs) are done.

Stat Priorities:

8% Hit > Strength >> Expertise > (26) > Crit > Mastery > Haste

  • Strength: This is your main stat as it increases all your damage output. As long as you have your 8% hit and 26 Expertise you want to get as much strength as possible.
  • Melee Hit: 8% melee hit is really the first and most important thing to get. This is enough hit to keep your special attacks from missing level 85 mobs. More misses = less DPS. So this is very important. Note: Hit rating beyond 8% has zero value.
  • Expertise: The 26 Expertise will make monsters unable to dodge your attacks from behind. So you can just stand behind them and beat away.
  • Crit: After you have your 8% Hit and 26 Expertise you will want to reforge everything else to get as much crit as possible.
  • Mastery: Mastery will increase your chance to get an extra melee attack. Extra attacks are of course always a good thing.
  • Haste: Reforge this into better stats
  • Other Stats: Agility, Int, Spirit, Hit above 8%, and Expertise above 26 are of no use to you.


  • Haste into Hit (to8%) then Expertise (to 26) then crit.
  • Mastery can also be reforged into better stats.


If the socket bonus on your gear is Strength you should try to match the socket
color if possible. If the socket bonus is something else you should just put in
a red Strength gem.

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