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Auctioneer, One of the Great Gold Tools


This Page Gold Guides
  1. Gold Guide
  2. Your Banker
  3. Getting the gold at Low level
  4. Basic Gold Tips
  5. Gathering for Gold
  6. Grinding & Farming
  7. Limited items
  8. Professions
  9. Networking
  10. 30 Day Gold Run
  11. Auctioneer
  12. Other Addons
  13. Tycoon Review
  14. More Gold Tips (on FB)



Auctioneer still lives as of Jan, 2021. You can grab it here.  Also Auctionator (free,) TradeSkillMaster (free,) and Zygor (not free)

Had a bunch of stuff of this page that was WAY out of date. Zapped it. So I’ll just drop some relevant videos here.

The Auction House changed in early 2020. (One of the better things to happen in 2020…) So this video covers whether there is still a use for the various addons:

This one’s a nice starter guide to Auctioneer. Includes some tips on how NOT to get scammed, too. It’s for WoW Classic, but it’s more recent than others and most of what she says about how to use it will carry over to Shadowlands.

This one is about the Auctionator addon. Similar in some ways to Auctioneer.

This one isn’t about Auctioneer, directly, but rather some “how to make gold quickly” by buying and reselling and more.

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