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New Players

Top 10 Ways To Get Leveled Faster

I asked the question “How Fast Did You Level?” in a G+ World of Warcraft Community. (Here it is. If you’re on G+ you can join that community here.) I have received some interesting responses, such as getting from 1-90 in 23 hours (or less.) That’s rather mind boggling to me, so I asked and received some details. Here is what I was told:

  • I farm the elixirs of wisdom ( +300% xp ) and I do not use RaF. (These Elixirs are going to take some time to farm.)
  • LvL 1-10 took about 22 minutes with heirlooms and the guild bonus.
  • 10-18 took 20 minutes from soloing RFC.
  • 18-25 took 14 minutes doing Shadowfang Keep + dungeon quests.
  • 25-30 speed leveled through Northern Stranglethorn
  • 30-35 went down to the Cape of Stranglethorn
  • 35-40 went to Western Plaguelands
  • 40-45 still in Western Plaguelands
  • 45-50 went to Badlands

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How to Create Macros

So What’s a Macro?

Someone asked this on our Facebook page and I thought that it would be worth expanding on somewhat,

“can someone explain what a “macro” is…and how to put one together. It always seems like some characters are on automatic mode when in pvp or pve….just wondering. I’ve never done one before.”

A macro is just a set of commands that you can bundle together. Instead of hitting three or four or five keys to apply buffs and set up for a fight, just hit one key and it’s all done. (BTW – macros are used in many games and in various forms of coding, outside of any game application.)

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Tip #2: Choose a Class and Race That Will Make This New Experience Fun

For the Beginner

This is for the brand new player, not the one with multiple 85s.

Worgen RogueVideo game fiends new to WoW, but experienced with other games (including other MMOs,) will find things easier than someone coming to WoW with zero game experience.This post is for those new to the game without a lot of video game experience.

Some classes are just easier for the new player (or anyone) and some are a bit more challenging. It helps to pick a class and race most likely to give you enjoyable and successful gameplay.

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Which Server to Pick – PvE, PvP, RP, or …?

This is part 1 of a series we’ll be running for brand new players and we’ll be covering some pretty basic stuff. Feel free to add to the discussion.

Tip #1: Choose the right kind of server for the most enjoyable experience

Before you even make up a character you should first consider what kind of server you want to play on.

What’s the Server Population?

For the best gaming experience select a server with a high population. On high population servers there are more items available on the AH (Auction House) and you will encounter more people in your travels, which makes the world seem more energized and lively. While the server population doesn’t matter much in certain areas, it does matter if you like company and if you want to eventually try your hand at raiding.

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