Sep 102013
Destruction of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms

As a part of the plans of one G. Hellscream the Vale of Eternal Blossoms took some damage. This is oneof the reasons the Pandarans would be much happier if the Horde (and Alliance, too) packed their bags and left their lands. Servers went live much earlier than usual after a major patch. I logged in at 10 am Pacific time and there were already a lot of people there. Hopped onto the flying beastie and took a look at the new vale. Click the images for larger views.

The start of the trail of Destruction, the palace is in the distance, out of sight.

vale - path of destruction

Looking towards the palace

center of Destruction

Looking out from the top of the palace

Vale post 5-4

Looking out from the Horde base, palace is to the left, bases are not damaged. 

looking from the horde base

Time to get your gear on and explore the new world.

Jul 292013

So you’re a new WoW player, you’ve leveled up a bit, maybe even to 90, can handle the mobs you’re running into, and so decide to enter a random dungeon (because you’re brave, or foolish.)


So you get the group that want to clear everything in 8.3 minutes, skips the looting, and his hardly tolerant of people who can’t quite keep the pace or who don’t perform exactly the way the group demands.

This is what the Proving Grounds are for. The Proving Grounds (PGs) are there to help you train yourself, or prove yourself, in a series of encounters of increasing difficulty, without the snide remarks. No worries about being punted from the group.

All you have to do is be level 90 and be able to get to Kun Lai.

Personally, I think all my characters will be giving it a workout. If only to get used to a new set of abilities after playing some other class for awhile. This should be far more useful than the target dummies.

The Official Word on the Proving Grounds

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