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Lost City of the Tol’vir – Heroic Boss Guide

Before you start with Heroic Tol’vir we have a pre-heroic checklist that you might find of use, especially if you’re not a veteran of the Heroics. It also includes a link to basic DPS, Heal, and Tank tactics. It’s here: Cataclysm Heroic Dungeons.

If you need the gold to pay for repairs, gear, potions, gems, enchants, mounts, 310% flying speed, pets, frivolous vanity gear, etc., then take a look at our gold guide or a far more extensive gold (and more) guide: WoW Crusher.


  1. General Husam
  2. Lockmaw & Augh
  3. High Prophet Barim
  4. Siamat


General Husam:

This is pretty much a “Tank and Spank.” Stay out of dust clouds and golden traps/circles.He casts a lot of them.

He also charges a random player or throws a random target into the pillar. Heal through it.

How to General Husam


Lockmaw & Augh:

When you enter this section of the city take a sharp right or left to avoid the pygmies. Run along the waterway to the croc, Lockmaw. Augh will probably still show, but you can avoid the other little guys.

Stay away from Lockmaw’s tail.

When you get Scent of Blood four baby crocs will attack you. Stack on the tank and kill the little crocs. Then kill the bigger croc.

Lockmaw enrages at 30%. Dispel Enrage with the usual abilities (eg: Shiv.) Augh spawns after Lockmaw dies and might steal the loot.

Augh can disorient a tank, which causes him to lose aggro. Dispel it with Magic. Stay out of whirlwind. Also enrages but is unable to be tranquilized. Kite him, stay away from whirlwind, and burn him down.

How to Lockmaw


High Prophet Barim:

Stay away from fire pillars. Keep DPS on boss.

At 50% he rips your soul and transport you into another realm and puts down a damage field. You will be kicked out of the field and a Dark Phoenix will spawn. The tank should kite it away from the Barim and from any Soul Fragments. Soul Fragments can be slowed or stunned if you are having trouble with them.

Once the phoenix is dead the damage field will drop and you will be pulled to the boss. This part is just like the start of the fight, just burn him down.

How to High Prophet Barim



Right after the start of the fight Siamat places a 90% damage reduction shield on himself while adds spawn.Some of these are squishy caster adds, others are melee. The minions can be ignored, depending on your group. If you need to kill them put one DPS on them and drag them to the edge of the roof before killing. They will spawn a storm when they die and this puts the storm away from the main fight.

Servant of Siamat are the larger melee adds you will need to tank and kill. Only three of those will spawn, and the death of the third one (regardless of the fate of the other two) will bring Siamat’s shield down. Move away from them as they are about to die in order to avoid Thunder Crash. Being hit by this debuffs players with stacking Lightning Charge.

When the shield drops he will bounce everyone around for awhile. Try not to get knocked off the edge. (You can use the Wind Tunnels if you get dropped off the roof.) Adds will continue to spawn, but you can ignore them. Pop Heroism and burn him down for the rest of the fight.

Siamat will spam Storm Bolt for the entire fight. Deal with it.


How to Siamat:


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