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A Brief Paladin PvP Guide

A Brief Paladin PvP Guide - This is a Draenei Retribution Paladin in Season 13 gearGiven the same gear plenty of people argue that Paladins are more overpowered than Death Knights. Certainly they make excellent tanks, damage machines, and healers and that’s the reason that you’ll see so many of them in PvP (though not so many of those will be Protection.)

Keep in mind that the most important factor in PvP success is you. If you’re really serious about PvP you’ll know your character inside out and you’ll know the  other guy’s character inside out, as well. You’ll know what he’s likely to do and what you can do about that.

This page is just an overview of Paladins in PvP. See the individual pages below for more in-depth detail.

Check these pages for the individual PvP guides:

Best Stats

These days, in patch 8.3?

  • Retribution: Item level > Strength > Haste > Versatility > Mastery> Critical Strike.
  • Holy: Intellect > Critical Strike > Versatility > Haste > Mastery.

Are you corrupted? 

Corruption is not great for PvP as you will take too much damage and too many annoyances. But there are a couple of positive points. For example…

Once you have done appropriate quests with Magni, MOTHER will be happy to remove the corruption from your items for a very low price.

The Gems and Enchants

PvP Power and Resilience gem values were cut in half in patch 5.3 and later slain completely. joining the Hit, Expertise, and Multistrike group.

Gem sockets are pretty uncommon. Rare, even. But if you find one on a decent piece of gear…

And of you happen to be working in Mechagon you might find gear with slots for punchcards. Some of which are pretty interesting. Yellow cards provide stats, Red some support ability, and blue misc abilities, which might turn out to be useful in certain situations.

For Enchants, look into

Some older Gems for the Retribution Paladin

Older Gems for Holy Paladins

Keybinds and Macros

And, of course, you do need your keybinds.

And a visit to Skill Capped would be a good idea.



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