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Shaman PvP, a Quick Overview

Dwarf Shaman getting ready to workShamans are a hybrid capable of effective PvP play in a number of roles depending on which specialization they take.

Shamen provide good damage-dealing, and even when not specced, Restoration can still cast some adequate heals if necessary.  Totems make for good support and allow a Shaman to be a team contributor, regardless of specialization, in addition to CC ability (such as Hex.)



Enhancement is an explosive burst melee style with a combination of melee and ranged attacks to blow down enemies.  Enhancement, while effective, is not the easiest or most recommended build for higher levels of Arena play, but is quite capable of demolishing the opposition in the Battlegrounds.

Elemental Shamans are Caster DPS and play as you would imagine – destroying enemies from afar with a bevy of shocks and lightning bolts.  They have the ability to cast lightning bolt on the run, which can help when facing melee pressure, and have more than a few ways of slowing down or stopping pursuers such as with Earthbind Totem or escaping with Ghost Wolf.

The Restoration Shaman is immensely useful as a PvP healer due to its mastery focused on delivering immense heals to targets low on health, something that can easily take a player about to die all the way to maximum health in a spell or two. A Restoration Shaman also has access to a number of group heals for use in larger fights when no one target takes immediate healing precedence. Resto PvP build and details


Learn to Crush the Enemy with your Shaman

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