Feb 262014

Human Death Knight, ready to be provenOne of the better ways for your Death Knight, or any other tank, to learn tanking skills is through the Proving Grounds, introduced in patch 5.4. It’s a safe place to experiment with rotations, dealing with multiple targets, reforging to get the most out of your gear, and so on. No one will know whether you took one try or 100 (or more) to get your gold achievement.

If you can get at least a silver achievement on your Death Knight (or any other character,) then you’ve probably got a clue.

In fact, Blizzard agrees that the Proving Ground is a good test and it looks like they are at least considering making the Proving Grounds a requirement for random groups in Warlords of Draenor. There were some recent interviews with Blizzard Devs on this topic.
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Dec 182011

Death Knight, ready to workWe added three DK PvE guides, for Blood tanking and Frost & Unholy DPS. All are 5.4 friendly.

PvP guides will be coming along presently.

Here are all of our Death Knight guides:


4.3 Patch Notes for Death Knights

Some nice clean-up and some nice buffage. Here’s the original source.

  • Death Strike now always heals, even if it misses. The Rune cost is no longer refunded if it misses.
  • Blood Presence now provides an armor bonus of 55%, up from 30%.
  • Death Knight pets now properly inherit their master’s crit and spell penetration stats.

Talent Specializations

Blood – This should make Blood DKs somewhat tougher to kill.

  • Blade Barrier has been redesigned. It now passively reduces damage taken.
  • Bone Shield now has 6 charges, up from 4.
  • Veteran of the Third War now reduces the cooldown of Outbreak by 30 seconds.

Unholy – A bit more efficiency and damage

  • The gargoyle called by Summon Gargoyle should exclusively use its ranged attack regardless of range to the target. Even if that range is close to zero.
  • Unholy Might now increases Strength by 25%, up from 20%.

Bug Fixes

  • Death and Decay should now function correctly when Anti-Magic shell is active.
  • Dancing Rune Weapon will now properly transfer its initial threat to its master.
  • Dark Command should no longer trigger effects that proc from melee attacks.


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