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Gold Tips: What’s in Demand?

Obviously there are about a bazillion things to sell on the Auction House, but how do you tell what people actually want to buy? Certain things are easy. For example, there’s always a demand for cloth due to First Aid and Tailoring and a few other uses. Most all of the ores and herbs and skins you gather will have a pretty fair demand. Basically, anything that another player can use will have someone willing to buy it, but it may be hard to find that someone. We want items that have a lot of someones wanting to buy them, preferably across…

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Ten Tips to Earning More Gold in WoW

How is it that a level 85 character has all of 43 gold to his name??? Someone is seriously lagging in the acquisitions dept, or they’re spending everything they make on mounts, pets, toys, and so on. Now, high levels aren’t necessary to do this. Obviously, if you’re going to be doing dailies, crafting, etc., you’ll want to be high level. Just be aware that even if you’re under level 10 you can still do well. Very very well. See this post on how I was able to accumulate over 6k gold after starting from absolute zero, in 30 days….

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