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This page only has the builds for various Warrior specs. For more detail about any particular spec or role see the appropriate links.


Protection Warrior Tanking Build

Protection Warrior Tanking Build for Mists of Pandaria

Juggernaut: Reduced CD, more likely to have a charge available when you want it.

Impending Victory: A cheap strike with a free small heal.

Disrupting Shout: Because an area effect interrupt is always a good thing if enemy casters are around.

Shockwave: Stuns and damages all enemies in a cone shaped area in front of you.

Vigilance: Protect someone who is in trouble, by taking a portion of the damage they are taking.

Avatar: More damage and more rage. For those times when you absolutely, positively  have to establish who’s the boss.


Fury Warrior PvE Build

This build will works just fine as a leveling build too.

Fury Warrior PvE build for MIsts of Pandaria

Juggernaut: For the mobility, Charge every 12 seconds.

Impending Victory: A cheap attack with a minor heal

Disrupting Shout: Area interrupt, just the thing when fighting groups with casters. Interrupt & silence all of them.

Shockwave: Area stun in a cone in front of you. More stunage is always a good thing. Bladestorm would be a good choice for heavy A of E fights.

Vigilance: protect an ally by sucking up some of the damage.

Bloodbath: Blood, blood, and more blood. Adds a portion of your damage as a short term bleed and slows the opponent.


Fury Warrior PvP Build

Fury Warrior PvP build for Mists of Pandaria

Warbringer: Stun and knock down the opponent at the end of your charge.

Second Wind: Regenerate heath when at low HP, also regenerate rage.

Piercing Howl: Snares all the enemies in the area. Keeps them from hopping around.

Dragon Roar: Knock all nearby enemies down and back for a brief time.

Mass Spell Reflection: Everyone in your group gets Spell Reflection. This could be annoying to the opposition in BGs.

Bloodbath: Blood, blood, and more blood. Adds a portion of your damage as a short term bleed and slows the opponent.


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