WoW Shaman Guide for Warlords of Draenor

Draenei Shaman

Shaman are spiritual guides and practitioners, not of the divine, but of the very elements. Unlike some other mystics, shaman commune with forces that are not strictly benevolent. The elements are chaotic, and left to their own devices, they rage against one another in unending primal fury. It is the call of the shaman to bring balance to this chaos. Acting as moderators among earth, fire, water, and air, shaman summon totems that focus the elements to support the shaman’s allies or punish those who threaten them.

This page is an overview of the Shaman class in WoW. For more specific details for each specialization (spec) of Shaman, including talents, rotations, and other details see the links below.

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Leveling your Shaman? Shaman leveling is as easy as any other class, unless you’re Resto, and even that isn’t bad if you’re dungeon leveling.

With the changes in Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria, and now Warlords of Draenor quest leveling is about as fast as other forms of leveling. If you don’t care for the pace, frustrations, and occasional jerks in PvP or the dungeon groups you’re joining, then questing is the way to go.

Still, with a bazillion quests to do it can take awhile. Here’s how to smooth the process.  This guide is a widget which sits in your in-game window and shows you exactly where to go and what to do, every step of the way, all the way to max level. Whether you’re new to WoW or an old hand, Zygor has your back.  Grab yours here.

The Shaman

The Shaman, being something of a hybrid class, possesses numerous abilities which all them to be capable of excelling within one while remaining viable for support within the others.  These paths are Healing, Damage, and Ranged damage. At level 10 you will pick your Specialization which will define your primary capability.

Buffs and Nerfage: With Warlords of Draenor, as well as the previous patches 4 and 5, class balance became… interesting. One day any given class might rule (casters, in this case) and on the next day the same class might drool. Hot fixes and minor patches tweak the class balance and things eventually settle down.

Those of you with multiple characters at max level can play the “flavor of the minute” game, but we won’t do that on these pages. Instead we’ll concentrate on what should be good builds and mechanics and let the buff/nerf game sort itself out.

Also, note that this page is an overview of the Shaman class, you can get a lot more detail on these pages, including gems, enchants, rotations, etc:



What are the Shaman Talents in Warlords?

  • All of the Elemental Talents are here (on WoWhead.)
  • All of the Enhancement Talents are here (on WoWhead.)
  • All of the Restoration Talents are here (on WoWhead.)

Up through level 90 all Shaman have access to the same talents. For level 100 Resto gets some different ones.

Tier 1 @ Level 15

  1. Nature’s Guardian – (Passive.) you get a brief health boost at low health and lose threat towards your attacker. Obviously the latter part has no use in PvP, but the former part is nice and triggers when you need it.
  2. Stone Bulwark Totem – Pulses an absorption shield ever 5 seconds over a 30 second period. It’s not a strong shield and the Nature’s Guardian health boost greatly overwhelms it.
  3. Astral Shift – 40% damage reduction for a few seconds. Stacks with your Shamanistic Rage.

Tier 2 @ Level 30

  1. Frozen Power – Your Frost Shock also roots the target for 5 seconds. Note that your (Elemental) Mastery will be damaging that target, too.
  2. Earthgrab Totem – Roots and snares nearby opponents. Not generally as useful as the others. If the enemy cannot be rooted, but can be snared, then the snare from this totem will not work on them.
  3. Windwalk Totem – Grants all allies within 40 yards immunity to snares, roots, etc. for 6 sec.

Tier 3 @ Level 45

  1. Call of the Elements – Resets the cooldown on all totems with a cooldown lower than 3 min. Nice for certain PvP situations, not so much for raiding.
  2. Totemic Persistance – May summon a second totem of one of your elements (but not fire) without mashing the first one. Rather nice for Resto.
  3. Totemic Projection – Move your totem(s) over there. Does not otherwise reset them in any way. Especially useful if your targets have moved or you need to focus on new targets.

Tier 4 @ Level 60

  1. Elemental Mastery – 30% Haste for 20 seconds. Nice for busrty situations.
  2. Ancenstral Swiftness – Passively increases both Haste and attack speed by 5%, makes your next spell with a cast-time, of less than 10 seconds, instant.
  3. Echo of the elements – Grants two charges to certain spells. Maybe not so hot on raid bosses, but pretty nice everywhere else.

Tier 5 @ Level 75

  1. Rushing Streams – Your Healing Streal Totem heals two targets at once for +15% total healing.
  2. Ancestral Guidance – For 10 sec 20% of your damage and healing, including multistrikes, is converted to healing on up to 3 nearby injured party or raid members. Use this on spells like Chain Lighting to self-heal.
  3. Conductivity – increases the duration of your Healing Rain when certain spells are cast.

Tier 6 @ Level 90

  1. Unleashed Fury
    – Effect varies between the three specs.

    1. Unleashed Fury (Elem) – Empowers your Unleash Flame, causing it to increase damage done with Lightning Bolt by 30% and with Lava Burst by 10% for 10 sec.
    2. Unleashed Fury (Enh) – Empowers Unleash Elements, the target takes +30% damage from your Lightning Bolts for 10 sec, and your multistrike chance is increased by 5% for 8 sec.
    3. Unleashed Fury (Res) – Empowers Unleash Life, increasing the healing from your next single-target heal on that ally by 50%.
  2. Primal Elementalist – Your Earth and Fire Elemental Totems summon primal elementals that are much more powerful than normal, with additional abilities. This talent also grants additional abilities and control, but not damage, to your Storm Elemental Totem. Raahhhr!
  3. Elemental Blast – Harness the raw power of the elements, dealing Elemental damage and also increasing your Agility or Spirit, plus a random secondary stat, for 8 seconds.

Tier7 @ Level 100

Elemental and Enhancement can pick from:

  1. Elemental Fusion – Your Lava Burst and Lava Lash increase the damage of your next Shock by 40%, stacking up to 2 times. It does apply to the DOT damage, too.
  2. Storm Elemental Totem – Summons an Air Totem at the feet of the caster which then calls forth a Greater Storm Elemental to hurl gusts of wind at the caster’s enemies. Each gust of damages the enemy and then heals all allies within 15 yards for 100% of the damage dealt, split evenly. Lasts 1 min.
  3. Liquid Magma – Empowers your current Fire totem causing liquid magma to erupt from it toward random enemies within 40 yards every 0.5 sec for 10 sec. Each glob of liquid magma deals 1 Fire damage to all enemies within 4 yards. Aggros everything with 40 yards, not just your primary target(s).

Restoration can pick from:

  1. Cloudburst totem – heals all allies within 40 yards when it expires or is otherwise destroyed.
  2. Storm Elemental Totem – Summons an Air Totem at the feet of the caster which then calls forth a Greater Storm Elemental to hurl gusts of wind at the caster’s enemies. Each gust of damages the enemy and then heals all allies within 15 yards for 100% of the damage dealt, split evenly. Lasts 1 min.
  3. High Tide – significantly improves your Chain Heal, which now no longer loses power and also hits two more targets that are affected by your Riptide.


Shaman Abilities & Specs

Pandaren Shaman Shaman abilities are divided into three primary spell trees: Elemental, Enhancement, and Restoration.  Each serves a purpose in gifting the shaman with the ability to support or lead in a variety of scenarios.

The Restoration tree is obviously healing centric, Enhancement is for those who like crushing skulls face to face, and Elemental (my personal favorite) is for anyone wanting to nuke the target from orbit… figuratively speaking.

Whether you be enhancement, elemental, or even restoration, a large amount of our killing ability comes directly from the spells we learn and that remains whether you choose to improve them or not.  With careful play an elemental shaman can also match enhancement for sheer leveling speed.

The Totem

Totems gift all shamans with the ability to bring along helpers (totems,) each emitting dramatically helpful increases to damage, mana regeneration, and much more, depending upon what the shaman requires for each encounter.

With totems comes the Shaman’s adaptability, although they are forced to remain in one spot (certain talents will modify this) unlike a Paladin’s aura.

See below for more on totems and weapon enchants.


However we have more than just totems to enhance our effectiveness. Shamans also possess numerous pseudo-enchants for melee weapons, each providing a separate style of buff such as a chance for extra attacks (windfury,) or additional fire/frost damage.

These spells represent a massive boost to melee DPS for enhancement shamans, and with use of dual-wield you gain an even higher chance to “proc” the effects, being able to apply them to both right and left hand weapons.

Bolt lobbing and healing

Beyond melee abilities, Shaman possess elemental attacks giving them the ability to play the role of ranged caster, elemental shamans being quite versatile and capable in PvP and playing a lesser role if at all in raiding.

Finally, the crown jewel: healing.  Shamans, with their totems and healing capabilities, represent one of the most desired healers for all endgame raiding. Chain heal brings massive amounts of health back to multiple raid members and renders us one of the best instance healers in the game.

With the combination of all these facets, Shamans become an immensely powerful class for any situation conceivable with the added bonus of being great soloers. Not bad, at all.

These are the Shaman abilities, by specialization (spec.)

(P) = Passive ability.





Elemental Spec

Elemental is the ranged caster tree of the shaman, comparable to, say, a Druid’s Moonkin/Balance spec, it’s just that we happen to avoid the whole turning into an over-sized owlbear in the process, a definite positive.

This tree encompasses all of our shocks, such as earth shock, flame shock, or the ever so well known ‘frost shawk’ (frost shock) from ye old days of the overpowered shaman.  Despite the passing of our dominating era, Shaman are still present as formidable opponents when correctly utilized, and that means using all of our shocks dependent upon the situation.

  • Flame can be used to prevent rogues from stealthing,
  • frost to catch someone/slow them down and prevent them from catching you,
  • earth allows you to slam the enemy and weaken their strikes.
  • Finally the fire elemental totem enhances your ability to blast away at anything from players to bosses with massive amounts of burst damage.

Intellect is the go-to stat for Elemental and your Spellpower is based on your Int. As of Mists of Pandaria, Int no longer has anything to do with Mana Pool or Mana Regen and this carries over into Warlords. Int is spellpower and the more the better.

Elemental Leveling

For more details on Elemental Shammies, see our Elemental Shaman page for PvE goodness and our Shaman leveling guide.

It used to be that leveling as Elemental is a mixture between awed fascination and mired boredom.

How could this have been? Downtime.  Elemental shaman leveling was five seconds of overpowering slaughter followed by five seconds of drinking (to recover mana.) Repeat ad infinitum, or at least until you get some nice mana regeneration. With the 4.0 patch (Cataclysm) mana problems mostly went away. As of Mists of Pandaria the whole thing became “No Sweat” and that carries over into Warlords.


Enhancement Spec

Goblin Enhancement Shaman

Enhancement is our high Agility and attack power spec. To put it simply: how to hit stuff really hard and make it die.

Enhancement is the go to spec for efficient leveling, conserving mana for only the necessary buffs and heals while using our potent melee capabilities to bring death to the enemy.

Windfury (at level 30) is the primary weapon buff of choice when leveling enhancement, and for good reason too.  Windfury provides you with a massive attack boost.

You’ll find yourself mowing down even level or higher mobs without much trouble at all, and with your mana regeneration you’ll likely never have to stop, never expending more than you gain back between fights.

Enhancement Leveling

Enhancement leveling is the easiest and generally draws the more favorable reviews. Besides, becoming a whirlwinding blender machine of death and destruction isn’t at all a bad thing for grinding/questing.

Windfury is where this truly begins to shine, and combined with dual-wield you become basically unstoppable.

See our Enhancement Shaman guide for PvE builds, rotations, and more details. If you’re not yet 100 see our Shaman leveling guide for tips on how to get to 100 quickly.


Restoration Spec

Restoration is healing, the thing that makes us so wildly useful in raids with our massive amounts of semi-AoE healing with chain heal spam.  Restoration shamans are in high demand in raiding for good reason, we bring massive amounts of utility via insane healing capabilities and totems as a side-dish.

PvE wise we excel, many of the current endgame dungeons practically demand three shamans healers if not even more, and even in small time instances you’ll find yourself quite capable of main-healing all the way through.

Restoration Leveling

Restoration is one of the more uncommon builds for leveling. That would likely be due to the prevalence of solo players for the 1-100 grind, as opposed to leveling teams (such as in dungeons.)

In the old days (before the Dungeon Finder tool) leveling Restoration solo would get the job done, but it would be very much on the slow side. The recommended tactic back then was to grab a team and heal them while they slaughtered everything.

Since all your primary abilities will be in healing efficiency you’ll have to use that to your advantage. Generally my experience as restoration was to beat the mob down as efficiently as possible, and what with my heals taking less than 1% my total mana pool, that was fairly easy.

The only real problem with restoration was taking a minute per mob; at least I never had to stop and drink.  If you’re leveling up you should really consider one of the other trees.

If you have an extra 10 gold, and you’re 30+, consider getting the dual talent ability from your trainer. Then you can switch between resto and whatever, whenever you like.

Nowadays you can use the Dungeon Finder tool and heal dungeon teams all the way from 10 or so to the level cap. You’ll get fast XP and better gear, too. Plus, think of how much that will prepare you for end-game raiding.

See our Restoration Shaman guide for more on this build, for PvE, and check out our Dungeon Leveling Guide if you want to go the dungeon route. If you’re the PvP type then check out our Resto PvP page.

Level your Shaman fast with Zygor

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Shaman Totems and Weapons

The Shaman gets a variety of useful tools to assist in laying down the destruction (or healing.) Some of these are the Totems they use, others are weapon effects.

Totems are dropped near the Shaman as necessary and you have a number to choose from, depending on your needs. They remain in place, but if you took the Totemic Projection talent you can move them. Totems last for varying times or until killed (and they’re easily killed) or removed by the Shaman.

Totem abilities, available to any shaman.

  • Searing Totem, level 16, zaps a nearby enemy that you have targeted for fire damage, in 5.4 a glyph will change the looks of this totem.>
  • Eathbind Totem, level 26, slows the movement of nearby enemies, which is nice for dungeons and PvP.
  • Healing Stream Totem, level 30, heals the most injured party member (within 40 yds) every two seconds. The glyph also shields the healed ally from a small amount of damage for a few seconds.
  • Totemic Recall, level 30, you get rid of unwanted totems. With the glyph it returns all mana used when dropping the totems.
  • Magma Totem – level 36, attacks all nearby enemies with magma every two seconds.
  • Grounding Totem, level 38, absorbs a spell attack directed at a party member. The glyph causes it to reflect that attack at the caster.
  • Tremor Totem, level 54, dropping this totem removes various effects from nearby (30 yds) party members.
  • Earth Elemental Totem, level 58, summons a Greater earth Elemental to punch your enemies in the face.
  • Capacitor Totem, level 63, sucks up energy for a few seconds then explodes, stunning all nearby enemies for a few seconds. The glyph speeds up the charging time.
  • Fire Elemental Totem, level 66, summon up a Greater Fire Elemental to burn you enemy’s face off. The glyph reduces the cooldown and the duration of this ability.
  • Healing Tide Totem – This becomes a baseline talent for all Shaman in 5.4.

Restoration Only

  • Spirit Link Totem, level 70, reduces damage to nearby party members and redistributes their health numbers, so when it expires everyone has the same (e.g., 77%) health percentage.

And even more Totems from your Talents

  • Stone Bulwark Totem, level 15 talent, dropping this totem puts up a shield that absorbs damage for up to 30 seconds.
  • Earthgrab Totem, level 30 talent, roots and snares nearby enemies.
  • Windwalk Totem, level 30 talent, party members have a brief immunity to roots and snares.
  • Totemic Projection, level 45 talent,  plops your totems in a new location.
  • Totemic Restoration, level 45 talent, totem cooldowns are reduced if the totem(s) are killed early.
  • Healing Tide Totem – This becomes a baseline talent for all Shaman in 5.4.

Weapon Buffs

These are enchants that you will keep on your weapons at all times.

  • Enhancement only: Windfury Weapon, level 30, each hit has a chance to trigger additional strikes.
  • Enhancement only: Maelstrom Weapon, level 50, chance to reduce the cast time and mana cost of your next spell every time you do melee damage.


Shaman Races


can choose to join either the Horde or the Alliance upon earning the right to leave their starting area. You don’t have to join, you can play as a “neutral” for awhile, if you want to experiment.

  • Melee range stun has definite uses, even for healers, as it allows an escape from melee.
  • Inner Peace: Rested XP lasts longer for faster leveling. Obviously not much use once you’re at the level cap.
  • Epicurean provides increased benefits from food buffs, which is generally a very nice ability.
  • Being “Bouncy” means you take less falling damage; it is just the thing if you’re into cliff jumping.
  • Your Gourmand ability provides a +15 cooking bonus.

For the Horde Races


Goblins as Shamans? Who’d they bribe to get that deal? Do they buy their totems from GobMart?

  • Blood Fury increases both melee and spell damage, which suits you just fine.
  • Slightly increased pet damage does you no good.
  • Hardiness allows a decreased stun duration, which is particularly nice for PvP.
Mag’har Orc – Starts at level 20.
  • Your Ancestral Call will boost a random secondary stat (crit, haste, versatility) for 12 seconds on a 2 minute cooldown. The boost scales with level.
  • Your love of the open skies increases your mounted speed by 10% and your…
  • Savage health, you barbarian you, reduces the duration of curses, poisons, and diseases by 10%.
  • If you could have a pet it would have a 10% health boost.
  • War Stomp: Stuns up to 5 enemies within 8 yds for 2 sec. Useful for any spec of Shaman.
  • Brawn: Critical strike bonus damage and healing increased by 2%. This is not crit rating, just extra damage.
  • Endurance: Increases your Stamina by a small, but useful, amount and it scales with your level.
  • Nature Resistance: Reduces Nature damage taken by 1%.
  • Cultivation: Herbalism skill increased by 15 and you gather herbs faster than other herbalists.
HighMountain Tauren – Starts at level 20. 
  • Bull Rush is a short (6 yard) charge forward that knocks those enemies down.
  • Being versatile they get +1% Versatility (link) and they also take a bit less damage (link.) Both are nice passives for any Shaman.
  • Your Pride allows you to mine faster and adds 15% to your mining skill.
  • Having gone to survival school your philosophy is Waste not Want Not, so you have a chance to gather more meat and fish from appropriate situations.
  • Increased Haste when Berserk is very nice for any Shaman.
  • Your health regeneration is increased, but it’s a trivial amount.
  • More XP from beast slaying is very nice for leveling and useless afterwards.
  • Shuffle reduces snare (slow) duration, which is pretty nice in PvP.

Zandalari Troll – Starts at level 20. 

  • Your Embrace of the Loa ability allows you to choose which Loa you are associated with. Has a 5 day cooldown, so choose your Loa wisely.
    • Embrace of Akunda – Your healing abilities have a chance to heal their target. A Warrior, with healing abilities? Hmmm…
    • Embrace of Bwonsamdi – Your damaging abilities have a chance to deal Shadow damage and heal you for 100% of the damage done. Pretty good general ability.
    • Embrace of Gonk – Increase movement speed by 5%.
    • Embrace of Kimbul – Your damaging abilities have a chance to cause the target to bleed over 6s. This effect stacks up to 3 times. More damage is always good.
    • Embrace of Krag’wa – Taking damage has a chance to grant you additional Health and 66 Armor. Good tanking ability.
    • Embrace of Pa’ku – Your abilities have a chance to grant you +4% critical strike for 12 seconds. Live by the crit? This is for you.
  • Regeneratin’ – Regenerate 100% of your maximum health over 6 sec, interrupted by damage. 2.5 min cooldown.
  • Pterrordax Swoop – Slows your fall for two minutes. Time for some serious cliff jumpin’.
Vulpera – Starts at level 20. 
  • Bag of Tricks: Cunning thing that you are you can use a trick on an enemy to damage them or on an ally to heal them.
  • Make Camp: Set your camp location outdoors and then you can use Return to Camp, which teleports back to your camp location. Basically another hearthstone.
  • Nose for Trouble: Take a little less damage from the first strike inflicted by an enemy.
  • Your Alpaca Saddlebags increase the total size of your backpack by 8 slots.

For the Alliance Races

These can be Shamens and Humans can’t? Sheesh.

  • A small heal (Gift of the Naru) is ocasionally handy, even though you have your own, better, heals. Also usable on others.
  • Your Heroic Presence now Increases your Agility and Intellect (it used to add Hit.)
  • Draenei are good at gemcutting and love their bonus to their Jewelcrafting skill.
  • Stone Form is a nice PvP talent, and occasionally useful elsewhere. It washes away bleeds, various magical effects, and adds a 10% damage reduction for a few seconds.
  • Might adds 2% to your critical damage (not crit rating.)
  • Resistance allows a small reduction to incoming Frost damage.
  • Explorer – Dwarves are good with Archeology.

Dark Iron Dwarf – Starts at level 20. 

  • Your Fireblood removes all poison, disease, curse, magic, and bleed effects, just like your Dwarven “brethren,” but your ability increases your primary stat (Agility or Intelligence) by 600(!) (scales with level) +200 for for each additional effect removed. Lasts 8 sec. with a 2 min cooldown.
  • You’re a tunnel dweller and Dungeon Delver and you’ve learned how to move 4% faster while indoors, plus your people have the Mole Machines: While outdoors you can summon a Mole Machine that tunnels through the earth and can pop you up in a variety of places.

Kul Tiran – Starts at level 20. 

  • Wind up, then unleash your mighty Haymaker upon your foe. Doesn’t hurt much, but does stun then for 3 sec and knocks them back substantially.  2.5 minute cooldown.
  • Brush It Off – Increases Versatility by 1%. When you take damage, heal for 2% of that amount over 4 sec.
  • Your Child of the Sea ability lets you swim a bit faster and hold your breath longer than anyone who is not Undead.
  • You are a Jack of All Trades which increases all of your Tradeskills by 5. Unfortunately it does not give you free tradeskills, just a boost to the ones you actually learn 


Shaman Professions

If your other characters are rich, and under the level cap, then go ahead and level a crafting profession. If you’re poor then you might want to stick with the gathering professions for awhile.

You can earn gold with the crafting professions, but it takes some work, it helps if you’re very high level with the skill, and you need to keep an eye on the Auction House.

All three gathering skills are good money-makers; you get to pick two. I suggest Mining and Herbalism, because they both give nice XP.

Once upon a time there were Profession Bonuses (such as increased crit,) but now all of the profession bonuses are gone.

  1. You can level up your profession entirely in Draenor (level 90+) and it’s cheaper, easier, and far faster than before. An appropriate profession building in your garrison will help. Also, the garrison follower that you assign to that building will provide useful perks.
  2. You can make item level 640 armor (leatherworking) and 630 weapons (blacksmithing or Inscription.)
  3. You can also make the items to reroll the stats on those pieces, till you get the right stats. You can make items to upgrade your armor to 715 and your weapons to 705. Expensive, but those 700+ items are usable at level 91.
  4. Note that you can only equip three of these crafted peices at one time. Your weapon and shield count as one item.

Non-Crafting Professions

  • First Aid – Oops, it’s dead. Buy your bandages from a tailor and healing potions from an Alchemist. Or try the Auction House for either.
  • Cooking – You can create your own buffing foods. Cooking materials are often dirt cheap.
  • Archeology – You can find BoEs, mounts, very nice weapons, and even some BoA (Bind on Account) items. The downside is that it’s a bit, well, boring to level up.
  • Fishing – Kick back and goof off after a few dozen quests, dungeons, or battlegrounds.
  • Mining – Always a nice way to make some extra gold. Fuels your Blacksmithing and Engineering profs.
  • Herbalism – Always a nice way to make some extra gold. Fuels your Alchemy and Inscription profs.
  • Skinning – With the bazillions of critters in WoW it’s easy to gather many stacks of skins. Might as well take advantage.

Ok, so you have enough gold to level a profession, and note that it’s pretty cheap in Draanor, so here’s the scoop:

Blacksmithing Mail and Plate armor (640) and weapons (630) and the items to both reroll stats and boost the items to 715 for the armor and 705 for the weapons. Keys for locks, though not Draenor locks. Your garrison follower can give you two nice buffs:

  • Song of the Anvil – “Your armor and weapons do not lose durability from use for 4 hrs.” Just the thing for an extended tanking/dungeoning session, right?
  • Solace of the Forge might be helpful when leveling through Draenor, as a molten elemental will sometimes come to your aid.
Engineering will let you create a number of useful items, such as rockets, shields, a stealth device, etc. These cannot be used in rated PvP, but that can be used elsewhere, such as World PvP or in Highmaul Coliseum. Your follower will sell you a Walter (two uses) for a very low price. This gives you bank access and everyone else repairs and awful food.
Jewelcrafting Useful (ilevel 640) rings and neck items, the bits to reroll their stats and boost them to 715, pretty gems, gemmed mounts, some fun toys.
Inscription Glyphs, some trinkets, staves and caster weapons and the ability to reroll the stats and boost those items to 705, fortune & Darkmoon cards, trinkets (and the bits to boost them to 715,) and more. Your follower will let you create merchant orders. Combine any two and then sell the result to any vendor for 75-250 gold.
Alchemy Chemistry is fun, unfortunately you can’t make acids or bombs. You can make flasks and potions to boost stats and cause other interesting effects. You can also make a very nice DPS trinket: Draenic Philosopher’s Stone, requires Alchemy 500, upgradable to ilevel 715.
Enchanting Enchant all those items and you can cast illusionary enchants. These are basically transmogs for your current enchant. Want your current enchant to look like an older one? Then this is for you. To do this you’ll need a level 2 Enchanter’s hut in your garrison and a follower working it.
Tailoring Cloth armor, flying carpet, murlock chew toy and allows you to make nets (Embersilk Net) and battle standards (such as: Fearsome Battle Standard)
Leatherworking will let you make mail armor and entry level armor for raids (ilevel 640.) You can also make the items to reroll the stats and also to upgrade the items to 715, at a cost far exceeding that of the original piece. You can also make Drums of Fury for a Heroism type buff (25% Haste for 40 sec.) Through the Leatherworking hut in your Garrison you can make single use tents that will increase all of your stats by 10% for an hour, though not in raids or rated PvP. These tents are account bound, so you can mail them to all of your alts.
Archeology will let you pick up ilevel 620 items, usable at 91, which are bind on account. There are four items, but only the one is for you. Here‘s the list.



Shaman PvP

Oops, this section seems to have been carted off by rampaging Gnomes.

If you really want the scoop on Shaman PvP, for any spec, from BG to Arena, then check out Skill-Capped. It’s not free, but it’s pretty cheap and has a ton of good Shammie stuff.


How to Get to the Level Cap Fast!

Zygor'sShaman leveling is pretty easy and all specs work well, though Resto will want to be in a group.  Still, there are thousands of quests and a bazillion mobs to kill (not to mention other players, but they don’t count here.) Sorting out which quests are best and which series of quests will get you to the level cap the fastest is another game, which is why we highly recommend Zygor’s Guide.

Zygor’s is an in-game guide and it nearly automates the whole leveling process: you just pick your starting point, at any level, and the guide tracks which quest you’re on, tracks the quest objectives, and automatically advances and updates as you complete your tasks and quests. In addition, a waypoint arrow is set automatically, so you never have to wonder where to go. All of the important quest info is included in the guide so you never have to wonder what to do.

Playing with Heirlooms and/or Recruit a friend? Gaining a few levels in the dungeons or in PvP? Zygor’s has your backThe guide knows what level you are and will correctly suggest where to go next. It will also dump all of your obsolete quests. And you will probably never need to look at your quest log again. Not even in Warlords of Draenor or Legion.

Grab your copy here.

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  1. Uhm, no offense meant, but no one of you really *plays* a shaman, right? Some of the information here is outdated by *at least* one expansion, if not two.

    First of all, the plural is ‘Shaman’, not “shamen”.

    “Windfury Weapon is the primary weapon buff of choice when leveling enhancement, and for good reason too. Windfury provides you with a massive attack boost.”

    WF on main hand, FT offhand.

    “Totems can alternate between mana regeneration, strength, agility, and possibly a fire totem for some increase in consistent DPS should you want it.”

    Ok… Totems haven’t been stat sticks since the beginning of *Cataclysm*. You are lagging about two years behind here.

    “With totems comes the Shaman’s adaptability, although they are forced to remain in one spot, unlike a Paladin’s aura.”

    Totemic Projection would like to have a word with you…

    “earth allows you to interrupt spell casting”

    Earth shock hasn’t interrupted anything for years now, that’s Wind Shock.

    “1% increased chance to hit is nice for PvE gearing. It also adds to your Spell Hit. Since you need 15% for raiding this definitely helps.”

    Which only applies to Elemental, Enhancement needs the usual 7.5% hit/exp each for physical casters and Restoration now has innate 15% hit like all healer specs.

    Thats about what I can see at a first glance. Please have someone go through this – Shaman is an awesome class and deserves accurate guides 😉

    1. Thanks, I’ll do just that. You’re right, the Shaman guide has been kinda “lagging” for awhile.

      BTW – thanks for being nice about it. 🙂

      Updated, 9/3: Various fixes made, totems and weapons added.

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