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Tycoon Gold Guide Review

Tycoon gold addonThe Tycoon Gold Guide is one of Manaview’s latest inventions. ("Guide" is probably the wrong name for this thing.) It’s a new in-game addon that claims to automate the most powerful gold strategies in the game leading to an major increase in gold income. Some people are claiming 500% and more. It helps transform ‘gold making’ into a fun, quick, and immensely profitable experience. (See the homepage here.)

This is something WoW players have been longing for since Vanilla and it has the power to completely change the way we make gold. Anything that takes the drudgery out of gold making is a good thing, right?

The Tycoon widget as it
appears in your game window.

So, does Tycoon live up to the hype? I’ve received a copy, used it for a week, and will give you my honest review here.


As of now the Auction House module is installed and works well, also the Gathering module has been updated to all for gathering at all levels, not just Cata levels.

Does it work?

I’ll get straight to what you want to know. Does Tycoon really work?

Yes, it absolutely works!

The authors claim that you can make 230% more gold by using Tycoon. I found this to be a conservative number. I personally used the addon for several days now and I’ve always managed to open my mailbox to over 500%-700% more gold than I normally get using the exact same strategies by myself. Your mileage may differ and you might even make more.

It's best feature? There's no more slogging through a PDF or website guide, wondering if it's been updated for the latest patches. Since Tycoon scans the market in real time it will always be up to date with current patches and expansions. (You can get all the details on their homepage, here.)


How Tycoon Works

The idea is simple, yet incredibly powerful.

Manaview took the best gold strategies in the game and made an addon that automates the difficult or most time consuming parts of the strategy. Since it’s automated, it basically means they optimized the strategy so you’re more efficient in doing it, resulting in potenitally a lot more gold than you would normally get.

At the moment there are 4 current strategies: Gathering, Grinding/Farming, Crafting, and Auction House Playing. A dailies module is coming soon. When that arrives you'll have about 95% of all gold making strategies used by the WoW community, so almost nothing is left out.

The addon intelligently studies your server’s economy and shows you things like:

  • Exactly what strategies will make you the most money among Gathering, Crafting, and Farming.
  • Which item(s) will make you the most money based on its calculations
  • The best way to get that item by giving you things like optimized gathering routes or hot farming locations.
  • It knows if too many people are using that strategy and will often times tells you to get an item with no competition but high in demand. This means you’re the only one getting that particular item because there’s no competition, resulting in getting more of them. And when there is a high demand you can sell your items for a premium price.


A More Detailed Walkthrough

When you startup Tycoon, the first thing you need to do is scan the Auction House to help Tycoon learn your economy. This is super quick and done with a click of a button. This is similar to Auctioneer, but it’s a much quicker scan. When you first open the AH you will see a window like this one:

Tycoon addon scans the AH

Just hit the "Start Scanning" button to begin.

When the scan is complete Tycoon has enough information to do its magic. A window will appear with lists of items ordered from top to bottom by how much Tycoon believes you will make, per hour, if you go for that item. I’m impressed with how accurately Tycoon is able to give you solid advice on which items will make you the most money. For example, here's the Leatherworking screen. Wondering which items to make? This screen will tell you.

Tycoon leatherworking screen

Don't have your Leatherworking quite maxed out? No problem. Just scroll down until you find a recipe that you can make. Having a very high skill will help, though. Tycoon does a page like this for each of the crafting professions.

Often times, items that you never thought would make you the most gold per hour will appear at the top of the list. That’s where Tycoon really comes in handy. It has the ability to scan through an enormous amount of data that would take a human several hours to figure out. People usually skip past the economy studying part and just go straight for the highest level items, but with Tycoon you’ll discover those aren’t always the items that will make you the most gold per hour.

It knows your economy better than a human ever can, it knows if the market is inflated and knows when there’s too much competition. If situations aren’t right to go for one item, Tycoon will give you another one. It’s a good feeling to know you’re always doing the strategy that makes you the most gold possible at that point in time. Tycoon does more than just tell you the best way to make the most gold. It shows you!

Let's say you're a skinner.

So I just click the farming button at the top and then click "skinning" on that drop down menu at the bottom. The top item on the list is now Mt. Hyjal Savage Leather. Hovering over the "add" button (the sack icon) shows that savage leather scraps and blackened dragonscales will also be collected.

When I first did this Tycoon estimated over 4,800 gold per hour of farming in that place. That was at a point where the Savage Leather was at a high price. As you can see above, the current price, on this server, is different.

Where is that place? It shows you! Click the line that you want to know the location for, My Hyjal Savage Leather, for example, and then hit the "go" button on the bottom right. The addon will mark up your map like this:

Uldam mining route for Elementium, as drawn by Tycoon:

Skinning in Mt. Hyjal

The left image and the Uldam image is from the main map, the smaller image is the minimap as you approach the area. Now isn't that handy? (The yellow exclamation points are from a different addon.) So I ran (flew) down there and killed Dragonkin for awhile and found skins, scraps, and scales in pretty much the ratio that the addon predicted. No one else was there, either, which was nice. The mobs respawn fast, too, so if you want to farm for an hour, or several, you will come up with some pretty nice stacks of loot to send to your bank alt.

I went afk for a bit and then came back to notice the gold counter, which I had missed before. That 1185 gold per hour isn't bad, especially since it's about half AFK time. Much easier than grinding spiders in certain PvP zones. Naturally this gives you the oppotunity to race yourself...

If Tycoon tells me to mine say, Obsidium ore, all I need to do is click Gathering > Mining (from the drop down menu) and you'll see a list of mining suggestions. Click one, hit "Go" and it will give you highly optimized mining routes. This creates ant trails around your which guide you over the most populated mining node locations.

Here's the results for some Herb picking that I did. Tycoon gave me a path to follow for Twilight Highlands. The gold per hour is based on current herb prices and will vary from server to server and how distracted one gets from the business of herb picking. One loop around the map yeilded: 79 Twilight Jasmine (value: 520g,) 91 Cinderbloom (~80g total,) 40 Volatile life (~450g,) 8 Lifegiving Seeds. That's nabout 1k gold value for about 30 min "work." Not bad. :)

1808 gold per hour

This was an awesome feature added to the Gathering Module and I can’t go over all the features in this short review. But all the Strategy Modules have some kind of special feature that helps you get the most of that item in the shortest amount of time!

But this is only for High Level Gatherers, right?

Nope! Tycoon has been updated for gathering at all levels. Here's a mid level screen, showing 200+ gold per hour for gathering Copper Ore in Bloodmyst Isle.



I could only find a couple of "bad things" about Tycoon.

Previously the gathering/farming modules were Cataclysm routes/materials only, but an update has been made for the gathering module. It now shows maps for Mining and Herbalism for all levels. The farming tab (killing things for skins and drops) is still Cata only.

Those additional modules should be arriving any day now. Updates are free.

Sometimes Tycoon will put an item at the top of the Most Profitable list which isn’t in very high demand. It does show you the “demand” of the item is low though. So, as long as you pay attention to that and don’t go for any items that are low in demand, you should be able to quickly sell it. Otherwise, if you don’t mind waiting, you will still sell it eventually.

You will need to do multiple scans over a period of days for Tycoon to really get a good handle on your server's market. This just means that Tycoon will get even more accurate over time. You don't need to worry about this for the farming/gathering sections.

The Auctionator addon is also a requirement, but that's free and easy to get. Auctionator does the scanning work and Tycoon puts it all together.



Tycoon is a truly revolutionary product that is going to change Gold Making forever. Once you’ve used Tycoon, attempting to play without it will be uncomfortable, especially if you're into gathering or crafting.

The addon is beautiful and has very few bugs for a new product. With the data, tools, and special features available with Tycoon, it is very hard NOT to make more gold using it.

The creators have gone above and beyond everything you will need to make far more more gold per hour or your time. Every aspect of the gold strategies included has been enhanced by helpful data or features to help you do it better and faster. Everything you need to become a true gold tycoon is right here in this brilliant addon by Manaview.

If you’re looking to make more gold – a LOT more gold – I highly recommend checking out the Tycoon Gold Guide. It is by far the best way to make the most gold possible in the shortest amount of time.


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