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The Gotwarcraft Demonology Warlock
Class Guide

Important Notes:

This page is old and will no longer be updated. It is left here for legacy sake.

Please see the following pages for more up to date info. All further updates will be on these pages:

The page below has been updated for Cata 4.3, but will not be updated further. If you have links to this page please update them to the new pages. The builds on this page will be obsolete in M of P.

Eventually this page will be redirected to one of the newer pages, but until then will remain as is.


Demonology Warlock Guide

Other Warlock Guides



The Demonology Warlock

Level Fast and much more with Dugi's in-game guides!

Click Here to check it out.

The Demonology tree gives a Warlock more powerful demons and conjured Stones than the other builds, as well as more stamina and some buffs that take effect when the demon is present. It also increases the effectiveness of enslaved Demons and end-game summons.

Demonology Warlock Class Guide

Talent Builds

Spell Rotation


Demonology Warlock Class Guide

Demonology PvP Build



Demonology Warlock Class Guide

Number Crunching

Spell Hit - 12.6 = 1%
Spell Critical - 22.1 = 1%
Spell Penetration - 1 = 1 Lost point of Resistance
Spell Haste - 15.7 = 1%/0.025 seconds off of Global Cooldown & Spell Cast Time

Spell Damage Coefficients:

Curse of Agony - 120%
Curse of Doom - 200%
Corruption - 93.6% OR 129.6% W/ Empowered Corruption
Immolate - 65%
Seed of Corruption - 150%
Siphon Life - 100%
Unstable Affliction - 120%
Shadow Bolt - 85.71%
Life Tap - 80%

Spell Hit Cap:

  • Spell Hit Cap = 202
  • Spell Hit Cap W/ (5/5) Supression = 76

Spell Hit, Crit, etc.

The Numbers above detail the percentage to which each point of +Spell Damage actually effects any given spell. For instance, 1 point of spell damage does not automatically equal an increase of one damage, rather it will increase it to a percentage as listed above.

If the spell you're looking for isn't listed above then simply take the base casting time(without talents) and divide it by 3.5. However, a different formula will apply to AoE spells.

Defacto Priority:

Spell Hit - Spell Damage - Spell Critical

What to shoot for when entering Karazhan & Heroics:

If you simply want to make certain you're good to begin attempting karazhan and heroics try aiming for the stats below as an absolute minimum, surpassing them however is recommended to make things overall quite easier.

Additionally, you can downgrade these stats somewhat for the easier heroic dungeons as Karazhan is definitely more challenging than most if not all of them.

Spell Hit: 5%
Spell Damage: 600
Spell Critical: 13%
Health: 8,000
Mana: 7,000

What to shoot for when heading into 25-Raids:

These numbers should cover you for passing Karazhan into the 25-man raiding content, statistics such as spell hit will be notably harder to achieve prior to gearing up in Karazhan & Heroics quie a bit. Otherwise if you have this or higher by the time you eclipse Karazhan you'll be fine.

Spell Hit: 10%+
Spell Damage: 950+

Spell Critical: 15%
Health: 9,000
Mana: 8,000


[Runed Living Ruby]
[Great Dawnstone]
[Quick Dawnstone]
[Veiled Noble Topaz]
[Reckless Noble Topaz]
[Ember Skyfire Diamond]


Head: Glyph of Power
Shoulders: Aldor/Scryer Inscription
Back: Spell Penetration
Chest: Exceptional Mana
Wrist: Spellpower
Hands: Major Spellpower
Legs: Runic Spellthread
Weapon: Major Spellpower OR Soulfrost

PvE Gear Guide

Note: As this is a PvE gear guide I'll only list the PvP rewards capable of being obtained via Honor, arena rewards are however viable alternatives to many pieces of gear.

Many pieces of gear will be equally useful to all warlocks, given that all builds utilize basic core abilities such as shadowbolt and thusly benefit from the same stats for the most part.


[Annihilator Holo-Gogs] - Crafted
[Spellstrike Hood] - Crafted
[Hood of Oblivion] - Arcatraz
[Battlecast Hood] - Crafted
[Gladiator's Felweave Cowl] - PvP Reward


[Vindicator's Pendant of Subjugation] - PvP Reward
[Brooch of Heightened Potential] - Shadow Laybrinth
[Hydra-fang Necklace] - Heroic Underbog
[Natasha's Arcane Filament] - Quest Reward
[Torc of the Sethekk Prophet]- Quest Reward


[Frozen Shadoweave Shoulders] - Crafted
[Fel-tinged Mantle] - Heroic Magister's Terrace
[Duskhallow Mantle] - Normal Magister's Terrace
[Gladiator's Dreadweave Mantle] - PvP Reward


[Cloak of the Betrayed] - Normal Magister's Terrace
[Cloak of Arcane Alacrity] - (60) Badges of Justice
[Sethekk Oracle Cloak] - Sethekk Halls
[Cloak of the Black Void] - Crafted


[Shroud of the Lore`nial] - (100) Badges of Justice
[Scarlet Sin'dorei Robes] - Heroic Magister's Terrace
[Robe of the Crimson Order]
- World Drop BoE
[Warp Infused Drape] - Botanica
[Gladiator's Felweave Raiment] - PvP Reward


[Bracers of Nimble Thought] - Crafted BoE
[Runed Spell-cuffs] - (35) Badges of Justice
[Bindings of Raging Fire] - Magister's Terrace
[Vindicator's Silk Cuffs] - PvP Reward


[Gloves of Arcane Acuity] - Normal Magister's Terrace
[Studious Wraps] - (60) Badges of justice
[Manaspark Gloves] - Normal Underbog
[Gloves of the Deadwatcher] - Heroic Auchenai Crypts
[Gloves of Oblivion] - Shattered Halls


[Belt of Blasting] - Crafted BoE
[Voodoo-woven Belt] - (60) Badges of Justice
[Girdle of Ruination] - Crafted BoE
[Vindicator's Silk Belt] - PvP Reward
[Vindicator's Dreadweave Belt] - PvP Reward


[Spellstrike Pants] - Crafted
[Legwraps of Sweltering Flame] - (100) Badges of Justice
[Breeches of the Occultist] - Heroic Black Morass
[Battlecast Pants] - Crafted BoE


[Boots of Incantations] - (75) Badges of Justice
[Frozen Shadoweave Boots] - Crafted
[Vindicator's Silk Footguards]
- PvP Reward
[Sigil-Laced Boots] - Arcatraz
[Shattrath Jumpers] - Quest Reward


[Fused Nethergon Band] - (60) Badges of Justice
[Ashyen's Gift]
- Reputation Reward
[Sparking Arcanite Ring] - Heroic Old Hillsbrad
[Band of Arcane Alacrity] - Normal Magister's Terrace
[Seal of the Exorcist] - (50) Spirit Shards
[Seer's Signet] - Reputation Reward
[Band of Dominion] - BoE World Drop


[Darkmoon Card: Crusade] - Darkmoon Card Deck
[Icon of the Silver Crescent] - (41) Badges of Justice
[Scryer's Bloodgem] - Reputation Reward
[Sorcerer's Alchemist Stone] - Crafted
[Arcanist's Stone] - Heroic Old Hillsbrad

Two-Handed Weapons:

[Gladiator's War Staff] - PvP Reward
[Terokk's Shadowstaff] - Heroic Sethekk Halls
[Sun-infused Focus Staff] - Normal Magister's Terrace


[Scryer's Blade of Focus] - (150) Badges of Justice
[Jaded Crystal Dagger]
- Heroic Magister's Terrace
[Gladiator's Spellblade] - PvP Reward
[Blade of Wizardry] - BoE World Drop
[Blade of the Archmage] OR [Stormcaller] - Reputation Reward


[Fetish of the Primal Gods] - (35) Badges of Justice
[Orb of the Soul-Eater] - (25) Badges of Justice
[Lamp of Peaceful Radiance] - Arcatraz
[Star-Heart Lamp] - Black Morass


[Carved Witch Doctor's Stick] - (25) Badges of Justice
[Nether Core's Control Rod] - Arcatraz
[Voidfire Wand] - Normal Mana-tombs
[Gladiator's Touch of Defeat] - PvP Reward


1-80 (85) Warlock Leveling Guide

Once you have the right plan for how you want to play your Warlock, consider a full blown Warlock leveling guide to get yourself to 80 as quickly as possible. Among other things, this will let yoiu get into all that juicy endgame stuff just that much sooner.

Zygor's Guide is our guide of choice. Just pick your starting point and the guide automatically updates and advances as you complete quests, sets a waypoint arrow automatically, and includes all the important quest info. You will probably never need to look at your quest log again, much less browse Thottbot. Grab your copy here.


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