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Alliance Leveling Guide v1


Note: This is an old alliance leveling guide and it is not useful for Cataclysm. If you are playing on a private server or are otherwise not 4.0 enabled then this page is good.


Guide key:

  • H*A = Contested zone
  • H = Horde zone
  • A = Alliance zone
  • I = Zone has a instance

Level 1-12: This is pretty simple just complete all the quests in your starting area and you should be 10-12

Level 12-20: Westfall is the Zone for Humans, Loch-Modan for Dwarves/gnomes, and Darkshore for Night-elfs.

Westfall Grinding Spots: A
10-13 Harvesters near the entrance to Elwyn Forest
13-16 Defias at the cave near the top of Westfall
14-16 Defias in Moonbrook
16-20 Defias near the bottom of the map on the big hill near Moonbrook

Darkshore Grinding Spots: A
11-14 Grells at the ruins to the north of Darkshore
13-16 Undead at the ruins south of Darkshore

Lock-Modan Grinding Spots: A
11-14 Kobolds at the various caves around Lock-Modan
13-15 Kobolds in the big mine cavern north of the town
17-20 Ogres at the ogre camp in the top right corner
15-17 wildlife on the right side of the lake
15-18 Troggs on the small island in the middle of the lake

Red-Ridge Grinding Spots: A
16-18 Gnoll camp near the entrance to redridge
18-22 Monsters around the mill down the path out of redridge
18-20 Monsters outside the south entrance to redridge

20-30: Wetlands, Redridge, Duskwood

Redridge Grinding Spots: A
18-22 Monsters around the mill down the path out of redridge

Wetlands: you can go to the wetlands around lvl 20-22 A

Grinding spots:
Level 20-24 Murlocs outside the keep
22-26 Raptors down the path out of the keep and south some
25-30 Raptors in the ruins of the dwarven work camp down the path out of the keep and turn south into the valley
24-28 Orcs at the orcish war camp down the road and a bit off of it should be easy to find

Duskwood: come here around lvl 20-22 A

Grinding Spots:
22-26 Undead at the graveyard on the west side of Duskwood
23-27 Undead at the tranquil gardens graveyard
27-32 Ogres at the big Ogre camp just follow the road till you get to the nightwatch camp near the bottom middle of duskwood then go into the small valley near it

30-40: Arathi Highlands, Desolace, Stranglethorn Vale

Stranglethorn Grinding Spots: H*A
Level 30-38 Killing the panthers/tigers is a pretty good way to level up in Stranglethorn Vale(STV)
Level 34-38 Trolls in the various ruins scattered around STV can take you through these levels
Level 36-39 The Goblins at the factory(it's pretty hard to miss) are pretty easy to kill, just watch out for the big shredders
Level 37-39 Trolls in the big troll fortress at the top left and the trolls behind it can be killed for these levels
Level 39-44 Pirates near Booty Bay are pretty easy to kill and drop a nice amount of money each kill
Level 39-44 The undead trolls/ghouls at the ruins near Booty Bay are nice to kill

Desolace: go here around 32-34 H*A/I

Grinding Spots:
Level 32-36 Centaurs clans scattered around Desolace
Level 37-41 Skeletal Horrors around the bottom of the map
Level 34-37 Orcs at the fortress around the top of the map (Hard to miss)

Around level 34 you can go to Arathi Highlands and level here for around 2-6 levels.

Grinding spots:
Level 34-38 If you go down the main road in Arathi and turn left once your just past the big keep there should be spiders/raptors and such around there. Barely anyone goes there.
Level 34-36 The ogres in and around the cave near the middle of Arathi
Level 38-42 The big rock elementals at one of the Elemental circles
Level 37-40 The Air elementals near the alliance outpost
Level 38-42 The water elementals up north near Hammerfall

40-50: Badlands, Feralas, Stranglethorn

40-46 You can go to the Badland's and level up for a while there. H*A/I

Grinding spots:
Level 40-46 the Ogres near the bottom left corner of the badlands can get you these levels
Level 42-46 The Black Whelps at the far right near the top of the map have a chance to drop the rare black whelp pet which sells for around 60-100 gold on my server

46-50 You can go to Feralas now and level up here for a while. H*A/I

Grinding spots:
Level 46-50 The Hippogriphs near the bottom middle of the map can get you these levels and alot of money
Level 46-50 There is a Yeti cave near the Hippogriphs that you can grind at if your a skinner

40-50 You can go to Tanaris for these levels and go to Zul'Farrak here. H*A/I

Grinding spots:
Level 45-49 Pirates in the right side of the map where it juts out into the sea a bit can be easily grinded
Level 40-45 The bandit camps around the desert near Gadgetzan
Level 47-50 Ogres far far south of Gadgetzan are good

40-43 Stranglethorne should still have some quests for you at 40 so go there and finish all those up. H*A

Grinding Spots:
Level 39-44 Pirates near Booty Bay are pretty easy to kill and drop a nice amount of money each kill
Level 39-44 The undead trolls/ghouls at the ruins near Booty Bay are nice to kill

46-55 Searing Gorge is a ok area for leveling now. H*A

Level 50-60: Now leveling is really slows down so prepare for a long grind.

50-60 You can go to the Western Plaguelands now for some good grinding and questing. H*A/I

Grinding spots:
Level 50-60 Undead at Sorrow Hill
Level 54-60 Undead at the different farms around the plaguelands
Level 57-60 Undead in the ruins of Andorhal north of chillwind camp

56-60 You can go to the Eastern Plaguelands this also has some good quests and can get you a level or two. H*A/I

50-60 The Burning Steppes is a ok area for leveling now and has some decent grinding spots. H*A/I

Grinding spots:
Level 56-60 Orcs at the big blackrock fortress
Level 58-60 The Elite dragon monsters near Blackrock mountain

50-60 Azhara is another good area for leveling for a little while. H*A

Grinding spots:
Level 50-57 Naga at the ruins next to the sea
Level 52-56 The Blood elfs/Legashi camps at the north part of Azhara
Level 50-55 The bear guys around north Azhara

56-60 Winterspring is a good area around these levels. H*A

Grinding spots:
Level 56-60 The Yeti south of Gadgetzan
Level 54-58 The undead south and left of Gadgetzan

55-60 Deadwind Pass is a nice grinding area for these levels. H*A

Grinding Spots:
Level 55-60 The Ogres near the middle of Deadwind Pass

The other leveing guides on this site are:

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If you actually want to level your alliance character fast, far faster than from this page or any other guide, check out Zygor's Automated in-game leveling guide.



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