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Holy Priest Class Guide
The Gotwarcraft Holy Priest Class Guide


For fresh (patch 4.3 and whatever follows that) Holy Priest info go to our Holy Priest PvE page. All Holy updates will be made to that page.

Our master Priest Page has links to all of the updated priestly guides on this site, as well as a video covering Blizzard's announcement of the Mists of Pandaria expansion.


The rest of this page is obsolete.



  1. Introduction to the Holy Priest
  2. Holy Talents
    1. Leveling
    2. PvP
    3. PvE
  3. Numbers, stats, gear
  4. Holy Macros
  5. Leveling Your Priest from 1-80

Introduction to the The Holy Priest

Level Fast and much more with Dugi's in-game guides!

Click Here to check it out.

As the Holy Priest you're the most versitile healer around. You can do it all, though maybe you can't do any one thing as well as some other class, none of them have your flexibility.

While you're hardly the damage machine you can level quickly with a dungeon group and you can do PvP, though you might not top the arena lists, and you're certainly in high demand for instances and raids.

2.0 - Talent Builds

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Leveling as Holy

You can level as holy and you can do damage as holy, but other builds will do more damage and level faster. So what to do? If you're solo then have a bit of patience and tackle mobs a level or two lower than you normally would. If you have a killing machine partner, perhaps through the recruit a friend system, then concentrate on keeping your partner up, allowing him to go all out on the opposition.

Healers in general tend to be team players anyway, (and you are, aren't you?) So you'll be in demand for a lot of dungeons and you're golden. You heal, they kill, everyone's happy, and you all get great XP and much better gear than otherwise. (And you can do it better and faster with a good dungeon leveling guide.)


Holy PvP Build

Most arena PvP Priests are Discipline, with a few Shadow thrown in. You best best will be to use the Dual Spec ability and switch to your Discipline/Shadow build when it's PvP time. Still, that's not saying you're hopeless, far from it.

You're probably best off as a support player in any form of PvP, you're a team player anyway, right? If you're solo you will just have to be patient and out heal the opponent's damage while you whittle him down. Fear is your friend.

Here are a couple of basic ground rules you should always remember when PvPing as a Holy (or any) Priest:

  • Mana is to be preserved: a Holy Priest excels at restoring health, not at dealing damage. In solo PvP, it is often preferable to out-heal the enemy, while slowly killing them with mana- and time-efficient spells such as Shadow Word: Pain, in combination with the wand.
  • Remember your aptitude: Just because you're not in a dungeon doesn't mean you can't heal your party members or yourself when needed.
  • Most importantly, THINK! If you're going to attack the enemy base, make sure you got the group, mana and buffs to do so.
  • 5% Hit will allow just that much more reliability in your fear, etc. spells.

A good place to start: 14/57/0 Holy Priest PvP Build


  • 5 in Unbreakable Will
  • 3 in Improved Inner Fire
  • 2 in Improved Power Word: Fortitude
  • 3 in Meditation
  • 1 in Inner Focus


Circle of Healing (Adds one target)

Renew - less time, bigger heal

Flash Heal - less mana



  • 2 in Healing Focus
  • 3 in Improved Renew
  • 5 in Holy Specialization
  • 5 in Spell Warding
  • 5 in Divine Fury
  • Desperate Prayer
  • 3 in Inspiration
  • 2 in Holy Reach
  • Spirit of Redemption
  • 5 in Spiritual Guidance
  • 2 in Surge of Light
  • 4(of 5) in Spiritual Healing
  • Lightwell
  • 3 in Blessed Resiliance
  • 2 in Body and Soul
  • 3 in Serendipity
  • 3 in Empowered Renew
  • Circle of Healing
  • 5 in Divine Providence
  • Guardian Spirit

Holy PvE Build

Keep in mind that that this is a generic raid build. Tweak it to suit your needs, depending on the classes and skills of your raid members, your exact role in that particular raid, and so on.

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3.0 - Number Crunching

This is a test of the emergency test system. This is a test of the emergency test system. This is a test of the emergency test system. This is a test of the emergency test system. This is a test of the emergency test system. This is a test of the emergency test system.

  • Intellect - 1 = 15 Mana
  • Spell Hit - 12.6 = 1%
  • Spell Critical - 22.1 = 1%
  • Spell Haste - 15.7 = 1%/0.025 seconds off of Global Cooldown & Spell Cast Time

Spell Damage Coefficients:

  • 42.9% Flash Heal
  • 85.7% Greater Heal
  • 16.0% Holy Nova healing (Each Target)
  • 42.9% Prayer of Healing (Each Target)
  • 42.9% Prayer of Mending (Each Usage)
  • 21.4% Circle of Healing (Each Target)
  • 42.9% Binding Heal (Each Target)
  • 30.0% PW:Shield
  • 100% Renew
  • 100% Lightwell (Each Usage)

EXAMPLE: Flash Heal W/ 100 Spell Healing = +43 Points of Actual healing per cast

  • 75.0% Holy Fire Direct Damage
  • 25.0% Holy Fire Damage over Time
  • 71.4% Smite

3.1 - Spell Hit, Crit, etc.

The Numbers above detail the percentage to which each point of +Spell Damage actually effects any given spell. For instance, 1 point of spell damage does not automatically equal an increase of one damage, rather it will increase it to a percentage as listed above.

If the spell you're looking for isn't listed above then simply take the base casting time(without talents) and divide it by 3.5. However, a different formula will apply to AoE spells.

Defacto Priority:

Spell Hit(Until Capped) - Spell Damage OR Haste - Spell Critical

What to shoot for when entering Karazhan & Heroics:

If you simply want to make certain you're good to begin attempting karazhan and heroics try aiming for the stats below as an absolute minimum, surpassing them however is recommended to make things overall quite easier.

Additionally, you can downgrade these stats somewhat for the easier heroic dungeons as Karazhan is definitely more challenging than most if not all of them.

  • Spell Hit: 90
  • Spell Damage: 600
  • Spell Critical: 20%
  • Health: 6,000
  • Mana: 7,000

What to shoot for when heading into 25-Raids:

These numbers should cover you for passing Karazhan into the 25-man raiding content, statistics such as spell hit will be notably harder to achieve prior to gearing up in Karazhan & Heroics quie a bit. Otherwise if you have this or higher by the time you eclipse Karazhan you'll be fine.

  • Spell Hit: 16% (With Talents)
  • Spell Damage: 800+
  • Spell Critical: 23%
  • Health: 7,000+
  • Mana: 9,000

3.2 - Gems

3.3 Enchantments

3.4 - PvE Gear Guide

Level 80 gear - all of this gear is pre-raid and can be picked up through rep rewards, heroics, etc., without having to do any of the raid dungeons.


Level 70 gear list for those who might be interested:

Note: As this is a PvE gear guide I'll only list the PvP rewards capable of being obtained via Honor, arena rewards are however viable alternatives to many pieces of gear.


















Some Macros for Holy Priests

Macros aren't essential, but they can make life easier, and that's the point.

  • Guardian Spirit Macro - Casts Guardian Spirit with the following parameters:
    • No focus, no target – Guardian Spirit on the player
    • No focus, a friendly target – Guardian Spirit on the target
    • Friendly focus that is not dead – Guardian Spirit on the focus
    • ALT modifier – Guardian Spirit on the player.
    • CTRL modifier – Guardian Spirit on the target.
    • All other situations will result in Guardian Spirit being cast on the player (aggro target, aggro or dead focus, no target, etc.

/cast [mod:alt, target=player][mod:ctrl, target=target][target=focus, exists, nodead, noharm][target=target] Guardian Spirit

  • Silence with focus modifier - Casts silence on your target when pressed, when pressed with the modifier it silences your focus target if you have one

    /cast [modifier:shift, target=focus] Silence
    /cast [nomodifier:shift] Silence

  • Shield Self Expanded - Shield yourself if you have no target or a hostile target. If you have a friendly target you will shield the friendly target.

    /cast [help,target=target] Power Word: Shield
    /cast [target=player] Power Word: Shield

Many more PvP orieted macros can be found on the ArenaJunkies Macro Page


5.0 Holy Priest 1-80 Leveling Guide



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