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The Gold Pics

Our gold guide has moved to this page. Links to the appropriate pages will be found there.

Ok, since people are always complaining about their in-game finances I thought it would be fun to load this pic. Keep in mind that I've enjoyed the gold game in all the MMOs I've played and some poeple don't, which is cool.

In my opinion Gold is easy enough to come by that there's no reason for anyone to complain about it, but you do have to play the gold game at least a little bit. Work your mining and skinning (or herbalism) skills and sell the stacks on the Auction House. Gathering the right ores, herbs, and skins pays better than doing daily quests for hours and certain techniques pay much better than that.

For example, this pic:

129k gold

Yeah, that's a lot of glyphs. That number is also after buying a number of epics, enchants, etc., not to mention all the herbs and such for making those glyphs. Now, lest you think the above gold stack is from cheats, buying gold, or whatever, I offer up this pic:

WoW gold achievement stats

Note the screwy number for total gold. This has to do with the way the game stores certain data. There is an absolute gold cap of 214,748 Gold 36 Silver and 46 Copper. You cannot exceed that number on your character, you will just get a warning message along the lines of "Gold limit reached..."

Hovever, the stats page has no such protective limit. Exceed that cap and you get a screwy number like you see in the pic. So yeah, I've earned over 214,748 Gold 36 Silver and 46 Copper with this character since mid October, when the pre-Wrath 3.0 patch was released.

I probably spend 2-3 hours a day on this, sometimes a bit more when making glyphs or taking care of inventory.

Also note:

  • the number of auctions
  • the gold earned per day (best is just over 6k in one day)
  • and the fact that I've spent more on postage than on vendor sales.
  • There's more stuff stored in a private guild bank.

The basic routine is that I make the glyphs on my level 80 and mail them to the banker for sale on the AH.

Update June '09: I got bored and slowed way down. Gold total is around 250k, spread over four characters. About 205k on this one.

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