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Death Knight PvP Overview

Night Elf Death Knight in Season 11 Gear

Death Knights are one of the strongest PvP classes in the game, boasting high damage (both consistent and burst) in addition to self heals, silences, and other spell caster/healer controls, as well as a few self and team buffs.

Death Knights have two talent builds which are viable at the highest levels of  play in the Arena, Frost & Unholy.

Blood, which is used primarily for PVE tanking, something that’s not as useful in nearly any situation save that of carrying flags in a BG and even then there are those more suited to that role.

If you’re not yet max level and want to get your character to max level quickly, take a look at this leveling guide.


Death Knight PvP Specs

Follow the links below for the spec that you’re playing:

  1. Blood PvP Build – While I wouldn’t say that Blood is useless in PvP, it’s certainly not as effective as Frost or Unholy.  Blood is mainly used for Battlegrounds, specifically random Battlegrounds, as it’s there that the toughness of blood can be made effective against less organized/skilled groups, despite the lack of burst damage.
  2. Frost PvP Build – Frost has less survivability than Unholy, but boasts a greater amount of CC (Crowd Control) and very good critical damage bursts.
  3. Unholy PvP Build – Unholy Death Knight’s bring good damage  (very solid when played perfectly) and have better survivability than Frost due to an improved Anti-Magic Shell.  Properly managing your ghoul pet is a large part of maximizing your effectiveness as an Unholy DK and in providing burst damage at crucial times. Unholy is probably more popular in the arena than Frost.

Other Death Knight Pages

See the above pages for complete info on the specs, talents, gems, enchants, etc.

And if you want to get better at Death Knight PvP then check out Skill-Capped:

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