The Druid Leveling Guide For BFA

Worgen Druid in Cat FormDruid leveling is as easy or as challenging as you want to make it. You can stick with one spec, say Feral, and level as that, or you can dance between the four specs and challenge yourself. Tank, melee, ranged damage, or healer, the Druid can do it all and do it well.

Druids present the greatest variety among all the various classes in WoW. Variety counts for a lot; it keeps you interested and having fun. Tired of melee? Go Balance, or Restoration perhaps. And, to a great extent, you can switch forms on the fly. The makes the Druid one of the more difficult classes to play well, just because it’s so versatile.

Still, even more important is that, no matter the role, Druids provide effectiveness. When properly talented they can tank with the best of them, for the purposes of this guide, dish out massive amounts of melee damage in cat form.

While you can go nuts at high level, what with having to juggle several forms and individual gear sets for each form, this is something you won’t have to worry about while leveling your Druid. Stick with Feral/Cat gear, or caster gear if you opt for Balance, and you’ll be fine. You can get the multiple gear sets, if you want, at top level.

The Contents

Druid Leveling Guide

Other Druid Guides

On this page we’ll focus on Feral and Balance for leveling. Guardians are fine tanks and Resto Druids a great healers, but they’ll lag behind the other two specs for general questing, though in Dungeon groups both will be just fine and Resto is loved in PvP. Notes that while Guardians do less damage, the also excel at rounding up large groups and crushing them, which definitely has its fun points. You’ll be a little down on damage, but ripping a large group of mobs to pieces is a satisfying experience.

Note that we don’t care which class is the Flavor of the Month, for ultimate PvE/PvP mayhem, as we’re assuming you’ve decided to go ahead and level as a Druid regardless. Just know that Druids are usually near the top when played well. We’ll give you the info you need and let you make yourself into that mayhem generating flavor.


The Short Druid Leveling Guide

(See below this section for the longer version of all of these bits.)


Like no other class in WoW Druids really can play any role in the game. You can do it all: Tank, ranged damage, melee damage, or healer. For leveling we suggest the feral (cat) form, and Balance (ranged damage) for a bit more challenge. If you like tanking dungeons then a bear is a great way to go. Restoration will be awesome with healing your dungeon/PvP crew. See below for info on Feral and Balance, see these pages (intended for top level) for the others: Guardian, Resoration.

Gear and Stats

  • Feral likes Agility and Crit.
  • Balance likes Int and Haste
  • Stack Stamina at low levels, for survivability.
  • Use a two-handed weapon (staff) with the highest possible DPS. If it’s an heirloom put the highest level weapon enchant on it (if you can afford it. If you can’t, go here. )
  • If you PvP get more Stamina. If you’re level 90 or lower then Reslience is a nice thing to have on your PvP gear (it reduces damage from players.) It disappears on gear for level 91+.
  • more about stats

Race pick:

Worgen (Alliance) and Trolls (Horde) are the best picks for leveling, with the Troll being “best” overall due to their Berserking (Haste) cooldown. The others have their points, too.

Even in Legion only four races can be Druids and Pandarens aren’t one of them. If you want to be a Night Elf or Tauren then go for it. The racial abilities aren’t that significant.

  • Worgen’s crit bonus is a nice damage add and their sprint will be useful in certain situations.
  • Night Elves have a slightly higher dodge, so will be slightly better tanks. Shadowmeld can be very useful at times, since it works in combat and drops aggro. They also get a bit of Crit by day and Haste by night.
  • Trolls have an attack speed increase (cooldown) and get more XP from killing beasts.
  • Tauren have a bit more health and can stun nearby opponents (which is pretty darn useful,) plus they get bonus Crit damage.
  • High Mountain Tauren have a short Charge and take a bit less damage.
  • Zandalari Trolls can pick from any of a number of buffs, and have a nice regeneration ability. Not that you really care about the latter with your heals.
  • Kul Tiran have a Haymaker smash, which knocks the target back and stuns it.
  • More about races

Leveling Notes

  • Questing is much faster than it once was (a looong time ago) and is easily competitive (if you’re a cat or Balance) with grinding the dungeons and fighting players in PvP leveling.
  • Dungeons give you the chance of getting better gear than you will earn through questing, but you will need to get a bit lucky. Your Heirlooms will be as good as any most of the dungeon gear you’ll find. Tanking dungeons is the best way to go for ultimate XP gain.
  • PvP leveling can be very fast if your side wins. Help them win. PvP gives you access to better gear via honor marks. If you’re serious about PvP (for leveling or otherwise) then check out Skill-capped.
  • Many more tips

wowIf you need to blast to the level cap as fast as possible
then check out this in-game leveling guide, now.

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Druid Leveling Builds

Talents are pretty simple these days. Want to experiment? Changing your talents is easy. You don’t need a trainer, special reagents, prayers to the moon, or any such.

All you have to be is “out of combat” and you can change your specialization (feral, balance, etc.) as often as you like.

If you’re in an inn, the big city, or your Garrison (level 90+) you can change any or all of your talent picks. You can also do the same in any “out of combat” situation by using a Tome of the Tranquil Mind. (A Codex of the Tranquil Mind will allow your entire party to change specs.)

The below leveling builds are just a suggestion and they assume that you are mostly questing for your leveling, though they’ll serve you well in PvE and PvP. They are chosen to add greater flexibility to the “all damage, all the time” of your abilities. Feel free to shuffle things around depending on your game. (If you really want to crank through the levels mixing up questing, dungeons, and PvP then get a smart leveling guide.)

Feral Leveling Talents

Feral Druid Leveling Talents

Tier 1, level 15

  1. Predator – When a target with one of your bleeds on it dies the cooldown on Tiger’s Fury resets. This is a great talent for fighting large packs of mobs at once, which you won’t often be able to do while leveling, but if you leap into the dungeons regularly then go for it. Apply bleeds to everything and keep Tiger’s Fury up often.
  2. Blood Scent – Your Melee abilities have a 10% increased critical strike change on targets with one of your bleeds on it. Nice for leveling as everything will be bleeding and this will result in even faster kills, especially since your crit rating might be fairly low.
  3. Lunar Inspiration – You can now cast a special version of Moonfire in Cat form with a cost of 30 energy and gives one combo point. Too much energy and too limited use. The others are better.

Tier 2, level 30

  1. Renewal – Instant heal 30% of your total HP. Not a great heal for what you give up with the other two talents. Skip it.
  2. Displacer Beast – Teleports you 20 yards forward from your current position and boosts movement speed by 50% for 4 seconds. Great for extra movement or dodging effects such as lava pools, especially with that short 30 second cooldown.
  3. Wild Charge – Leap behind your current target and daze them for 3 seconds and then kill them. A great pounce and a short cooldown. Works best on flat or nearly flat terrain and does not let you avoid that acid pool between you and the target (which won’t be an issue while questing.) I like the pounce, but if you need movement more than go for Displacer Beast.

Tier 3, level 45

All of these give you added flexibility by being able to take on some of the abilities of one or the other of your specs.

  1. Balance Affinity – Passive effect is all of your abilities ranges are increased by 5 yards. You gain the ability to shift into Moonkin Form and gain the following abilities: Starsurge, Lunar Strike, Solar Wrath, and Sunfire. You can stay in Moonkin Form for as long as you like, but as soon as you shift back into Cat Form it goes on a 1:30 second cooldown. Nice for any situation where being able to have ranged abilities is useful. Not so hot for leveling, but has it’s uses in dungeons and even PvP.
  2. Guardian Affinity – Passive effect is all damage taken is reduced by 15%. You learn the following Bear Form abilities: Mangle, Frenzied Regeneration, and Iron Fur. With the addition of Iron Fur your Bear Form becomes a minor tank. You’re not a real tank, but you can now survive tougher stuff than as a Cat.
  3. Restoration Affinity – Passive effect is Yesra’s Gift. You heal for 3% of your total life every 5 seconds. If you are at full life it will heal a nearby party member. You learn the following abilities: Rejuvenation, Regrowth, Swiftmend. Depending on your gear and your skills you’ll probably find this one to be the most useful of the three in that it’ll allow you to be at 100% health pretty much all the time. Fight, Swiftmend, and fight some more.

Tier 4, level 60

  1. Mighty Bash – Stun target for 5 seconds. 50 second cooldown. Good for an extra spell interrupt or to make a quick getaway. Stuns are pretty sweet. Longish cooldown.
  2. Mass Entanglement – Roots the target in place and will root nearby enemies as well for 20 seconds. Not much use for leveling unless you constantly bite off more than you can chew or you’re getting ganked by melee on your PvP server.
  3. Typhoon – Knock back all targets within 15 yards of the front of you and dazes them for 6 seconds. Like Mighty Bash to get some breathing room from multiple mobs/players. Your Wild Charge will put you back on top on anyone knocked away.

Tier 5, level 75

  1. Soul of the ForestFinishing moves return 12 energy per combo point used. This means every 5 point finisher you use will return 60 energy. This is a great passive talent that makes your rotation easier and speeds up gameplay. All around good talent to have in most situations, especially since Feral is a bit energy starved.
  2. Incarnation: King of the Jungle – For 30 seconds all cat form abilities cost 50% less while Rake and Shred deal damage as if you were in stealth. This  talent replaces Berserk. Great for nice damage bursts every 3 minutes. Round up a group of mobs and Incarnate.
  3. Savage Roar – Finishing move that increases physical damage done by 25% while in Cat Form. Lasts longer per combo point (maximum of 24 seconds). Costs 40 energy. Best when fighting longer lived mobs so that you can get multiple finishers in. Can be used at the end of fight #1 to burn left over Combo Points and then leap right into fight #2 with the enhanced damage.

Tier 6, level 90:

  1. Sabertooth – Your Ferocious Bite refreshes the duration of Rip. Not so hot for leveling as the mobs don’t live long enough to make this useful.
  2. Jagged Wounds – Your Rake, Rip, and Thrash abilities deal the same amount of damage but in 33% less time, which is nearly ideal for leveling. Things will die just that much faster.
  3. Elune’s Guidance – Gives 5 combo points instantly and generates 1 combo point per second for the next 5 seconds (45 second cooldown). Useful for getting off a couple of extra finishers, such as a Savage Roar right before the fight and then a Ferocious Bite sooner than otherwise. Requires some attention or you might lose combo points due to their coming in too fast.

Tier 7, level 100

  1. Brutal SlashStrikes all nearby enemies with a massive slash. Awards 1 combo point. Maximum 3 charges (18 second cooldown per charge reduced by Haste). Replaces Swipe. This is a solid burst AoE talent but has the drawback of long cooldown periods with no other direct damage AoE ability. This ability is really limited to large add packs which require burst. It does not do well outside of those situations.
  2. Bloodtalons – After casting a Healing Touch your next 2 abilities are increased by 40%. Cast HT before a fight and pounce on the mob with two hard hitting openers. Generally the best of the three for leveling.
  3. Moment of Clarity – When you proc Omen of Clarity your next 3 abilities cost no energy and your energy cap is increased by 30. Decent passive talent that makes the rotation easier to manage.

Balance Leveling Talents

Balance Druid Leveling Talents

Tier 1, level 15

  1. Force of Nature, or “Treants”. Upon being summoned your forest friends taunt all nearby enemies and attack them. They taunt and hit decently hard while you blast away, what could be better?
  2. Warrior of Elune is a versatile cooldown despite its simplistic design. Save 5 total seconds of casting. Useful anytime when you’d need to drop two fast Lunar Strikes.
  3. Starlord is nice for long fights and will give you more casts over time, but quest and most dungeon mobs are too short lived to make that worthwhile.

Tier 2, level 30

  1. Renewal offers us something our toolkit doesn’t have, a major defensive cooldown. Much less useful for leveling if you go with Restoration Affinity in the next row.
  2. Displacer Beast is nice as it’ll get you out of trouble quickly. It does change you into Cat form.
  3. Wild Charge also gets you out of that tight spot quickly. If you’re in Moonkin Form then this is very similar to a Hunter’s Disengage ability. While in caster form you fly to an ally’s position.

Tier 3, level 45

  1. Feral Affinity lets you learn Shred, Rip, Ferocious Bite, and Swipe, as well as Feline Swiftness. All for those times when you get tired of casting and just have to bite or claw something.
  2. Guardian Affinity – You learn Growl, Mangle, Thrash, Ironfur,Frenzied Regeneration, and Thick Hide. Need to play a lightweight tank for a bit?
  3. Restoration Affinity – Passive effect is Yesra’s Gift. You heal for 3% of your total life every 5 seconds. You also learn the following abilities: Rejuvenation, Regrowth, and Swiftmend. Very nice for leveling and should allow you to remain at or near 100% health all the time.

Tier 4, level 60

  1. Mighty Bash – Stuns target for 5 seconds with a 50 second cooldown. Good for an extra spell interrupt or to make a quick getaway. Melee range.
  2. Mass Entanglement – Roots the target in place and will root nearby enemies as well for 20 seconds. Note that the Roots can break on damage. Entangle a bunch and then blast ’em one by one or get away.
  3. Typhoon – Knock back all targets within 15 yards of the front of you and dazes them for 6 seconds. Like Mighty Bash can be used for an emergency spell interrupt or to get some breathing room from multiple melee type mobs or players. 30 second cooldown compared to 50 for Bash.

Tier 5, level 75

  1. Soul of the Forest‘s usefulness depends on your Lunar and Solar empowerment usage. More useful for certain raid fights than for leveling.
  2. Incarnation: Chosen of Elune replaces Celestial Alignment. It offers a 35% damage increase with a longer duration. Nice for those times when you need to power up and do some damage.
  3. Stellar Flare is best used on mobs that will last awhile, as it takes effect over 24 seconds. Quest mobs generally will not last nearly that long, especially if you’re geared.

Tier 6, level 90:

  1. Shooting Stars is strong on multiple targets that are going to live awhile.
  2. Astral Communion for Burst generation, strong when coupled with Fury of Elune
  3. Blessing of the Ancients is also not so hot for leveling, but is nice when constantly casting.

Tier 7, level 100

  1. Fury of Elune is a damage cooldown and is best used when you can pool resources ahead of time and have a tank. In the dungeon try to build your Astral Power up before getting to a boss or huge burst phase (when the mages cast Time Warp, etc.). When you are near max AP pop Fury of Elune RIGHT under that boss and set his bum on fire. Now, you need to pop Celestial Alignment and start casting AP generating abilities to keep Fury of Elune up as long as possible. When it gets near 5-10 AP, and if you have the talent, use your Astral Communion ability to refill your AP and continue casting your moon, solar, and lunar AP generating spells! (source)
  2. Stellar Drift allows you to cast while moving so long as you’re inside of your own Starfall. Not really useful most of the time.
  3. Nature’s Balance is better for long lived mobs (eg: Raid bosses.) It can, if used carefully, greatly extend your moonfire and sunfire. Not much use on quest mobs.


Glyphs for the Well Equipped Druid

All major glyphs were slain some time back. They used to have useful combat effects. No more.

All of the remaining glyphs are purely cosmetic, such as changing hair color for your bear or leaving a trail of leaves as Balance.

wow alliance and horde leveling guide

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Maybe someday that will change, but as of Battle for Azeroth they are still cosmetic.




Your Druidic Abilities

These are the abilities shared by all Druids.

Wrath – blast the target with a small bolt of Solar energy
Moonfire – blast the enemy with Lunar energy that does damage over time.
Rejuvenation – heals the target over 15 seconds.
Cat Form – “Meow.” Becomes “ROAR” at max level.
Feline Grace (P) – less falling damage.
Ferocious Bite – Finishing strike spends combo points and takes a bite out of the enemy.
Prowl – Slowly sneak about, requires cat form.
Shred – a hard hit that does more damage if attacking from stealth.
Bear Form – become a bear, your defenses are greatly increased, especially if you’re Guardian.
Growl – cause the target to attack you.
Mangle – Attack from bear form, slows the target if you’re Feral or Guardian.
Entangling Roots – Just stay there awhile, Mr. Baddie
Revive – Revives a dead ally, but not in combat.
Teleport: Moonglade – Poof! You’re there!
Thrash – As a Cat or Bear you attack all nearby enemies and cause them to bleed.
Travel Form – Shift form and move more quickly.
Sunfire – Damages the enemy and continues to damage them over time. Area effect for Balance.
Dash – A burst of speed which removes roots and snares.
Healing Touch – Heal your buddy or yourself.
Primal Fury (P) – Get more Rage or Combo points when criting with Bear or Cat attacks.
Rebirth – Revive a dead buddy, usable in combat.
Flight Form – Grow wings and fly away.
Frenzied Regeneration – as a bear you can convert Rage into Health.
Cyclone – Lock down a target for a few seconds.
Stampeding Roar – as a Bear or Cat you can free your group from roots and snares for a few seconds.
Treant form


Your Abilities as Feral and Balance

These are the abilities that define you as Feral and Balance.

Note that the old Hit and Expertise stats are dead since Warlords of Draenor (WoD) and so are any abilities or racials that provided or modified either stat. Multistrike is gone in Legion.

Feral Druid Abilities Feral (Cat) Abilities Balance Druid AbilitiesBalance (Boomkin) Abilities
  • Rake (6) – Does damage and adds a bleed.
  • Nurturing Instinct (10, P) – Increases nature spell power by 100% of your Agility.
  • Tiger’s Fury (10) – Increases damage for a few seconds and restores energy.
  • Savage Roar (18) – Increases your damage for a while.
  • Rip (20) – Finishing move that causes your target to bleed. Cat form.
  • Remove Corruption (22) – removes curses and poisons from the target.
  • Swipe (22) – hit nearby enemies, does more damage if they’re already bleeding.
  • Predatory Swiftness (26, P) – Chance for free non-damaging spells.
  • Omen of Clarity (38, P) – Chance for your next cat form ability to be energy free.
  • Infected Wounds (40, P) – various strikes cause the target to be slowed. Great for when the opposition wants to run away.
  • Leather Specialization (50, P) – 5% more agility for wearing only leather.
  • Survival Instincts (56, P) – Take much less damage for 6 seconds and has two charges. Just the thing for those “Oh Sh**!” situations.
  • Skull Bash (64) – Charge the target, interrupt their spell, and silence them. Great vs casters, useful against non-casters and it quickly closes the gap.
  • Mastery: Razor Claws (78, P) – Increase the damage done by your bleeds. Start stacking this stat when you hit 80. There will then be blood everywhere. 😉
  • Maim (72) – damages and stuns to opponent
  • Berserk – More energy and a lower cost to your abilities for 15 seconds.
  • Feline Swiftness – +15% speed.
  • Feral Instinct – better hiding in Prowl.
  • Killer Instinct (10, P) – your Int becomes Ag when you take Cat Form.
  • Starfire (10) – Blast the target
  • Starsurge (12) – Big blast that also increases damage of Starsurge and Warth. .
  • Moonkin Form (16, P) – Become your more powerful “Boomkin” form. You’re now tougher and do more damage. When you hit 25 you can grab the glyph and change your look.
  • Remove Corruption (22) – Removes poisons and curses.
  • Solar Beam (28) – Interrupt the target’s spellcasting and silence him and other in the area. Brilliant against groups of casters and in PvP, where most people cast something. Useless against things that just hack away.
  • Barkskin (44) – reduces damage taken.
  • Leather Specialization (50, P) – More Int while wearing Leather armor in all of your armor slots.
  • Mastery: Total Eclipse (80, P) – More Eclipse damage.

Ability Summaries


  • Best looking of all Druid Forms
  • In your face, blood and more blood via rips and shreds, lots of bleeds
  • Swipes and Thrashes for area attacks
  • Chance to proc free healing spells from your Predatory Swiftness
  • Can keep Rogues (and other ferals) from sneaking.
  • Raid: +5% Crit to the group
  • Attuned stat is Crit (level 90, +5% Crit from all sources.)


  • Gnarliest loooking of all Druid forms, well, Ok, in a Super Chicken sort of way.
  • Ranged destruction
  • Solar Beam (Silence,)  Starfall
  • Procs from Shooting stars
  • Raid: +550 Mastery (at 100)
  • Attuned stat is Mastery (level 90, +5% Mastery from all sources.)

Other useful Druid Abilities

Beyond your heals, you have various abilities (common to all Druids) to help you survive, control the enemy, and so on. Also remember that Shapeshifting frees you from various controlling effects (which is really annoying to other players in PvP.)

  • Feline Grace – less damage from falls while in cat form. Cliff jump (escape) with some degree of safety.
  • Prowl – slowly sneak around as a cat. High level Ferals (with the Perk move at full speed.)
  • Entangling Roots – snags the opponent and keeps him there while you run away or set up to destroy him. Useful when you need to lock one enemy down while you destroy the other.
  • Mark of the Wild (62) Buffs your stats for an hour. Always have this one up.
  • Cyclone (78) – takes the enemy out of the fight for a brief time (while you run away or kill his/its allies.) Another “put the enemy on hold” ability, while you reset your position or escape.
  • Stampeding Roar (84) – Breaks you and nearby allies free of snags and snares and activates bear form (if you’re not already in either bear or cat form.) Most useful in PvP, but has moments of great value at other times.

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Munching on the Opposition (aka Rotations)

Quest mobs go down fast, especially if you’re in heirlooms or otherwise nice gear. Dungeon mobs a bit less fast, but a decent team will burn them down quickly, as well. PvP, on the other hand… Your health will disappear with amazing speed, but theirs might not.

The point? With questing and dungeoning you won’t have much use for a rotation. In PvP you will. If you’re even half serious about it. As well as being aware of escapes and crowd controls (stuns, cyclones, etc.)

Feral Ripping and Shredding…

  1. Keep any buffs up, such as +Stam food or potions/scrolls. Mark of the Wild (62+) etc.
  2. Build combo points with Mangle, Shred, and Swipe. You will rarely see 5 CPs on a quest mob.
  3. Spend them with Ferocious Bite (your “Execute”,) Rip, or Savage Roar. Try to keep the latter’s buff up.
  4. Use Tiger’s Fury as necessary.
  5. Use Berserk as necessary.

Feral PvE Rotation video

Both of these videos (boomie is just below) are only about 5 minutes.

While this is for level 100 Ferals you find that most of it is just fine for even low level characters. You won’t have the Blood Talons ability, but you will have much of the rest.

Also note that this is for fighting opponents that will last awhile, which your quest mobs won’t. So it’s great for dungeon bosses, PvP to some extent (need your crowd control and such,) and elites. Quest mobs will be similar, just with a briefer rotation, especially if you’re well geared.

Moonkin for the Ranged Destruction

A basic Boomkin rotation for PvE. As above, it’ll get you going and it’s more for long fights than short ones, but then… isn’t it easier to cut down a long rotation than build a short one?

Pretty good video for the Boomie basics. Just modify it if you don’t have an ability yet.


Stats and Gear

Stat Priority

The order of importance of your stats is… (‘>’ = “greater than” or “better than”)

  • Balance: Int > Mastery > Haste > anything else.
  • Feral: Agility > Crit >> anything else.

Stat Description

  1. Your weapon counts. Always try to have the best weapon, with the best stats, that you can find.
  2. Agility for Feral and Int for Balance. These are easily your best stats.
  3. Crit is valuable for cats, decent for Balance.
  4. Haste is good for Balance and not so hot for cats.
  5. Stamina is great for low levels, stack it until you are happy with your survival.
  6. Mastery is gained at level 78. It’s great for Cats and good for Balance.
  7. Strength is useless for any Druid, even Bears (who did like Str, once upon a time.)


Heirlooms and Other Gear

Heirlooms: Some pieces of “heirloom” gear can be purchased from your guild vendor as soon as you guild rep is high enough. You can get the head, back, and legs. These will add a total of 25% XP as you move along with your leveling. You will need to be honored with that guild in order to get all three items. Probably the toughest part of this is that it will cost you about 4,500 gold to get all three. (Need more gold?)

Other heirlooms can be purchased for 500 gold. You get them at the heirloom vendors in Iron Forge and the Undercity. 500 gets you an heirloom good to level 60, more gold will upgrade it. The heirlooms are permanently placed in your heirloom box (the “Collections” window. Same window as mounts and pets, check the tab at the bottom.)

  • Horde: Estelle Gendry in the south-western side of the Rogue’s Quarter of Undercity. After Undercity is destroyed in Battle for Azeroth she moves to the top of the Gates or Orgrimmar.
  • Alliance: Krom Stoutarm is in the Library of Ironforge, which is found on the north-eastern edge of the outer ring.

If you enchant the ‘looms then you should mail them or the enchant will be destroyed.

Remember that you can put the top level enchants (including Warlords enchants) on your heirlooms and they will scale with your character’s level. Shoulder and leg enchants will require you to have a high level (at least 85) character to apply the enchant, then it can be sent to your lower levels.

If you do not have Heirlooms then don’t worry about it. Just scroll down a bit. Generally you’ll want to keep an eye on your gear and buy better stuff from the Auction House every few levels.

Other Gearing Notes

By and large the gear you get from questing will be fine for questing and lightweight dungeoning. Better gear is available with a bit of effort and gold.

  • At lower levels look for gear with Stamina and your best stat (Int or Agility.)
  • Before you hit 70 do enough PvP to accumulate about 2k Honor. Then buy the level 70 epic arena PvP set from the legacy vendors in Dalaran Sewers and Gadgetzan.
  • At level 81 start looking for M of P blues on the Auction House (example.)
  • At 85 buy or make the crafted PvP set (vicious leather,) if you don’t already have better stuff, or start buying M of P gear off the Auction House.
  • 85+: A few vendors scattered through the M of P areas sell complete sets of M of P “green” gear, for very low prices. You can find better gear, and M of P blues, on the AH. (Need gold?)
  • With a bit of luck on the AH you can be in full iLevel 415+, or better, gear at 85. Without raiding. Some level 450 gear is available for level 85s (example.) Get it if you can. Sometimes it’s surprisingly cheap. Other times…
  • 90+ head over to the Timeless Isles or straight into the Warlords zones. Keep an eye on the Auction House for Warlords gear, if you’re so inclined. You can also grab the Crafted Malevolent PvP gear off the Auction House.
  • 91+ if you hav too much gold there are epic level 640 items wearable at level 91, available through the crafting professions. These crafted items can have their stats rerolled and their item levels greatly boosted, which will let them keep pace with the current patch. Of course, those boosts are rather expense. Otherwise you can get nice gear from the many rares, from treasures, a few from Garrison missions, and the usual dungeon gear.
  • Misc 91+ gear: You can make these with Engineering and First Aid or buy them from the Auction House, for not much gold the last I looked.
  • 100: Gratz! Run the end game and get ready for Legion.


Gems and Enchants

You shouldn’t bother with gems for the most part. Gear with gem sockets is pretty uncommon, and you will quickly level past any piece with them anyway.

If you do decide to gem, then got for Agility or Int, depending on your spec.


wow alliance and horde leveling guide

Click Here and check it out.

You can add top end enchants to any level of item. So if you have gear that you’ll keep for a bit and/or heirlooms, and enough gold, you can add the max level enchants to your level 1 items.

For enchants from other crafts (such as the Inscription Shoulders) you will need to have a high level (85+) character apply the enchant, then give or mail the piece of gear back to you.

In either case the enchant will scale with your level. Given the prices you should do this only with gear that you’ll keep for awhile.

Now get leveled.

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The question of “which race” for your new Druid used to be a “difficult” one, Horde (Tauren) or Alliance (Night Elf.) With Cataclysm the choices became more varied, but is still the most restricted class in the game.

Overall, Trolls might be the best overall pick for Druids, but pick the race that you like the best. None of the racials are overwhelming.

Warlords: None of the above has changed. What’s new is that any racial ability that offers Hit or Expertise is gone.

Alliance – Night Elf

  • Shadowmeld requires you to stay still. It drops aggro, so you can s’meld > stealth. You already have a (cat form) stealth ability, but ‘meld can be used in combat, and your Prowl cannot. If you time ‘meld just so you can break incoming spells.
  • Quickness makes you slightly harder to hit and slightly increases your run speed.
  • Quickness: Get back to your body faster.
  • Resistance for 1% less Nature damage.
  • Touch of Elune: Increases your Haste by 1% during the night. Increases your Critical Strike by 1% during the day.  Quickness also makes you 2% faster.

Horde – Tauren

  • Endurance provides a little more health than other races
  • War Stomp is a nice stun for cats and bears. Casters will generally find it to be useful in isolated situations, such as in PvP or any other time where you need to stun the opposition and run out of there. Naturally the Ferals in the crowd will like it, a lot. Suffers Diminishing Returns with your other stuns, but still can interrupt casts.
  • Good with Herbalism for +15 to that skill.
  • Brawn: Critical strike bonus damage and healing increased by 2%.


  • Darkflight allows periodic quick movement, which is always useful,
  • reduced duration of curses and diseases (affecting them.)
  • Increased crit chance (viciousness) is a good stat for you.
  • Flayer boosts your skinning skill.
  • Run Wild
  • Aberration provides resistance to Shadow and Natures damage.

Troll  – Taste me Voodoo, Mon!

With Battle for Azeroth, some others have joined the druid club.

Kul Tiran – Starts at level 20. 

KTs can be druids and Humans cannot? Hmm….

  • Wind up, then unleash your mighty Haymaker upon your foe. Doesn’t hurt much, but does stun then for 3 sec and knocks them back substantially.   2.5 minute cooldown. Knock him back then eat/burn him.
  • Brush It Off – Increases Versatility by 1%. When you take damage, heal for 2% of that amount over 4 sec. Every tiny bit helps, right?
  • Your Child of the Sea ability lets you swim a bit faster and hold your breath longer than anyone who is not Undead.
  • You are a Jack of All Trades which increases all of your Tradeskills by 5. Unfortunately it does not give you free tradeskills, just a boost to the ones you actually learn

Trolls look like they may be the most efficient class for leveling Druids, but player interest and skill will more than make up for any racial differences. Pick the race you like.

Zandalari Troll – Starts at level 20. 
  • Your Embrace of the Loa ability allows you to choose which Loa you are associated with. Has a 5 day cooldown.
    • Embrace of Akunda – Your healing abilities have a chance to heal their target. A Druid, with healing abilities? (wink)
    • Embrace of Bwonsamdi – Your damaging abilities have a chance to deal Shadow damage and heal you for 100% of the damage done. Pretty good general ability, especially for melee.
    • Embrace of Gonk – Increase movement speed by 5%.
    • Embrace of Kimbul – Your damaging abilities have a chance to cause the target to bleed over 6 seconds. This effect stacks up to 3 times. More damage is always good. Pretty nice for Feral.
    • Embrace of Krag’wa – Taking damage has a chance to grant you additional Health and 66 Armor. Good tanking ability.
    • Embrace of Pa’ku – Your abilities have a chance to grant you +4% critical strike for 12 seconds. Live by the crit, Ferals? This is for you.
  • Regeneratin’ – Regenerate 100% of your maximum health over 6 sec, interrupted by damage. 2.5 min cooldown. A nice add to your spells.
  • Pterrordax Swoop – Slows your fall for two minutes. Time for some serious cliff jumpin’.

HighMountain Tauren – Starts at level 20. 

  • Bull Rush is a short (6 yard) charge forward that knocks those enemies down.
  • Being versatile they get +1% Versatility (Mountaineer) and they also take a bit less damage (Rugged Tenacity.) Small, but still nice.
  • Your Pride of Ironhorn allows you to mine faster and adds 15% to your mining skill.
  • Having gone to survival school your philosophy is Waste Not, Want Not, so you have a chance to gather more meat and fish from appropriate situations.

Training Note: If you don’t want to train in your native zone? Horde Druids can go to the Blood Elf area, since there is a druid trainer in Silvermoon City (why?) There’s also one in Stormwind for Alliance Druids. Ask the guards for the trainer locations.

 Go to => Top – Short guide – Race – Professions – Talents –
Cat – Bear – Gear – Tips – Level faster


Leveling Tips

Feral (Cat) is the best of the leveling specs for the typical Druid player. We’re not focusing on raiding or high-end content here, just leveling: grind out the quests and kill lots of mobs. Feral is excellent at doing just that. It’s pretty darn good at laying down the damage in PvP and instances, too.

Balance (Boomkin) is also fine at general questing, but not quite as fast as the Cat. As it’s a bit more challenging you might find it to be more fun.

Restoration will be very slow.

Guardian is great for tanking and can do fine while questing, esp. when large groups of mobs can be rounded up and burned down.


This guide assumes that most of your leveling will be by doing quests. This has the additional benefit of gaining fly points, rep gains, incidental farming for gaining cash, and so on. Also, you don’t have to be on someone else’s schedule or deal with the sometimes quirky group dynamics.

The in-game WoW quest tracker thing will show you where to go so that you can knock off your quests in an efficient order. It’s a big improvement over the old way (of looking things up on some website,) but it’s much slower than a real leveling guide.

Note: Save the quests that take you out of an area (such as to the big city) for when you have several of them and/or your are done with the local quests and are moving anyway.

  • You can also use the Elixir of Ancient Knowledge and if you can grab a few Elixir of the Rapid Mind then what you do is pile up a bunch of quests and save then to turn in all at once. Quaff the potion, then turn them in and gain a BIG XP boost.
  • You could also do a dungeon or battleground and quaff the thing right before the final boss or the win, then turn in all the other quests. This also works with finding treasures in WoD or MoP and with the bonus Objectives in WoD. Apparently the elixirs also stack with each other and with themselves.

Grab as many quests in an area as you can and plan your route so as to hit as many at the same time as you can. There is a Loremaster achievement to be had for doing all of the quests in all of the zones. Doing it in the Draenor zones will get you part of the way towards the Flying in Dreanor requirements.


Feel free to grind (endlessly mash down endless piles of mobs) if you want to really slow your leveling speed down. Other than grinding certain mobs for cash and prizes (item drops) there is little value to grinding. Plus, it’s boring.


Starting at level 15 you can start using the random dungeon finder. If you enjoy grouping then it’s a good way to level more quickly than otherwise. If you do not enjoy dungeon teams then you can skip them with nothing lost except maybe a tiny bit of leveling speed.

  • As Feral you will be Queuing as “Damage” (DPS) and your wait times will usually be anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes. Sometimes longer. So combine your dungeoning with questing.
  • As Guardian you will be the tank and you waits will rarely be longer than 2 minutes. Our Feral Bear page will have tanking info.
  • If you are new to dungeoning then figure out which member of the group is “the tank” and stay near him. Listen for instructions, ask questions when needed, and keep a thick skin in case some party member left his manners elsewhere.
  • Dungeon teams tend to move very quickly, so pay attention and keep up.
  • Good guilds often run their own dungeon teams. These are usually more fun and more tolerant of mistakes and new players than the random dungeon groups are.
  • You can pick up some decent gear by dungeoning, but you might want to keep an eye on gear from the Auction House, in case your gear isn’t dropping or you’re not winning the rolls. Also, the random dungeons will give you a sack of occasionally useful items (here) when done.

PvP Leveling

Random battlegrounds are much like the random dungeons, except that you get to kill other players. If you win you can level very quickly. (Losing is slower than questing.) You also gain Honor Points which can be traded to certain vendors for nice gear.

  • Most of the BattleGrounds (BGs) have control points to fight over and/or flags to grab and return.
    • A couple (Altarac Valley (AV) and Isle of Conquest (I of C) ) have generals to kill, in addition to the control points.
    • Strand of the Ancients is all about the vehicles and braking down the fortress walls (or defending against such.) As always, fighting in the middle areas (away from any sort of control point) is pretty useless and not helpful to your team.
  • All of your efforts should be to defend and control those points, to kill those defending their points, to return (or help to return) the flag, or to kill the other flag carrier.
  • If you’re not fighting near a flag or carrier then you are gaining less honor than you could be and you are not helping your team, which means you will gain a lot less XP when you lose.
  • By the way, the extra speed that you get from Feral Swiftness makes you a pretty good flag carrier in Warsong Gulch, Eye of the Storm, and any other flag carrying BGs.

General Leveling Tips

  • Make an alt to live at the auction house. Send all of your white loot, and better, to the alt to post on the AH. This will save lots of time. Vendor all the gray stuff. You can also use the alt to buy stuff for your main character(s.)
  • Carry the biggest bags you can afford.
  • Always log out at an inn to get the “rest XP” bonus.
  • Buffing foods make you that much tougher and/or allow you to kill things just that much faster.
  • Potions of Healing and Troll’s Blood potions mean less form switching, less mana use, and less downtime. Hardly essential, especially for Druids, but a healing potion on the action bar can, every now and then, be a lifesaver. Or, at least, convenient.
  • Learn to use keybindings (instead of mouse-clicking your abilities.) This improves your efficiency, which is important at various time, such as in PvP. Not sure how to do it? Check out YouTube for Druid Keybinding videos.
  • Practice fighting more than one enemy at a time. If you can handle two or three or more at one time, without stress, then you will complete quests faster.
  • Prowl past enemies, when you want to, to reach goals and complete quests and avoid unwanted entanglements.
  • More leveling tips here.

Buffing up for Better Performance

The better buffed you are the more you can do and the faster you can go.

  • Scrolls are available that boost your Int/Agility/Stamina for awhile. Find them on the Auction House or have a scribe (Inscription) make a few for your use. They’ll generally be pretty cheap.
  • Potions can restore health, mana, and also come with other interesting effects, such as water breathing.
  • A number of foods boost stamina and some boost your Int or Agility.
  • Quest Rewards – Every now and then a quest reward will provide a buff or buffing item. An example is in Tranquillen (Ghost Lands) where one of the quest givers will give you potions Vs undead in return for undead parts.
  • In your Draenor garrison there is a vendor, at your town hall, who will sell you flasks of +20% XP gain which last an hour. They can not be sent to your lower level alts.



Tauren Druid Tier 13 Deep Earth BattlgarbIf you’re a new player then skip all of the crafting professions for now. They’re expensive to level and cash will be tight. If you really want to then go ahead, just be aware of the approaching poverty. If you need a bigger stack of gold then see our gold guide. If you’re already rich then ignore this advice and do what you please.

Certain crafting professions (see below) are better than others while leveling. The gathering professions are great for earning cash and can provide raw materials if you just have to learn a crafting profession.

  • Skinning – good for making gold. You’ll be killing a bazillion skinnable critters anyway, so you might as well take it.
  • Herbalism – also good for the gold and very nice for XP.
  • Mining – Very good for cash and also very nice for XP.

Profession combinations:

  1. Skinning and leatherworking – this cuts the costs to leveling leatherworking by a lot and you  can make your own gear. If you’re decked out in heirlooms you won’t care much until the end-game.
  2. Engineering and Mining – this’ll let you make some fun gear, Nitro Boosts for one, At 91+ you can make rockets and shields and some other useful stuff.
  3. Herbalism and Alchemy – also a nice pair. You can make a variety of useful potions and even sell some of them.
  4. Mining and skinning – a very nice cash making comb.
  5. Herbalism and skinning – A nice cash maker and you can give the herbs to an Alchemist or the skins to a leatherworker to make stuff for you.

Also consider:

  • Cooking for the buffing foods (increases to Stamina, Spirit, etc.)
  • Fishing for cooking ingredients.
  • First aid: Died in BFA. Now buy bandages and potions from the Auction House or a friendly tailor/alchemist.
  • Healing Tonic that’s better than the bandages, plus its instant.

The Crafting Professions

In Warlords all of the profession bonuses will go away. No more special shoulder/leg/cloak/etc enchants.

All of the Draenor crafts are faster and easier to level than before. You’ll want the garrison building(s) appropriate to your crafts (leatherworking and engineering, right?) and followers to work those buildings, because you’ll make certain raw materials faster (needed for the nice stuff,) make more of those materials, and get some special goodies.

  • Alchemy is great for making all kinds of useful potions and having an instant heal on your action bar is rather nice. Your minon will give you free potions every day.
  • Blacksmithing will allows you to create some decent weapons, especially at the high end. You can make keys to pick locks, rods for enchanters, and some other stuff. Spend some time Mining and you will have enough raw materials to keep yourself going.
  • Enchanting is very expensive to level, so make sure you have lots of gold or a steady stream of cheapo magic items to disenchant into parts. This skill will allow you to enchant your items as you level, including rings and neck items.
  • Engineering will allow you to make all kinds of nifty toys, including those motorcycles. The problem is that Engineering is easily as expensive as any other skill to level. the Warlords engie items are rather nice. For example, those rockets which will often one-shot quest mobs (not players.) The Shields, stealth device, and gliders are also nice.
  • Inscription is one of the better money making crafting professions, depending on your server. Gather or buy lots of herbs to level this profession. you can make glyphs, caster items, and a number of other things. At the high end you will be able to create a item level 630 and the bits to both reroll the stats and boost the item level to 705.
  • Jewelcrafting allows you to gather gems from ore (and sell them) and to also cut those gems into something that people can put into their sockets.
  • Leatherworking will provide you with some pretty decent gear. Combine it with skinning and you will be able to level that skill without too much pain. At the high end you will be able to create some pieces of ilevel 640 gear (suitable for raiding) and the bits to both reroll the stats and boost the item level to 715.
  • Tailoring has nothing of use to you.


Kick Butt Druid Leveling Guide

The Fastest Troll LevelingOnce you’ve created your new Druid, or dusted off the older one, you’re looking at thousands of quests and a million mobs to grind the trip to 100 and that can be a bit daunting. Not to mention wondering where to go and what to do, especially if you picked up a few levels in the dungeons or PvP.

To solve that problem we recommend an in-game leveling guide. Start from any level, hit the dungeons for a few levels, work the battlegrounds for awhile and when you come back to questing the guide will detect where you are and advance appropriately. New to WoW or experienced, geared or not, heirlooms or not, even if you’re running Recruit a Friend the levels will just come boom, boom, boom and you’ll hit the level cap a lot faster than you ever did before.

Dugi’s Leveling Guide takes care of all the “looking up stuff.” No more switching from game to quest log, no more asking questions in chat or guild, no more browsing some website for tips. No more doubts or questions about what to do next.

Dugi’s guide appears as an in-game window (very small and moveable) which tracks the quests you’re on, and the objectives (kill this, collect that.) It automatically updates as you complete tasks and quests and provides all of the “where to go and what to do” info that you will need to level quickly.

Where it beats WoW’s in-game quest helper all to heck is by laying out the best path all along the way. Plus, if you spend some time in the dungeons or PvP leveling then, when you return to questing, Dugi’s will automatically update to your new level and show you where to go next.

Always updated for the latest patches and expansions, even Warlords of Draenor and beyond, Dugi’s will never be obsolete.

Grab your copy here and get leveled fast.

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