Druid PvP Guides

Druid PvP Guides

Druid versatility makes it natural to assume that they’d be good in PvP. They are, with most specs. Each of the following pages has builds, gems, enchants, and more.

Generic Druid Gearing Advice:

PvP Power was crushed in patch 5.3. Not only was the actual value reduced by a third, but the value of the gems (both PvP Power and Resilience) was cut in half. (details here.) In addition, Resilience was removed from most gear. Hop into a PvP situation naked, or your best PvE gear, and you still have 65% resilience, and in patch 5.4 it went to 72%.

Killing people is harder, so gemming and enchanting, till things change again, are for offense. You won’t go wrong by gemming for your best DPS or Healing output, rather than defense or PvP Power.

As soon as you hit 90 buy or make the appropriate Crafted Malevolent PvP set. Then work for your honor gear. Get your weapon(s) ASAP. This will give you a head start into competitive PvP and your conquest point gear.

Use Int or Ag gems in your red and generic (prismatic) slots slots and an Int/Ag hybrid gem in yellow or blue slots. Enchant for damage/output. See the above linked pages for more detail.

Druid PvP Pwnage

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