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- Subtlety DPS
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- Elemental DPS
- Enhancement
- Enhancement DPS
- Restoration Shaman
- Restoration Healing
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- Affliction Warlock
- Affliction DPS
- Demonlogy Warlock
- Demonology DPS
- Destruction Warlock
- Destruction DPS
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- Warrior Leveling
- Arms Warrior
- Arms DPS
- Fury Warrior
- Fury DPS
- Protection Warrior
- Protection Tanking
- PvP Builds

WoW Addons for More Gold

Gold Guides

  1. Gold Guide
  2. Getting the gold at Low level
  3. Basic Gold Tips
  4. Gathering for Gold
  5. Grinding
  6. Bank Alt
  7. Networking
  8. Limited items
  9. Professions
  10. Auctioneer
  11. Addons
  12. More Gold Tips


Auctioneer is the main addon to use. It adds several function to the Auction House interface and make sresearch, buying, and selling stuff easier.

Auctionator - Makes shopping lists, makes buying stuff easier, has a sell tab which is a little better than the default.

Mail Mod - this one opens a window with all your mail listed, up to 50 items at a time. You can grab all the items, just the cash, or pick and choose. Very nice and makes it much easier to get your mail, especially when you're running a lot of auctions.

It's even nicer when you've made a lot of sales and you see all those pretty gold sales, waiting to leap into your pockets.

Bag Mod - OneBag3: This merges all of your bags into one. You can configure size, rows, columns, and several other options. It takes a bit of getting used to, at first.

LilSparky's Workshop adds auction-derived pricing information for trade skills right into the trade skill recipe frame. Each skill is evaluated for material costs and potential value of the item created. These two numbers are listed next to each skill in an easy-to-read format.

Titan Panel - It comes with several features and then can add many more through various modules. Several of these will be of use to farmers and gatherers.

Free Refills - This is very handy if you have vendors that you visit often. It requires some set up, but once you can do that it will automatically buy stuff from that vendor when you open the "buy" screen. This is especially nice when camping the Darkemoon Faire vendors.

Tycoon addon Review - This addon does a large amount of market research in the background and informs you of hot items to buy and resell, mats and gatherables that are selling well and where to get them, and a lot more. People are using this thing to clean up.


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