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Note: this page is out of date. We have a new Inscription page that is more up to date.
Go here => Leveling Inscription


The GotWarcraft Inscription Leveling Guide
for Cataclysm 4.3

  1. Introduction
  2. How Inscription Works
  3. What You Can Inscribe
  4. Why Inscription is Cool
  5. Where are the Trainers and Stuff
  6. Materials Guide
  7. Leveling Inscription to 525
    1. The inks
    2. Step by Step
  8. Milling Macro
  9. In-game professions guide

Introduction to Inscription

Updated for patch 4.3

Inscription is the process of taking various herbs, milling them down to pigments, creating inks from those pigments, and then creating glyphs, cards, scrolls of stat buffing, and various other items. It's a great way to add several small, permanent, buffs to your character.

What the glyphs do is enhance one of your character's abilities in some way. For example, Glyph of Eviscerate adds 10% to your Eviscerate crit chance. Other glyphs change cooldown times, cut mana costs, increase ranges, and so on. See below for other items that can be created.

If you would rather have an in-game Inscription guide, along with one for all the other professions, helping you every step of the way and showing you where to go and what to do whether you're farming (or buying) your own materials, then here's your guide.


How Inscription Works


Level Fast and much more with Dugi's in-game guides!

Leveling, Professions, events, and more.
Click Here to check it out.

Glyphs come in three flavors: Prime, Major, and minor. In addition to glyphs you can make books (off-hand items,) a few relics, stat scrolls, self-only shoulder enchants, enchanting vellums, and a few other items.

Most of the glyphs and such are learned from the trainers, but a number of other glyphs are learned via:

  • Minor Inscription Research - Most of the minor glyphs are learned with this skill. The cooldown resets at midnight, server time. This also creates a couple of random lew level scrolls. When you have discovered all the Glyphs that you can through this skill you will still be able to use it, but you will only create the scrolls.

  • Northrend Inscription Research - Another research skill. The cooldown resets at midnight, server time. It works like the minor research skill, but higher level scrolls are created.

  • Book of Glyph Mastery - these books are rarely dropped from Northrend mobs. They're green and BoE and can be traded or sold.

    There was a rumor that the need for these books would go away in patch 4.2, but that was changed by Blizzard. You will still need to buy or find these books to get the Glyphs that are unique to them. Spend a ton of gold and learn a bunch of glyphs quickly, w/o the research cooldown. As of 4.3 there are 54 Glyphs that these books will teach.

    The books will not teach you any other glyphs. You will still need to so your daily research and read books in order to get them all.

All Inscription recipes are either bought off the trainer or discovered through research or the books. It's certainly possible that some glyphs or other Inscription recipes will appear as drops off some critter or boss, somewhere. As of Cataclysm 4.3 this hasn't happened, so maybe it won't. Ever.

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Installing your glyphs

The old way: To install a glyph you needed to buy, beg, borrow, steal, or create an appropriate glyph and then find a Lexicon of Power. Generally these are (still) located next to the Inscription trainers.

The new way: Just like an item enchant, you buy the glyph and "right click" it. You will permanently "learn" it by doing so. All glyphs learned will be listed on the "glyphs tab" of your talents window.

To install a glyph just drag it from the right area to the appropriate slot in the left area.

Note the Dust of Disappearance at the bottom. This is required to change any installed glyphs. This means that you can reset your glyphs for any particular situation. Keep a stack in your bags at all times. Need a couple of glyphs for one boss, but others for a different boss? No problem, just swap them.

If you're level 80 or lower you can use Vanishing Powder instead, also found at the same vendor.

This also means that once they are learned you will not need to ever again by those glyphs. Buy them all, learn them, and then swap back and forth as necessary.

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Making Glyphs

The basic process to make a glyph, or any other inscription item, is this:

  1. Buy a Virtuoso Inking Set from the Inscription supplier.
  2. Buy a stack of the appropriate herb (see below for the herb lists.) You might also be able to buy the inks or pigments directly off the Auction House and skip the milling step.
  3. Mill the herbs into pigments
  4. Process the pigments into inks
  5. Grab a stack of the appropriate parchment from the Inscription Supplies Vendor or Trade Goods vendor
  6. Make your items. Every glyphs costs three inks and one piece of parchment to make.
  7. Other items, such as Relics and Darkmoon Cards, will require additional mats, such as Eternal Life or Frozen Orbs or Volatile Whatever.


What You Can Inscribe

Like any other WoW profession there is more to Inscription than just glyphs. You can hop over to WoWhead for a complete list of glyphs and other inscribed items for your particular class, but here's the short list:

  • Glyphs, of course.
  • Scrolls of <stat.> Scribes can create all those Agility/Int/etc. scrolls. Want a bunch of +100 Agility (or Int or Str or Spirit) scrolls? Buy them off the AH or ask a scribe.
  • Shoulder Inscriptions, like this one (self only)
  • Hunters, change your pet's name with a Certificate of Ownership
  • Tomes, held of the "off hand," such as Faces of Doom
  • Vellums, which allow enchants to place enchants on scrolls, and then pass them around or sell them like any other scroll. Yes, you can now buy a scroll of Mongoose (if a 'chanter has bothered to make one and post it on the AH)
  • Cards - Darkmoon cards of various levels are now being made by Scribes.
  • Relics - Just the thing for Paladins, Death Knights, and Druids. You will be able to make i377 PvP relics and i359 PvE relics.


Why Inscription is Cool

Why is Inscription cool? Let's see...

  1. Relatively cheap to level - You won't need exotic items, such as TrueGold, and you can level the entire way from 1 to 525 for less than the materials cost of some engie items. Pretty much the only thing you'll need is herbs and supplies from the Vendors, but see #2.
  2. Cataclysm relics and items will require some Volatile items (Earth, Water, etc.) and some require other items which can be found on a vendor in Twilight Highlands. Alliance vendor, Horde Vendor. Acces to the vendor will require you to do enough of the Twilight Highlands quests to get portal access Storm or Org. Alternatively, you can often buy them off the Auction House, usually at a small premium.
  3. Glyphs are cheap enough to make that you can make and learn all the glyphs for your class, probably for less than 500 gold.
  4. Tomes, cards, shoulder inscriptions. and more.
  5. It can be a decent money making profession.


Where is Everything Located?

To train up to skill level 525 see the Inscription Trainer in any of the Azerothian capital cities. You don't need to do any special recipe quests, just buy the recipes and skill promotions from the trainers. Ask one of the city guards for exact directions.


Materials Needed for Inscription

To make any of the ink needed for Inscription yu will need to have some herbs, which is why Herbalism is the perfect companion skill for Inscription.

  1. The herbs are milled into pigments, and each milling requires five herbs. Each time you mill a 5 stack you will receive 1 to 4 (usually 2 or 3) common pigments and you might receive a rare pigment. The latter is used for the special inscriptions, such as cards. Generally any stack of 20 herbs will yield 10 pigments (5 inks) and one or two rares.

    Note that higher level herbs will give a slightly higher quantity of pigments than lower level herbs. For example, Cinderbloom give 1-3 Ashen Pigments and Whiptail gives 1 to 4. You will also need a higher level of skill to mill the higher level herbs.

  2. You then process the pigments into inks (you will pick up th ink creating skills from the trainers, there is a different one for every ink.) It takes two pigmnets to create one common ink, one pigment to create one rare ink.

  3. Once you have your inks you will need parchment to create your glyphs and other items. All parchment papers can be bought from the Inscription Supply vendor next to the trainer.

The cool thing about the herbs required is that you can use any of the herbs from a set of herbs, rather than just one herb. To create Midnight Ink, for example, you can use any of these herbs, five at a time: Briarthorn, Bruiseweed, Mageroyal, Stranglekelp, or Swiftthistle. Use whichever is cheapest or easiest to buy/gather, the drop rate of the pigments is exactly the same for each of the herbs in a set.

Note: You don't need all of the herbs from a group, any of the herbs from a group will do. So use whichever is cheapest. Allso notice that you don't need exotic herbs, such as Fel Lotus or Frost Lotus. See the next section for the herb lists.

Each glyph will require three inks to create and will award three skill points (if it's orange to you.)

Most glyphs only require one piece of parchment. Items such as Tomes will require more materials, and a very few require mats that aren't inks or parchments, such as the Frozen Orb, required by Faces of Doom.

The new relics, such as Tatooed Eyeball, will require items that are either dropped by various mobs or which can be bought from a vendor in Twilight Highlands (you have to do some of the TH quests to get access to these vendors.) In addition, you will need some of the Volatile Air etc.

These mats also appear on the Auction House at, usually, higher prices.

Still, making these relics will cost you a tiny fraction of what it costs to make high end Blacksmithing or Engineering stuff.

Keep an eye on pigment and ink prices, too. Sometimes they're cheap enough to be worth your while. My personal targets for buying are:

  1. herbs - 1g each, 20g per stack (yields about 5 inks)
  2. inks - 4g each, 80g per stack
  3. pigments, 2g each.

This works out to a cost of about 12g per glyph. Whether or not you're gathering your own herbs, buying the pigments and inks can save a lot of clicking.

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Leveling Inscription

Leveling Inscription is just about the same as leveling any other crafting skill. Buy a bunch of mats, camp the trainer, buy whichever skills are available, train the skill while it's orange (if possible,) and so on. Same here, with a couple of differences.

(Dugi's Professions Guide will make all of this, and leveling any other profession, easier. )

The step by step guide is here. (or scroll down.)

  1. Inscription skills go from orange to yellow to green to gray very quickly. So the typical routine will be to buy a skill, level your skill by five points, then buy a new skill and level the new one for five points, and so on. Note: Since Cataclysm all the crafting skills have various items that will award different amounts of skill points per creation. For Inscription:
    • All Glyphs award three skill points each, while orange, so you will usually be making two at a time for your 5 points.
    • Scrolls, inks, misc items, shoulder enchants, cards, etc. award one point each.
    • The skill level 475+ books and relics award 5 points each.

  2. The general routine is this:
    1. Grab your new skills
    2. Grind up your hebs and make the appropriate inks. (Keep an eye on the Auction House, you might be able to find pigments and inks for cheap with any luck.)
    3. Pick a glyph to make and make two
    4. Keep an eye on your skill level
    5. Every five points, usually, you will get your new skills.
    6. repeat until 500, after that you will be making relics and such.

  3. Which glyphs to pick as you level? It doesn't matter. They all cost the same and give the same number of points. Pick the ones that you or your friends can use or that you can sell. You can use your own Auction House research for the selling part, or use an addon like the tycoon gold addon. Remember that they gray out very quickly.

  4. When you get near 500 skill you will need the inferno inks (burning embers) from the Cata herbs. You will no longer be able to level by making glyphs. It's not awful, since the items you will be making return 3 to 5 points each. These items also sell decently well and are far cheaper to make than the other high end crafted items from the other professions.

  5. If you're bored of crafting you can make money by selling the inks. Blackfallow ink will get your costs back and Inferno Ink will make you some money.

While it sounds expensive to buy a ton of herbs, keep in mind that you can probably level Inscription from 0 to 400 for less then the cost of a few advanced points of something like Enchanting or Blacksmithing and all the way from 1 to 525 for less than the cost of one MechanoHog.

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Keep all of the Moonglow Ink and the Snowfall Ink that you make. You will need them for your Minor and Northrend Inscription Research. Inferno Ink is used with some of the Cataclysm items (not the glyphs, though.

The other rares can be kep or sold, depending on what you want to make.

As mentioned above: Any of the herbs in any group will do, you do not need to have a few of one and a few of another. Just gather whichever is easiest and/or buy the cheapest off the Auction House. You can use something like Auctionator to make shopping lists which will make buying easier.

Tier Inks
Min. Skill
from pigments from these herbs
Tier 1 Ivory Ink
Moonglow Ink
both from:
Alabaster pigment
Tier 2 Midnight Ink
Hunters Ink (rare)
Dusky pigment
Verdant pigment
Tier 3 Lions Ink
Dawnstar ink (rare)
Golden pigment
Burnt pigment
Wild Steelbloom
Grave Moss
Tier 4 Jadefire Ink
Royal Ink (rare)
Emerald pigment
Indigo pigment
Khadgar's Whisker
Dragon's Teeth
Tier 5 Celestial Ink
Fiery Ink (rare)
Violet pigment
Ruby pigment
Purple Lotus
Arthas' Tears
Ghost Mushroom
Tier 6 Shimmering Ink
Ink of the Sky (rare)
Silvery pigment
Sapphire pigment
Golden Sansam
Mountain Silversage
Tier 7 Ethereal Ink
Darkflame Ink (rare)
Nether pigment
Ebon pigment
Ancient Lichen
Dreaming Glory
Mana Thistle
Nightmare Vine
Tier 8 Ink of the Sea
Snowfall Ink (rare)
Azure pigment Adder's Tongue
Fire Leaf
Talandra's Rose
Tiger Lily
Tier 9 Blackfallow Ink
Inferno Ink (rare)
Ashen pigment
Burning Embers
Azshara's Veil
Twilight Jasmine


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Inscription, Step by Step

Save all surplus inks. Unlike other professions, high level characters do have use for low level Glyphs, such as Pyroblast. If you're leveling this skill to make gold than you will have need all of the common inks. The rares are your choice, though you will need them at 500+.

If you have a bunch of Blackfallow Ink you can trade it to the Ink Trader (next to the trainer) for other common inks at a 1:1 ratio and for rare inks at a 10:1 ratio.

Go to the Start or 75+ or 150+ or 225+ or 300+ or 375+ or 450+

Skill Creates this Materials needed per item


1-75, Apprentice Inscription, Requires level 5, Train up at 50+

1-15 Ivory Ink (make 45 inks) Alabaster pigment
16-35 Scrolls of Agility or Strength 2x Alabaster pigment
Light parchment
35-75 Moonglow Ink (save all of this for your Minor Inscription Research skill) 2x Alabaster pigment

1-75 requires:

  • 135x Alabaster Pigment from 14 stacks of tier 1 herbs
  • 20x Light Parchment


76-150, Journeyman Inscription, Requires level 10, Train up at 125+

75-80 Midnight Ink 2x Dusky Pigment
80-90 Vanishing Powder Midnight Ink
90-96 Make any two: Hammer of Justice or Maul or Pyroblast or Serpent Sting 3x Midnight Ink
Light Parchment
96-102 Make any two: Evasion, Healthstone, Heroic throw, Lightning Shield, Psychic Scream 3x Midnight Ink
Light Parchment
103-105 Lion's Ink 2x Golden Pigment
105-111 Make any two: Divine Favor, Eviscerate, Fade 3x Lion's Ink
Common parchment
111-117 Make any two: Slam, Fire Nova, Health Funnel 3x Lion's Ink
Common parchment
117-120 Make one: Arcane Missiles, Healing Touch, Mending 3x Lion's Ink
Common parchment
120-126 Pick one of the level 120 glyphs and make two 3x Lion's Ink
Common parchment
126-130 Dawnstar Ink
Train up to the next level
Burnt pigment
130-136 Any of the skill level 130 Glyphs, make two. 3x Lion's Ink
Common parchment
136-142 Any of the skill level 135 Glyphs, make two. 3x Lion's Ink
Common parchment
142-145 Any of the skill level 140 Glyphs, make one. 3x Lion's Ink
Common parchment

76-150 requires:

  • 10x Dusky pigment and... at least 22 midnight ink or (44 dusky pigment) = 54 total pigments
  • 6 Golden Pigment and at least 36 Lion's Ink (or 72 Golden Pigment) = 78 total pigments
  • 54 Dusky pigments is about 5.5 stacks of tier 2 herbs
  • 78 Golden Pigments is about 8 stacks of tier 3 herbs
  • 16 Common parchment


151-225, Expert Inscription, Requires level 20, Train up at 200+

150-155 Jadefire Ink Emerald Pigment
155-161 Glyph of Evocation, make two 3x Jadefire Ink
Common parchment
161-167 Glyph of Gouge or Renew, make two 3x Jadefire Ink
Common parchment
167-170 Glyph of Shadowbolt or Lava Lash, make one. 3x Jadefire Ink
Common parchment
170-176 Glyph of Overpower or Rebirth, make two 3x Jadefire Ink
Common parchment
176-180 Royal Ink Indigo Pigment
180-186 Make any two of the skill 180 glyphs 3x Jadefire Ink
Common parchment
186-192 Make any two of the skill 185 glyphs 3x Jadefire Ink
Common parchment
192-200 Make Glyph of Revenge or Voidwalker until you hit 200. Then train up. 3x Jadefire Ink
Common parchment
200-205 Celestial Ink 2x Violet pigment
205-211 Glyph of Consecration x2 3x Celestial Ink
Heavy parchment
211-217 Glyph of Sinister Strike or Smite, x2 3x Celestial Ink
Heavy parchment
217-220 One of the skill 215 glyphs 3x Celestial Ink
Heavy parchment
220-226 Two Glyphs of Starfire 3x Celestial Ink
Heavy parchment

150-225 requires:

  • 5 emerald pigment and about 51 Jadefire Ink (about 107 total pigments)
  • 10 Violet pigment and 21 Celestial ink (about 52 total pigments)
  • You will need 11 stacks of tier 4 herbs
  • You will need 5+ stacks of tier 5 herbs
  • at least 17 Common parchment
  • 7 heavy parchment


226-300, Artisan Inscription, Requires level 35, Train up at 275+

226-232 2 of either Disengage or Ice Block 3x Celestial Ink
Heavy parchment
232-235 Either Crusader Strike or Dispell Magic 3x Celestial Ink
Heavy parchment
235-241 2 of either Slice and Dice or Totemic Recall 3x Celestial Ink
Heavy parchment
241-250 Create either Glyph of Cleaving or Soulstone until 250 3x Celestial Ink
Heavy parchment
250-255 Shimmering Ink 2x Silvery Pigment
255-261 2 of Desperation, Mutilate, or Shamanistic Rage 3x Shimmering Ink
Heavy parchment
261-267 2 of either Bloodletting or Freezing Trap 3x Shimmering Ink
Heavy parchment
267-270 Glyph of Exorcism or Bone Shield 3x Shimmering Ink
Heavy parchment
270-276 2 of either Fear Ward or Frost Strike
Train up to Master at 275+
3x Shimmering Ink
Heavy parchment
275-290 Ink of the Sky (pigments permitting) Sapphire pigment
290-295 Ethereal Ink 2x Nether Pigment
295-305 Scroll of Spirit VI Shimmering Ink
2x Heavy Parchment

226-300 requires:

  • At least 36 Celestial ink = 72 pigments = About 7 stacks of tier 5 herbs.
  • 10 Silvery pigment, plus...
  • At least 51 Smimmering ink = 101 Silvery pigment (111 with above) = 11 stacks T6 herbs
  • 15 Sapphire pigment. If you're lucky you got these from the t6 herbs you milled.
  • 10 Nether pignment from about one stack of tier 7 herbs
  • At least 29 Heavy parchment


301-375, Master Inscription, Requires level 50, Train up at 350+

305-311 2 of Glyph of Pillar of Frost or Feint 3x Ethereal Ink
Resilient Parchment
311-317 2 of Pounce or Rune Tap 3x Ethereal Ink
Resilient Parchment
317-320 1 of Arcane Blast, Holy Nova, or Rapid Fire 3x Ethereal Ink
Resilient Parchment
320-326 2 of Blood Boil or Sweeping Strikes 3x Ethereal Ink
Resilient Parchment
326-330 Darkflame Ink Ebon pigment
330-336 2 of Lacerate, Scourge Strike, or Windfury Weapon 3x Ethereal Ink
Resilient Parchment
336-342 2 of Arcane Power or Rebuke 3x Ethereal Ink
Resilient Parchment
342-345 Either Ambush or Death Strike 3x Ethereal Ink
Resilient Parchment
345-351 2 of either Raging Blow or Vampiric Blood
Train up to Grandmaster at 350+
3x Ethereal Ink
Resilient Parchment
351-355 Ink of the Sea 2x Azure pigment
355-360 Scroll of Spirit VII Ink of the Sea
2x Resilient Parchment
360-365 Scroll of Intellect VII Ink of the Sea
2x Resilient Parchment
365-370 Scroll of Strength VII Ink of the Sea
2x Resilient Parchment
370-375 Scroll of Agility VII Ink of the Sea
2x Resilient Parchment

Materials required:

  • 13 Ethereal inks = 39 Nether pigments = about 4 stacks of tier 7 herbs
  • 4 Ebon pigment: You should have this from all the t7 herbs you've ground up.
  • 20 Ink of the Sea + 10 Azure pigment = 50 Azure pigments from about 5 stacks of t8 herbs
  • At least 54 Resilient parchment


376-450, GrandMaster Inscription, Requires level 65, Train up at 425+

375-380 Snowfall Ink 2x Icy Pigment
380-385 Any two of the skill 375 glyphs 3x Ink of the Sea
Resilient Parchment
385-386 Northrend Inscription Research (1/day)
3x Ink of the Sea
Snowfall Ink
5x Resilient Parchment
386-402 Two of any skill 385 glyphs, discovered through Northrend Research 3x Ink of the Sea
Resilient Parchment
400-405 Scroll of Stamina VIII
Ink of the Sea
2x Resilient Parchment
405-410 Scroll of Spirit VIII Ink of the Sea
2x Resilient Parchment
410-415 Scroll of Intellect VIII Ink of the Sea
2x Resilient Parchment
415-420 Scroll of Strength VIII Ink of the Sea
2x Resilient Parchment
420-425 Scroll of Agility VIII
train up to Illustrious GrandMaster
Ink of the Sea
2x Resilient Parchment
425-445 Blackfallow Ink 2x Ashen pigment
445-450 Scroll of Intellect IX Ink of the Sea
2x Resilient Parchment

You will need:

  • 10 Icy pigment, you should have these from all the t8 herbs you milled.
  • 45 Ink of the Sea = 90 Azure pigments = about 9 stacks of t8 herbs
  • At least 40 Ashen pigment = about 4 stacks of tier 9 herbs.
  • At least 69 Resilient parchment

451-525, Illustrious GrandMaster Inscription, Requires level 75, Train up at 425+
450-460 Mysterious Fortune Card Blackfallow Ink
Resilient parchment
460-465 Scroll of Stamina IX Blackfallow Ink
2x Resilient parchment
465-470 Scroll of Strength IX Blackfallow Ink
2x Resilient parchment
470-475 Scroll of Agility IX Blackfallow Ink
2x Resilient parchment
475-480 Inferno Ink 2x Burning Embers
480-490 Etched Horn (+5 skill per item) or Origami Slime (+1 skill) Slime:
3x Resilient Parchment
4x Inferno Ink
Scavenged Dragon Horn*
490-500 Origami Rock (+1 skill) or Manual of the Planes (+5 skill per item) Rock:
3x Resilient Parchment
10x Resilient parchment
2x Inferno Ink
2x Each Volatile Air, Earth, Fire, Water.
500-510 Runescroll of Fortitude or Origami Beetle. Runscroll:
5x Inferno Ink
5x Resilient parchment
3x Resilient parchment
510-520 Make five of any of the following (each awards 2 skill points: )
  Vicious Charm of Triumph 5x Inferno Ink
Silver Charm Bracelet*
6x Volatile Life
6x Volatile Water
  Vicious Eyeball of Dominance 5x Inferno Ink
Preserved Ogre Eye
12x Volatile Water
  Vicious Jawbone of Conquest 5x Inferno Ink
Bleached Jawbone*
12x Volatile Life
520-525 Make one of any of the following (each awards 5 skill points: )
  Notched Jawbone 12x Inferno Ink
Bleached Jawbone*
36x Volatile Life
12x Volatile Earth
  Silver Inlaid Leaf

12x Inferno Ink
Silver Charm Bracelet*
36x Volatile Life
12x Volatile Air

  Tattooed Eyeball 12x Inferno Ink
Preserved Ogre Eye
36x Volatile Life
12x Volatile Water

You will need:

  • At least 25 Blackfallow ink = 50 Ashen pigment = 5 stacks of t9 herbs
  • 10 Burning Embers (for Inferno ink) which you should already have.
  • Skill 480-510 varies
  • 510-525: 37 Inferno Ink = 74 Burning Embers. And various Volatile whatevers.
  • 40 Resilient parchment plus the level 480+ materials.

* From the vendor in Twilight Highlands or from the Auction House.

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Milling Macro

This macro will save you a lot of clicks:

/cast Milling
/use Name of Herb

Just add in the names of the herbs you're using. There is a limite to how many lines you can have in one macro, so if you end up milling lots of different herbs you will want two or more macros.

You could call this macro, "tier1:"

/cast Milling
/use peacebloom
/use silverleaf
/use earthroot

If you're using Cataclysm herbs then you would use something like this:

/cast Milling
/use Cinderbloom
/use Twilight Jasmine
/use Azshara's Veil
/use Whiptail
/use Stormvine

Note: All stacks of herbs in your bags have to be in multiples of 5: 5, 10, 15, 20. If they're not then the macro will be unable to continue. For example, if you have two Cinderbloom herbs left over then you will get an error message that says something like, "not enough herbs..." regardless of how many stacks of any other herb you might have.

Also, If that stack of 2 Cinderbloom comes first in your bags, before larger stacks, then it will stop the macro. So either put those 2 herbs in the bottom of your bag or send them elsewhere. All your herbs should be in stacks of some multiple of 5.



In-game Professions Guide

I've made a ton of gold (see pic) with inscription since it went live, one month before Wrath was released. (Since the 3.1 patch that number is much higher, I bounced off the old gold cap.) As far as I'm concerned it's a pretty killer money maker.

One of the things that will make your Inscription leveling even faster than the above guide is an in-game guide. Everything you need to know will be presented in a small window in your game screen. It will also show you all the mats you will need and where to farm them if you don't want to buy them off the Auction House.

The guide also includes all of the other professions. Want to do Inscription and then level some other profession? You're covered.

Think of the convenience and all the time you will save by not having to bounce back and forth to a web based guide. Go here and grab your Dugi Professions Guide, now. Before you level up another profession.

By the way, that same guide also comes with an achievements guide. You can level your professions and then earn a pile of achievements. Pretty cool, huh? Get it here.



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