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Leveling Enchanting in Warlords of Draenor

Enchanting Profession
Considering Enchanting as a profession choice

Updated for Warlords of Draenor

Enchanting is an excellent skill to use to buff up your gear and the gear of your guild and raid members, though it can be rather expensive to level. Some people pair Enchanting with a skill such as Tailoring. Tailored items can often be made cheaply and then disenchanted into useful materials. You might also be able to get your guild to send you items to be disenchanted.

The Enchanting Contents

  1. Intro to Enchanting
  2. Warlords Enchanting – and the changes
  3. Going from 1-600 – if you’re under 90.

Of course, working one of the gathering skills (mining, herbalism, skinning) can generate enough gold to buy enchanting materials. For some tips on earning more gold, go here.

Goblin Enchanting, for the BOOM!
Goblins do Enchanting right

Disenchanting is a skill that you also gain, which allows you to break magical items (green and better) down into dusts, shards, etc. You can then either use or sell these components. Camping the Auction House for very low priced green items, to disenchant, is something that a few enchanters do for cheap materials or to sell the parts off for a profit.

Enchanters have the ability to make scrolls to give to other players or place on the Auction House. You can grab the necessary Vellums from your friendly, neighborhood Scribe or grab them off the Auction House. Simply cast the enchant onto the scroll and then store it, mail it, or sell it.

People ask, “So what do I enchant, when I have to make some enchant over and over again?” Just enchant your gear over and over or make scrolls. You can cast the same enchant on your own gear as many times as you like (each new enchant simply erases the older one.)

Profession Perk: Enchanters can enchant their own rings, and only their own rings, with their best stat (Int., etc.) As of patch 4.3 that is a +40 stat enchant (40 Int, for example.)  These perks are dead in Warlords.

There’s an easier way to go about all of this. Get yourself an in-game guide which detects your existing skill and then leads you, step by step, to the maximum skill for any profession. Not only that, it will lead you, step by step, to getting a whole pile of achievements and a few special mounts. Get it here.

Enchanting in Warlords of Draenor

So What’s Changed?

Zygor's Gold GuideFirst off, none of the bits in the charts below this section are obsolete. In fact, if you’re under level 90 and you want to level your Enchanting skills, you’ll pretty much have to follow that list. Once you hit 90 though, and enter Dreanor, you can take your level 1 skill and level it to the max without ever entering the old world, except to buy materials. None of the old recipes will be needed. You can go back and grab them, you just won’t need them. 

  • Draenor Enchanting has a skill cap of 700.
  • You no longer need to talk to your enchanting trainer to buy skill-ups, though the level requirements still apply. If you’re level 90 and in Draenor you will never need to talk with a trainer. You can buy all the Draenor recipes from your Garrison vendor or an Ashran Enchanting vendor.
    • Under level 90? You’ll need all the old stuff and will have to visit your trainer to learn new recipes. Most of the materials needed can be bought off the Auction House.
    • 90+ (and in Draenor?) You will need none of the old stuff, though you’re welcome to buy the old recipes anyway. You can do all of your enchanting in the comfort of your Garrison.
  • Garrisons will help with your Enchanting and in creating materials, as will followers. You will be able to generate more of the high end crafting materials and have access to some new stuff. You don’t need the Garrison hut, not even for recipes, but it’ll be useful.
    • With the hut you can change (transmog) your weapon glows with Illusionary enchants.
  • You don’t actually need to have the Enchanting skill anymore to make some recipes, but if you go that route you will need an Enchanting hut in your Garrison.
  • There used to be a profession bonus for Enchanting, in that you could enchant your own rings. In Warlords, everyone can enchant their rings and no profession offers any special stat bonuses/enchants anymore.
    • By the way, only rings, neck items, cloaks, and weapons can be enchanted (as of 6.2.) Nothing else. All of the older enchants still work fine, but only on items under item level 600.
  • Warlords of Draenor enchants do not cover primary stats (Str, Int, Ag) only secondary ones (Haste, etc.)

Draenor Enchanter Training

garrisson enchantingWhen you’re 90+ and entering Draenor you will quickly find a drop from random mobs. This will start you on an easy series of quests that will end with your receive a scroll that will teach you Draenor Enchanting. Or you can also blow 100 gold and buy the same scroll from then Enchanting vendor in Ashran.

  • The drop that you’re looking for is Enchanted Highmaul Bracer. Click it to start a series of quests. When done you will win two items: Enchanter’s Study, Level 1, and  Draenor Enchanting
  • Also, note that you don’t actually need to have Enchanting to have access to some Draenor recipes. The image is from my character without the skill, but who has a level 2 Enchanter’s hut in the Garrison.

When you use the Draenor Enchanting you will learn several skills:

  • Secrets of Draenor Enchanting – This is the currency you will need in order to buy new recipes. You can only make one of these per day. Most recipes cost 1 secret.
  • Luminous Shard – Basic enchanting material.
  • Temporal Crystal – created by you, daily. You can one each day, though it will shatter into shards at lower levels. Also created by your work orders.
  • Mark of the Shattered Hand
  • Breath of Versatility
  • Breath of Multistrike
  • Breath of Mastery
  • Breath of Haste
  • Breath of Critical Strike
  • Breath of Versatility
  • Enchanted Dust


Step by Step Enchanting Guide to 600

This section of the guide is for those under level 90 who want to level enchanting before they hit 90+. Once you’re 90+and in Draenor then you can do it all with Draenor Enchanting, even if your skill level is 1.


Item to be Created

Materials to create one item

1-75, Apprentice Enchanter, Requires level 5

1-2: Runed Coppper Rod Lesser Magic Essence
Strange Dust
Copper Rod
2-90: Minor Health (train up at 50+) Strange Dust

76-150, Journeyman Enchanter, Requires level 10

90-100: Minor Stamina 3x Strange Dust
100-101: Silver Rod 6x Strange Dust
3x Greater Magic Essence
Runed Copper Rod
101-110: Greater Magic Wand Simple Wood
Greater Magic Essence
110-135: Enchant Cloak Minor Agility Lesser Astral Essence
135-155: Enchant Bracer Lesser Stamina
(Train up at 150+)
2x Soul Dust

151-225, Expert Enchanter, Requires level 20

155-156: Runed Golden Rod Golden Rod
Iridescent Pearl
2x Greater Astral Essence
2x Soul Dust
Runed Silver Rod
156-185: Enchant Bracer: Lesser Strength 2x Soul Dust
165-185: Enchant Bracer: Spirit Lesser Mystic Essence
185-219: Enchant Bracer: Strength
(train up at 200+)
Vision Dust
219-220: Runed Truesilver Rod Truesilver Rod
Black Pearl
2x Greater Mystic Essence
2x Vision Dust
Runed Golden Rod
220-230: Enchant Cloak: Greater Defense 3x Vision Dust

226-300, Artisan Enchanter, Requires level 35

225-230: Enchant Gloves: Agility Lesser Nether Essence
Vision Dust
230-235: Enchant Boots: Stamina 5x Vision Dust
235-240: Enchant Chest: Superior Health 6x Vision Dust
240-250: Enchant Boots: Lesser Accuracy 4x Vision Dust
Lesser Nether Essence
245-265: Enchant Bracer: Greater Stamina 5x Dream Dust
250-260: Lesser Mana Oil 3x Dream Dust
2x Purple Lotus
Crystal Vial
260-265: Enchant Bracer: Greater Intellect 3x Lesser Eternal Essence
265-299: Enchant Shield Greater Stamina
(Train up at 275+)
5x Dream Dust

301-375, Master Enchanter, Requires level 50

299-300: Runed Arcanite Rod Arcanite Rod
10x Illusion Dust
4x Greater Eternal Essence
Runed Truesilver Rod
2x Large Brilliant Shard
300-301: Runed Fel Iron Rod Fel Iron Rod
4x Greater Eternal Essence
6x Large Brilliant Shard
Runed Arcanite Rod
301-310: Enchant Bracer: Lesser Assault 6x Arcane Dust
310-320: Enchant Bracer: Brawn 6x Arcane Dust
Pick one (or both) of the following pair.
320-330: Enchant Gloves Assault 8x Arcane Dust
320-330: Enchant Chest: Major Spirit 2x Greater Planar Essence
330-335: Enchant Shield: Major Stamina 15x Arcane Dust
335-340: Enchant Shield: Resilience Large Prismatic Shard
4x Lesser Planar Essence
340-350: Superior Wizard Oil
(train up at 350+)
3x Arcane Dust
Nightmare Vine
Crystal Vial
350 Runed Adamantite Rod Adamantite Rod
8x Greater Planar Essence
8x Large Prismatic Shard
Primal Might
Runed Fel Iron Rod
350-360: Enchant Cloak Speed 6x Infinite Dust
360-380: Enchant Bracers: Assault 6x Infinite Dust
375 Runed Eternium Rod Eternium Rod
6x Greater Planar Essence
6x Arcane Dust
Runed Adamantite Rod

376-450, GrandMaster Enchanter, Requires level 65

380-385: Enchant Bracers: Exceptional Intellect 10x Infinite Dust
385-395: Enchant Boots: Icewalker 8x Infinite Dust
Crystallized Water
395-410: Enchant Cloak: Superior Agility 9x Infinite Dust
410-415: Enchant Gloves: Expertise 12x Infinite Dust
415-435: Enchant Chest: Exceptional Resilience 2x Greater Cosmic Essence
2x Dream Shard
415-420: Enchant Boots: Greater Spirit 10x Infinite Dust
Greater Cosmic Essence
420-425: Enchant Chest: Greater Mana Restoration
(Train up at 425+)
4x Infinite Dust
4x Greater Cosmic Essence
425 Runed Titanium Rod Titanium Rod
12x Infinite Dust
4x Greater Cosmic Essence
2x Dream Shard
Runed Eternium Rod
Pick any of the following three, depending on availability of materials.
425-440: Enchant Boots: Earthen Vitality 2x Hypnotic Dust
425-440: Enchant Chest: Mighty Stats 2x Lesser Celestial Essence
425-440: Enchant Gloves: Mastery Hypnotic Dust
Lesser Celestial Essence

451-525, Illustrious GrandMaster Enchanter, Requires level 75

Pick one (or both) of the following pair.
440-455: Enchant Cloak: Greater Spell Piercing 3x Hypnotic Dust
440-455: Enchant Bracer: Speed 2x Hypnotic Dust
Lesser Celestial Essence
Pick one (or both) of the following pair.
455-465: Enchant Gloves: Haste 4x Hypnotic Dust
Lesser Celestial Essence
455-465: Enchant Boots: Haste 2x Hypnotic Dust
Greater Celestial Essence
465-470: Enchant Chest: Stamina 5x Hypnotic Dust
Lesser Celestial Essence
465-475: Enchant Cloak: Intellect 6x Hypnotic Dust
475-480: Enchant Gloves: Exceptional Strength 3x Hypnotic Dust
2x Greater Celestial Essence
480-485: Enchant Chest: Mighty Resilience 9x Hypnotic Dust
485-490: Enchant Gloves: Greater Expertise 5x Hypnotic Dust
2x Greater Celestial Essence
490-495: Enchant Shield: Mastery 12x Hypnotic Dust
495-505: Enchant Bracer: Precision 12x Hypnotic Dust
Greater Celestial Essence
505-510: Enchant Boots: Precision 2x Hypnotic Dust
2x Greater Celestial Essence
Elixir of Impossible
510-515: Enchant Bracer: Exceptional Spirit 9x Hypnotic Dust
3x Greater Celestial Essence
515-520: Runed Elementium Rod Runed Titanium Rod
Elementium Rod
10x Hypnotic Dust
Heavenly Shard
6x Greater Celestial Essence
Note: The above recipe will give you 5 skill points for creating it a single time.
520-525: Maelstrom Shatter Maelstrom Crystal

525-600, Zen Master Enchanter, Requires level 80

525-550 This one, Enchant Cloak – Superior Intellect, gives 5 skill points. Since the recipe goes green at 547 and since you need to hit 550 you will be making a few of these. An alternate, requiring fewer materials, is Enchant Boots – Greater Precision, but this one gives only 1 skill point per creation. Cloak: 3x Spirit Dust, 1x Greater Mysterious EssenceBoots: 1x Spirit Dust, 1x Lesser Mysterious Essence
550-557: Enchant Ring – Greater Agility (there’s also one for each of  Str, Int, and Stam) has the smallest materials requirement. It goes green at 557. 2x Spirit Dust
558–575: Cast Enchant Chest – Superior Stamina until you hit 575. It awards 3 pts per cast, at least while orange, and goes green at 572. 2x Lesser Mysterious Essence
576-600 Several recipes in this tier. Enchant Gloves – Superior Mastery looks to be easiest on the material requirements. If Spirit Dust turns out to be much easier to get than Mysterious Essence, then consider Enchant Chest – Glorious Stats for this tier. Gloves: 1x Greater Mysterious Essence.Chest: 12x Spirit Dust, 1x Lesser Mysterious Essence.

Congratulations on mastering Enchanting!

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