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The Paladin Changes in Warlords of Draenor

The changes came on Nov 13, 2014, for Paladins and everyone else. So what’s happening with Paladins in Particular? For Retribution, not much. For Protection and Holy, quite a bit more. Bliz is doing a lot of tweaking to tanking and more to healing. They’re also doing away with Hit & Expertise, adding new stats, and recalculating how your primary stats work. Nothing big with that last, but tanks might notice a drop in their Parry numbers and Holy will get a few less critical heals. Otherwise, read on for the abilities that have been hacked, pruned, tweaked, or otherwise changed,…

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The Paladin Patch 5.4 Changes
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The Patch 5.4 Paladin Changes

Why is it that Paladins always seem to get a larger number of changes than the other classes? You’ve got a whole slew of Patch 5.4 Paladin Changes this time around. Most are tweaks, but a few are bigger. Get our your character sheet and start scribbling. Skip to: General notes, Holy, Protection, Retribution, Talents, Glyphs, Paladin Pages The Paladin Changes for 5.4 General Nice change: Sanctity of Battle now also affects the cooldown of Holy Shock. Nuts: Seal of Insight no longer has a chance to restore mana on attacks. Previously it would restore 4% of base mana. For Protection is made up…

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