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Leveling Blacksmithing in Warlords of Draenor

Updated for the Warlords of Draenor

Blood Elf learns Blacksmithing from a helpful OrcBlacksmithing can be a nice little moneymaker at the high end and allows you to make several nice weapons and full armor sets at various points while leveling the skill.

In Warlords those special gem sockets that you could add to your gloves and bracers are gone, but you can make raid quality gear and equip it at level 91.


Introduction to Blacksmithing

Zen Master BlacksmithingOne there there was a quest where a Blacksmith could specialize in Armorsmithing or Weaponsmithing. With Cataclysm those specializations were removed and all Blacksmiths will have access to the same recipes from any trainer.

Some of the Cataclysm items are well done. The Redsteel and Hardened Obsidium sets are nice. Some of the higher level stuff is too expensive to create given how easy it is to get better gear with Justice points. Other items, such as gem slots and keys, are certainly useful.

Profession Perk: Blacksmiths can add a gem socket to bracers and gloves. Gems in Mists have twice the value for secondary stats as for primary stats, 360 Haste Vs 160 Str, for example. This gives those two slots more versatility than other profession buffs, especially if your spec values something other than the primary stat.

Profession perks are dead in Warlords of Draenor.

In addition to gear pieces you can make items (sharpening stones and weightstones) to buff your weapons damage, others items that act as enchants (weapons chains,) rods for enchanters, and a few misc. other useful items.

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Warlords of Draenor Blacksmithing

What about Mining? You will want ore to craft various items and to create the Draenor ingots needed for your more epic Blacksmithing. With your Garrison mine you will not need the mining skill, though of course you will if you want to mine the world. Ores can be bought off the Auction House, too.

The Draenor ores and the Ingots created from the basic ores (Blackrock and True Iron) are all you will need for most of your Draenor Blacksmithing, though you will want additional materials for higher end stuff.

The Warlords Changes

First off, none of the bits in the charts below this section are obsolete. In fact, if you’re under level 90 and you want to level your Blacksmithing skills, you’ll pretty much have to follow that list. Once you hit 90 though, and enter Dreanor, you can take your level 1 skill and level it to the max without ever entering the old world, except to buy materials. None of the old recipes will be needed.

  • Under level 85? You’ll need all the old stuff and will have to visit your trainer to learn new recipes.Most of the materials needed can be bought off the Auction House.
  • Level 85 – 90: You can level your Blacksmithing from 1-600 in Pandaria, through work projects your trainer can provide. You will need 4607 BARS and 5 Spirit of Harmony to lvl from 0-600. You can get the projects from the Pandaria trainers in Vale of Eternal Blossoms: Cullen Hammerbrow (Alliance) and Jorunga Stonehoof (Horde.) Upon learning the skill, they will have the quest So You Want to Be a Blacksmith… for you.
  • 90+ (and in Draenor?) You will need none of the old stuff, though you’re welcome to buy the old recipes anyway.

Your Blacksmithing trainer is no longer needed for increasing your skill. From skill level 1 to 700 you can stay at your forge and never have to visit him for skill boosts. For any or all of the pre-Draenor recipes you will want to have a chat with him. You can get all of the Draenor recipes through your Garrison or the vendor in Ashran.

Yes, it’s true. You can enter Draenor, learn Blacksmithing there, and level from 1 to 700 in the comfort of your Garrison, or the Ashran forge.

One more nice thing about Warlords crafting is that you can go from 1 to 700 crafting one item. Find something you need, or that you can sell, and make a big pile of it. Details below.

Draenor Training

You will see a lootable item early on in your Draenor wanderings. Clicking that item will start you on a series of quests (not hard) to get your Draenor Blacksmithing skills. When done with the quests you will get a scroll (Draenor Blacksmithing) that will raise your skill cap (not your skill level) to 700 and teach you several new recipes.

These are the items you’ll need to start the quest. If you have the Blacksmithing skill, even at level 1, they should drop very early on in your Draenor questing.

  1. Alliance will receive Haephest’s Satchel
  2. Horde will receive Fractured Forge Hammer

Draenor Blacksmithing can also be bought for 100 gold from a vendor in Ashran (ask a guard for the location.) Might as well just find the thing and save the money. Or buy it and save the time. Your call.

These are the skills you will learn from the scroll:

  1. Truesteel Ingot – required for the nice stuff.
  2. Secrets of Draenor Blacksmithing – required for new recipes
  3. Smoldering Greaves – basic boots
  4. Smoldering Breastplate – basic chest piece
  5. Smoldering Helm – basic helm.

More Recipes are, naturally, available and you can grab them from the Blacksmithing vendor in Ashran or a vendor in your Blacksmithing hut in your Garrison. Most of the recipes will cost one Secrets of Draenor Blacksmithing, but some will cost five. The latter recipes will boost the item level of the better arms and armor that you create.

Leveling Blacksmithing to 700

Ok, so you’re at least 90 and have the Blacksmithing skill, at least level 1. Every day you will want to make your one Secrets of Draenor Blacksmithing and then buy a new recipe. You will need five of them for the special recipes, but you’ll  be able to get the armor and weapons for one each.

You will also want to do you daily Truesteel Ingot (you’ll create 4-10, depending on your skill.)

  • Rare armor gives 5 skillups until 600. Example: Smoldering Breastplate
  • Truesteel grinder and truesteel reshaper give +3 skill at half the materials cost of the rare armor and they stay orange until 700.
  • The rare weapons and the epic armor each give +10 skill until 700. Example: Truesteel Breastplate
  • Rare weapons give 10 skillups until 700.

Leveling to 700 is easy, but you’ll want a very large pile of ore. Note that for 60 pieces of ore you can make one piece of Smoldering armor for +5 skill or two grinder/shapers for +6. The latter is more efficient and might well be easier to sell.

  1. Under skill 600: You will make a pile of grinders/reshapers. You will need 30 pieces of ore for each item. For example, if you have 300 skill then you will need 30 ore x 100 items = 3,000 pieces of ore to get to 600. 3,600 pieces of ore if you make the armor, instead. These two items go gray at 700, so they’re excellent for leveling all the way. Yes, you can level from 1 to 700 by repeatedly making one item. Make as many as you need at +3 skill each.
  2. Skill 600 to 700: You can start making the epic armor, if you like. Buy the appropriate recipe with one Secrets of Draenor Blacksmithing. Making “secrets” awards +1 skill until 650, when it goes green. After that it might award one skill until 700.
    1. Your daily Tuesteel ingot will award 1 point.
    2. All of the True Steel armors and the Steelforged weapons provide ten skill and require 100 Truesteel ingots each (plus some other small stuff) to make. Truesteel ingots come from your daily Truesteel Ingot craft and from your Garrison work orders. It will take you a few days to make those 100 ingots.
    3. Make more Grinders/Reshapers at +3 skill each, all the way to 700.

1 – 700: Just make 234 grinders/reshapers (using 7,020  pieces of ore) and you’re done. Welcome to 700. Chances are you will eventually be able to sell all those grinders on the Auction House and maybe even make a profit, depending on your server and how much you paid for the ore, if anything.

Leveling Blacksmithing from 1-600

If you’re under level 90 you will have to follow the old system until you get into Draenor. Otherwise you can wait till 90 and you have your Garrison, and then power-level your skill.

Skills Items to be created Materials to make one item

1-75, Apprentice Blacksmith, Requires level 5.

1-25 Rough Sharpening Stone Rough Stone
25-65 Rough Grinding Stone 2x Rough Stone
45-75 Copper Chain Belt 6x Copper Bar

76-150, Journeyman Blacksmith, Requires level 10.

75-85 Coarse Grinding Stone 2x Coarse Stone
85-100 Runed Copper Belt 10x Copper Bar
100-105 Silver Rod Silver Bar
2x Rough Grinding Stone
105-125 Rough Bronze Leggings 6x Bronze Bar
125-150 Heavy Grinding Stone 3x Heavy Stone

151-225, Expert Blacksmith, Requires level 20.

150-155 Golden Rod Gold Bar
2x Coarse Grinding Stone
155-165 Green Iron Leggings Green Dye
Heavy Grinding Stone
8x Iron Bar
165-185 Green Iron Bracers Green Dye
6x Iron Bar
185-200 Golden Scale Bracers 5x Steel Bar
2x Heavy Grinding Stone
200-205 Solid Sharpening Stone Solid Stone
200-210 Solid Grinding Stone 4x Solid Stone
210-225 Heavy Mithril Gauntlet 6x Mithril Bar
4x Mageweave Cloth

226-300, Artisan Blacksmith, Requires level 35.

225-235 Mithril Scale
8x Mithril Bar
235-250 Mithril Coif 10x Mithril Bar
6x Mageweave Cloth
250-260 Dense Sharpening Stone Dense Stone
260-275 Thorium Bracers 8x Thorium Bar
275-295 Imperial Plate Bracers 12x Thorium Bar
290-300 Thorium Boots 12x Thorium Bar
8x Rugged Leather
290-300 Thorium Helm 12x Thorium Bar
Star Ruby

301-375, Master Blacksmith, Requires level 50.

300-305 Fel Weightstone Fel Iron Bar
Netherweave Cloth
305-315 Fel Iron Belt 4x Fel Iron Bar
315-325 Fel Iron Boots 6x Fel Iron Bar
325-335 Lesser Rune of Warding Adamantite Bar
330-335 Fel Iron Breastplate 10x Fel Iron Bar
335-340 Adamantite Cleaver 8x Adamantite Bar
340-350 Lesser Ward of Shielding Adamantite Bar
350-360 Cobalt Boots 4x Colt Bar
360-370 Cobalt Triangle Shield 4x Cobalt Bar

376-450, GrandMaster Blacksmith, Requires level 65.

370-380 Cobalt Gauntlets 5x Cobalt Bar
380-385 Spiked Cobalt Boots 7x Cobalt Bar
385-390 Sure-fire Shuriken 7x Cobalt Bar
390-395 Notched Cobalt War Axe 10x Cobalt Bar
395-400 Brilliant Saronite Belt 6x Cobalt Bar
5x Saronite Bar
400-405 Horned Cobalt Helm 8x Cobalt Bar
405-415 Deadly Saronite Dirk 7x Saronite Bar
2x Crystallized Air
415-425 Eternal Belt Buckle 4x Saronite Bar
Crystallized Earth
Crystallized Water

451-525, Illustrious GrandMaster Blacksmith, Requires level 75.

425-455 Folded Obsidium 2x Obsidium Bar
455-459 Hardened Obsidium Shield 3x Folded Obsidium
459-470 Redsteel Belt 4x Folded Obsidium
Volatile Earth
470-475 Obsidium Bladespear 12x Folded Obsidium
10x Volatile Earth
4x Volatile Fire
475-480 Obsidium Skeleton Key 2x Folded Obsidium
480-489 Stormforged Legguards 2x Folded Obsidium
8x Elementium Bar
489-494 Obsidium Executioner 10x Folded Obsidium
10x Elementium Bar
6x Volatile Earth
489-494 Fire Etched Dagger 20x Elementium Bar
12x Volatile Earth
4x Volatile Fire
494-500 Stormforged Helm 20x Elementium Bar
8x Volatile Earth
500-510500-525 Redsteel BreastplateSee Zen Blacksmithing, below 15x Elementium Bar
15x Volatile Earth
510-520 Vicious Pyrium Belt 10x Elementium Bar
10x Volatile Fire
510-520 Vicious Ornate Pyrium Belt 10x Elementium Bar
10x Volatile Water
520-525 Vicious Pyrium Shoulders 12x Elementium Bar
10x Volatile Fire
520-525 Vicious Ornate Pyrium Shoulders 12x Elementium Bar
10x Volatile Water

500 – 600, Zen Master Blacksmith, Requires level 80.

In order to gain the new Contender’s gear recipes or to create epic gear you will need to obtain Spirits of Harmony. You do not need these to level your skill to 600, but you will spend a lot of Ghost Iron bars to do so. We recommend getting at least two of the spirits.

You can get spirits several ways:

  • Spirit of Harmony is assembled from ten Motes of Harmony. These are uncommon world drops (anything you kill can drop them) and leveling from 85 to 90 will probably get you enough to make 5 or 6 spirits.
  • You can earn them from various daily quests that award Treasures of the Vale. Each treasure has a chance to contain a spirit.
  • If you have enough Tiller’s rep you can buy seeds and farm your spirits, at a rate of about 1 per day.
  • You can spend your extra Conquest points, from rated PvP, and buy them from the PvP vendor.
  • This may change as time goes on, it has for other BoP items used by crafters (Chaos Orbs, for example.) For now, though…

You can find a Blacksmithing trainer in Pandaria: Len, the Hammer <Blacksmithing Trainer>, friendly to Horde and Alliance. Found in Dawn’s Blossom, in the Jade Forest, but your regular trainers have the same recipes.

For the new recipes, all the Contender and Masterwork recipes, you will need at least one Spirit of Harmony in order to buy them and they are only available from the vendors shown below. The other recipes (Lightsteel, etc.) are available from any Blacksmithing trainer.

To access the M of P vendors you will need to do a quest series to access the zone, which requires level 87+. You do not need to be level 90 or have any particular rep to buy patterns, but you DO need to have Blacksmithing skill in order to see the patterns the vendor has to offer.

If you want to get to 600 skill without buying (or gathering) a painful number of Ghost Iron bars you will want to collect two spirits of harmorny to buy two Masterwork recipes (see below for details.)

For the patterns, see:

A minimum of 208 Ghost Iron bars and 10 Trillium bars will be needed to level to 600.

500-515 15x Ghostly Skeleton Key 1x Ghost Iron Bar15 bars total
515-525 2x Your pick of (each awards 5 skill points:)

5x Ghost Iron Bar10 bars total.
525-546 7x Lightsteel Boots or Spiritguard Boots, 3 skill points each. 7x Ghost Iron Bar49 total bars
546-550 2x Spiritguard Shoulders, 3 skill points each 7x Ghost Iron Bar14 total bars
550-565 3x any of: Ghost-Forged Breastplate or Helm, Lightsteel Breastplate or Helm, Spiritguard Breastplate or Helm. Each awards 5 skill points. (They go yellow at 565, green at 582, and grey at 600. ) 12x Ghost Iron Bar36 bars total
565-577 4x Masterwork Ghost-Forged Shoulders or Masterwork Lightsteel Shoulders, each awards 3 skill points. (each recipe costs 1 Spirit of Harmony to buy) 7x Ghost Iron Bar28 bars total
577-600 5x Masterwork Spiritguard Shield or Masterwork Lightsteel Shield, 5 skill points each. (each recipe costs 1 Spirit of Harmony to buy)The following items go grey at 590 and green at 595, but do not require Trillium bars. Trillium bars are probably cheap enough, so unless you have a ton of bars go with the shields, above.

Shields: 12x Ghost Iron Bar and 2x Trillium bar60 Ghost iron and 10 Trillium total.Breastplates and Helms: 12 bars each.36 bars to get to 590, then a whole bunch to get to 600.

Congratulations on your 600 Blacksmithing skill!


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Items Sets That You Can Make

Night Elf in Vicious Pyrium PlateAll of the following sets are Plate, unless otherwise noted. Only sets with at least chest and legs are included. There are various other sets that you can make that have three or four pieces, but that aren’t listed here. Before you sell these pieces make sure you check the Auction House prices. Some are in demand as Transmogrification pieces and might fetch high prices. You can see a few of these sets here.

Warlords has no epic gear sets. You are allowed to wear epic three crafted items, and there are only three pieces of the rare Smoldering gear available.

Obviously you could make either rare or epic and then get other pieces to match, but that hardly makes up a “set,” right?

Some Blacksmithing Gear Sets

Links will take you to WoWhead’s search for the appropriate items. Levels are the minimum level needed to equip items.

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  1. Is there a set of crafted PVP gear here for 90 like the Vicious for 85? If so can you like to it like you do for the other sets please?

    I’m wanting to make some for my son.

    By the way, excellent guide 🙂

    1. Thanks. 🙂 Yes, there’s a set of crafted PvP gear available, the Contender’s set. You have two be level 87 and do a series of quests to access the zone, then have one Spirit of Harmony for each pattern you want to buy. I’ll update the guide appropriately, meanwhile here are the specs of the gear.

  2. I know im being lazy, but can you tell on your guide how many ingredients is needed to got from a level to another? For example: “To go from Apprentice to Journeyman you need 500x copper bar, 200x tin bar, 300x Rough Stone, and etc…”

    1. Yeah, “recommended quantities” is actually on the To Do list. I’ve been hanging back, waiting for the fist flush of Hotfixes to be done. There’ve been some changes to how things and maybe how many mats will actually be needed to go from one point to another. It’s probably time to get on those now. For example, I went from 540 to 600 in Inscription with one glyph. This is completely different from how it worked earlier. I assume that will change.

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