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The 30 Day Gold Run, on a New Server

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  4. Basic Gold Tips
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  6. Grinding & Farming
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Once upon a time, back in 2010 (!!), there was this 30 day gold run thing. The idea was to see how much one could make, from scratch, in a 30 day period. My final amount was pretty low, only about 6k, but I did not put that much time into it.  The basic techniques are still good, and there are a few newer (heh) items you can deal in.

Keep in mind that this is done with low level, ungeared characters.

The winner? Just about 300k. The average of all participants? Around 64k. I guess I need some better gear, Int gems, and some enchants…

I wrote it up as a series of posts, but lost it when I moved the site. Fortunately still has most of it (wow.) So I am going to post the whole thing on this page, mostly for legacy sake. I’m sure that YOU can do MUCH better than my piddly 6.5 k.

If I did it again:

    • Level a tank or solid DPS to 25 and start burning low level dungeons solo. Geared to the max.
    • Do a lot more buying and reselling, esp. of pets and certain limited items.
    • Make more and better use of TradeSkillMaster and Zygor.

Addons note: In Shadowlands, Auctioneer and Auctionator are still live.

The Days:


1k Gold Run – Start

So Ok, … it’s time for some gold.

My favorite gold guide product, now dead, does these “1k gold in 30 days” speed runs. That’s 1k on a brand new server with no friends, no guilds, no 80s, from scratch. I haven’t participated in any of his runs, but some of the people have turned in some grim numbers.

So I’m going to do it here, just me. New server (Emerald Dream,) new toons, etc. I’ll document everything here and hope that I’m not just writing to myself. :) If so, I’ll still enjoy it, if not, then maybe someone will get some use out of it.

I’ll be documenting everything and by 10/4/10 I will have well over 1k gold in pocket, not just in the stats column of the achievement pane. What will slow this a bit is that I will likely be spending some of that on gear for a couple of toons and bags for them and my banker.

So here goes:

9/4/10 – Begin

I actually did the start or the run this morning, but lagged in posting until now.

What I’m using

I rolled two characters in the Blood Elf area, one for the bank alt and a Rogue to do the gathering to generate some starting cash. While you can level a character to 5 or 6 and run straight to the Auction House, sell everything, and start with a couple of silvers, I’d rather gather some things and start with a few gold. I picked a Rogue because they kill things fast.

So the level 1 toon hits the AH and at level 6 the Rogue leaves the hatching area and picks up mining and skinning. Currently low level ores seem to sell for a lot more than herbs, so that’s why the mining. Since there are a bazillion skinnable critters in this game, well, skinning is a natural choice.(Don’t forget to buy your knife and pick!)

Posting Stuff

3 hours later the rogue is 10 (I’m slow, sue me. :) )and I’ve sent to follow to the banker for posting (and 18 silver for the posting fees.)

  • 54 copper ore – posting all, at 37s per ore,
  • 50 rough stone – all, at 1s 99c each
  • 38 small eggs – all at 49s each
  • 1 fine scimitar – 5s 39c
  • 4 lynx meat – not posted
  • 1 shadowgem – 1g
  • 4 spring water – not posted
  • 1 malachite – 61s
  • 1 Tiger’s eye – 69s
  • 13 leather scraps – all at 4s each
  • 19 light leather.  – all, at 13s each

All that was posted about 10:30 am or so, now it’s 5 and let’s see what sold, if anything:

Ok, I have 6 gold now. The gems, leather, leather scraps, and fine scimitar all sold. Bought four little bags, two for the rogue and two for the banker.


Buying More Stuff

I have a number of shopping lists in Auctionator already set up and now I’m looking for bargains. Stuff that I can grab and resell for, hopefully, a nice profit. I haven’t scanned the AH yet, so I have no scan data to use, but prioces are looking high for various things. The bad news is that it might be hard to find some stuff, the good news is that it might sell for a nice price.

Of course, it is a Saturday on Labor Day weekend. I expect a few players might be buying stuff. :)

  • Made a 12 hour bid on a few pieces of Kingsblood, said pieces looking way underpriced.
  • 2hour bids on a couple pieces of linen cloth and mageweave cloth
  • bought 1 stack silk for 1g total
  • bought 11 knothide leather scrap pieces for 29s total
  • 1 piece crawler meat for 36 copper
  • 2 hour bid for 1 earthroot for 1sp

Reselling stuff

  • Crawler meat for 50sp
  • Knothide leather scraps for 55s each, 6g total
  • Silk cloth, 2g 70s for the stack

Checked a few minutes later and the small eggs sold for 18 gold total, for about 24 gold earned so far.

  • buy “pattern: dark leather tunic” for 10sp, post at 1g
  • Alch supplies vendor has cheap herbs, so I bought them. Herbs are, at them moment, very highly priced, so this is good.
    • posted 1 liferoot at 65s
    • posted 3 silverleaf at 8s each
    • posted 1 wild steelboom at 1g, 25s
  • bought 3 copper rods at 1sp each from the enchanting supplies vendor, posted 1 at 7g 80s
  • bought “design: the jade eye” from enchanting supplies vendor, 23s, posted at 3g, 30s
  • bought “design: heavy golden necklace of battle” from same, 14s, posted at 13g 85s
  • bought “design” amulet of the moon” from same, 17s, posted for 8g, 50s
  • What the heck, bought “design: opal necklace of impact” for 75 sp, posted at 9g, 90s
  • bought “Aquadynamic fishie attractor” for 2sp, posted for 98s
  • bought 1 netherweave bag to send to rogue.

Ok, that’s enough for today. I’ll check things in the morning.

By the way, if you’re an herbalist, the pre-outland herbs seem to be in pretty short supply these days.

If you’re into the gold gathering thing then check out a cool gold guide. It should help your cash flow.


1k Gold Run, Day 2

Checking in with the bank alt, let’s see what’s sold. Remember that I had bought some of the limited item patterns available in Silvermoon, along with some other small stuff.

  • Silverleaf, liferoot, and Wild steelbloom sold for about 2 g total
  • “Pattern: dark leather tunic” sold for about 1g
  • Silk cloth for about 3g total
  • knothide leather scraps, bought for 23s, sold for almost 6g
  • “Design: Opal necklace of Impact” bought for 75 s, sold for 9.5g
  • 1 piece crawler meat, bought for 36c, sold for 50s

Total in-pocket is now 24g, 72s with some stuff left to sell.

Buying more stuff:

  • Bought another Opal Necklace for 75s, posting at aout 7g, 50c since there are three others up.
  • Someone bought the cheap malachite, it now starts at 4g! I’ll post my piece at 3g
  • 33 More “Small Eggs,” posting at 49s each
  • bought a glyph, “Unburdened Rebirth,” for 3.5g, will post at 39g, since that’s where the others are posted.
  • bought 6 “clam meat” at 35s, will repost at 75s
  • 6 iron bars for 4g total, posted at 8g, 75s
  • bought a pile of silk cloth\ (10 stacks) for about 2s a piece, will resell for 9s a piece.
  • bout 30 pieces of light leather for about 5.5s a piece, will resell at 15s.

Ok, that’s enough for now. I’ll check in tonight to see what’s sold.


BTW – if you want to stash any “Small Eggs” you gather their prices should get very high at certain festival times.


  • Copper ore, small eggs, silk cloth, and iron bar at listed prices.
  • More copper ore, small eggs, clam meat, linen cloth

54 gold in pocket. Sending a couple of netherweave bags and stuff to my mage alt (almost 12.) Yeah, new alt. 2.5 hours to 10, guess I’ll have to get someone to 80 and get some heirloom stuff, hmmm?

20 gold left after buying stuff for mage and sending some cash.

Four hours later…  collected some gold, posted stuff gathered. More copper ore, skins, flowers (mage has herbalism.)

  • Bought “Bat Bites” recipe for a few silver, posting at almost 15g
  • Bought “Crunchy Spider Surprise” recipe for a few silver, bought one of AH for 2g, posting at almost 12g.


  • Bat bites sold at that price
  • Small eggs sold
  • Malachite
  • misc other stuff.

82 gold in pocket. I’ll look for deal in the morning, but now it’s time to get back to the game.


1k Gold run, Day 3

Day 3 of the run.

Some stuff has sold

  • Copper ore,
  • small eggs,
  • light leather,
  • copper rod for over 7g
  • lesser magic essence and strange dust, grabbed from the vendor.
  • bought a couple of glyphs that were under 1g: rake, heroic strike, ice armor. I expect these to sell eventually.

109 gold in hand. Time to see if I can find any bargains to resell.I tend to look for things that are obviously underpriced and where there’s a step. So if, for example, there is a pile of linen cloth at 2s per item, but the next higher price is 14s, then I’ll buy it (if I don’t have to buy 5,000 pieces, of course…)

How high to price? Depends on 1) how much you have to buy the stuff for and, 2) what people might actually pay for it. Not too many will buy linen cloth at 3g a piece, I think, but I could be wrong.

Bids – I don’t bid on anything over 12 hours, and 12 is pretty hit and miss. I’ve won some nice stuff that way, though, so what the heck.

  • Bought 5 stacks linen cloth at 2s a piece, about 50s per stack, will repost at 17 or so, for 3g 40s a stack.
  • Stack of mageroyal for 15g, will post at 25ish.
  • 1 stack Peacebloom for 50s, will resell for 2g, 80s
  • 2h bid for 18 furious crawdad for 19s – won
  • 2 stacks of 20 bronze bars for 10g each, will repost at 18 each.
  • 3 large fangs for 7s total, posted at 10g total
  • 2 primal life for 2g 40s total and 20 motes of life for just under 10g total. Will make into two primals. 4 primal lifes total. 4 primals for about 12 g, posting at 44g for the set.
  • 30 min bid for 4 heavy hide, 13s, won
  • 30 min bid for 10 heavy hide, 33s, Lost
  • Oooo…. 5 30 min bids on thick leather at 2g a stack, 5 stacks, won all 5
  • Some 12 hour bids on light leather, 25s total.
  • Some 12 hr bids on bronze bars, 50s total, won
  • 12 hour bid for 8 Adder’s Tounge, 2g
  • 12 hour bid for 2 Wintersbite, 3c (yeah, 3c), won
  • Misc other 12 hours bids on herbs, maybe 1g total
  • Bought 5 stacks runecloth at 2g per stack, sold at 5g

Ok, done for now. Back later.  41g 13ss in pocket


  • Sold lots of small eggs, about 30g total, 49s per egg.
  • The bronze bars sold, 7g profit each.
  • copper rod sold for 7.5g
  • 4 primal lifes sold for 42.5 g total

165 gold in pocket

  • Bought 6 netherweave bags, 4 for banker, two for rogue. about 65 gold. Also sending 25g to Rogue.

76g 54 silver in pocket. Now to post some stuff and see if there are any bargains. In addition to the above, I gathered some light leather with the Rogue and some limited items from an undead vendor.

  • Agile boots, +5 agility, level 15, bought from dead vendor for 25s, posting at 5g
  • Stable boots, +4 stam, level 3, same vendor, price, and posting price.
  • Posting some greens found by Rogue
  • 16 bronze bars, won at 2.3s, posting at 19.8g
  • 18 furious crawdad, bought at 19s, posting at 34g
  • 4 Heavy hide, bought at 13s, posting at 11.6g, sold
  • 6 kingsblood herb, bought at 44s, posted at 3g 90s, sold
  • Won 5 stacks thick leather at 2g per stack, reposting at 5g 80s
  • Won 2 Wintersbite at 8 copper, posting at 3g 31s total
  • Bought 4 Large Prismatic Shard at 6g, selling for 24g
  • Glyph of Unburdened Rebirth, bought at 3g, 60, posted at 12g 60. sold

Ok, back later.


  • Wool cloth, won bid at 5g 30s, sold for net 13g, 79s
  • Sold that Wintersbite for 3g 15s
  • heavy hide sold, 11g, 7s
  • Glyphs of Rake and Heroic Strike, about 5g total, bought for about 2g
  • 3+ stacks of linen cloth, bought at 3 per piece, sold at 17s
  • Stable boots, bought for 25s, sold for 4g 70s
  • 49 light leather, bought for a bit under 30s total, adding in gathered leather, posting 5 stacks (+9) at 14s per piece, a little over 14g total.
  • bought Pattern: Barbaric Braces for 25s, selling for 19g 95 s
  • bought Pattern: Greater Adept’s Robe for 8s, selling for 4g 70s
  • bought Pattern: Tuxedo Jacket for 50s, posting at almost 20g
  • bought Pattern: Tuxedo Pants for 50s, posting for almost 16g
  • bought Pattern: Tuxedo Shirt for 50s, posting at almost 13g
  • 17 wool cloth, bought on bid for 37s, posting for 24+ gold

Hmmm… maybe I should think about inscription on this server, if I can come up with a supply of cheap herbs/inks. Maybe have a DK do herbalism & Inscription? We’ll see.

127 gold and change in pocket. Highest character is a 14 rogue and 14 mage.

“See you” tomorrow.


1k Gold run, Day 4

It’s day 4, time to open the mail box and see what’s there…

  • Thick leather, bought 5 stacks at 2g each, sold at 5g each
  • Ruined Leather Scraps,gathered, sold for about 2.5g total
  • Light Leather, gathered and bought cheap, sold for about 13g total
  • Runecloth, 5 stacks, bought at 2g/stack, sold at 5 each.
  • Copper Rod, bought at 1s, sold for 8g 52s
  • Amulet of the Moon design, sold for almost 5g
  • Glyph of Undurdened Rebirth, bought for 3.6, sold for 12g
  • Large Prismatic Shard, bought at 6g for the four, sold for 24g
  • Stable Boots, bought at 25s, sold for 4g 70s

217 gold, 88 silver in pocket. Achievement stats say 512 gold earned.

  • Won 8 Adder’s Tongue, on bid, for 2g, posting at about 8g
  • Posting Glyph of Ice Armor at almost 2g, bought at 30s
  • Posting Glyph of Unburdened Rebirth at 12g, bought at 3.5
  • Bought some thick leather, posting stacks of 20 at 45 per piece (9g per stack)
  • 10 Goldthorn for 10g, posting at 18g
  • 15 Khadgar’s Whisker for 15g, posting at 24g
  • 29 pieces of Ravager Flesh for 11 to 97s each, posting at 2g each.
  • 40 mithril bars for 1g each, posting at 2g each.

Ok, I’m bored. 88g in pocket. Back later.

A bit later…

  • Glyph of Unburdened Rebirth sold at 12g, bought at 3.5
  • Recipe, Crunchy Spider Surprise, sold for 8g
  • Recipe: Bat Bites, sold for 12g
  • Stack of light leather, sold for 2.6g

123 gold in pocket. Back later.


  • Wool cloth, bought at 37s, sold for 23.5g
  • 40 mithril bars for 1g each, sold at 2g each.
  • Large Fang sold for almost 10g
  • 15 Khadgar’s Whisker for 15g, posting at 24g, sold for 23g 9s
  • Copper bars from gathering, sold for about 15g
  • Won 8 Adder’s Tongue, on bid, for 2g, sold for 10g+

281 gold in pocket. Selling some greens found by Rogue and gathered leather and such.

last of the evening:

  • Solstice Robe, bought for 20s, sold for almost 2g
  • Sinister Scimitar, bought for 65s, sold for 9.5g
  • 4 stacks linen cloth sold for 13g total
  • 10 Goldthorn for 10g, sold for 17.2g
  • Also sold some copper ore and a couple of greens

337 gold in pocket, 769 on the gold stats page. Rogue is 17. Good night.


1k Gold Run, Day 5

Ok, Day 5 of this project. (By the way, the Gold Blueprint site (site is now dead) does all of this gold run stuff, and everything else, in high def video.)

Just a thought or two. As you may know, Auctioneer has a scan function. This thing will scan the entire auction house and make notes of prices and other info. The idea is that after a number of scans you start to get some decent pricing info. There are two caveats to this.

  1. It’s no good for items like glyphs, with potentially extreme price volatility. 2g one day, 60 the other.
  2. Have you seen those herbs, and other mats, at 3,000g per piece? I don’t know if the intent of that is to mess with Auctioneer or not, and Auctioneer does have a setting to remove “outliers,” but it does mean that one has to make educated guesses about pricing sometimes.
  3. With the type of mats the people buy a lot of, such as leather, I don’t always put my stuff up at the lowest price since people buy large quantities at one time. Price one or two steps up and you’ll still sell your stuff. Glyphs, recipes, and other “buy once only” items are another story.
  4. By the way, cooking recipes are a great way for new characters (and players) to get into some gold. Buy for a few silver, post for a lot more.  Gathering is another good way to start.
  5. Those white weapons and armor you find at low levels will sell for a few silver on the AH, and only a few copper to the vendor.

So what sold?

  • Just some little stuff – ruined leather scraps, copper bars, misc. 14g total. 352 gold in pocket.
  • Stack Mageroyal, bought at 15, sold for 25

Looking for stuff to buy:

  • 90 dream dust for 21 to 33s each, posting at 60s each.
  • glyph of judgement for 5g
  • 2 glyphs of consecration at 2g, 2 more at 4.6
  • 21 furious crawdad at 55s each, posting at 1g 89s
  • 14 raptor flesh, bought at 7s each, posting at 55s each
  • Oooo… cheap glacial bag, only 350gold! (450 is more normal.)  Well, maybe not today. :)
  • 12 bronze bars for 38s each. posted at 70 each
  • Linen cloth, bought at 10 to 17s, posting at 19
  • light leather, bought at less than 12s per piece, plus gathered, posting at 19s each
  • Mok’Nathal Shortribs, 32 pieces, 3s each, posted at 75s each
  • Crunchy Serpent, 51 pieces, less the 10s each, posting at 75s each
  • Hmmm… Recipe: Savory Deviate Delight, only 1100 gold. I’ll pass…
  • Pile of Warp Burgers (80) bought at 20s each, posted at 85s each
  • Glyph of Fade, 3g, posted at the too high price of 80g
  • glyph and bags for mage, glyph for rogue, and 20g each

Ok, that’s enough for now. 212g, 11s in pocket.

Some time later…

  • Pattern: Barbaric Bracers sold for 19 gold
  • Linen cloth, bought at 10 to 17s, sold, 11+ gold
  • 1 Furious Crawdad sold for 1g, 89s
  • 4 stacks Dream Dust, sold for 11.4g per stack
  • 12 bronze bars for 38s each, sold for 8g total
  • 4 stacks Light Leather, sold for 3.6 per stack.

305 gold in pocket. Time to look for some stuff to buy.

  • 3 Lesser planer essence, 1g ea, combine into Greater Planer Ess., posting at 13g
  • 2.5 stacks Soul Dust, bought for 2g per stack, posting at 4
  • Bought Blindweed, 12 pieces for 1.3g, posting at 18g
  • Bought Deadnettle, 48 pieces for 22s each, posting at 90s each
  • Bought Linen Cloth, 81 pieces for about 30s total, posting at 3g 40 a stack
  • Bought Mountain Silversage, 9 for 41s total, posting at 13.5g
  • Bought Raptor flesh, 2 stacks, for about 7g, posting at 11g per stack

289 gold in pocket, back later.


  • Deadnettle sold, about 44.5 gold total
  • 3 stacks light leather, almost 11 gold
  • 3 stacks linen cloth, almost 10 gold
  • Seer’s cape, bought for 20 s, sold for 1.5g
  • 1 stacks silk cloth, 11 gold
  • 1 stack thick leather, almost 9 gold
  • Pattern: Tuxedo Jacket, almost 19 gold
  • bought 3 glyphs of fade, for 12g total.
  • bought some other stuff.

358 gold in pocket. Back tomorrow

I’ll upload some pics at some point.

Question: Are these posts useful or worth reading? Feel free to add your 2 coppers worth.


1k Gold Run, Day 6

117 gold in the inbox this morning.

Really, the whole point of all this is to demonstrate that it’s easy to make enough gold to be comfortable. Most of you already know that, but there’s always someone complaining about it. This system takes more work than buying the gold, but your account won’t be banned. ;)

Heck, just a little extra effort at basic gathering will keep you in mounts and decent leveling gear. My high level toon on this server is now 17. Ooo… mega farming machine there!

  • Sold a stack of warp burgers for 16+ gold, bought at 4
  • Sold 5 stacks thick leather for almost 9g each
  • Sold three stacks Raptor Flesh for almost 28 gold, bout at just over 7
  • Sold 17 Malachite for almost 7g, bought at about half that.
  • 1 stack Furious Crawdad for almost 18g, bought at just over 5g
  • Blindweed for 17.4g, bought at 1.3g

492 gold in pocket., stats show 1157 total gold earned.Time to post some junk that was gathered, then look for some bargains.

  • Sinister Scimitar, bought from vendor at 65s, posted at almost 10g
  • 45s in bids on underprice bronze bars
  • Bought Design: Opal Necklace of Impact off AH for 45s, posting at 10g
  • Reposting Design: The Jade Eye at 3.3g
  • Glyphs of fade, bought at 3.5, posting at 34

Back later….

Ok, let’s pick up some sales…

  • Sold “Greater Adept’s Robe, 3.5g
  • Mountain Silversage, 12g 90s
  • Dream Dust, 5.7g
  • Agile Boots, from vendor for 65 silver, sold for 4.5g
  • Misc other stuff, 51g total sales.

539 gold in pocket, back later.

Later… Believe it or not, some stuff sold…

  • Wise Man’s Belt, for  4g
  • 5 stacks Thick Leather at 24g each
  • 2 stacks Soul Dust at 3.8g each
  • Shadowgem at 1.8g
  • Recipe: Crunchy Spider Surprise, 6.6g, bought from vendor for a few silver
  • Recipe: Bat Bites, from same vendor, for 9g
  • Linen cloth for 3.2g
  • Bronze bars for 15g

729 gold in pocket.


1k Gold Run, Day 7

Time for day 7 of this run. 728 in pocket (sent some to Alts.) Might get close to 1k today.

Is it worth the effort to wrap this up into a pdf, when I’m done? Is that something that anyone would have any interest in?

Opening mailbox for 144 gold in sales

  • Stable Boots and Agile Boots, from vendors for 25 silver, sold for 4.7 gold each
  • Patterns: Tuxedo Shirt and Pants, sold for 27g total
  • Mok’Nathal Shortribs, 3 stacks, 21.6g total
  • 3 stacks furious crawdad for about 50g total
  • Recipe: Holy Protection Potion, bought from vendor for a few silver, sold for 4.7g
  • 2 stacks silverleaf, gathered, 11g total
  • Misc stuff to make up the rest

873 gold in pocket.

  • bought 2 Recipe: Lynx Steak off Ah for 1g each, sending one to alt, reposting the other.
  • bought Glyph of Immolate for 3g
  • bought 4 Glyphs of Molten Armor for 22g total (only 4 on AH,) posting 2 at 70g each
  • bought turtle meat, 65 pieces, at 12s each, posting at 45s each
  • 8 Khorium bar, 250g, posting at 567
  • Bought some Dream Dust, 26 to 49s each, posting at 74s each
  • Bought 54 Illusion Dust at 2g ea, posting at 4.25g each

458 gold left. Back later.

  • Bought 2 Glyphs of Consecration at 4.2g each

Ok, it’s later. Opened my mailbox to find 694 gold, now at 1127 total

  • Turtle meat, 1 stack, 2g 17s
  • Soul Dust, 1 stack, 2g 6s
  • Recipe: Crunchy SPider Surprise 6g 60s
  • Linen cloth, abouit 51 gold for seven stacks
  • 2 stacks of 4 Khorium bars, about 545g
  • Greater Planer Essence, 12.3g
  • Glyphs of immolate, 12.8g
  • Dream dust, 23g
  • Bat Bites, crafted, 2 stacks, 9.5g

I think I’m done for the night. The next play is to see how high I can get by the end of the 30 days.

So you can see the total in pocket, time played, and my insanely high number of hit points. Heck, you can even ID me now, guess I’d better hide…


Beyond 1k in 30 days, Day 8

Oops: originally had this title saying “Day 7,” it’s day 8. Fixed.

A change in title since I was over 1,000 yesterday.

Only about 14 gold in sales this morning. Only doing a little buying right now.

  • Bought some illusion dust, 3stacks at less than 40g/stack, posting at 60ish.
  • 3 Glyphs of Death Strike, for about 10g, posting two at 60g each
  • 2 Glyphs of Conflagrate, bought at about 6g each, posting at 60 each

That’s enough for now.

Ok, evening time.

  • Some Illusion dust sold, net 56+ gold per stack (3 stacks)
  • Glyph of Molten Armor sold for 66g (which is why I like some glyphs)
  • Recipe: Bat Bites, 9g
  • Misc other stuff, almost 300g

Sent bags and cash to, yet another new alt, and 125g to Rogue. After taking the above, I’m at 1119 gold. Cool. Paid for all the cash I sent out. :)


Day 9 of the 1k Gold Run

Ok, it’s day 9,Yawn. Might not do much today.

  • Sold some Illusion Dust, for 40g

Posting the stuff I gathered yesterday and bouight some stuff.

  • Bought Linen cloth, 6 stacks, 9s per stack, post at 80s peer stack
  • Bought 5 Glyph of Mortal Strike, for 6.5g each, posted 2 at 70
  • Misc herbs and meats for a few gold

Ok, that’s enough for now.


Some stuff sold.

  • Wild Steelbloom 5.5g
  • Tin ore, almost 25g
  • 2 Tigerseye, about 2g total
  • Recipe: Crunchy Spider Surprise, 15.8g
  • Recipe: Bat Bites, 9g
  • Raptor Flesh, 9+ gold
  • Med. Leather, 3 stacks, 8g each
  • 6 stacks linen cloth, 77s per stack (bought at 9s)
  • 1 stack of 10 Illusion Dust, 28g
  • Glyph of Death Strike, 31.5g
  • Glyphs of Conflagrate, 85.5 gold

Misc other stuff for 276g in sales, 1347g in pocket. Posting junk and buying a little bit that just leaps out.

  • Recipe: Crunchy Spider Surprise, bought from AH at 3s, posting at 16g
  • 100g sent to mage

Ok, opened box up in the late evening to find 147 gold waiting for me

  • 7 stacks of light leather, mostly gathered, sold for 5.5g each
  • Stack of dream dust sold for 11.4g, bouit for about 7g
  • Stack of Crunchy Serpent for 6.3g, bout for abouit 1g
  • 3 stacks of copper bars for about 19g total
  • four stacks zesty clam meat for 1.8g per stack, bought for about 2g total
  • and a bunch of misc stuff

1394 gold in pocket.


Beyond 1k 30 Day gold run, day 10

  • Sold two (10) stacks of Illusion dust, 28g each
  • Glyph of Mortal Strike, 38g
  • Misc stuff

1490 gold in pocket. Not going to do a lot today, but bought some stuff.

  1. Bought 7 Large Prismatic Shard for 3.8 each, posting at 6g 25s
  2. Bought 1 Large Radiant Shard at 2g, posting at 8
  3. 17 Dark Iron ore for 11g, posting at 34
  4. 4 Glyphs of Haunt for 5 each, posting 2 at almost 50g
  5. 26 Illusion Dust for almost 2g each, posting at almost 3
  6. 4 stacks Knothide Leather Scraps at 2.5 per stack, selling at 7 per stack
  7. 27 pieces of What Spider Meat at 43s, posting at 90s
  8. Sold two stacks of copper ore, mostly gathered, for about 8g each

1370 gold in pocket, back later…

Later: Ok, not much sold,

  • Warp burger for 13.5g, paid about 5
  • Large Radiant Shard, 8.3g,, bought at 2
  • Large Prismatic Shard, 11.9g, paid almost 8
  • Illusion Dust, 22.5g, paid about 14
  • Copper ore, 8.5g, gathered
  • Sinister Scimitar, sold for 9.5g, bought for 65s

1449 gold in pocket.


Day 11 of the 30 Day Gold Run

Not much gonna happen today, but a couple of things sold.

  • White Spider Meat, 2 stacks, 8.6g each
  • 2 stacks linen cloth, 1.4g each
  • Illusion Dust, about 45g
  • Glyph of Immolate, 10g, bought at 3
  • Bought and sent some stuff to mage.

1390 gold in pockets, stats say 3300+ earned so far.

If you’ve actually looked at any of these posts you’ll have noticed that I sell a fair number of limited items. One fo the limited item types available are the pets. Now, not having a higher level on this server some of them are closed off to me (I’ll check into it on another server,) but if you do have higher levels then it’s worth checking out. Prices to pick them up are generally pretty low and you can resell them at a very nice profit.

Zuggy has a post up on just exactly how you can do that and he names names, general locations, prices, and pricing suggestions. He also has a gold guide which you can buy and which has some pretty cool ideas which you won’t see elsewhere.

    • A post on buying & selling pets is just below this section. Sine the originating site is gone, I swiped it from Archive. Scroll down just a bit.

Back later…

  • Throat Piercers, bought for 5s, sold for 45g!
  • White Spider Meat, sold for 6g, bought for about 3g
  • Illusion dust for 14.6g, bought at about 9g
  • Misc other small sales
  • bought 3 Glyph of Judgement for 4g each
  • bought Light Leather on bid, 36 pieces, 3.6 silver total, bought all else under 1g (30s max), 116 pieces total, posting at 12g per stack.
  • bought medium leather on bid, 70 pieces, 20 copper each, bought all other m. leather under 1g, 6ix stacks (plus 3 pieces) posting at 25g per stack
  • bought 14 heavy leather for 7g, plus 11 pieces, on bid for 5s total, posting at 99s each
  • bought 5 stacks of Bronze Bars for 5g/stack.posting at 19g per stack
  • Bought some misc little stuff
  • sent 100g to warrior’
  • Illusion dust, 28g, bought for 10
  • Sold the Heavy leather (just above) for 23+gold, cost < 8g

1351 gold in pocket.

Bonus: Vanity Pet Selling

(source) When WoW introduced achievements it brought a whole new type of “grinding” with it. Players love completing achievements, and one fun one that a huge portion of the WoW population engages in is the rare vanity pet collecting. These pets are attained through a wide variety of places, but for our purposes we’re going to just focus on the ones we can purchase. This strategy may sound simplistic, and it is, but it’s insanely effective, profitable, and a speedy way to go from 1,000 to 2,000 gold.

First things first, we need to make our pet collection rounds. I generally buy about 10 of each individual pet that I will take back and sell over a number of days.

Neutral Vendors

Dealer Rashaad, Netherstorm

  • Blue Dragonhawk Hatchling, 10g
  • Brown Rabbit Crate, 10g
  • Cat Carrier (Siamese), 60s
  • Cockroach, 50s
  • Crimson Snake, 50s,
  • Mana Wyrmling, 40g
  • Parrot Cage (Senegal), 40s
  • Red Moth Egg, 10g

Magus Tirth, Shimmering Flats

  • Ancona Chicken, 1g

Narkk, Booty Bay

  • Parrot Cage (Cockatiel), 40s
  • Parrot Cage (Senegal), 40s

Alliance Vendors

Sixx, The Exodar

  • Blue Moth Egg, 50s
  • White Moth Egg, 50s
  • Yellow Moth Egg, 50s

Donni Anthania, Elwynn Forest

  • Cat Carrier (Bombay), 40s
  • Cat Carrier (Cornish Rex), 40s
  • Cat Carrier (Orange Tabby), 40s
  • Cat Carrier (Silver Tabby), 40s

Shylenai, Darnassus

  • Great Horned Owl, 50s
  • Hawk Owl, 50s

Yarlyn Amberstill, Dun Morogh

  • Rabbit Crate (Snowshoe), 20s

Horde Vendors

Xan’tish, Orgrimmar

  • Black Kingsnake, 50s
  • Brown Snake, 50s
  • Crimson Snake, 50s

Halpa, Thunder Bluff

  • Prairie Dog Whistle, 50s

Jilanne, Eversong Woods

  • Golden Dragonhawk Hatchling, 50s
  • Red Dragonhawk Hatchling, 50s
  • Silver Dragonhawk Hatchling, 50s
  • (So am trying this one 1/29/21. Still 50s each, dropped on AH for 2700g each. We shall see…)

It may take some time to gather all of the pets. Obviously, some of these locations are a bit out of the way, but this is why we really want to make it worth our trip by buying up a decent stock of these pets. After a few trips you may get a better idea for the demand on your server, and increase or decrease the types of pets you are focusing on. In addition, this strategy does deal with some cross faction trading. If you’re not comfortable with that, just stick with your faction and the neutral vendor. The neutral vendor in Netherstorm is really the big one we want to make sure we hit.

Here’s the total we spent (assuming we bought 10 of each), 816 gold.

Pricing Our Items

The next big step is pricing our items. This is tricky with any item, but especially true for an item that is so ambiguous in value. Now, at a certain level you simply have to keep your prices in line to compete on your server, but if there is low supply we can simply set our own. For an item like this bigger is always better. Here is the model I generally use:

  • Pets 1g or less, multiply by 5x – 10x
  • Pets 10g, multiply by 3x – 5x
  • Pets 40g, multiply by 2x – 3x

I’ve been selling pets like this for a long time, and week after week I continue to unload the same pets for an extraordinary profit margin. All it takes is a quick “world buying tour” to stock up for a week or so, and then all the work is done. I list my pets for auctions every 2 days, takes me around 90 seconds to list everything. Even when I factor in the time it took to fly around and purchase the pets this strategy still has resulted in one of the highest gold per hour strategies I’ve devised to date.

Here’s what my net looked like last week.

Here’s what my net looked like last week.

  • 1g and under pets, average multiplier 6.8x, total cost 120, Gross Profit: 8,16 gold
  • 10g pets, average multipler 3.4x, total cost 300, Gross Profit: 1,020 gold
  • 40g pets, average multipler 3x, total cost 400, Gross Profit: 1,200 gold

Cost / Profit Analysis

  • Gross Expenses: 816 gold
  • Gross Profit: 3,036
  • Net Profit: 2,220

Gonna go out and buy some pets now?


30 Day Gold Run, Day 12

Ok, it looks like some stuff sold.

  • 2 stacks of Small Eggs, for 10g each (53s per egg, bought at 5 to 20s each)
  • 3 stacks of Ravager Flesh, for 10.8 to 13.5 gold each (1.4g per piece, mostly bought at 10s or less per piece.)
  • 6 stacks of light leather for about 11.4g each (60s per piece, bought at 1 to 30s per piece.)
  • 4 stacks Knothide Leather Scraps, for almost 7g each (bought at 12s per piece, sold at 35s)
  • 5 Giant Eggs, 6g total, bought at 1g 90s
  • Dark Iron Ore, about 32.5, bought at about 11g
  • 5 stacks of Bronze Bars for 18g each, bout at 5g per stack
  • Arcane Dust, almost 35g, bought at 27g
  • Some miscellaneous stuff
  • Bought some stuff.

1641 gold in pocket

A bit later…

  • Sold misc stuff for 62 gold
  • Small eggs, 3 stacks, about 30g
  • Glyph of Death Strike, 21g

A bit later…

  • 2 more stacks of small eggs, for about 20g total
  • Recipe: Elixir of Shadow Power, 19g, bought from vendor for a few silver
  • 2 stacks Dream Dust, 15g each

1814 gold in pocket


Day 13 of the 30 day Gold Run

Ok,let’s see here… Only 144g in sales.

  • Stable Boots, bought at 25s, sold at 5.5g
  • Agile boots, bought at 25s, sold for 4.7g
  • 5 stacks Small Eggs, for about 48g
  • Stack of Rugged Leather, 33g
  • 6 cooking recipes for about 24g total, bought for maybe 1g total
  • Large Fangs for 13g
  • Misc other stuff.

1958 gold in pocket. Back later.


Didn’t buy much earlier and picked up a couple of sales:

  • 3 stacks of turtle meat for 37 gold
  • Recipe: Holy Protection Potion, bought for a few silver, sold for 4.7g
  • Heavy leather sold for 10g

2011 gold in pocket, bought 200g or so worth of stuff to resell.

  • Succulent Clam Meat, 18 to 49s each piece, posting at 90ish
  • 20 Knothide Leather Scraps. 7s each, posting at 35s each
  • 12 Raptor flesh, bought at 20s each, posting at 65
  • 1 silver bar, bought at 2s, posting at 1.3g
  • 41 large Prismatic Shard, bought at 2 to 4g each, posting at 4.95 each
  • Some misc sales later on.

1831 gold in pocket. Back tomorrow


Day 14 of the Gold Run

I don’t think I’ll type much today.

Start: 1832 gold



Day 15 of the Gold Run

Starting gold: 2139, 2334 across all alts. Stats say 4729 gold earned total, 2139 is left after sending stuff to allts and all the buying. About 26 hours played on the banker, which includes a lot of AFK time while I write this stuff.

So that’s 181 gold per hour, from scratch, using the Stats number, or about 90/hour after all the buying and sending.


Gold stats for this toon

in pocket

Gold on hand

One place to make a bit of gold is in items that can be combined. For example, 10 Motes of Whatever (MW) or Crystallized Whatever (CW) can be combined into one Primal or Eternal Whatever. If a pile of CWs is selling for 50 silver, but the Eternal is selling for 12g you can make money. 10 CWs will cost 5g, so you buy them, combine them, and sell the eternal for 12g. Sometimes it goes the other way, too.

You tailors out there should search the AH for Dress or Shoes or Shirt and see what they’re selling for. If you can make any of those items then you might rake in some extra cash.Even the basic shirts do Ok.

Naturally, there are plenty of things that a high level toon can do thatlow levels can’t, if you have high level toons on your server, and I don’t. Not here.

  • Gems are hit and miss, but they can sell. So I bought 5 Shadowgems at 78s each, to go with the one I looted, and I’ll post them for 2g 70s seach
  • Bought 73 Dream Dust for 25-30s each, posting at 55s

I don’t get the people who sell glyphs for such a low price, unless they’re dumping. Since they sell the same glyphs repeatedly I don’t think they’re just leveling. You gather a stack of herbs and mill them down to eventually make 5 glyphs. You sell the glyphs at 3g or less each. 15g, if they sell (and it may take awhile to sell them.) Or you just sell the stack of herbs for 30 gold and it sells quickly. I think they’re shooting themselves in the foot…

Speaking of herbs… search herbs sometime. Who’s that posting 20 stacks of 20 Northrend herbs? People say that gold sellers get their money from stealing and raping accounts, I think they got it from that and from farming. Rikto’s account was hacked and they leveled his DK to 80 (from 76) and used it for farming. Obviously he got the account back. By the way, for grinding creatures a DK is a superb farming machine.

It’s great for the buyer, though.

  • Buying all light leather under 8s each and reposting at 15s
  • Someone posted 31 stacks of 17 mageweave for a 12 hour bid of 84s per stack. So I bid on all of them. Maybe I’ll even get a few.
  • Bought some Soul Dust at 14s or less per piece, canceled my auctions at 28s per piece, reposting at 40s.

Can you cook? Chilled Meat is cheap everywhere I look, but the Northern Stew you make from it might be worth your while.Don’t make too much at one time, though.Foods that buff stats can do well, also.

  • Buying raptor flesh at up to 68s, canceling my auctions (at 68s) and reposting at 99s
  • 2 stacks of iron bars for 15g each, will repost at almost 30 each.
  • 1 stack of Dark Iron Ore for 10g, reposting at 30g
  • Got 3g for signing a gild charter, quit guild when it was finalized. 5g for signing is common, my Mage just got 10, and I’ve seen 25g offered, once. Great way to get some cash on your banker or low level toon.

Ok, that;’s enough for now. Back later. Gonna look through the Secret Guide for  more ideas (she keeps it nicely updated.)


Some stuff sold:

  • Stable boots & Agile boots, sold, for 5.6g each, bought for 25s each
  • Soul Dust, 3 stacks, 7.7g each
  • The Shadowgems (above) sold, 15.5g
  • Recipe: Crispy Bat Wing, sold for 15+g
  • Raptor Flesh, 4 stacks, sold for 19g each
  • Medium Leather, sold 6 stacks for about 5g each
  • Won some of that Mageweave cloth mentioned above, sold 4 stacks for 14.2g per stack.
  • 6 Large prismatic Shards for 28+g total
  • bought some stuff for reposting.

250 earned, 2190 gold in pocket, 2117 after buying stuff.


  • 3 stacks iron bars, 33.7g each
  • 6 stacks dream dust, about 58g
  • 1.5 stacks clam meat, 30g
  • MIsc other sales

2346 gold in pocket. Back later.


  • Won 8 stacks of copper ore for 5g total. Posting at 9g 60s per stack
  • Stack of Heavy Leather, bought for 55s, posted at 11g
  • 1 stack Ancient Lichen, won on bid for 2g 36s, posting at 23g

Enough for now, I might pick up sales later or wait for the morning.

2367 gold in pocket.



1k Gold Run, Day 16

Sent 200g to an alt, yesterday eve, but got most of it back this morning.

  • Bunch of misc stuff sold.
  • Recipe: Transmute Primal Might, bought at 7g, sold at 32
  • Recipe: Crisly Bat Wing, Bought for a few silver, sold for 12+g

2368 gold.

  • Hmm… Succulent Clam meat may have been a fail. Bought a few stacks and far more replaced them.


  • Thick Clefthoof leather, 22g
  • Icy Dragonscale, 17g (high deposit, oops, I’ll only do this again is the price drops really)
  • Two glyphs, 26g
  • Six stacks copper ore, 36g, won on bid for 7s per stack
  • 130g in sales total, 2490 in pocket

Back later

  • Sold a pile of misc stuff. Gathered skins, ores, greens, etc.
  • Design: Pendant of the Agate Shield sold for 23+ gold
  • 2596 gold in pocket


The 17th Day of the Gold Run

  • Bought some Prarie Dog Whistles for 50s Each. Posting one at a time. Sold one for 6.6g
  • Misc other sales, 2638 gold in pocket.

Ok, let’s see what’s for sale, now…

The danger with bidding, of course, is that you’re bidding away and either accidentally hit the buy button or bid on something with a stack size of one when everything else is 20.

  • It’s always nice when you can grab a couple of stacks of copper ore for 6 silver per stack and sell at 7g.
  • Rep items have no deposit, just like the enchanting mats and a few other things. So the Arcane Tome that you buy for 5 gold can be turned right around and sold at a small profit.

Bought misc stuff, 2528 gold in pocket. Time to get some real work done.

Ok, back to pick up some stuff:

  • Sold Recipe: Crispy Bat Wing: 12g
  • Prairie Dog Whistle, 6.6g
  • Bought 4 glyphs of Conflagrate earlier, 25g total, sold one for 57g
  • Misc other stuff, gathered and otherwise.
  • 2680 g in pocket.
  • Spent 82g on misc stuff to resell

Back later

  • Another Prairie dog whistle sold for 6+g
  • Recipe: Crunchy Spider Surprise, for 6+g
  • Misc other sales and bought still more stuff

2525 gold in pocket.

Later… Picking up some gold before bed. 247g in sales.

  • 3 stacks silver ore sold for 19g per stack, bought for about half that.
  • Recipe: Transmute Primal Might sold for 39g, bought for 75s
  • Another Prairie Dog Whistle for 6.6g, bought for 50s
  • Two stacks bronze bars, about 22g each, bought for just under 8g each.
  • Misc other stuff

2777 gold in pocket.


Day 18 of the 30 Day Gold Run

“What are we going to do today, Brain?”

“The same thing we do every day, Pinky, Get More Gold!”

(With apologies to Pinky and the Brain.)

Just a measly 110 gold in sales this morning. I’m lagging, sorry.

  1. 6 Steel bars, bought at 6g, sold at almost 11
  2. 2 stacks medium leather, bought at 8/stack, sold at 14
  3. arcane tome, bought at 5, sold at 7.3
  4. 3 stacks bronze bars, bought at 39-80s per bar, sold at 1.15g per bar
  5. coal, gathered, 51 silver, ooooo. :)

2888 gold in pocket, I need to buy something.

  • 12 clam meat, bought for 7s, posting at 13.8 gold
  • 1 stack fel iron bar, bought at 7g, posted at 70
  • Misc other stuff.


  • 2 stacks Wool cloth, bought at 15g per stack, sold at 25
  • 17 pieces of silver ore, bought at 1.75 to 2.75g each, sold at 4g each
  • 2 stacks Rugged Leather, bought at 20g each, sold at 38
  • 6 Large Prismatic Shard, bought at 2.9g each, sold at 4.9 each
  • Fel Iron bar, won on bid for just over 7g, sold for 69
  • 7 Adamantite Bar, ought for just over 7g, sold for 26g
  • 64g in misc sales

3027 gold in pocket, Time for bed.


Day 19 of the 30 Day Gold Run

OK, it’s morning. Sigh. If only I could get the dogs to let me sleep in a bit longer…

Anyway, here’s what appearing in my inbox overnight:

  • Raptor flesh, 21+ gold
  • elegant dress, 19.5g
  • crunchy serpent, 12g
  • heavy leather, about 18 gold

3101 gold in pocket; .6,739 total earned
2864g after buying stuff. so 237 spent

  • Piles of various leathers (ooooo… leeaaaatherrrr…)
  • Experimenting with hide, to see if it’s really worthless or not.
  • Leather scraps can make some gold if you catch them cheaply enough.
  • Some of my favorite glyphs (EG: Glyph of the Ghoul) for 5g or less. Posting a few, keeping others while waiting for a price bounce.
  • Misc other stuff

Posting it now, back later.

By the way, if you want to see how this is really done, check out the blueprint (now dead, but check out Zygor). It’s constantly updated and he’s already working on Cataclysm stuff. Expensive, but I think it’s worth it. You also don’t need to have higher level characters, as I’m showing with these posts. My highest level toon on this server is now a 29 Rogue. Time to mine that Titanium Ore, right? 😉  This is the guide to get if you don’t have high level characters (yes, I know that there are one or two who don’t.) or even if you do.

Hayden Hawke’s Gold Secrets is cheaper, and is great if you have one or more level 80 (soon to be 85)  toons. It’s also the way to go if you don’t want to do most of your work in the AH. It’s also been abandoned since Legion, but is pretty cheap and has forums. Or used to.

Another by the way… I also did this, to a small degree, on Fenris. Starting with 10s from basic leveling and a little flower picking, I’m now well over 600g with less than four hours on the bank alt. I got lucky with some glyphs of the Ghoul. Bought them at 1g and sold at 55 or so. The glyph market is nowhere near what it was when Wrath came out, but there are still a couple of good spots and Ghoul (along with a couple other glyphs) sells quite well.

At the very least, a level 10 character can mine a few stacks of copper ore and keep herself in decent weapons and a level 20 mount.

It’s now later…

233 gold earned:

  • Strange Dust, 23 pieces, bought at 12s each, sold at 29s
  • Medium Leather, 4 stacks, sold at 14.2 g, bought at various prices.
  • Medium Hide, 21 pieces, sold at 95s per piece, bought at various lower prices
  • Light Leather, 7 stacks, sold at 3g/stack, bought at less than half that
  • Stack of Iron Bar, bought at 19.6, sold for 30.8
  • Greater Nether Essence, bought three Lesser nether essence for 2.5g, combined them sold Greater version for 14.5g
  • Glyph of Eviscerate, sold for 13.7g, bought at 5g
  • Glyph of Conflagrate, sold for almost 55g, bought at 6g
  • Dark Iron Ore, sold for 10g, bought for about 5

Back later…

  • Zesty clam meat
  • Thorium bars
  • Thick Leather
  • Clam meat
  • misc
  • sent 100g to Rogue

3056 gold in pocket


Day 20 of 30 Days to Gold

Slow day today, just reposting stuff that didn’t sell. May do some buying later.


30 Days to Gold, Day 21

We have company over for the day, so I won’t be doing much, but no one is awake right now…

Picked up some sales:

  1. various cooking recipes, bought for a few silver, sold for about 30g
  2. two Glyphs of Judgement, 28g each
  3. two stacks heavy leather, 39g
  4. large fangs, 23g
  5. large prismatic shards, 28g
  6. design: Pendant of the Agate Shield, 13+ gold
  7. Design: Heavy Iron Knuckles, 7g
  8. medium hide, 9g
  9. misc other sales

3278 gold in pocket. Too much stuff to five into my bags, time to post some stuff.

3098 gold after buying stuff.

Back much later.

Ok, it’s later.

250g in sales

  • Dumped some Soul Dust, sold 7 stacks for 5.9g each, which is only a bit above “break even.”
  • Various cooking recipes for 17g
  • 2 stacks of 10 Med Hide for 9+ gold each
  • 4 stacks light leather for 11.4g each
  • 3 glyphs sold for about 84g total
  • misc other sales

3349 gold in pocket.

A little later…

  • Recipe: Crunchy Spider Surprise, sold for 3.7g
  • Recipe: Crispy Bat Wings, sold for 21g
  • Raptor flesh, 18g
  • Medium hide, 20g
  • 6 stacks linen cloth, 24g

3447 gold total


Day 22 of the 30 Day Gold Run

One of the things I like about the Massive Gold Blueprint (now dead, but check out Zygor) is that the author regularly adds new videos addressing how to profit from the coming 4.0 & Cataclysm expansion. There should be some very nice opportunities. Glyphs should be good again, for awhile, since there will now be Prime, Major, and Minor Glyphs.

I expect the glyph system will be kicked around a bit, but once it settles it might be worth the effort to dust off your inscription skills, pay a visit to the trainer, and get back to work. People will be experimenting with any new glyphs that appear for a while and filling out their dual builds. Eventually it will settle down, but I expect to get back to the gold cap on a couple of servers. Of course, herbs & inks will still be expensive so you might want to start stocking up if you see good deals. There’s on opportunity there for herbalists. All the new inscription work should dry up the herb supply.

The new Reforging system might make crafting interesting is some ways. Take a junk item, merge it with a crafted item, and sell the result. Assuming that reforging doesn’t soul-bind the thing. The patch notes don’t say, one way or the other.

All the stuff I’m doing with this gold run should remain evergreen. The exact items may change, and new ones will certainly appear, but the technique will be the same. Also, keep in mind that old world items (leathers, herbs, etc.) still sell well. People still have to level their crafts and some make mid-level items that sell well, so will be repeat buyers.

Since the whole world will be rebuilt I think we’re in for interesting times.

  • Sold a big pile (10 stacks) of Knothide leather scraps (yeah, scraps sell at the right price.) If they’re low enough, and your leatherworking is high enough, you can buy the cheap scraps, make the leather, and sell at a profit.
  • Sold some Furious Crawdad
  • What’s with all this “sell lots of stuff in stacks of 1? nonsense? It’s ok for glyphs, but skins? Dusts? Other stackables? Auctionator makes it easy to buy these, but I’ll bet these people are losing sales compared to selling the same stuff in useful stacks.
  • How big a stack? Check mats on and see which stack sizes are most commonly used for crafting particular items. For example, if you need 6 Magic Crystal Whatevers to make the commonly used  really nice enchant then sell your whatevers in stacks of six. Sell your herbs in stacks of multiples of five (20 is better) for scribes.
  • Misc other sales.

Buying stuff: bought various dusts and some this and that. Not everything  that I by actually sells. I’ve bought glyphs for 4-5g that will probably be dumped for a lot less. Same for enchanting dusts and other items. You have to take your best guestimate and go from there.

After buying stuff I have 3412 gold in pocket, 7826 earned on the stats page.

Later: Sold some stuff

  • large fangs, 22.7g, gathered and some bought at 45s each
  • 5 stacks Illusion Dust at 36 to 38g per stack, bought at 20 to 28 per stack
  • Glyph of the Ghoul, 32g, bought at 5g
  • Glyph of Immolate, 37g, bought at 5g
  • Glyph of Conflagrate, 37g, bought at 5g
  • Glyph of charge, 24g, bought at 5g
  • Bear meat, 16.5g, bought for 1.7g

3786 gold


  • Illusion dust sold for 63 gold
  • 5 Fel Armament sold for 71g, bought for about 20g

3947 gold


It’s Day 23

It’s day 23 and it’s starting a bit slow. Out of town company is still around, but no one is awake, yet., so I can buy some stuff.

If I was going to do this right I’d have alts in certain areas to allow for easy grabbing of limited items. Possibly for easy gathering of some items. A 2nd account would allow for cross-faction trading. For example, buy X for cheap on the Alliance side, sell it for a lot more on the Horde side, and visa versa. That requires characters at the neutral auction houses and some way to keep others from swiping your auctions.

It’d be nice to have a character in Dalaran, but it’s awkward to get there when you’re level 1. I might try it, though…  There are some things you can do in Dal.

Ok, only a couple of things sold:

  • Titanium bar, 32.8g
  • Recipe: Crispy Lizard tail, 9.5g
  • misc other stuff for about 56 gold total, breaking 4k gold. Stats show 8,400 earned to date.

Onward, let’s see what I can buy:

  • Looks like no one in interested in Slippery Eel. It’s a food that buffs Defense. I’ve tried posting it several times and gotten zero interest, so I’ll just vendor it, take the hit, and get it out of my inventory.
  • Bought 16 Large Prismatic Shards for about 3g each. Selling at 4.95 each
  • Stack of Furious Crawdad for about 4.5g
  • Couple stacks for Raptor Flesh

Ok, back later, the Alliance is killing the Auctioneers.


Day 24, Getting Close to the End.

Only about 125 gold in sales this morning, mainly through various enchanting dusts. Spent it immediately buying stuff, so I’m just under 4k gold at this point.

Here’s the results from the pros. As you can see, I’m just a newb at this.:

32 challengers…

The total gold accumulation of 745,369 Gold, or an average of 23,292g per challenger, was quite amazing. Can we hit 1 million gold next time?

Nice when you have a few auction up, stuff sells.

  • Zesty clam meat, sold for 19.5g
  • Raw sunscale Salmon, sold for 20.4g
  • Raptor Egg, 11g
  • Lion Meat, 9.5g
  • 3 stacks Furious Crawdad, sold for 18g per stack
  • 1 stack of Arcane Dust, sold for 19g

4147 gold

  • Khorium Ore, bought 3 for 17.7g, sold for 91.5g
  • Some misc sales

Bought some stuff to post, based on my Auctionator shopping lists. They seemed to have some potential.

  • 3 SIlver bars, paid 1g each, posting at 2.95g each
  • Silver ore, 7 pieces, paid 9g, posting at 27.6g
  • Bronze bars, 6 stacks, 4g each, posting at 18g each
  • copper ore, 4 stacks, about 4.5g each, posting at 9g each
  • Thorium Bars, 29 of ‘em, paid 43s to 80s per bar, saving for a higher price
  • Thorium Ore, 1 stack, paid 12.5g, saving for later
  • 6 Tin bars, paid 2g, posting at 8.4g
  • 2 Large fangs, 1.75g each, posting at 3.95g each

4144 gold in pocket, stats say 8955 total gold earned

Ok, so next time I do this I have to hit at least 24k in 30 days. (By the way, that’s a gold earned stat, not necessarily gold in pocket.) Still, it’s ain’t bad for starting from scratch.


Day 25, Closing in on 5k gold

Opened up the inbox to see 208 gold

  • Those 6 stacks of Bronze Bars sold, for 17.2g each
  • 4 stacks copper ore, for 8.4g each
  • fadeleaf, won on bid for 4.5g, sold for 18.5g
  • 2 fel armament, bought for 14 total, sold for 28
  • 3 silver bar, bought for 3g, sold for 8.4
  • turtle meat, 1 stack, bought at 2g, sold for 9.6

4352 gold in pocket. Back later…  Company will be heading out today, so I’ll have more time.


  • 7 Silver ore, bought for 9, sold for 26.3
  • 7 stacks light leather, 4.7g per stack
  • 12 Large Prismatic Shard, 56.5g total, bought for 3 to 4g each.
  • 1 stack Furious Crawdad, 24g

Bought some herbs and stuff. Back later.

Back… Picked up some recipes

  • Sold Rugged Leather, bought at 12, sold at 19
  • Sold Raptor Flesh
  • Sold Iron Ore, 10 pieces, bought at 10g, sold at 18
  • Sold 2 stacks of 3 Large Prismatic Shards for 22.7g per stack
  • Medium hide for 4.8g
  • 7 stacks linen cloth at 2.8g per stack
  • Large fangs for almost 19g
  • Glyph of Mortal Strike, 32g
  • Glyph of Judgement, 66.5g
  • Glyph of Horn of Winter, 66.5g
  • Glyph of Charge, 13.8g

4568 gold in pocket. Good night.


Day 26, Get More Gold

Only a couple of sales this morning. 4592 gold in pocket.

Posted some stuff and came back later to check for sales.

  • Mark of Sargeras, 28.3 per stack of 30, bought at about 40% of that.
  • 2 Glyphs of Consecration, for 23.2g each, bought at 4 each
  • Black Kingsnake for 5.5g, bought for a few silver

4605 gold in pocket.

A little later:

  • Recipe: Shadow Protection Potion, 9.5g
  • Mark of Sargeras, 12g
  • 5 stacks light leather, 3.8g each
  • 3 stacks iron bars, 19.2 each
  • Glyph of Horn of Winter, 37g
  • Black Kingsnake, 5.5g

4742 gold in pocket.

Day 27 – Almost at 5k

If you’re the type who keeps track of such things you might want to keep an eye on certain items and what the 4.0 & Cataclysm launches will do to the prices of those items. For example, if you’re farming some item that’s only found in one area and if that area will be completely changed when Cat. hits, will that item still be available? Certain whelps, just to pick one.

OK, 235 gold in the mail this morning.Haven’t decided yet if I’ll start dumping stuff to pump my stats a bit, then start “fresh” on day 31. Probably will. I’ll probably also park an alt at the Darkmoon Faire and see what I can grab from their vendors.

  • Raptor flesh, 23,9g
  • Iron bar, 29.9g
  • Glyphs of the ghoul, Judgement, Mortal Strike, Immolate, and Eviscerate. about 127g there.

4963 gold in pocket, just over 10k on the stats pane. Time to buy some stuff

4852 gold after buying some stuff.

Back later.

  • Heavy Leather, 29.6g
  • Glyph of Immolate, 33.2g
  • Bear meat, 3.9g
  • Greater Planer Essence, 12.2g
  • Glyph of Unburdened Rebirth, 14.2g
  • Glyph of Judgement, 29g
  • Glyph of Immolate, 33g

5019 gold in pocket.

  • Mark of Kil’jaeden28g
  • Various glyphs, about 165g total

5235 gold

Day 28 – Trying for 6k gold

Ok, I have a couple of days here and the weekend is coming up. Let’s see if I can hit 6k gold.

Highest level toon is 32 and I haven’t been playing that one much, recently. I don’t have an army of alts grinding away or running around the cities, looking for stuff.

The point, of course, is that this is something anyone can do and everything that I’m doing here can be done in 4.0 and Cataclysm.

106 gold in the inbox

  • Mountain Silversage, 10g
  • 3 stacks of Iron Bars, almost 30g each
  • Dream dust, 6.5g

Bought some stuff, down to 4995 gold. Back later

  • Dumping some Thorium bars and ore. Thought the price would bounce, but I’m tired of waiting. about 45g, a small loss. I’m not sure that market moves well enough to justify buying up the lower priced stuff. I’ll look again if someone posts far below the current price.
  • Glyph of Death and Decay, bought for 7, sold for 75g.
  • Silver Ore, 17g, bought at 8
  • Schematic: Goblin Jumper Cables: 10g
  • 4 stacks linen cloth, 29g, bought at About 11
  • 5 stacks of three Large Prismatic Shard, 14g each
  • Design: Ruby Crown of Restoration: 7.9g
  • Design: Opal Necklace of Impact, 5.3g
  • Design: Heavy Iron Knuckles, 9.5g
  • Copper Rod, 6.6g, bought at 1s
  • Adamantine Ore, 35g, bought at 25g

5377g, then I bought some stuff. Back later.


  • tin bar, 5g, bought at 2g
  • 6 stacks purple lotus, about 130g. about 2.4g per herb, bought pieces from 75s to 1.9g each
  • 4 Mithril bars, 9.6g, bought at 5g
  • 2 stacks mageweave cloth, 18.7g each, bought at 8g each
  • 2 stack linen cloth, 8.5g each, that’s about 43s per peice, bought at 8 to 15s per piece.
  • Golden Samsan, 11.3g, prettymuch break even
  • Glyph of Immolate, 33.4g, bought at 14g
  • Furious Crawdad, 10.5g, bought at 7g
  • 2 stacks copper ore, 7.5g each, bought at 3.5 each
  • Won 5 Glyph of Heroic Strike on bid for 1.5 silver each
  • Won 3 Glyph of Healthstone on bid, for 1.5 silver each
  • Won 3 Glyph of Flash heal on bid, for 1.6 silver each
  • Won 10 Ancient Lichen on bid, about 10 silver each
  • Won 9 Felweed on bid, 7.9 silver each
  • Won 9 Knothide Leather on bid, 21.9 silver each
  • Won 3 stacks Netherweave cloth on bid. 2.8g per stack

5584 gold in pocket.

  • Sold Gloden Sansam for about 24g,
  • Sold Glyph of Pestilence for 57g
  • Sold Felweed for 8.4g
  • Sold Ancient Lichen for 16.6g
  • 4 stacks of 3 each Large Prismatic Shard, 34g per stack

5820 gold

Day 29, Should Break 6k Gold Today

OK, it’s the weekend. This post and tomorrow’s and I can stop writing these, which no one’s reading anyway. No prob, I’ll just call it my own personal gold log (Glog?)

Ok, here’s what’s in the in-box this morning:

  • 2 stacks wool cloth sold, 18g each, gathered and won on very low bid.
  • Recipe: Heavy Kodo Stew, 17g
  • Recipe: Curiously Tasty Omlet: 3.4g
  • Knothide leather, 11g, won on bid for 2g
  • Design:Blazing Citrine Ring, 11g
  • Adamantite ore 27.7,

That leaves me with 5935 gold in pocket. So then I bought a few things.

A bit later…

  • Recipe: Heavy Kodo Stew, sold for 17g
  • 3 Stacks netherweave cloth, 8g each
  • Large fang, 3.3g
  • Misc sales
  • Recipe: Soothing Turtle Bisque: 3.2g
  • Recipe: Roast raptor, 3.6g
  • Recipe: Curiously tasty omlet, 18.8g
  • 4 stacks medium leather, 11g each
  • 2 Greater Planer Essence, 14g (bought for 6)

6028 gold. Woot.

A bit later:

  • Recipe: Carrion Surprise, 19g
  • 2 stacks Mageweave cloth, 18.7g each
  • Various Glyphs, about 118g total
  • misc sales

6212 gold in pocket

Day 30, Last Day for the Gold Run

  • Misc sales for 61g

I’ll take a look around for great deals, but mostly I’ll just post what’s left in my inventory. I’m at 6,273 gold now, so maybe I’ll hit 6,500 by the end of the day.

A lit later:

  • Schematic: White Smoke Flair, 24g
  • 4 stacks iron bars, 28g
  • Glyph of Haunt, 28g
  • Misc stuff

6355 gold

Sold some stuff …

  • Recipe: Heavy Kodo Stew, 17g
  • 5 stack medium leather, 9.5g each
  • 3 stacks of Mark of Kil’jeaden, 18g each
  • 3 stacks of 3 Large Radiant Shard, 37g each
  • heavy leather, 22g
  • Copper rod, 5g

totals: 6632 gold in pocket, 12, 484 total on the stats pane.

But I’m a noob, which is obvious., Brenfew had over 68k total earned, VekTor had just under 88,000 earned, and the average gold earned from 32 speed runners was 23k. Lots of details are posted in the MWG forums. (now deleted.)

The end