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Tycoon Gold Guide Review

Tycoon died awhile back. Apparently it had “War Mode” on and was ganked. Or got bored. Or something. I liked it, but oh well.

So I am going to leave this page blank for awhile. Maybe I’ll do something with it later.

13 thoughts on “Tycoon Gold Guide Review”

    1. No, actually. Zygor, Dugi, and others, as well as the Tycoon people all do it, they all offer great value, and they’re all TOS compliant. You would have to ask them directly to find out the exact details. The contact info is on their home pages.

          1. Dynatsyaddons, Zygor, and Dugi get away with it by making the addon itself free (you can get it from their sites by looking around or asking their customer support). What you are paying for is the actual guide itself (the data the addon uses to tell you where to level/farm)

    2. I have used this addon, and I love it. It made me tons of gold in game and I also use another site called The Undermine Journal (Google it!), which is also AWESOME, it works like an out of game Auctioneer Mod, but basically tells you what is ridiculously cheap right at this moment.

      1. Yep. Between Tycoon, auctioneer/auctionator, and Undermine there’s really no reason not to be making a ton of gold. Unless, of course there are like three people on your server. 🙂

      1. And for adding some other useful data. And for easily finding buy that are easily missed with Auctionator lists. And for marking up gathering routes, which I’ve found to be very useful. It’s a big time saver and I’ve used it to make quite a bit of gold that I wouldn’t have made otherwise. Auctionator is great and Tycoon brings quite a bit to the game.

        Now, if all you do is sell certain gems or glyphs or only gather a few herbs then its value is less. If you want to expand out a bit then it’s definitely valuable.

        I use it all the time, so I recommend it.

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