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Will an Instant Level 90 Devalue Leveling?

Some days back it was discovered that Blizzard would, in fact, be offering an insta-90 boost for $60. This is in addition to the boost that will come with the Warlords of Draenor expansion. Whether it will be available before the expansion is anyone’s guess. Naturally there has been some discussion as to what the value of the boost is, whether it’s “pay to win” and so on. My view is that it’s cool. People constantly complain about leveling and how long it takes to get to 90 (and soon, 100.) Especially if what they really want to do it…

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Top 10 Ways To Get Leveled Faster

I asked the question “How Fast Did You Level?” in a G+ World of Warcraft Community. (Here it is. If you’re on G+ you can join that community here.) I have received some interesting responses, such as getting from 1-90 in 23 hours (or less.) That’s rather mind boggling to me, so I asked and received some details. Here is what I was told: I farm the elixirs of wisdom ( +300% xp ) and I do not use RaF. (These Elixirs are going to take some time to farm.) LvL 1-10 took about 22 minutes with heirlooms and the…

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Zygor sale sept 10
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Zygor Guide 5.4 Patch Sale!

What is it? Zygor Guide 5.4 is an n in-game level guide which will blast you through the quests ASAP, regardless of your experience or gear. You’ll never wonder where to go or what to do and you’ll hit 90 very quickly. Why now?  It’s their 50% off sale in honor of their patch 5.4 updates, but it only lasts for a few days. Where is it? Go here, now. And there really is a timer on their website. When it hits zero the sale is over. The longer version: Zygor guide 5.4 is an in-game addon that will take your through the…

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Zygor Guides Sale!

The sale is now done, sorry if you missed it. If you’d like to see a full review then see our Zygor review page. Zygor’s our leveling guide of choice. We use it any time we’re leveling characters. Now they’re having a sale and the prices of their leveling guide are 50% off. Heck all their guides are 50% off. But it only lasts until Wed, the 26th. Why? Over the past few days, some customers have been prevented from purchasing Zygor’s guides due to a maintenance update their payment processor was conducting. As their way of apologizing for this…

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The Ironman Leveling Challenge

People are always complaining that WoW is too easy, with the gear, the leveling nerfs, etc. It used to take about 6 days to get to 60, if you were fast and efficient and knew your way around the place. Now it’s about the same to 85. These days we have Heirloom gear, Guild perks, Recruit a Friend, easy availability of quality gear (blues and purples,) etc. I like it, and it’s certainly much easier to level than it used to be. This post if for all of you who want a challenge. Think of the Diablo game’s Hardcore mode…

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