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Leveling Leatherworking from 1 to 600

Leveling Leatherworking from 1 to 600

Leveling Leathworking to 600 in patch 5.4

Updated for
Mists of Pandaria 5.4

Leatherworking creates items of leather and mail, both as armor and armor enhancements. Rogues and Druids will want your leather items, Shammies and Hunters will want your mail items.


  1. Leatherworking Perks and Notes
  2. Leveling Your Skills
    1. 1-75
    2. 75-150
    3. 150-225
    4. 225-300
    5. 300-375 – Burning Crusade
    6. 375-450 – Wrath of the Lich King
    7. 450-525 – Cataclysm
    8. 525-600 – Mists of Pandara


Profession Perks:

  • Starting from skill level 400 Fur Lining is a self-only enchant that adds up to 500 Int, Ag, Str, or 750 Stam to your bracers. It automatically improves as you level.
  • Leg Reinforcements add a nice stat bonus.

Mists of Pandaria – Lots of new items are coming in and Leatherworking will let you create then up to item level 553 (in patch 5.4.) The new skill cap is 600, the new title is Zen Master Leatherworking, you can train up at 500+ and have to be a minimum of level 80. You can see a list of the new Leatherworking products here.

Obviously Skinning is the perfect compliment to Leatherworking. Enchanting is also a good compliment to Leatherworking. You’ll be able to enchant any gear you make for yourself and you can put enchants on gear that you are selling. You can also disenchant the surplus green and better gear that you create.

Note About Your Level: You do not have to be level 90 to get to Zen Master Leatherworking, you DO have to be pretty close to level to 600. GO here and check out Zygor’s leveling guide and get to 90 fast.


Leveling Leatherworking

Skill Item to be created Material to create one item

1-75, Apprentice Leatherworking, Requires level 5, Train up at 50+

1-20: Light Leather 3x Ruined Leather scraps
1-30: Light Armor Kit Light Leather
30-50: Handstitched Leather Cloak 2x Light Leather, Coarse Thread
35-65: Cured Light Hide Salt Light Hide

76-150, Journeyman Leatherworking, Requires level 10, Train up at 125+

65-85: Embossed Leather Gloves 3x Light Leather, 2x Coarse Thread
85-100: Fine Leather Belt 6x Light Leather, 2x Coarse Thread
100-115: Curse Medium Hide Medium Hide Salt
100-115: Medium Armor Kit 4x Medium Leather, Coarse Thread
115-125: Dark Leather Boots 4x Medium Leather, 2x Coarse Thread, Gray Dye
125-130: Dark Leather Cloak 8x Medium Leather, Coarse Thread, Gray Dye
130-145: Dark Leather Belt Fine Leather Belt, Cured Medium Hide, 2x Fine Thread, Gray Dye
145-150: Hillman’s Leather Gloves 14x Medium Leather, 4x Coarse Thread

151-225, Expert Leatherworking, Requires level 20, Train up at 220+

150-165: Cured Heavy Hide Heavy Hide, 3x Salt
150-155: Heavy Leather 5x Medium Leather
150-180: Heavy Armor Kit 5x Heavy Leather, Fine Thread
180-190: Barbaric Shoulders 8x Heavy Leather, Cured Heavy Hide, Fine Thread
180-190: Guardian Pants 12x Heavy Leather, 2x Bolt of Silk Cloth, 2x Fine Thread
190-210: Guardian Gloves 4x Heavy Leather, Cured Heavy Hide, Silken Thread
200-220: Thick Armor Kit 5x Thick Leather, Silken Thread

226-300, Artisan Leatherworking, Requires level 35, Train up at 275+

220-235: Nightscape Headband 5x Thick Leather, 2x Silken Thread
235-250: Nightscape Pants 14x Thick Leather, 4x Silken Thread
250-265: Rugged Armor Kit 5x Rugged Leather
255-285: Heavy Scorpid Bracers 4x Rugged Leather, 4x Heavy Scorpid Scale, Rune Thread
265-290: Wicked Leather Bracers 8x Rugged Leather, Black Dye, Rune Thread
275-300: Frostsaber Boots 4x Rugged Leather, Essence of Water, Rune Thread
290-300: Wicked Leather Headband 12x Rugged Leather, Black Dye, Rune Thread

301-375, Master Leatherworking, Requires level 50, Train up at 350+

300-310: Knothide Leather 5x Knothide Leather Scraps
300-325: Knothide Armor Kit 4x Knothide Leather
325-330: Heavy Knothide Leather 5x Knothide Leather
330-350: Thick Draenic Vest 3x Heavy Knothide Leather, 3x Rune Thread
335-350: Scaled Draenic Boots 2x Heavy Knothide Leather, 2x Fel Scales, Rune Thread
350-360: Borean Leather 5x Borean Leather Scraps

376-450, GrandMaster Leatherworking, Requires level 65, Train up at 425+

360-380: Borean Armor Kit 4x Borean Leather
380-390: Arctic Boots 8x Borean Leather
390-405: Heavy Borean Leather 6x Borean Leather
395-420: Dark Frostscale Leggings 4x Heavy Borean Leather, 5x Crystallized Water
395-420: Dark Iceborne Leggings 4x Heavy Borean Leather, 5x Crystallized Shadow
420-425: Overcast Bracers 8x Heavy Borean Leather, Eternal Water
425-435: Savage Leather 5x Savage Leather Scraps
435-450: Savage Armor Kit 5x Savage Leather

451-525, Illustrious GrandMaster Leatherworking, Requires level 75, Train up at 425+

450-460: Darkbrand Bracers 7x Savage Leather, Eternium Thread
450-470: Darkbrand Belt 7x Savage Leather, Eternium Thread
470-475: Darkbrand Boots 10x Savage Leather, Eternium Thread
475-485: Darkbrand Shoulders 12x Savage Leather, Eternium Thread
475-485: Scorched leg Armor 6x Savage Leather, 4x Volatile Fire
485-487: Heavy Savage Leather – The skill gain from this drops very quickly, so you won’t get more than a couple of points form it. 5x Savage Leather
485-490: Darkbrand Chestguard 12x savage Leather, Eternium Thread
490-496: Darkbrand Leggings Awards 3 skill points per item. 4x Heavy Savage Leather, 12x Volatile Earth
496-502: Cloak of Beasts 8x Heavy Savage Leather,
2x Volatile Earth,
2x Volatile Air,
2x Volatile Water,
2x Volatile Fire


Cloak of War

Exotic Leather Get yourself a pile of Sha Touched leather and skip all the following recipes and go straight to the Mists of Pandaria section. 

60x Blackened Dragonscale,
5x Sha-Touched Leather – 125 pieces of Sha Touched Leather will get you to 525 skill.
502-504: Darkbrand Helm 5x Heavy Savage Leather
504-510: Cloak of Beasts 8x Heavy Savage Leather, 2x Volatile Earth, 2x Volatile Air, 2x Volatile Water, 2x Volatile Fire
504-510: Cloak of War 60x Blackened Dragonscale
510-515: Any of the Following Recipes
Vicious Leather Gloves 10x Heavy Savage Leather, 10x Volatile Fire
Vicious Leather Bracers 10x Heavy Savage Leather, 10x Volatile Fire
Vicious Wyrmhide Belt 10x Heavy Savage Leather, 10x Volatile Fire
Vicious Wyrmhide Bracers 10x Heavy Savage Leather, 10x Volatile Fire
515-520: Any of the Following Recipes
Vicious Leather Boots 10x Heavy Savage Leather, 10x Volatile Fire
Vicious Leather Shoulders 10x Heavy Savage Leather, 10x Volatile Fire
Vicious Wyrmhide Boots 10x Heavy Savage Leather, 10x Volatile Fire
Vicious Wyrmhide Gloves 10x Heavy Savage Leather, 10x Volatile Fire
520-525: Any of the Following Recipes
Vicious Leather Belt 10x Heavy Savage Leather, 10x Volatile Water
Vicious Leather Helm 10x Heavy Savage Leather, 10x Volatile Water
Vicious Wyrmhide Chest 10x Heavy Savage Leather, 10x Volatile Water

525 – 600, Zen Master Leatherworking, requires level 80, train up at 500

In the new zones the LW trainers are Clean Pelt and Masster Cannon, both in Kun Lai Summit and both are friendly to both factions. Or you can take the portal back to your capital city (or mage portal) and get training there.

In patch 5.4 there is a new cooldown. Hardened Magnificent Hide, which uses two Magnificent Hides and creates the hardened version. This teaches you a new recipe, usually some Crafted Malevolent PvP piece (requires skill 600.) The hardened hides are needed for the epic PvE items you will discover, which require skill 600.

You will need to find a recipes which will teach you the research skill, Pattern: Hardened Magnificent Hide and Its Uses. It’s a world drop in Pandaria (and elsewhere?) which means anything in Pandaria can drop it. I found mine after a dozen or so mobs. There is a similar recipe, which is also a Pandaria drop: Magnificence of Scales, which uses Prismatic Scales and will teach you the same recipes as the Magnificence of Leather from 5.3.

You will also learn, once you learn the above research recipes, Accelerated Hardened Magnificent Hide, which removes the daily cooldown, but which also costs one Spirit of War in addition to the two hides. (These are dropped from a Siege of Orgrimmar boss, Dragonmaw Bonecrusher

In patch 5.3 You will receive a daily cooldown, Magnificence of Leather, which will allow you to eventually make all of the Crafted Dreadful PvP gear recipes, leather and mail, and they’re much better than the Contender recipes. Note that each use requires one full stack of Exotic Leather and creates one Magnificent Hide, in addition to teaching you the appropriate recipe. Creating any of the recipes requires 1 or 2 Magnificent Hides.

Patch 5.0: Contender’s Gear

The patterns for the Contender’s gear are purchased from vendors in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms and cost 1 Spirit of Harmony each. All you need to do to access the recipes is to complete a quest to get to the zone and your leatherworking skill (if you’re not a LW you won’t be able to see the recipes.) There is no other requirement to be able to buy the recipes.

The Vendors are:

  • Tanner Pang, Alliance, Leatherworking & Skinning Supplies, Shrine of Seven Stars. in Vale of Eternal Blossoms
  • Krogo Darkhide, Horde, Leatherworking & Skinning Supplies vendor, located in Shrine of the Two Moons in Vale of Eternal Blossoms
Spirits of Harmony are not required to max out your Leatherworking skill. They are required to make the epic gear from these vendors. (iLevel 476+) and you will need at least three to make any of the items. How do you get your Spirits?
  • Motes of Harmony are world drops. Kills a few dozen of anything (other than players) and find a Mote. Ten Motes can be combined into one Spirit. Leveling from 85 to 90 might get you enough Motes to make a half dozen Spirits. 
  • Some Daily quests award a Treasure of the Vale which might (roughly 30% chance) contain a Spirit. This might be the easiest way to get these things.
  • PvP: 600 Conquest points from PvP will buy you a spirit from the PvP vendors.
  • If you have appropriate rep with the Tillers then you can grow motes of harmony and might be able to net about 1 Spirit per day.


525-535 Sha Armor Kit or use up your leftover mats from the Vicious PvP gear. 4x Exotic Leather for the Kit
See above for the Vicious gear.
535-550 Misthide Shoulders or belt or gloves, or make …
Stormscale Shoulders
8x Exotic leather for Misthide stuff
8x Prismatic Scale for Stormscale
550-600* Misthide Leather Helm or
Stormscale Helm (or Chest)*All of the Misthide/Stormscale gear goes green by 585 at the most. The upside is the you don’t have to be level 90 or have Rep with any particular faction in order to buy the patterns.
10x Exotic leather or
10x Prismatic Scale
555-600 Contender’s Gear. Cost is one Spirit of Harmony each. Any of the Contender recipes will take you all the way to 600 skill. You do not need to be 90 or have rep to buy or make these items, all you need is access to the zone. Each of these (below) awards 2 skill points. Pick one of the following and finish off your skill:


15x Exotic leather for leather items.
15x Prismatic Scale for scaleitems345 leather/scale pieces gets you from 555 skill to 600. Higher level recipes will provide more skill points per use.

Congratulations on maxing your Leatherworking skill!

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Crafting the Vicious Leather PvP set

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  1. I think all of those things that list the # of “Sha Leathers” should be changed to “Exotic Leather”.

    But nice guide. Helped me out a lot.

  2. Hey there. Have a question about kicking off MoP Leatherworking. Right now I have the Drakehide and Charscale Leg enchants showing as +5 skill at 525… Do you think stacking mats for these and making them right when the expansion drops could give a speed boost? I am not sure because I can’t tell when they will yellow out or stop being worth 5 skill points..

    Thanks for this guide!!! /bookmark

    1. I would stock mats for any prof for the highest level recipes. Two reasons:
      1) Mats will be very expensive at launch, so get them now.
      2) A lot of mid to high level MoP recipes will requires Bind on Pickup materials, such as “Spirit of Harmony.” You will have to farm all these are they are far from common, at least in Beta. They may become tradable at some point, as Chaos Orbs did, but for now? Not so hot for production crafters. 🙂
      So check your recipes and set your self up to get as far into the new skill zone as you can at launch.

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