The Warrior Leveling Guide: Crush the Enemy

Updated for Warlords of Draenor
Legion updates are happening

Warrior Leveling GuideLeveling an Undead Warrior, this pic is from level 40 or so. You charge, main, rend, mutilate, crush, kill, and destroy the opposition. Warriors don’t run, dodge, heal much, or otherwise avoid any situation where they can charge in and smash things.

At higher levels you become a whirlwind of death and destruction, what’s not to like? PvP, raiding, you can do it all and you’ll be doing it with one or two 2-handed weapons. You’re not a healer or sneaky Rogue. Your job is to crash into the enemy and destroy them.

Warriors are one of my favorite classes to level and they provide the fun gaming style of non-stop death-dealing and fast leveling. Warrior leveling is pretty easy, but because they’re always face to face smashing Warriors do need to be geared well at all times, perhaps more than most classes. Auction House gear will serve you well. Keep your weapons updated and you will level quickly and leave your enemies strewn all over Azeroth. .

Arms, Fury, or Protection doesn’t matter much. You’ll still grind the enemy to dust under your heavily armored feet.

Warrior Leveling Contents:

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Buffs and Nerfs: As the world of Azeroth moves through the Warlords of Draenor and into Legion all of the various classes will suffer from the buffs and cheer at the nerfs… wait a minute… reverse that. The point is that if at any point Warriors are the Gods of SMASH! or doormats probably isn’t something we’ll comment on here. Why? Because it will likely change in a couple of days due to a hotfix.

Looks for the same buff/nerf stuff in and given expansion and the patches and expansions that come after that.

So what’s new in Legion? Trimmed and removed abilities, Arms and Fury feel a bit more different from each other, and Protection should take a close look at the tanking changes.

Here are all the Warlords of Draenor Warrior Changes.

Here’s an early look at the Warrior in Legion.

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Warrior Leveling – Quick Notes

This section covers the Warrior basics, much more detail is available below this section.

Wanna get to 100 fast? Blow $60 at the in-game store. Note that if you get to 60 first that any professions you have will also be boosted. The last ten levels should be easy.

Quick and Dirty Talents:

  1. Double time – for the “double tap” charge. Smash one and insta-charge the next. Nice in PvP, too.
  2. Shockwave for the area stun, though Stormbolt is a nice ranged stun.
  3. Meh.
  4. Admit it, Bladestorm‘s what you’ll take anyway, so take it. Round up groups of mobs and Bladestorm ’em. Pretty nice for smashing groups in the Battlegrounds or Dungeons, too.
  5. Anger Management or Ravager (Area attack.)

More detail below.


Pick the one you like. They all have something that will benefit a Warrior, either in PvE, PvP, or both. Note that Warlords did away with all racials having to do with Hit or Expertise.

  • Which is “the best” for damage? Orc or Human
  • For PvP? Human (three trinkets.) Orc if you have to be Horde.
  • Tanking dungeons? Night Elf (for the dodge.)


Skip the crafting professions. Get Mining or Herbalism and Skinning. Max out your First Aid. If you have to craft, then get Blacksmithing, for the gear.


Should you pick Fury or Arms for most leveling? If you PvP then go Arms, otherwise it’s a matter of taste.

  • Go Fury: If you like the dual-wielding style of combat. Dual-wielding two handed weapons might be a big point in favor of Fury.
  • Go Arms: If you like crushing the enemy with a big two-handed weapon and/or PvP.
  • Go Protection: only if you’re tanking dungeons. It’s fun tanking large groups of mobs while questing, but both Fury or Arms can handle small groups and will blow them away a lot faster. BTW – Prot does very nicely questing at lower levels, once you get into the 80s it will feel weak, though will still handle those group.
  • Here’s our recommended leveling build.
  • Click here to get to the level cap, fast


  • Stats: Lots of strength and Stam , regardless of spec. You also love Crit, regardless of spec.
  • Plate specialization at 50 means you won’t want to wear any other form of armor past that point. Plate is it.
  • Weapons:
    • Slow, high DPS hard hitting weapons in both hands (if you’re Fury.)
    • Big honking slow two-hander if you’re Arms.
    • Slow, high DPS one-handed weapon and a Shield if you’re Protection.
  • Go here for more about Gear & Stats

Gems and Enchants:

  • Just get cheap Strength (or Stam) gems to put in any sockets in any gear you come across while leveling.
  • Enchants: Sometimes enchant scrolls can be found for cheap on the AH. Get those that add Str, Stam, or Attack power. Don’t worry about it if you don’t have the gold, you’ll level out of that gear soon enough.
  • In the end-game (raids, dailies, PvP) you can use the high end gems and enchants.
  • Note that you can add the highest level enchants (or any enchants) to any level of weapon. So go ahead and grab the highest level enchant available and add it to your level 1 item. It will scale down appropriately.

Food, Potions, Etc.

  • Always carry the best food you can afford.
  • Consider keeping a stack of healing potions on your action bar.
  • Scrolls of Strength can usually be had for cheap.
  • More

Really basic rotation:

  • Charge > Rend > strike > strike > chop off head (Execute)
  • Charge, Smash, Victory Rush next opponent, smash, next, Charge, Victory Rush…
  • Click here to level even faster

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Warrior Leveling and Abilities

Human Female Warrior in Season 11 GearJust a note on leveling builds – the idea is to kill mobs ASAP, with as little downtime as possible. This means that your leveling build might not be the same as your level 100 PvP or Raid builds.

In a Raid setting you will, as Fury or Arms, focus far more on damage and much less on survivability talents, since some healer will be keeping you healthy. Tanking, of course, requires major damage mitigation skills and the ability to keep the Boss’s attentions away from everyone else. PvP requires more survivability and control and is more for Arms than Fury or Prot.

For leveling (questing) you want some survivability and as much damage as you can get.

When you hit level 10 you pick from one of the three specializations: Arms, Fury, and Protection.  (You can reset everything, and change specs, at your trainer, anytime, for a small charge.)

Picking up the dual build ability at 30 gives you the choice of picking two builds. Tank a dungeon as Protection, or DPS as Fury, then switch to Arms and smash some face in PvP. This used to cost 10 gold. Now you just open your talents page, pick a new spec, learn it, set up your abilities, and you’re good. Switch back and forth almost at will.

Picking a spec at level 10 also gives you some bonuses. Each spec of each class will have its own bonuses and each one will have a Mastery ability. That ability increases some aspect of your other abilities. For example, for a Fury Warrior, Mastery buffs the benefits you get from being Enraged.

All Warriors share the following abilities:

  1. Taunt (Level 14) – Insult a non-player enemy, causing him to pay attention to only you. Useful for pulling mobs out of a group.
  2. Heroic Throw (22) – Same as taunt, but you throw your weapon instead in insults, and it hurts more.
  3. Pummel (24) – your weapon hilt impacting the caster’s jaw stops the current spell.
  4. Heroic Leap (26) – Leap up to 40 yards away, lightly damaging the enemy as you land.
  5. Berserker rage (40) – 6 seconds of immunity to various Crowd Control effects.
  6. Battle Cry (60) – 5 sec. of +100% increased crit chance. So if you were 28% you’ll be at 128% for 5 secs.

Arms and Fury have the following abilities in common. 

  1. Charge (3) – True, Prot has no Charge. Charge up to 25 yards and root the opponent.
  2. Execute, Arms (8) – Try to “Finish Him!” costs 10 – 40 Rage
  3. Execute, Fury (8) – Same ability, but costs a standard 25 Rage.
  4. Whirlwind, Arms (28) – Whack everyone within 8 yards.
  5. Wirlwind, Fury (28) – As above, but your next Bloodthirst or Rampage will strike up to 4 additional targets for half damage.
  6. Berserker rage (40) – Become immune to most Crowd Control (CC) Effects for 6 seconds.
  7. Intimidating Shout (70) – You say, “Time to Die,” and your main target cowers. The rest run away.
  8. Commanding Shout (83) – Boosts the health of all party members for 10 seconds.

Abilities below that had been lost in Legion are crossed out.


Arms Warrior Abilities

You’re the two-handed weapon expert, smashing down your opponents with the best of them. Arms is great for leveling, does fine damage in dungeons and raids, and has traditionally been the spec of choice for PvP. Once you pick Arms as your specialization you will get Mortal Strike as your “bread and butter” attack.

You will get the following abilities as Arms:

1 Slam – Basic strike
5 Mortal Strike – Your basic Bread and Butter strike, causes Mortal Wounds on the target which has its uses in PvP.
8 Execute – Hard strike, costs up to 40 Rage, usable only on low health enemies. Modified by your Sudden Death talent.
7 Rend – Now a talent.
10 Seasoned Soldier (P) – More damage with 2-handers.
10 Victory Rush – after killing a worthy opponent your next Victory Rush will heal you for 30^ of your max health.
14 Thunder Clap – blasts all nearby enemies and reduces their movement speed.
18 Colossus Smash – Smash the enemy and increase all of your follow up damage to that enemy by 15% for 8 seconds.
18 Tactician – Every time you spend Rage you have a chance to reset the cooldowns on your Mortal Strike and Colossus Smash.
26 Whirlwind – Attack everything within 8 yards.
32 Cleave – Strike all in front of you. Buffs the damage of your next Whirlwind.
35 Hamstring – Your opponent suffers 50% movement for 15 seconds (less for players.)
50 Plate Specialization (P) – More Str is your reward for wearing all plate.
50 Die by the Sword – 8 seconds of 30% less damage and +100% Parry chance.
60 Sweeping Strikes – Your melee strike an addition opponent. Now a talent.
75 Bladestorm – Become a whirling engine of destruction, hacking all nearby enemies and becoming immune to most Crowd Control for a few seconds. ,
80 Inspiring Presence – Your entire group now gets 3% Versatility.
80 Mastery: Colossal Might – More Colossus Smash damage.
81 Colossus Smash – Smash the target and your following attacks ignore its armor for a brief time. Causes your opponent to also take a bit more damage for 30 seconds.
81 Shield Barrier – Absorbs damage for 6 sec, costs up to 60 Rage.
83 Commanding Shout – 15% Health increase for 10 sec, 3 min cooldown.
87 Recklessness – Greater chance to crit with specials (eg: Mortal Strike.) 3 min cooldown.
90 Weapon Mastery – 5% more Mastery from all sources.
Arms Perks are dead in legion.

After level 90 you will be getting Perks instead of Abilities, so no additional cluttering of your action bars. Perks are enhancements to existing abilities and are learned randomly from the list of remaining perks, ever two levels from 92 to 98.

So, not necessarily in order, you will eventually get:

  1. Enhanced Rend – more damage if Rend is on your target
  2. Enhanced Sweeping Strikes – lasts 5 seconds longer
  3. Improved Die by the Sword – additional 10% damage reduction
  4. Improved Recklessness – additional 15% crit while Recklessness is active.


Fury Warrior Abilities

As you can see from the abilities below, Fury is, well, furious. It’s a dual-wielding death machine.

Fury Spec Abilities
8 Execute – Smack low health targets, costs 25 Rage.
10 Bloodsurge – Chance for more Wild Strikes (which you get at 18.)
10 Bloodthirst – Basic attack, small heal, high chance to crit, generates rage.
10 Crazed Berserker (P) – Dual wielding 1 and 2-H weapons and more damage from it.
10 Enrage – Bloodthirst crits enrage you. Your attack speed is increased by 100% and your damage taken is increased by 30%.
10 Titan’s Grip allows you to dual wield one or two handed weapons only.
10 Furious Slash – Whack the enemy and add 15% to your next Bloodthirst crit chance, stacking up to 6 times.
12 Enraged Regeneration – Usable while stunned, 30% less damage, 20% better Bloodthirst heal.
13 Raging Blow – mighty blow usable after becoming enraged.
14 Enrage (P) – Extra Rage generation and damage when berserk.
18 Wild Strike – Quick strike that causes Mortal Wounds on the target.
18 Rampage – 85 rage and you whack the enemy 5 times over two seconds, using both weapons. 
19 Piercing Howl – Snare all enemies withing 15 yards.
26 Whirlwind – Attack all nearby enemies.
26 Piercing Howl – Reduce speed of all enemies within 15 yards by 50%.
38 Single Minded Fury – Bonus damage for wielding one-handed weapons.
50 Plate Specialization (P) – Wear only plate, gain 5% strength.
56 Die by the Sword – Reduce damage and massively increase Parry chance for a few seconds.
58 Meat Cleaver (P) – Whirlwind damage lets Raging Blow hit more targets.
80 Inspiring Presence (P) – Your entire team gets 3% Versatility
78 Mastery: Unshackled Fury (P) – More damage while enraged
81 Shield Barrier – Blocks a lot of damage for 6 sec.
83 Rallying Cry – Entire team gets bonus health for 15 sec.
87 Recklessness – More crits for 15 sec.
90 Cruelty – 5% more Crit chance from all sources.
Fury Perks are dead in Legion

After level 90 you will be getting Perks instead of Abilities, so no additional cluttering of your action bars. Perks are enhancements to existing abilities and are learned randomly from the list of remaining perks, ever two levels from 92 to 98.

So, not necessarily in order, you will eventually get:

  1. Empowered Execute – 20% more Execute damage
  2. Enhanced Whirlwind – More Raging Blow charges
  3. Improved Die by the Sword – 10% more damage reduction
  4. Improved Recklessness – 15% improved crit chance while recklessness is active.



Warrior Leveling Build

Night Elf Level 1 WarriorAny spec of Warrior can pick any talent from any row. The talent choices will change depending on exactly what you’re doing (questing, PvP, etc.) Changing them is easy, for example: if you feel that Warbringer is of more use in a particular situation than Juggernaut then just click the row and follow the instructions in the window that pops up.

The leveling build in the image is for Arms or Fury, but Warriors have a lot of flexibility with talents. If you’re Protection then you might want to check out our Protection tanking page.

In Legion you can change your specialization (spec) at any time that you are out of combat. See a big group that you can round up and smash? Switch to Protection. Gotta gank that guy over there or drop into a BG or arena? Switch to your PvP spec. Back to questing? Switch over. No reagents or trainers or special abilities required. Just switch whenever you like.

Talent switching, on the other hand, requires that you be in a “rested XP area,” such as an Inn, the big city, or your Garrison. Again, no reagents or trainers or special abilities required.

The talents below are picked with the assumption that you’re mostly questing. So things that give damage right now, improve mobility, and so on are picked. For dungeons or PvP you might want to change a couple of thing. There are some of those notes in the descriptions below.

Descriptions are below the images.


Arms Warrior leveling talents for Legion


Fury Warrior leveling talents for Legion

Talent Descriptions

Our picks are checked: Best talent  Need to get to 110, fast? Click here 

Row 1, level 15

  1. Best talent Dauntless  – Your abilities cost 20% less rage. A generally useful ability, especially when smashing groups.
  2. Overpower – Instant, 8 rage. Classic Arms ability is now a talent. Good pick if you’re focusing on single targets, such as those dodgy Rogues.
  3. Sweeping Strikes – Passive. Only works with your Mortal Strike and Execute and only hits one additional target. Better for PvP and PvE than questing.
Row 1, level 15

  1. Best talent War Machine – Killing a target gives you 30% haste and 30% movement speed for 10 seconds. This should be easy to maintain for much of your questing and even in a few dungeons.
  2. Endless Rage – Your autos generate 30% additional rage. Pretty nice against tough targets, but War Machine is otherwise better.
  3. Fresh Meat – Your Bloodthirst has a 30% increased critical strike chance against targets above 80% health. Nice for the opener, but that’s about it.
Row 2, level 30 – same for both Fury and Arms.

Do you need/want a stun? If not, go Double Time. Otherwise pick the stun that works for you.

  1. Best talent Shockwave – Round up a group, stun them, and then smash them. This is the pick if you need a stun. Note that the cooldown is cut in half if you hit 3+ targets.
  2. Storm Bolt – A ranged stun, 20 yards Vs Shockwave’s 10, but only hits one target.
  3. Best talent Double Time – Grants you a 2nd use of the ability Charge and reduces that ability’s cooldown by 3 seconds. Nice for that extra mobility. There are plenty of occasions where you can use back to back charges.


Row 3, level 45

  1. Best talent Fervor of Battle – Your Whirlwind deals 30% increased damage to your primary target. Free damage, esp. if you use WW a lot. Probably the best overall talent in this row.
  2. Rend – Instant, 12 rage. Wounds the target, causing moderate bleed damage. Nice for those targets that run away, or try to. Also keeps them from dropping back into stealth.
  3. Avatar – Become bigger and badder. Free yourself from snares and roots and do more damage. Very nice.
Row 3, level 45

  1. Best talent Wrecking Ball – Your attacks have a chance to make your next whirlwind deal 200% increased damage. Depending on what you’re fighting (plenty of groups) this will be quite nice.
  2. OutburstBerserker Rage now causes Enrage.
  3. Avatar – 1.5 minute cooldown, transforms you into a colossus for 20 seconds. Causes you to deal 20% increased damage and removes all roots and snares. Great if you want to become the Giant Machine of Doom or anywhere you’re encountering roots and snares (PvP.)
Row 4, level 60

  1. Best talent Second Wind – Restores health every second when you have not taken damage for a few seconds. Very nice for leveling. you’ll probably be fully healed by the next fight.
  2. Bounding Stride – This reduces the cooldown on your Heroic Leap by 15 seconds. Also, after you use Heroic Leap your run speed is increased by 70% for 3 seconds. More leaps, more running, very nice overall mobility talent.
  3. Defensive Stance – Instant, 10 second cooldown. For those times when a lot of damage is coming your way and you need an extra defensive measure. You also deal less damage when this is up.
Row 4, level 60

  1. Best talent Furious ChargeCharge also increases the healing from your next Bloodthirst by 300%. This is a good leveling talent, especially if you take Double Time from row 2. You’ll be very healthy through all your questing.
  2. Best talent Bounding Stride – Reduces the cooldown on Heroic Leap by 15 seconds and after you use Heroic Leap your run speed is increased by 7n0% for 3 seconds. Gotta love that extra mobility.
  3. Warpaint – You now only take 20% increased damage from Enraged rather than 30%.
Row 5, level 75

  1. In For The Kill – Your Mortal Strike generates 20 rage when used against targets that are below 20% health. Nice for raids or PvP, but once a quest mobs gets to that level it’ll die very soon anyway, probably from your auto-attack.
  2. Mortal Combo – Your Mortal Strike now has a maximum of 2 charges. A nice, solid “Smack!” that you might want to use twice in a row. Esp. if you have two targets getting heals.
  3. Best talent Focused Rage – Instant, 12 rage. Focus your rage on your next Mortal Strike, increasing its damage by 50% stacking up to 3 times. NOT affected by the global cooldown. Why? Because we all like the big smash. Add it along with other damage cooldowns for bigger numbers.
Row 5, level 75

  1. MassacreExecute critical strikes reduce the rage cost of your next  Rampage by 100%. Only useful if your target(s) will be in that “20% or less health” phase for a little while. Quest mobs won’t.
  2. Frothing Berserker – When you reach 100 rage, your damage is increased by 10% and your movement speed is increased by 30% for 6 seconds. Nice if you’re good at micro-managing your rage. If not, then skip it.
  3. Best talent Carnage – Reduces the rage cost of Rampage by 15. This talent is good all around. You get to indulge in serious head smashing that much more often.
Row 6, level 90

  1. Deadly Calm – Your Battle Cry  also reduces the rage cost of your abilities by 100% for the duration. Great for those ties when you just have to pound something’s head in.
  2. TraumaSlam and Whirlwind now cause the target to bleed for 20% additional damage over 6 seconds. Multiple uses accumulate increased damage. Useful anytime that bleeds are useful.
  3. Titanic Might – Increases the duration of Colossus Smash by 16 seconds, but reduces its effectiveness by 20%. Not useful for leveling, but nice for sustained fights.
Row 6, level 90

  1. Best talent Bloodbath – 30 seconds cooldown, for the next 10 seconds all of your attacks cause the target to bleed for 40% additional damage over 6 seconds. There are times when things just have to bleed.
  2. FrenzyFurious Slash grants a buff that increases your haste by 5% for 10 seconds and stacks up to 3 times.
  3. Inner RageRaging Blow no longer requires Enrage and deals 100% increased damage, but now causes Raging Blow to have a 4.5 second cooldown. If you like to use Raging Blow in your rotation then this is a good pick. It makes it more predictable, as well as a harder hitting strike.
Row 7, level 100

  1. Anger Management – Every 10 rage you spend reduces the remaining cooldown on Battle Cry by 1 second. More Battle Cries is nothing to scoff at.
  2. Opportunity Strikes – Your melee abilities have up to a 60% chance to trigger an extra attack that deals moderate physical damage. Quest mobs usually die too fast, but is extra damage Vs. longer lived mobs
  3. Ravager – Throw a whirling axe at a location that does damage to all enemies within 8 yards every 1 second for 7 seconds. Replaces your Bladestorm and you lose the “immune to crowd control” of Bladestorm. Probably not worth it.
Row 7, level 100

  1. Bladestorm – 1.5 minute cooldown, deal a good amount of AoE damage over 5.5 seconds. You are also immune to crowd controlling effects during the duration of Bladestorm. Better than Roar for PvP.
  2. Reckless AbandonBattle Cry generates 100 rage. Which might be especially useful if you took  Frothing Berserker.
  3. Dragon Roar – 25 second cooldown, deal a moderate amount of AoE damage but gives you a buff that increases the damage you deal by 20% for 6 seconds. Dragon Roar ignores armor and always critically strikes. This or Bladestorm… Roar is instant and doesn’t commit you to whirling around for almost 6 seconds. It doesn’t break you free of stuff, either.

Warrior Leveling Glyphs

Glyphs in Legion are pretty much dead. You have a few minor glyphs which are purely cosmetic, but nothing that improves or even changes your combat abilities.

You can install  one of each glyph at levels 25, 50, and 75, for 6 glyphs total. As with talents they can be easily changed using the same reagents as for talents. At level 100 (once you get there) you will again switch glyphs depending on what you decide to do (dailies, raiding, pvp, etc.)

With Warlords you will be learning certain glyphs automatically, as you level, just as you so with your abilities. These glyphs are:

  • At level 25, the following Glyphs are automatically learned by all Warriors: Long Charge, Victory Rush, Bloodthirst, Gag Order
  • At level 50 you get: Executor
  • At level 75 you will learn: Bull Rush, Enraged Speed, Shield Wall


  1. Victory Rush – Free strike, after a kill, for decent damage and a heal.
  2. Unending Rage – 20 more Rage to burn.
  3. Bull Rush – More rage from your Charge. Especially nice if you’re making full use of Juggernaut and its 12 sec. Charge cooldown.
  4. Enraged Speed – Move faster while enraged.
  5. (Fury) Glyph of Bloodthirst – More healing from Bloodthirst.
  6. (Fury, Arms) Die by the Sword – Slightly increases the duration of Wild Strike and Mortal Strike.
  7. (Like to Leap?) Glyph of Death from Above decreases your Heroic Leap cooldown by 15 sec and reduces the range.
  8. Victory Rush – Improves the healing of your Victory Rush (or Impending Victory talent.)


  1. Burning Anger – You’re on fire while enraged (and Critical blocks will enrage you.) A good visual clue to make sure you keep yourself enraged.
  2. Crow Feast – Execute crits summon a flock of carrion birds, what better reason to get your crit rating as high as possible?
  3. Intimidating Shout – Keeps mobs from running all over the place to collect friends. They stay in place so you can kill them in their turn. You don’t actually get the shout till 52, so you won’t be able to use this glyph right at 50.
  4. Thunder Strike – More lightning bolts is a good thing, even if they don’t do any damage.


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Warrior Stats, Rotations, Gear

Warlords of Draenor note: Hit, Expertise, Resilience, and Reforging are all dead.

You have three new stats in Warlords. You won’t see any of these before 90 unless you put a Draenor enchant on lower level gear. Legion killed off two of these stats:

  • Bonus Armor (tanks only:) Increases Armor and Attack Power for tanking specializations. Cannot gem for it, though there is a weapon enchant.
  • Multistrike: Grants a chance for spells and abilities to fire up to 2 additional times, at 30% effectiveness (both damage and healing.) One chance in PvP.
  • Versatility: Increases damage and healing, reduces damage taken (at half value.)

Primary Stats for Leveling:

  • Strength is #1, but any Crit you find on your gear is great.
  • Stamina! The more the better.

All the other (secondary) Stats:

You don’t really have to worry about these until high level. If you’re tanking or are serious about PvP you might want to pay a bit more attention to those secondary stats. You can get stats from all your gear pieces, of course, plus buffs, portions, scrolls, gems, and enchants.

If you’re going to stack any stat, then stack Crit.

  • Attack Power is great when you can find it.
  • Crit is always good for Arms or Fury, but it’s not for Protection.
  • Haste is not something to be concerned about. Ever.
  • Mastery starts at level 80 and doesn’t appear on any gear that earlier than Cataclysm gear, but don’t worry about it until the end-game.
  • Dodge & Parry is great if you’re tanking (as Protection,) bad if you’re not. A lot of both of these stats were removed n Warlords.
  • Forget Agility, Int, and Spirit forever. Warriors need power, not brains, and dodging is for rogues.

Other stats

  • PvP Power is like Attack Power, but for PvP only. It only appears on some PvP gear level 90 and earlier.
  • Resilience, like PvP Power, only appears on some PvP gear level 90 and earlier. It reduces damage from other players.

Really basic Warrior rotations:

Keep in mind that, while questing, your opposition will frequently expire before you finish any kind of rotation. Too bad that doesn’t happen in PvP, hmmm?

  • (Arms) Charge, Smash, Victory Rush next opponent, smash, Charge, Victory Rush…
  • Charge > strike > strike > chop off head (Execute)
  • Start with charge to generate initial Rage.
  • (Arms) Use Hamstring whenever you’re fighting opponents that might want to run
  • (Arms) Use Victory Rush whenever you can.
  • (Fury) Battle Cry and Rampage make a great combo.
  • Warriors can fight several opponents effectively with the use of their cooldowns. Use them, do not save them “for later,” unless you have a specific fight coming up. When they activate and it’s appropriate use them.

Start attack macro – this will initiate your attack even if you don’t have the rage to use your opening attack. This way you can switch targets or attack new ones and start whacking them before the rage builds.

You can use this with Bloodthirst, Mortal Strike, Slam, or any other attack you might use to initiate combat.

#showtooltip Bloodthirst
/cast Bloodthirst

If you’re an Orc you can use this macro. If you’re a Troll use the Berserking ability instead of Bloody Fury. See our Macros page for help in making macros. ‘use 13’ uses the trinket in your top trinket slot, if you have an “on use” trinket there. You can do ‘use 14’ for the second slot.

#showtooltip Charge
/cast Blood Fury
/use Some Strength or Rage Potion
/use 13


Warrior Leveling Gear

Some people complain about how easy WoW has become over the years. Part of that’s due to easy availablility of good gear (such as heirlooms) and party is that it actually is easier. Are you one of that crowd? How easy/hard do you want your leveling to be?

  • Easy mode: Full heirlooms, or the best dungeon gear, on a PvE server.
  • Moderate: Same as above, but on a PvP server.
  • Hard: Only use the gear you earn from quests. No heirlooms, no gear bought from vendors or the Auction House or other players. This will make your PvP or dungeoning a lot more, ahem, interesting.
  • Ironman: Only white quality gear. No, you don’t get to buy gear from that Tony Stark (the real Iron Man) Gnome. No gems, no enchants, no buffs, etc.
  • Hardcore: Like Ironman, but no talents, no glyphs, no groups, no professions, no enchants or gems, your only gold comes form what this character earns. Oh yeah, if you die you reroll. Just like the Diablo game.
  • Completely Nuts: Hardcore on a PvP server.
  • If you’re really tough then do it without any mounts.

About those Heirlooms: Buy a full set of heirlooms and ignore all gearing concerns until level 90, or 100 if youi have plenty of extra gold (and we have a gold guide, here.)

  • Heirlooms: Warlords made some changes here. Most of the available heirlooms can now be bought with gold and they are as good or better than blue gear of the same level. If you want to get yourself some ‘looms then visit the Heirloom Vendor and bring some gold: 500-700 gold for the item (good till lev 60,) 1,200 to boost it to level 90, more to level 100. Yes, you can keep them on until level 100 and skip all other gearing concerns until the end-game. Need gold to buy the things? Go here.
    • Be Aware: You heirlooms now live in a tab in the same pan with your mounts, pets, and toys. Click the desired item and it pops into your bags. Destroy the bag item and the item in the heirloom box is not destroyed, however any enchants on that item are. If you enchant a ‘loom  then consider mailing it to your other alt, in order to keep the enchant.
    • AllianceKrom Stoutarm is in the Library of Ironforge, which is found on the north-eastern edge of the outer ring.
    • HordeEstelle Gendry lurks around the south-western side of the Rogue’s Quarter of Undercity.
  • Ranged:  You cannot use ranged weapons, but you have Heroic Throw at 22.
  • Weapons: You’re fairly gear dependent, but you don’t need to be in top gear all the time. At the very least keep your weapons as up to date as possible, it will make a big difference. Other gear can slide a bit if you’re broke (and go read our gold guide if you are.)
  • Get Mounts at 20 and 40 and 60. Get them, don’t ask questions. If you can’t afford them then get mining or herbalism and work those skills until you can afford your mounts. They’re not that expensive. Epic Flying, at 70, is nice if you can afford the price (at least 4k gold.)

There are some points where you can upgrade your gear, even if you’re in heirlooms.

  • Running dungeons will provide you with a “Satchell of occasionally useful items.” This will provide you with a piece of “blue” gear which might be usable and might be an upgrade.
  • If you can accumulate almost 2k honor by level 70 you can buy the epic PvP set from the legacy arena vendors on Gadgetzan or the Dalaran sewers. It’s better than your Heirlooms until 75 or so.
  • 77ish – your questing and other gear will be catching up to that PvP gear.
  • 81+ – Mist of Pandaria blue gear will start appearing on the Auction House. Grab it if you can.
  • At 85 buy/make the crafted PvP set (vicious plate) as it’s much better than the regular questing gear. Or you can buy the M of P gear appearing on the Auction House.  There are various gear vendors scattered throughout the Pandaren zones and they will sell you decent gear for a great price. Ghost Forged Plate (on the Auction House) is Item Level 415 and is a pretty good set to get. With some luck you can also find better gear.
  • at 90 buy the Crafted Malevolent PvP gear set, even if you don’t PvP. It’s a nice boost to your gear. You can also hop over to the Timeless Isle to gear up. With Warlords you can find Valor gear available for Gold and fill out any holes in your gear list. The vendor is here.
  • 91+ – This is an interesting level because you can now equip the Draenor Crafted gear, which is item level 630 for weapons and 640 for everything else (that’s entry level raid quality.) You can equip a max of three (Prot can have four, with the Shield) of these items. I recommend the Chest, Legs, and weapon (and Shield.)
    • As of patch 6.2 these items can be upgraded to 705 for weapons and 715 for all other peices.
    • Draenor Blacksmithing can make all of that gear and the upgrades. Don’t worry, it’s cheap to buy, too. For the 3 or 4 pieces and to max out their item levels will only pay an arm, a leg, two first round draft choices, and your first born child (70-100k gold per item to buy.) Prices will drop at least a little as the expansion continues. Making the stuff is cheaper, but it’ll take weeks to make some of the materials and you’ll still have to buy or farm rare stuff.
    • Oh, while you’re at it, buy a pile of these: Mecha-Blast Rocket. They should be pretty cheap.
  • 100 – Baleful gear (item level 650) from Tanaan. And maybe you have a bunch of Baleful tokens from your garrison & shipyard missions.
  • 101+ – Dive into Legion, get your artifact, and enjoy.

While Leveling…

Note that the highest level enchants (not gems) can be added to even level 1 items. They’ll scale appropriately and will give you a nice edge. I suggest that you only do this for gear that you’ll keep awhile, even if you’re rich. Definitely do it with your heirlooms.

  • Enchant Stam if survival is an issue
  • Str and Crit otherwise.

If you’re in heirlooms you can pretty much ignore the rest of this section.

Al low level: stack Stamina. The one or two points of Strength that you can pick up aren’t worth nearly as much as Stam, though they frequently come with the Stam anyway. Of the Bear is good gear to look for. You can often find cheap Stam enchants on the Auction House.

Mid levelsgear with decent Strength starts to appear. Strength at this point is your first priority, it increases attack power, and in doing so, your base damage values. It also increases your Parry.

  • For Arms and Fury: stacking massive amounts of strength is effective at mid levels and slowly improves up until 80, after which Strength starts to scale up more quickly. Keep the Stam and get more if you’re constantly getting smashed (as in hit, not drunk.)
  • For Protection, if you’re questing just gear up like Arms/Fury, if you’re tanking then look for gear with the defensive stats.

At level 40: you get to use plate mail gear, but you may find that a chain item has better stats, depending on what drops off mobs of the Auction House. One practice that has been followed occasionally at higher levels is the usage of mail and/or leather armor that possesses the greater damage stats. This stops at 50.

At level 50 you will want to be all Plate. Cataclysm introduced an ability to award wearing the “correct” armor, Plate Specialization, which you get at level 50 and which adds 5% to your Strength (or your Stam if you’re Protection.)

Offense Vs. Defense? Unless you are doing a lot of PvP and/or tanking you will find the offensive stats to be much more valuable than the defensive ones. While leveling stick to the massive offense and carry enough food (unless you’re Undead) and bandages with you to minimize downtime. However, you should stack enough stam that this doesn’t become painful.

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Warrior Stances and Stuns and Buffs

In Geion the Stances have mostly been removes. For Protection info see our Protection Warrior Tanking page.

  • Battle Stance – Generates rage from your attacks, not from getting hit. This is what you want to use in all cases when you are not “the tank.”
  • Defensive Stance – Use only if you’re tanking dungeons, and then use it all the time. Reduces damage taken and increases threat. Also useful for times when you really need the extra toughness, whether questing or in PvP.

Stunning Moves and Debuffs

Cause the opposition to stand there, open mouthed, staring at your awesomeness, or just be less effective than otherwise. These abilities are available to all Warriors:

  • Charge (level 3) roots the opponent for a moment. If you take the Warbringer talent then you Charge will stun him instead. This also makes it a great interrupt if you Charge someone (or something) that is casting a spell.
  • Thunder Clap (14) reduces the enemy’s movement speed for few seconds.
  • Pummel (24) interrupts spell casting and briefly silences the opponent.
  • Deep Wounds (32) – Your main attacks (Mortal Strike, Bloodthirst,  Devastate (Prot,) and Thunder Clap) cause the opponent to bleed.
  • Hamstring (36) keep the opposition from running away.
  • Spell Reflection (66) reflects one enemy spell back at the caster. A shield is not required.
  • Shattering Throw (74) breaks enemy invulnerabilities, such as Paladin bubbles. Requires the Glyph of Shattering Throw to learn.
Arms Special Debuff Abilities Fury Special Debuff Abilities
  • Mortal Strike – Reduces any healing the enemy receives.
  • Colossus Smash – Your following strikes bypass some or all of the enemy armor and he also takes a bit more damage from attacks.
  • Wild Strike – Reduces any healing the enemy receives.



Leveling Faster


Enchanting note: you can now take the highest level enchants and apply them to any item, even a level 1. If you can afford it this means you can put he Dancing Steel or Mark of the Thunderlord enchant on your level 1 Heirloom weapon. Enhancements from the Enchanting profession can be applied to your item even if you’re level 1. Other enchants, such as the Inscription Shoulder Enchant will require a character of at least level 85 to apply it, but then your level 1 can use it.

In all cases the enchants will scale with your level.

Questing over Grinding: Do the quests, grind a bit when you find the right areas (for example, mobs are dropping loot that you want.) Grab all the interesting quests (the ones you want to do) and group them so that you can knock of several at the same time in the same place. Save the city quests until you have a few, then knock them off all at once when you train. Grinding (endless mob mashing) is generally only worthwhile if you’re farming something.

Grinding: There are times when the grinding is good, however. Some camps of mobs have a fast respawn rate and you can spend some time there just mob-mashing and practicing your skills. This is especially effective if you have rest XP from your stay at the Inn.

Dungeons: If you have the time and interest and are Ok with groups, then dungeon leveling can add some fast XP. Just Queue up for the dungeon finder and go for it. You also will get some nice items out of it.

  • Learn to tank. Your wait times will be near zero and you will be able to level all the way to 85 without leaving the city. You might have to go back and get your fly points and such later.
  • Damage/DPS: Your wait times will be longer, so mix it up with watching YouTube videos or questing/grinding/farming/gathering.

PVP: If you like PvP then smash some face. If your team wins you can get some fast XP.  See our Warrior PvP page for tips and skill-capped for serious Warrior PvP stuff.

More Tips

Bags: big bags are good, bigger bags are better.

Banker: make an alt to live at the Auction House. That way you can mail white or better stuff to the alt instead of having to travel to the city to unload it, or dumping it at the vendor. This is a big hassle saver. Here are a few more gold tips.

More XP: Always log out at an Inn. You get the 2x “rest XP” when you come back. A longer rest = longer duration for the rest XP. If you’re Pandaren it lasts even longer.

The Titan Panel Addon has an “XP per hour” function. This lets you know how efficient you are at picking up the XP.

Recruit a friend: 3x XP, ’nuff said. Here’s Blizz’s FAQ page for RAF. Note that the RAF benefits now stop at level 85.

Now, if you have full heirlooms and if you are a tank and you are dungeon leveling and you have a buddy doing the RAF thing with you… You’ll be 80 before you know it, and 85 not much later.

Are you 90+? Grab some Potions of Accelerated Learning from your Garrison vendor for the +20% XP for an hour.

Also see our Ten Fast Leveling TIps post.

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Race Choice for Warriors

Since Cataclysm, all of the WoW races can be Warriors. Of course, only Humans, Night Elves, Undead, and Orcs can be real Warriors, but there you go. Yes, even Gnomes, Goblins, and Pandarens can be Warriors.

Most of the racial abilities will make very little difference while leveling, and not even that much in the end-game. 1% Hit or Crit or some escape ability just doesn’t count for much while questing. If a Gnome or Goblin works for you, then go for it. If you want some extra burst then go Orc, if you want that escape ability for PvP then go Human. Want to just look gnarly? Undead or Worgen.

Warlords note: All abilities adding either Hit or Expertise are now dead, they’ve been removed from the list below. New abilities are marked ‘WoD:’

Best for PvP? Human, for having effectively three PvP trinkets. Orc might be #2, for the Bloody Fury cooldown and stun resistance.


  • Cute, Fuzzy, Cuddly, and you can be either faction. Or neither.
  • Bouncy: You take half falling damage when leaping (or getting tossed) off of cliffs, or from other falls.
  • Epicurean: Your love of food allows you to receive 100% more of the stats from Well Fed effects.
  • Gourmand: Your Cooking skill is increased by 15.
  • Inner Peace: You earn twice as much rested experience, allowing you level level faster than the other races.
  • Quaking Palm: Strikes the target with lightning speed, incapacitating them for 4 sec, and turning off your attack.

The Horde

More or less in order of muscle mass:

Tauren: The stomp and the extra health are great, esp for Protection.

  • War Stomp: Stuns up to 5 enemies within 8 yds for 2 sec. A Warrior can always use more stuns.
  • Brawn: Critical strike bonus damage and healing increased by 2%. This is not crit rating, just extra damage.
  • Endurance: Increases your Stamina and it scales with level.
  • Nature Resistance: Reduces Nature damage taken by 1%.
  • Cultivation: Herbalism skill increased by 15 and you gather herbs faster than other herbalists.

Orc: Nice damage cooldown.

  • Blood Fury increases melee damage. Drop it into your burst macro.
  • The slightly increased pet damage means nothing to you.
  • Hardiness allows a 10% decreased stun duration, which has some minor use in PvP and, on occasion, elsewhere.

Troll  –  Nice damage cooldown. Taste me Voodoo, Mon!

  • Increased Haste when Berserk is very nice, though not up to the Orc cooldown.
  • Your regeneration is increased, but it’s trivial.
  • More XP from beast slaying is very nice for leveling.
  • Shuffle reduces snare (slow) duration.

Blood Elf – Crit and a Silence.

  • Arcane Torrent is a nice spell interrupt with some PvP utility (silence only in PvP.)
  • Well ok, Blood Elves look good. A truly devastating Warrior ability.
  • Acuity adds +1% to your Crit rating, which is a great stat for Arms & Fury.
  • Belves are good with Enchanting, via their affinity.
  • Belves take slightly less Arcane damage, via their Resistance.

Goblin  – Goblins like to blow things up, just like Warriors. A match made in heaven?

  • Goblins can Rocket Launch forward or away. which has its uses.
  • Their Rocket Launcher will be of little use to you, though you can pull the occasional enemy with it.
  • Vendor Discounts (lower prices) are always appreciated (wait, you’re a Gob.)
  • Personal Bank is definitely useful at times.
  • Haste adds 1% to your Haste, a “meh” stat for Warriors.
  • Goblins are good with Alchemy (Chemistry)

The Alliance

Draenei – More Strength and a Heal

Human – Three trinkets and Versatility, too.

  • The Human Diplomacy skill will allow for more rapid faction gain (very nice if you’re working towards any of the zillion faction in WoW, including the new ones in Tanaan.)
  • the escape ability is nice for PvP, especially since it allows the use of two DPS trinkets.
  • Bonus Versatility adds +1% to your Versatility

Night Elf – Quickness is good for tanking (more Dodge.)

  • Shadowmeld requires you to stay still. It drops aggro (don’t do this while tanking) and can be used in combat. If you time ‘meld just so you can break incoming spells.
  • Quickness makes you slightly harder to hit and slightly increases your run speed.
  • Wisp Form: Get back to your body faster.
  • Resistance for 1% less Nature damage.
  • WoD: Touch of Elune: Increases your Haste by 1% during the night. Increases your Critical Strike by 1% during the day.  Quickness also makes you 2% faster.

Gnome – More max Rage and and an escape.

  • Escape artist is very nice for PvP, as is their small size.
  • More – +5% more max Rage, which is useful.
  • Nimble – +1% more Haste, which is a “meh” stat.
  • Resistance – Gnomes take a bit less arcane damage
  • Engineer – Gnomes are good with Engineering.

Dwarf – Nice “remove effects” ability and a bit more damage.

  • Stone Form is a nice PvP talent, and occasionally useful elsewhere. It washes away bleeds, various magical effects, and adds a 10% damage reduction for a few seconds.
  • Might adds 2% to your critical damage (not crit rating.)
  • Resistance allows a small reduction to incoming Frost damage.
  • Explorer – Dwarves are good with Archeology.

Worgen More Crit and movement.

  • Darkflight allows periodic quick movement, which is always useful,
  • Reduced duration of curses and diseases.
  • Increased crit chance (viciousness) is a good stat for you.
  • Flayer boosts your skinning skill.
  • Run Wild – Drop to all fours and run.
  • Aberration provides resistance to Shadow and Natures damage.


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In WoD: Profession bonuses have been removed, so they’re only good for the gold and some gear.

If you have to level a skill then go for Blacksmithing and Mining. Blacksmithing will get you into some good gear, but it gets expensive. At high level you’ll be able to make some nice stuff. Alchemy is another nice skill, you’ll be able to make lots of useful potions. Mining is a great money maker that also provides raw materials for Blacksmithing, as well as Jewelcrafting and Engineering.

First Aid used to be an essential skill (for when you smash your hand with your Blacksmithing hammer.) It still has use, even with the easier healing these days and your tier 2 (level 30) talents. Still, it has it’s place and we recommend keeping it maxed.

Generally, skip the crafting professions while leveling, unless you have, or can generate, plenty of gold.

Here is a list of other money-making and useful professions:

  • Inscription – Besides all the glyphs you also make everyone’s high level shoulder enchants and can make items for your caster buddies.
  • Cooking – A good skill to take. You’ll be able to cook up foods that buff str, stam, and other stats.
  • Fishing – A good way to slow down your leveling speed. It does provide mats for cooking, and some fish are good gold makers (oily blackmouth, deviate fish, etc.,) but it is time consuming.
  • Gold with professions – you’ll find some tips on this page.

In Warlords all of the profession bonuses are dead. You no longer get extra gem sockets from your blacksmithing, for example. Your level 2 garrison crafting building, with a follower working there, will give you some bonuses.

  • Alchemy – Lots of the potions/flasks/elixirs are quite nice and this gives you the ability to make what you need. You can also do various transmutes which other professions will find useful and which may sell well. Bonus: Four free Str potions each day.
  • Blacksmithing – You can make some of your gear, stones to sharpen your weapons, and keys to open locks (don’t need those Rogues any more.) Bonus: you can get two buffs: One make your gear indestructible for four hours, the other might give you some help in tight spots.
  • Enchanting – Make all kinds of nifty enchants, break down items into magical parts and use or sell the parts. Bonus: Illusionary enchants can make your ‘chants look like others.
  • Engineering – Besides various nifty gadgets you can make some funky vehicles. Rockets, shields, a stealth device, nitro boosts… what more could a Warrior want? Bonus: your minion will sell you some neat stuff, including Walter: a repair bot, vendor, and bank.
  • Inscription – You get some nice shoulder enchants and you can make everyone else’s, as well as glyphs and various items.  You can also make Furtune Cards which you might be able to sucker (errr… talk) other players into buying. Bonus: a daily merchant order. Get two of the same type, merge them, sell to any vendor for some gold.
  • Jewelcrafting – Make nice gems and some useful jewelry. Can also make gemmed mounts.
  • Leatherworking – Nothing useful for you. Your follower will let you make tents which add 10% to all of your stats for an hour. These tents can also be mailed to all of your alts, even the level 1s.
  • Tailoring – Nothing for you, unless you want a flying carpet.



Warrior Buffs, Food, Potions, Enchants, Etc.

Note on cash: Petty cash means one thing if you have 3 gold to your characters name and another if you have 100k (you’d be surprised how many do.) See our Tycoon guide review or our gold guide if you need help in that area.

The better buffed you are the faster you’ll level. See a buffing class running by? Ask them, nicely, if they’ll buff you. Make a macro:

  • /say Excuse me, Oh Awesome One. Can you lay upon my lowly self some of your excellent buffage?

Otherwise, can you afford the extras? If gems, enchants, etc. are petty cash then go for it. Twinks will spend hundreds of gold on weapons and enchants for low level PvP and that enhanced gear certainly won’t hurt while leveling. If you can’t afford it then don’t worry abut it. Green gear is fine and if you keep your weapons up to your level then you’ll be Ok.

Potions & Scrolls: Buy and keep a bunch. Healing, stength, health/stamina. Troll’s Blood pots don’t look interesting at first, but in the long run they’ll save you from using a lot of bandages. Prices vary on the AH. If they’re expensive now just keep checking every now and then and buy a pile when you can. If you have the Alchemy skill you can make yourself a bunch.

Scrolls of Strength are frequently dirt cheap. You can also check with an Inscriber (Scribe) and have some made for you. Scrolls and potions do not stack. You will have to use one or the other. Potions of water breathing will help with underwater quests or gathering. Usually the quest-giver will give you something, but not always.

Glyphs – prices vary wildly. One day your glyph is at 2g, the next day it’s 200g (or more.) Wait for sales (or pay my inflated prices, please. 😉 ,) buy all your glyphs, and then stock some vanishing dust to swap them in and out as you need to. You can probably get all of your warrior (or any class) glyphs in a package deal from your friendly, neighborhood scribe and pay a lot less money (and maybe get them faster) than AH browsing.

  • Note that in Warlords you do get several glyphs automatically as you level.

Food: Lower level foods will buff Stamina, which is great, the highest level foods will buff strength, attack power, crit rating, etc. If they’re not readily available on the AH then it may be worth your while to get cooking or make nice with a guild member.

Enchants: Can you afford them? Get health/stam at low levels, and whatever fits your needs at the high levels.

  • Str is best for any flavor of Warrior, followed by Attack Power.
  • Movement speed enchants are nice.
  • Sharpening stones are great for keeping your weapons up to snuff, up to item level 200.
  • Are you tanking your way to 85? See the Protection Warrior page for notes.
  • Mists of Pandaria Enchants are much better than Cata. enchants. Draenor enchants are better still, but, they’ll only for secondary stats (Crit, etc.) and only for your Neck, Rings, Caps, and Weapons. If you’re enchanting your gear then upgrade as soon as possible.

Gems: Gem slots are rare before 60 and occasional afterwards (while leveling.) Gem for Strength, Attack Power, and Crit Rating. Stam if you need it. As with enchants, Draenor gems are only for the secondary stats.

  • Enchants: Str and AP and Crit before all else. For any flavor of warrior.
  • Bold gems for Str., Fractured gems for Mastery (for Prot Warriors.)

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Level 1 to Max Warrior Leveling Guide

Click Here to see Zygor's Warrior Leveling Guide One of the commonly seen questions in the forums and in the game chat is something like, “Where do I go to level…?” You can always grind endless groups of mobs, which a fury warrior does very well, and fall asleep from the tedium, or you can follow the quests as you find them, perhaps looking for quest details on some website.

A better option is an in-game Warrior leveling guide. Step by step, from the starting area (or anywhere else) to the end, this guide will semi-automates that path for your Warrior. You’ll never again wonder about where to go or what to do, even in Warlords of Draenor. 

What if you’ve never played before, or you’re not level 1? Or you want to do some dungeon or PvP leveling along with your questing? Or you have full heirlooms and you and a pal are using Recruit-a-Friend?

No problem. Zygor’s guide will automatically adjust and send you to the right place.

You just pick your starting point and the guide automatically updates and advances to the next step as you complete each step and quest, and also sets the next waypoint arrow automatically. In addition, all of the important quest info is included in the guide window. Tasks are tracked and you’ll never need to switch back and forth from the quest log or any online site.

All you have to do is follow the arrow and check the guide (with its in-game window) to see what you have to do. You’ll knock off the quests boom, boom, boom and you’ll level with a surprising lack of stress. Get to the max level fast and join your friends and guildies in that yummy end-game content.

Grab your copy of Zygor’s leveling guide here, or see our review, first.


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