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Leveling Jewelcrafting from 1 to 600

Leveling Jewelcrafting from 1 to 600

For Mists of Pandaria 5.4

Leveing Jewelcrafting? He MUST learn Jewelcrafting, now!Jewelcrafting takes the raw gems, found from raw ores through Prospecting, and cuts them into the dazzling finished gems we love so much. In addition to the finished gems you can create a variety of jewelry and misc other items. Many of the gems are in strong demand due to sockets on high level gear. People will always be picking up new gear, with sockets, and they will require your gems to fill those sockets.


  1. Leveling Jewelcrafting from 1-75
  2. 75-150
  3. 150-225
  4. 225-300
  5. 300-375
  6. 375-450
  7. 450-525
  8. 525-600

Synergistic Profession: Mining – you will be able to “prospect” ore for gems of various qualities, saving you a ton of gold over buying the gems off the Auction House or from other players.

Profession Perk: You can make self-only gems with +320 to stats, compared to +160 for non-jewelcrafters, and equip two of them. The new epic JC gems are much more interesting than the normal cuts. (list)

Mists of Pandaria Changes: 

Leveling your Jewelcrafting to "Zen Master"

  • Zen Master Jewelcrafting, skill cap is 600
  • Train up at 500, requires level 80+
  • New gems and items (view here)
  • Now you need to make some gold.


Leveling Jewelcrafting, step by Step

1-75, Apprentice Jewelcrafting, Requires level 5, Train up at 50+


You will be making:

Materials required to make one item.

1-30: Delicate Copper Wire 2x Copper Bar
30-50: Tigerseye Band Tigerseye
Delicate Copper Wire
30-50: Malachite Pendant Malachite
Delicate Copper Wire
50-80: Bronze Setting 2x Bronze Bar

76-150, Journeyman Jewelcrafting, Requires level 10, Train up at 125+

80-100: Simple Pearl Ring Small Lustrous Pearl
Bronze Setting
2x Copper Bar
80-100: Gloom Band Bronze Setting
2x Shadowgem
2x Delicate Copper Wire
80-110: Ring of Silver Might 2x Silver Bar
100-110: Ring of Twilight Shadows 2x Shadowgem
2x Bronze Bar
110-130: Heavy Stone Statue 8x Heavy Stone
110-140: Amulet of the Moon 2x Lesser Moonstone – Bronze Setting
120-150: Pendant of the Agate Shield Moss Agate
Bronze Setting

151-225, Expert Jewelcrafting, Requires level 20, Train up at 200+

150-180: Mithril Filigree 2x Mithril Bar
175-185: Solid Stone Statue 10x Solid Stone
170-215: Engraved Truesilver Ring Truesilver Bar
2x Mithril Filigree
180-225: Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing Citrine
2x Mithril Bar

225-300, Artisan Jewelcrafting, Requires level 20, Train up at 200+

220-225: Aquamarine Pendant of the Warrior Aquamarine
3x Mithril Filigree
Although this item can continue granting skill ups after this
point, it’s recommended you instead make Thorium Settings as they’re
necessary for a number of the items you’ll be creating in the future.
220-255: Thorium Setting Thorium Bar
235-275: Ruby Pendant of Fire Star Ruby
Thorium Setting
260-280: Simple Opal Ring Large Opal
Thorium Setting
265-285: Diamond Focus Ring Azerothian Diamond
Thorium Setting
280-290: Onslaught Ring Powerful Mojo
Essence of Earth
Thorium Setting
280-290: Sapphire Pendant of Winter Night Blue Sapphire
Essence of Undeath
Thorium Setting
290-300: Glowing
Thorium Band
2x Azerothian Diamond
Thorium Setting
290-300: Emerald
Lion Ring
2x Huge Emerald
Thorium Setting

301-375, Master Jewelcrafting, Requires level 50, Train up at 350+

300-315: Prismatic Black Diamond Black Diamond
300-320: Any of the Following Items:
Inscribed Flame Spessarite Flame Spessarite
Solid Azure Moonstone Azure Moonstone
Radiant Deep Peridot Deep Peridot
Timeless Shadow Draenite Shadow Draenite
Brilliant Blood Garnet Blood Garnet
320-325: Any of the Following Items
Reckless Flame Spessarite Flame Spessarite
Jagged Deep Peridot Deep Peridot
Purified Shadow Draenite Shadow Draenite
Bold Blood Garnet Blood Garnet
Delicate Blood Garnet Blood Garnet
315-335: Any of the Following Items
Regal Deep Peridot Deep Peridot
Glinting Shadow Draenite Shadow Draenite
325-335: Mercurial Adamantite
Note: This item is used later to craft Heavy
Adamantite Ring
4x Adamantite Powder
Primal Earth
325-350: Any of the Following Items
Rigid Azure Moonstone Azure Moonstone
Potent Flame Spessarite Flame Spessarite
Sovereign Shadow Draenite Shadow Draenite
340-350: Heavy Adamantite Ring Adamantite Bar
Mercurial Adamantite

376-450, GrandMaster Jewelcrafting, Requires level 65, Train up at 425+

350-395: Any Recipe Learned at or Beyond 350 Skill
Huge Citrine
Dark Jade
Shadow Crystal
Sun Crystal
395-400: Any of the Following Items
Crystal Citrine Necklace Huge Citrine
2x Crystallized Earth
Crystal Chalcedony Amulet Chalcedony
2x Crystallized Earth
Bloodstone Band Bloodstone
2x Crystallized Earth
Sun Rock Ring Sun Crystal
2x Crystallized Earth
400-420: Either of the Following Items
Shadowmight Ring Eternal Earth
Eternal Shadow
Stoneguard Band 2x Eternal Earth
420-425: Dream Signet Titanium Bar
Forest Emerald
Dream Shard

451-525, Illustrious GrandMaster Jewelcrafting, Requires level 75, Train up at 425+

425-467: Any of the Cataclysm Recipes
450-485: Hessonite Band Jeweler’s Setting
2x Hessonite
460-505: Nightstone Choker Jeweler’s Setting
2x Nightstone
500-520: Fire Prism Note: This item can only be crafted once a day, the cooldown resets at midnight. 3x Carnelian
3x Alicite
3x Hessonite
3x Jasper
3x Nightstone
3x Zephyrite
510-520: Any of the Following Items
Vicious Ruby Signet Jeweler’s Setting
4x Inferno Ruby
8x Volatile Earth
Vicious Sapphire Signet Jeweler’s Setting
4x Ocean Sapphire
8x Volatile Air
Vicious Amberjewel Signet Jeweler’s Setting
4x Amberjewel
8x Volatile Water
520-525: Any of the Following Items
Vicious Sapphire Necklace Jeweler’s Setting
5x Ocean Sapphire
8x Volatile Air
4x Volatile Fire
Vicious Amberjewel Pendant Jeweler’s Setting
5x Amberjewel
8x Volatile Water
4x Volatile Life
Vicious Ruby Choker Jeweler’s Setting
5x Inferno Ruby
8x Volatile Earth
6x Volatile Water

525-600, Zen Master Jewelcrafting, Requires level 80, train at 500+

For JC training in Pandaria, see Mai, the Jade Shaper at the north end of Dawn’s Blossom in the Jade Forest, here. Otherwise portal back to your capital city via mage portal or the regular portal in Honeydew village (horde) or Paw’don village (alliance.) You will need to visit Mai to get many of the new recipes.

525-550: Any of the new recipes starting at skill level 525. Each awards one point and only requires the one gem to finish and goes yellow at 575. Etched Roguestone, for example.  1x appropriate raw gem
550-575: There are a lot of gems in this range like Adept Vermilion Onyx that you can start selling to make gold, they all go yellow at 600. You can also moke the the JC only epics like Bold Serpent’s Eye now.   1x appropriate raw gem
575-600: Another option, if you want to make more gold, is any of the Primal Diamond recipes, such as Reverberating Primal Diamond. There are a number of jewelry pieces in this range, however the demand is not as high now because of all the high ilvl gear on timeless isle.  1x Primal Diamond

Congratulations on your maxed Jewelcrafting skill! 

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