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Leveling First Aid in Warlords

Leveling First Aid

Updated for Warlords of Draenor

A pretty nice bandage

This might come in handy…

First Aid is an essential skill for non-healer characters and it’s almost trivially easy to level. Just get a pile of cloth and camp the trainer until you hit you level max.

Once upon a time various books and a quest were required to train to the next level in first aid. Nowadays you can get all the skills from your trainer. Buy or farm a ton of cloth and max this skill out. Use the excess cloth to level your Tailoring skills, or visa versa.

Healers can use this skill to troll other players. 😉

Mists of Pandaria will introduce some new bandages, will have a skill cap of 600, and you’ll need to be level 80 and at least 500 skill to train up.

In Warlords of Draenor you will need to by 90+, but your skill level can be “1.” You will quickly find a scroll that, when used, will raise your first aid skill cap to 700 (it will not increase your skill, just the cap.) This is perfect for players boosted to 90. This scroll will also teach you all of the Draenor 1st Aid recipes.

The Draenor 1st aid recipes will level your skill all the way from 1 to 700. You do not need to see a trainer at any point during the process. You just need the basic skill and that scroll (which you will find.)

Skill Item to be created Materials for one item

1-75, Apprentice 1st Aid, Requires level 1, train up at skill 50+

1-40 Linen Bandage Linen Cloth
40-75 Heavy Linen Bandage 2x Linen Cloth

76-150, Journeyman 1st Aid, Requires level 1, train up at skill 125+

76-80 Heavy Linen Bandage 2x Linen Cloth
80-115 Wool Bandage Wool Cloth
115-150 Heavy Wool Bandage 2x Wool Cloth

151-225, Expert 1st Aid, Requires level 1, train up at skill 200+

150-180 Silk Bandage Silk Cloth
180-210 Heavy Silk Bandage 2x Silk Cloth
210-225 Mageweave Bandage Mageweave Cloth

226-300, Artisan 1st Aid, Requires level 35, train up at skill 275+

226-240 Mageweave Bandage Mageweave Cloth
240-260 Heavy Mageweave Bandage 2x Mageweave Cloth
260-290 Runecloth Bandage Runecloth
290-300 Heavy Runecloth Bandage 2x Runecloth

301-375, Master 1st Aid, Requires level 50, train up at skill 350+

301-340 Netherweave Bandage Netherweave cloth
340-367 Heavy Netherweave Bandage 2x Netherweave Cloth
367-375 Frostweave Bandage Frostweave Cloth

376, GrandMaster 1st Aid, Requires level 65, train up at skill 425+

376-400 Frostweave Bandage Frostweave Cloth
400-425 Heavy Frostweave Bandage 2x Frostweave Cloth
425-450 Embersilk Bandage Embersilk Cloth

451, Illustrious GrandMaster 1st Aid, Requires level 75

451-475 Embersilk Bandage Embersilk Cloth
475-525 Heavy Embersilk Bandage 2x Embersilk Cloth

525-600, Zen Master First Aid, Requires level 75, need 500+ skill to train up.

500-550 Windwool Bandage 1x Windwool Cloth
550-600 Heavy Windwool Bandage 3x Windwool Cloth

1-700, Draenor Master First Aid, Requires level 90.

Note that you only need to have a skill of 1 before making any of these.

1-625 Antiseptic Bandage 5x Sumptuous fur
1-700 Healing Tonic 10x Sea Scorpion Segment
  1.  1-675
  2. 1-700
Specials: The best use for these seems to be in world PvP.


  1.  Anti-venom: 10x Blackwater Whiptail flesh
  2. Amm. Oil: 10x Fire Ammonite Tentacle.

Congratulations on your mastery of the First Aid skill!

Now let’s see how fast you can get to 100:

Get access here.

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