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Leveling Engineering from 1 to 525

Engineering is a rather useful skill, for any class, with a whole bunch of interesting items, gadgets, etc.
If you’re a Gnome then you get +15 to your Engineering skill as a racial bonus.

Considering Engineering as your profession?
Considering Engineering as your profession?

Profession Perk: The Synapse Springs gadget can be attached to your gloves and increases your primary stat by 480 for 10 seconds, once per minute. This makes it a pretty useful “burst on demand” item.

Other perks, besides the special trinkets and fun items, are: engineering goggles that make for a very nice helm (example: Reinforced Bio-Optic Killshades,) Cogwheel helm gems are better than the Jewelcrafters’ own gems (but offer no primary stats,) and fun gadgets to use as enchants for their gloves and belt.


at skill level of 200, you can go and learn one of the two specializations available for Engineering:

  • Gnomish Engineering – If you wish to become a Gnomish engineer you will need to complete a short quest chain. This specialization focuses on gadgets.
  • Goblin Engineering – Also requires a short quest chain. This specialization focuses on explosive.

The HogYou are not locked into one spec or the other. “Talk” to the Book Evil Soothsaying for Dummies in Tanaris to change from one to the other. (Soothsaying for Dummies is now sitting on a table at Bootlegger Outpost. Coordinates are 55,60 next to npc Narain Soothfancy. You need to click it a 2nd time to learn Goblin or Gnomish Engineering after you have paid 150 gold to unlearn the one you don’t want.)

You will also need to renew your membership every two weeks with whichever faction you signed up with. It’s pretty cheap, but you’ll have to remember to take care of it if you go on vacation from WoW for a couple of weeks.

Gold??? Bwahahaha! Engineering was designed to consume gold, lots of gold, not make it. That there hog will cost you around 12-15k just to make. There are various items which are used by other players, and you might sell a hog every week or two, but many Engie items come with Engie skill requirements so won’t sell well. Not saying you can’t make gold with this skill, it’s just hard mode. Other professions are better choices for actually earning and if you want tips on getting more gold (to pay for crafting, gear, donations to the exploded goblin repair fund, or whatever,) grab a copy of WoWcrusher.

Mists of Pandaria

 Zen Master Engineer

  • Zen Master Engineering, skill cap of 600, level up at 500, min level is 80.
  • This page will be updated when the new engie recipes are introduced.

Step by Step Engineering Guide

Skill Item to be created Materials to create one item

1-75, Apprentice Engineer, Requires level 5, Train up at 50+

1-30: Rough
blasting Powder
Rough Stone
30-50: Handful of Copper Bolts Copper Bar
50-75: Rough Copper Bomb 2x Rough Blasting Powder
Handful of Copper Bolts
50 Arclight Spanner 6x Copper Bars
The above recipe is used to create a number of items with engineering, and is a necessary tool.

76-150, Journeyman Engineer, Requires level 10, Train up at 125+

75-90: Coarse Blasting Powder Coarse Stone
90-100: Coarse Dynamite Coarse Blasting Powder
Linen Cloth
100-115: Clockwork Box 3x Bronze Bar
Disassembling the Box will provide an additional skill increase.
115-120: Bronze Tube 2x Bronze Bar
120-135: Standard Scope Bronze Bar
Moss Agate
125-135: Heavy Blasting Powder Heavy Stone
125-150: Whirring Bronze Gizmo 2x Bronze Bar
Wool Cloth

151-225, Expert Engineer, Requires level 20, Train up at 220+

145-155: Bronze Framework 2x Bronze Bar
Medium Leather
Wool Cloth
155-175: Explosive Sheep Bronze Framework
Whirring Bronze Gizmo
2x Heavy Blasting
2x Wool Cloth
175 Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor 4x Steel Bar
175-195: Solid Blasting Powder 2x Solid Stone
195-200: Mithril Tube 3x Mithril Bar
200-215: Unstable Trigger Mithril Bar
Mageweave Cloth
Solid Blasting Powder
215-235: Mithril Casing 3x Mithril Bar

226-300, Artisan Engineer, Requires level 35, Train up at 275+

235-250: Hi-Explosive Bomb 2x Mithril Casing
Unstable Trigger
2x Solid Blasting Powder
250-260: Dense Blasting Powder 2x Dense Stone
260-280: Thorium Widget 3x Thorium Bar
280-300: Thorium Tube 6x Thorium Bar

301-375, Master Engineer, Requires level 50, Train up at 350+

300-310: Handful of Fel Iron Bolts Fel Iron Bar
310-320: Elemental Blasting Powder Mote of Fire
2x Mote of Earth
310-320: Fel Iron Casing 3x Fel Iron Bar
320-325: Fel Iron Musket Heavy Stock
3x Fel Iron Casing
6x Handful of Fel Iron Bolts
325-335: Adamantite Grenade 4x Adamantite Bar
2x Handful of Fel Iron Bolts
Blasting Powder
335-350: White Smoke Flare Netherweave Cloth
Elemental Blasting Powder
350-370: Handful of Cobalt Bolts 2x Cobalt Bar
350-375: Volatile Blasting Trigger 3x Cobalt Bar
Crystallized Water

Get the in-game guide to profession leveling, here

376-450, GrandMaster Engineer, Requires level 65, Train up at 425+

375-385: Overcharged Capacitor 4x Cobalt Bar
Crystallized Earth
385-390: Explosive Decoy Frostweave Cloth
3x Volatile Blasting Trigger
390-400: Froststeel Tube 8x Cobalt Bar
Crystallized Water
400-405: Diamond-cut Refractor Scope Froststeel Tube
2x Handful of Cobalt Bolts
405-415: Box of Bombs 5x Saronite Bar
Volatile Blasting Trigger
415-420: Mana Injector Kit 12x Saronite Bar
2x Crystallized Water
420-425: Noise Machine 2x Froststeel Tube
2x Overcharged Capacitor
8x Handful
of Cobalt Bolts
425-442: Handful of Obsidium Bolts 2x Obsidium Bar
442-445: Electrostatic Condenser 4x Obsidium Bar
6x Obsidium Bolt
4x Volatile Earth
445-460: Electrified Ether 2x Volatile Air

451-525, Illustrious GrandMaster Engineer, Requires level 65, Train up at 425+

460-470: R19 Threatfinder 6x Obsidium Bar
2x Alicite
6x Obsidium Bolt
460-470: Safety Catch Removal Kit 10x Obsidium Bar
10x Obsidium Bolt
470-475: High Powered Bolt Gun 10x Obsidium Bar
8x Obsidium Bolt
4x Electrified Ether
475-490: Lure Master Tackle Box 20x Elementium Bar
4x Handful of Obsidium Bolts
475-495: Elementium Toolbox 15x Elementium Bar
12x Volatile Earth
495-505: Elementium Dragonling 2x Obsidium Bolt
8x Electrified Ether
16x Elementium Bar
20x Embersilk Cloth
505-510: Finely-Tuned Throat Needler 2x Electrified Ether
4x Obsidium Bar
5x Hardened Elementium Bar
510-515: Heat-Treated Spinning Lure Obsidium Bolt
4x Elementium Bolt
Volatile Fire
515-525: Gnomish X-Ray Scope 2x Hardened Elementium Bar
2x Dream Emerald


Congratulations on your 525 Engineering skill!

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