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The Warlords of Draenor Monk Changes

Human Monk Grievous GladiatorMonks were just introduced in Mists of Pandaria, so what Monk changes could be needed for Warlords of Draenor? Let us count the ways…

Bliz is pretty happy with how Brewmaster Monks turned out, they’re a little less so with Windwalkers, but feel that they worked out fairly well, overall.

They’ll be focusing more on Mistweavers, to try and get them “just right.” (And why does that give you that funny look on your face? 😉 ) Yes, Mistweavers will be getting the lion’s share of the changes.

So what’s new? The new row of level 100 talents and the Perks, which are enhancements to existing abilities. Your stats will also undergo a few changes and, of course, there are a bunch of abilities removed and another bunch of tweaks.

Read on.

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Monk patch 5.4 changes

The Patch 5.4 Monk Changes

Undead Monk in Fire Charm gearSo what changed for Monks in 5.4? A bunch of little changes and tweaks. A buff or two and a couple of nerfs to things that might have been overpowered anyway. There are no new talents and no talents were eliminated. You gained no new abilities.

Brewmasters might have the biggest changes, with a Keg Smash nerf and the changes to Vengeance.

Scroll through the notes and check out the video, below, which covers all the changes and how they affect you.


  • Spinning Crane Kick now functions like a smart heal, healing the 6 most injured friendly targets within range, and minor guardians are no longer targeted (Wild Imps, Bloodworms, Snakes from Snake Traps, etc.). There has been no change to the total amount of healing granted by the ability, it just distrbutes the healing more effectively.

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