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Herbalism Guide for The World of Warcraft

Herbalism Guide for The World of Warcraft

Updated for Warlords of Draenor

Gathering Kingsblood
Should be able to make 500 potions with this clump!


  1. Warlords of Draenor changes
  2. Herbalism levels and Lifeblood
  3. Suggested Addons
  4. Herb Picking 101
  5. Herbalism for Inscription
  6. Herbalism 1 to 350
  7. Herbalism in Northrend (350-450)
  8. Herbalism in Cataclysm (425-525)
  9. Herbalism in Mists & Warlords (525 – 700)
  10. The List of Herbs

Warlords of Draenor notes for Herbalism

Warlords brought about a few big changes to Herbalism in general.

  • Regardless of your skill, you can start picking anywhere. If you have skill 1 you can still pick in Pandaria or Draenor or anywhere in the old world. You’ll simply gather broken plant pieces until your skill is high enough. You’ll get the same skill ups and XP as before, though. And the pieces can be combined, ten at once, into complete herbs.
  • Item stacks are now 200, so professional berry pickers will have a lot more bag space available.
  • All the direct stat benefits of all professions are being removed, so no more Haste or heal bonus.

Garrison Herbs have made herbalism easy. If you’re 96+ and have your garrison you should be able to get the herb garden. You can pick herbs with zero skill requirement and no fragments. If you have the skill then you’ll still get the XP and skill-ups. Hand in the seeds for work orders and you’ll get more herbs. Leave the garrison and you’ll need the skill and you’ll start getting those broken plant bits if your skill isn’t high enough.

So why bother with Herbalism? Well,  a couple of reasons:

  1. Gold: While there are a lot of the new herbs on the Auction House, from the garrisons mostly, they still sell very well. Old world herbs might have much higher prices, simply because no one is farming them. Alchemy and Inscription, in particular, need those herbs. Check the AH for current prices, especially of the older herbs, and then go pick a few. Tycoon is a big help there.
  2. You are leveling alchemy and/or Inscription and don’t want to pay those prices for the non-WoD herbs. .

In the Wrath of the Lich King expansion Herbalism become a pretty nice gold making profession, since the herbs were (and are) very much in demand for Inscription.

In Cataclysm they became even more valuable, since more glyphs were available and making each glyph required more ink and therefore more herbs. Also, most of the herb farmers moved into the new zones which made lower level herbs a little more rare and so a little more expensive.


Herbalism Levels:

All profession perks were removed in Warlords, so now more haste or heal from Herbalism.

These skill levels apply if you’re not yet in Draenor. Basically, you level up to a point, then see your trainer, then repeat. When you hit Draenor, things change.

In Draenor, if you have any skill at all, you will quickly (as you pick herbs) find a scroll that will raise your level cap to 700, even if it’s only at level one. You will no longer need to see your trainer anymore, either. Just pick until you’re at 700.

Skill Range
Train up at…
Req. level

Lifeblood Haste, Max

Original WoW
1 to 75
5 Haste
Original WoW
76 to 150
Original WoW
151 to 225
Original WoW
226 to 300
Burning Crusade 
301 to 375
Wrath of the LK
376 to 450
451 to 525
Illustrious Grandmaster
Mists of Pandaria
Zen Master
Draenor Master



For all of your gathering we highly recommend that you grab the Gatherer Addon. It remembers where you have founds nodes of gathereable materials and remembers the location. Eventually you will have complete maps of those nodes.

The Tycoon Addon will mark your map with gathering and farming routes and also put a trail on your mini-map. This makes gathering easy, just follow the path and get stuff. Here’s an example for Twilight Highlands (click the image for a slightly larger version: )


Herb Picking 101

Note: The value of appropriate skill, these days, is so that you actually get the herbs you’re looking for and not the twigs and stems and petals.

Stay in one area and get your skill as high as possible before moving to the next area. If you don’t do that you will find many herbs in the new area that you just won’t have the skill to pick. When you’re in any particular zone set your mini-map to show herbs and do loops around the area. The herbs will show as yellow dots on the map.

Once you have your apprentice Herbalism skill go to your favorite starting area and start gathering Peacebloom and Silverleaf. I went to Eversong woods, but these herbs are all over the place in all of the Horde and Alliance starting areas.

Once the herbs in your area aren’t giving you any skill improvements you’ll want to go to the next higher zone. I went to the Ghostlands, but the Barrens, Westfall, and Loch Modan are good areas, too. As I mentioned above, if you move on too soon you won’t have the skill to pick anything in the new area.

Most of the herbs on this list are the ones you will need for Inscription, so you can level this skill and build your herb stash at the same time. Or sell it all and make quite a bit of gold.

Herbalism for Inscription

The herbs needed for Inscription are divided into tiers. Unlike Alchemy, which requires specific herbs for any given potion, Inscription allows the scribe to use any herb from the appropriate tier.  See our Inscription page for the herbs you will want to focus on.


Herbalism from 1 to 350+

Note that skill levels are only necessary if you want the complete herbs, not just pieces.

1 – 50 Silverleaf, Peacebloom, Earthroot

These two herbs are all over all of the starting areas for both sides, Earthroot can be found in the foothills of all the low level areas.

Here are some example paths to take, but with Gatherer or Tycoon you can quickly find your own paths.

Horde can run a path through Mulgore, it’s easy enough to just make circuits round the base of Thunderbluff grabbing all the Silverleaf and Peacebloom in sight. The same is also true for Durotar, but Mulgore is better. Eversong Woods may be the best of the Horde areas, even better than Mulgore.

Alliance will want to hit up either Dolanaar going down south east or so around the lake before heading back to complete the loop. An alternative is just making complete runs of Elwynn Forest or any of the Alliance starting areaa.

Undead will want to target Solliden Farmstead first, running north through the mills and looping around back south towards Stillwater and onto Cold Heart Manor + Nightmare Vale and finally back to Solliden for a complete circuit.

Earthroot requires 15 skill. Make sure your skill is at least 50 before moving on.

51 – 70 Mageroyal

Horde will start in the crossroads, heading immediately west and then north right before the entrance to Stonetalon, browse around the Harpies zone a bit before running back east to the Gold Road and south once again to the Crossroads.

Alliance can start in northern Westfall, following the coast down south towards Deadmines before turning to run over in the direction of Sentinel Hill, to complete the circuit run back up north again.

Another spot is Gol’Bolar Quarry in Dun Morogh, just make full circuits. Alternate areas are: The Ghostlands, Silverpine Forest, Westfall, and and any are for levels 10-20.

71 – 100 Briarthorn

Briarthorn is pretty common in all the level 20ish areas. Hillsbrad Foothills, Duskwood, and Darkshore are good places to go.

In the Northern Barrens you will be running the same path as the above Horde Route, this time however you’ll extend it east to the Sludge Fen and should you so desire it possibly the entirety of the Barrens, allowing you to grab everything you need for this skill level..

Undead will be doing Southern Silverpine Forest, Pyrewood on down to the Hillsbrad Foothills entrance and all the way back for a complete circuit.

Alliance can either maintain the same route as previous or expand into doing circuits throughout Twilight Grove located in Duskwood. Another few possible paths are both circuits of Lakeshire – Redridge, Darkshore, and Eastern Loch Modan.

85- 115 Bruiseweed

You will likely have notices some Bruiseweed in your travels, above. Start scooping it up when you hit 85 skill.

Either faction can head up to Northern Stranglethorn to scoop up Bruiseweed. Stranglethorn is one of the more active PvP zones so if you’re on a PvP server you’ve been warned. If you’re high level you’ll find easy kills here, along with your herbs. Besides the possibility of gankage, Stranglethorn has a lot of herbs covering several levels. You will be able to stay here and get a lot of herb leveling done.

Horde can start at the Ashenvale Ramparts and head north-east towards Splintertree Post, make sure to run a wild path rather than follow distinct roads and such, alot of the herbs are out there in the forest and not so easily located as before. Once you hit Splintertree head west towards the bridge and south around the moonwell, turn here for the final part down to the Ramparts and you’ve completed a circuit.

The Stonetalon Mountains are viable, hit up Camp Aparaje, head west from there towards Grimtotem Post, south to Malaka’jin, and finally east to the Greatwood Vale before returning to home point. Another path is The Field of Giants, southern barrens inbetween the razorfen dungeons. Windshear Crag contains various herbs should you desire to go there as well.

Alliance can go North of Mystral Lake or West of Astranaar for various herbs in Ashenvale. Other spots are making circuits around the Stonewatch Keep in Redridge Mountains and the Eastern Coast of Loch Modan for dwarves.

116 – 125 Wild Steelbloom

Northern Stranglethorn, again, is a good place for Steelbloom. Stay to the norther half of the zone and make circuits through the hilly areas.

Horde can head for Stonetalon Peak once more and run circuits along the roads, looking to the hilly areas.

Alliance & Horde can both try out Arathi Highlands (circle the zone, along the hills) should they wish to, it has a generally more active PvP population than previous zones however, additonally Stranglethorn Vale is very similar and you can hit up the various troll ruins and other such areas around there for herbs.

Desolace is another viable zone for Alliance or Horde, it’s rather large but contains a generally high amount of herb spots for those willing to travel more off-road than on.

126 – 160 Kingsblood

Still in Northern Stranglethorn, but this time stick to the flatlands for Kingsblood.

Western Plaguelands, Wetlands, and the Southern Barrens are other good options.

If you were in Desolace for Wild Steelbloom then just move to the flats for the Kingsblood.

150 – 185 Fadeleaf & Goldthorn & Liferoot

Goldthorn likes the hills and Fadeleaf tends to be hidden with other vegetation. Liferoot can be found along the edges of pool, streams, etc.

If you are in Stanglethorn then drop down to the Cape of Stranglethorn. Fadeleaf can be found all over the place and some Goldthorn is in the hills.

Feralas has plenty of Fadeleaf, keep to the valleys and lowlands. Arathi Highlands is a decent place for both herbs and is also good for the next one, Khadgar’s whisker.

160 – 205 Khadgar’s Whisker

Cape of Stranglethorn is a good place to go for Khadgar’s, or to stay if you’re already there. Western Plaguelands and on into Eastern Plaguelands should get you enough Khadgar’s Whisker to easily get you into the next tier. Try to get your skill to at least 205 before leaving, then you can skip the Badlands & Dragon’s teeth.

190 – 225 Dragon’s Teeth

This herb replaces the old Wintersbite. It’s In the Badlands, all around Scar of the Worldbreaker. This is pretty much the only place to find this herb.

206 – 230 Firebloom

Firebool is found in the desert areas: Burning Steppes, Tanaris, Searing Gorge, and the Badlands. Do  full circuits of  any of these areas, keeping to the flat areas. Tanris is big enough that you might want to divide it into section and work one section at a time. .

231 – 250 Sungrass

Eastern Plaguelands (EP) is the place to be for Sungrass, but Thousand Needles (TN) is good, too. It’s all over the place in EP, in the grassy areas and very low hills. In TN you will have to scan the cliffs around the zone, you won’t find any in the water.

You can also find the stuff in Badlands, Burning Steppes, Silithus, Searing Gorge, Tanaris,  and Un’Goro Crater.

At 235 you will also be able to pick up the occasional Blindweed that you find.

251 – 270 Collecting Gromsblood

Gromsblood is all over Felwood, and that place is by far the best place to collect this herb. Run full circles/circuits of Felwood  Other possibilities are Mannoroc Coven in Desolace for Gromsblood and the area around the Dark Portal in the Blasted Lands.

At 260 you can start picking up Golden Samsan.

271 – 285 Collecting Dreamfoil

Now we start running both Un’Goro and Silithus. If you went to the Blasted Lands for Gromsblood you should be able to find plenty of Dreamfoil in that zone.

280 – 300

Keep collecting Dreamfoil. At 280 you’ll be able to gather Mountain Silversage. Once you hit 300 you can either head off to the Outlands or keep gathering in the Blasted Lands.

300-330 – Felwood or Hellfire Penninsula

Once uptn a time you had to hit the Outlands for your Master Herbalist training, but now you can get it from any trainer anywhere.

Then you can either run off to Outland and gather up all the Felweed that you can find or continue in Felwood, farming the heck out of it for more Dreamfoil and Mountain Silversage.

330 – 350+ – Zangarmarsh

Now you definitely have to be in Outland, it’s just such a “happenin’ place.” Zangamarsh is simply packed to the brim with herbs, it really should be your next target. You’ll be looking primarily for Felweed and Ragveil (325 skill.)

Generally I’ll run circuits around the corner areas before slowly circling in towards the center, reverse this process to complete the circuit, also should you run into a bit of opposition kill it or try going up north into the Blades Edge Mountains, or south to Terrokar Forest and check those out as well.

Once you skill is 350 then you can head off to Northrend.


Wrath of the Lich King, Northrend – Herbalism 350 to 450:

350 – 450

Once you arrive in Northrend do circuits around the starting areas for Goldclover and around the hot springs in Borean Tundra for Fireleaf. (Fireleaf drops leaves and seeds which provide interesting buffs.)

Once your skill hits 400 you can pick Tiger Lily around the edges of lakes and streams. With half an effort your skill will be 450 before you hit the higher level areas for Talandra’s Rose, Frozen Herbs, Icethorn, Lichbloom, etc.


Cataclysm Herbalism


Ok, now you know the drill. Gather up everything you can, then move on. You can start in either Mt. Hyjal of in Vash’jir. Hyjal is a great place for Cinderbloom, while Vash’jir has Azshara’s Veil. Both of these starting Cata herbs will get you well into this tier of your progression.

When you hit 475 skill you can head to Deepholm and look for Heartblossom. It’s available pretty much all over the place.

Whiptail, at 500, can be found in Uldum (and Tol Barad, if you like some excitement with your flower picking.) Pick it until you hit 525.


Moving Beyond….

525-600: As before, start in the lowest level zone Valley of Four Winds and work your way up.

For M of P the new herbs are:

  • Green Tea Leaf is the most common of the M of P herbs. You will find it all over the place in open and forested areas.
  • Rain Poppy common to the lower level areas, always near water, just like Liferoot.
  • Silkweed
  • Snow Lily is only on the very cold areas.
  • Fool’s Cap is in the higher level zones only.
  • Golden Lotus – This is a rare drop as you collect other herbs.

Warlords of Draenor:

Note that at some points during your flower plucking you will attacked by some sort of podling, whether in the world or at your garrison. These drop complete herbs when slain and are pretty easy to kill.

Start yer gatherin!


Tycoon: More Gold, Easier and Faster than Ever

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A list of Common Herbs and Where they Live

The Herb

Top areas to find the herbs

Required level


Bloodthistle Eversong Woods
Not useful for much, other than leveling
Peacebloom All starting areas.
Silverleaf same
Earthroot same, look to the hilly areas.
Mageroyal Hillsbrad Foothills, Darkshore, Silverpine Forest
Briarthorn Hillsbrad Foothills, Duskwood, Darkshore
Bruiseweed Northern Stranglethorn, Wetlands, Ashenvale
Wild Steelbloom Northern Stranglethorn, Stonetalon Mountains, Ashenvale
Hilly areas
Kingsblood Northern Stranglethorn, Western Plaguelands, Wetlands
Fadeleaf Feralas, The Cape of Stranglethorn, Dustwallow Marsh
A bit hard to see, look closely
Goldthorn Arathi Highlands, Dustwallow Marsh, The Hinterlands
Hilly areas
Liferoot Eastern Plaguelands, Western Plaguelands, Northern Stranglethorn
Near water
Khadgar’s Whisker Eastern Plaguelands, Western Plaguelands, Feralas
Dragon’s Teeth Badlands only
In the scar and only there.
Firebloom Burning Steppes, Tanaris, Searing Gorge
Purple Lotus Felwood, around ruins.
Near ruins
Arthas’ Tears Western Plaguelands, Eastern Plaguelands
Sungrass Eastern Plaguelands, Thousand Needles, Badlands
Blindweed Feralas, Zangarmarsh, Western Plaguelands
Near water
Gromsblood Felwood, Blasted Lands, Desolace
Golden Sansam Swamp of Sorrows, Felwood, Hellfire Peninsula
Dreamfoil Blasted Lands, Silithus, Felwood
Mountain Silversage Winterspring, Hellfire Peninsula, Un’Goro Crater
Hilly areas


Felweed Hellfire Peninsula, Nagrand, Zangarmarsh
Dreaming Glory Nagrand, Terokkar Forest, Blade’s Edge Mountains
Ragveil Zangarmarsh, The Underbog, The Slave Pens
Terocone Terokkar Forest, Shadowmoon Valley, The Botanica
Flame Cap Zangarmarsh, The Underbog, The Slave Pens
Not common


Goldclover Howling Fjord, Sholazar Basin, Borean Tundra
Firethorn Borean Tundra
Not common
Mana Thistle Terokkar Forest, Shadowmoon Valley, Isle of Quel’Danas
Tiger Lily Sholazar Basin, Howling Fjord, Grizzly Hills
Near water
Talandra’s Rose Zul’Drak, Drak’Tharon Keep, Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom
Near ruins
Adder’s Tongue Sholazar Basin, Drak’Tharon Keep, Gundrak
Frozen Herb Dragonblight, Zul’Drak, Wintergrasp
On glaciers


Azshara’s Veil Shimmering Expanse, Tol Barad Peninsula, Abyssal Depths
Mostly Underwater
Cinderbloom Deepholm, Twilight Highlands, Mount Hyjal
Likes heat
Stormvine Mount Hyjal, Abyssal Depths, Shimmering Expanse
Heartblossom Deepholm
Whiptail Uldum, Tol Barad
Only here
Twilight Jasmine Twilight Highlands
Only here

Mists of Pandaria

Rain Poppy Jade forest zone, also in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms Near water
Green Tea Leaf  All 85+ M of P zones, most common M of P herb. Forest and open areas.
Silkweed  Valley of the Four Winds Near water
Snow Lily Kun-Lai Summit and Townlong Steppes Ice and snow areas
Fool’s Cap Dread Wastes (east and south, in the small SW islands) and Townlong Steppes, east side of Windward Isle. Near water
Golden Lotus Rare, find as you collect other herbs. All over, but rare.

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