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Priest Changes in Warlords of Draenor

As you likely know by now, Warlords of Draenor was released on November 13, 2014. You got access to those ten new levels, Garrisons, new this, new that, a lot of Orcs, and so on. One thing you didn’t get is a whole bunch of new abilities. In fact, you’re going to lose a few and a number of others will be changed. You got a few new talents, though, and gained various “Perks.” In general, Priests received several significant changes, mainly focused on reining in Discipline’s damage absorption shields, improving quality of life for Discipline and Holy specializations, and solving single-target damage issues for Shadow. All…

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A Guide to Holy Priest PvP

Holy Priest PvP in patch 5.4.7 is working quite well. You have lots of survivability, especially with the new resilience changes (now 77%, plus the trinket bonus) and some pretty serious healing ability. You should have no problems keeping yourself and your team up while they kill everything. On this page you’ll find stats, talents, gear, rotations, and more. Hit the “like” and “+1” buttons and feel free to add a comment if something needs to be added or changed or you want to just add your piece. Holy PvP Contents Holy PvP stats Your Talents Gems Enchants Gearing Up –…

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The Priest in Mists of Pandaria

There are some changes coming with Mists of Pandaria. The Cataclysm talent system has been completely scrapped in favor of a newer, simpler one. Many of the old talents are dead and gone, as are some of the abilities. Others have changed a bit or become the new talents or abilities. The Prime Glyphs slots are gone, but some of those glyphs  have been rolled into the Major glyphs. Minor Glyphs are now pretty much cosmetic only. The wand slot is gone, though you can still use wands. Release is still a month away, so some changes will still be…

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