The Shaman Leveling Guide

Harness the Elements and Win

Tauren Shaman level 1Why become a Shaman? Because there’s a certain satisfaction in commanding the forces of nature to obliterate your opposition.

A Shaman can use the elements to help hack their opponents to bit (Enhancement,) destroy them at range with lightning and other elemental forces (Elemental,) or keep the group healthy and happy (Restoration.)

The Shaman takes a bit of skill to play and a lot of skill to play well. If that’s what you’re looking for, read on …

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As a shaman you preserve a balance, you aren’t so easy to level as to make it a one-and-done process, yet you don’t lag so far as to make it to the level cap only to discover it’s been increased by another 10 levels, once again. You can definitely level quickly enough to be satisfying.

Elemental and Ehancement are the specs we’ll focus on with this page. Restoration is nice in Dungeons and PvP groups, but is going to be a bit slow when soloing. We’re also not going to cover any of the “flavor of the minute” buffs or nerfs. Next week a hotfix will change whatever is hot today, so we’ll just concentrate on what you need to know, since you do want to play a Shaman.


The Quick Shaman Leveling Guide

Builds: Which is best for Shaman leveling? That depends…

  • Enhancement for the “In Your Face” experience. Take two weapons and hack the opposition to bits, using the elements to supplement your abilities.
  • Elemental for the “Nuke from Range” experience. Use the elements to blast the opposition into dust and ash.
  • Restoration is one of the better healing specs in the game, but the damage is lacking. Go with Resto only if you want to stick with the dungeon (or PvP) leveling thing.


Race makes little difference, so play what you like. If you have to be efficient…

  • Alliance: Draenei, for the Int/Ag buff
  • Horde: Orc, for Blood Fury; Troll, for Berserking; Tauren for War Stomp.
  • Pandarens can become Shamen and they level a bit faster (better “Rest XP” than others get) and have a couple of other useful perks.


Skip all crafting professions while leveling unless you have a nice pile of gold. If you do get a craft, then Leatherworking will make the mail armor that you want. With Inscription you can make all of your glyphs. You CAN make a ton of gold with professions, but they’re still expensive to level and will slow your leveling.

Note that all profession bonuses are dead in Warlords, though you can make some very nice gear.

  • Herbalism, mining, and skinning. Pick any two. Herbalism lets you find both healing and mana regenerating spirits while gathering in Pandaria zones. Herbalism and Mining will both give you XP when you work those nodes.


  • Enhancement: Agility and Stam
  • Elem and Resto: Int and Spirit (if you’re having mana issues)
  • All: Haste and Crit


  • Enhancement: Dual wield slow wpns (slow wpns hit harder.) Agi, Stam, & Crit. are the best stats.
  • Elem & Resto: Weapons with Int, Spirit, and Spellpower are nice. Shields with similar stats are great.

Gems and Enchants:

  • If you have gem sockets, and want to bother with them while leveling, then gem for:
    • Resto & Elem: Int. Only Int.
    • Enhancement: Agility only.
  • If you have a meta socket, then:
    • Resto & Elem: as with the other gems, look for Metas with Int.
    • Enhancement: Ditto, looking for Agility.
  • A lot of useful enchants can be had on the Auction House for very little gold. If you have the gold then go for them. Look for the stats mentioned above. Int/Ag and Stam are good choices. As of 5.4 all of the enchants can be applied to any level weapon. Yes, this means you can apply Dancing Steel or Jade Spirit or the Draenor enchants to your level 1 weapon or heirloom.

Potions, Food, Etc:

  • Carry the best buffing foods you can find for your level.
  • Potions of mana and scrolls or potions of Agility/Int are nice to have and they’re often dirt cheap.
  • Yes you can heal, but healing potions are cheap, easy, and cost no mana. Every now and then they’re very ncie to have.

Get Leveled Faster:


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Shaman Leveling Talents

Any spec of Shaman can pick any one talent from any one row. Talents can also be changed easily to suit whatever the situations. All you need is to open your talent pane and pick the new talent.

In Legion you can easily switch specs anytime that you’re out of combat. Wanty to chop up these mobs as enhancement, those mobs as Elemental, and the switch to Resto and heal a dungeon run? No sweat, just switch. Youi don’t need reagents, a trainer, or to commune with the elements. Just pick the new spec on your talent page and go.

Talents can be changes at almost any time. You do need to be in a rested XP area, such as the Big City, your Garrison, or an inn. No reagents or anything are needed. Just pick the new one(s) and go.

Keep in mind that there are a number of picks and some are better in some situations, such as whether you PvP more or less than the other guy. Adjust accordingly and to your style of play. Our picks are checked: Best talentA couple are checked twice, since the picks change whether you’re Elemental or Enhancement. If you want to level as Resto then you’ll be in a dungeon group and you should go to our Resto Shaman page.





Tier 1, Level 15

Coming soon.

Tier 2, Level 30


Tier 3, Level 45


Tier 4, Level 60


Tier 5, level 75


Tier 6, level 90


Level 100 Talents



Shaman Leveling Glyphs

As of Legion most glyphs were shuffled off to the elemental planes, maybe never to be seen again. You are left with a few minor glyphs, all of which have purely cosmetic effects on one or another of your abilities. For example, Glyph of Spirit Raptors changes the appearance of your Spirit Wolves.


Abilities for the Leveling Shaman

You pick your specialization (spec) at level 10 and then you are locked into that spec until you change specs.

  • All specs share a common pool of abilities, just as they always have.
  • Each of the class specs has unique abilities that you gain beginning at level 10. They define the differences between Elemental, Enhancement, and Restoration. There is no customization here.
  • All of the above abilities are learned as you level. You will never again have to visit your trainer to learn.
  • Any spec can take any of the talents. The Talents are also easily changed and you can change them anywhere, without having to see your trainer.
  • New in Legion: you can switch specs any time that you’re out of combat. Youi can switch talents any time that you’re in a rested XP area.

Shaman Abilities by Specialization

These are the abilities unique to each specialization (spec.) They define you.

In the dungeons both Elly and Enh are Damage (aka: DPS) and you job is to lay down the hurt on whatever the tank is fighting. Let the tank get their attention, then you burn them down. Durable as you are you are not the tank and you should not initiate attacks, let the tank handle that.

In PvP stay with your group and assist them. Lone heroes get crushed. Find a healer and stick near him. Your heals are decent, but it’s better if you don’t have to worry about healing yourself and can make them worry about it, instead.

  • (P) = Passive ability

Elemental Abilities:

Elemental Shaman AbilitiesYou harness the elements (Lightning and Storm) to blast the opposition.You don’t want to get your hands dirty with hand to hand combat, prefering to incinerate your opponents from range.

Enhancement Abilities:

Enhancement Shaman AbilitiesDual wielding melee machine, using your weapons to destroy the enemy and you spells to enhance your damage.You’re the Shaman who feels that bolt-lobbing and healing is for someone else. You want to get up close and personal and hack.

6 Earth Shock – Shock the target 1 Critical Strikes – +10% to Crit.
10 Elemental Fury (P) – 50% crit bonus, +100% damage total. 10 Dual Wield (P) – Use two weapons.
10 Lava Lash – Lava charges your off-hand weapon and spread Flame Shock around.
10 Spiritual Insight (P) – Bigger Mana Pool and Reduces the CD of Earth and Flame shock by 1 second each.
10 Thunderstorm – Calls down your Thunderstorm, knocking back enemies among other things.
26 Stormstrike – Hit with both weapons, increased chance to crit with followup spells.
34 Lava Burst – Hurl lava at the target, always crits, does more damage if Flame Shock is already on the target.
34   Magma Totem – Your fire totem damages all nearby creatures over the next minute.
50 Lava Surge (P) – Chance for free Lava Burst from Flame Shock ticks.
50 Mail Specialization (P)- +5% to your Int if all your armor is mail. 44 Fire Nova – Ignites your Flame Shock and spreads damage around.
60 Earthquake – Damage enemies in an area, chance to knock them down. 50 Mail Specialization (P) – +5% to your Agility if all your armor is mail.
80 Mastery, Molten Earth – The Earth comes to your aid, adding damage. Also increases your Earthquake damage. 60 Feral Spirit – Summon two wolves to eat the opposition.
60 Spirit Walk – Removes roots and snares, increases speed for a few seconds.
85 Spiritwalker’s Grace – You may move while casting spell for 15 seconds.
87 Ascendence – Become a Flame Ascendent, removing the cooldown from Lava Burst and changing Chain Lightning to Lava Beam. 80 Mastery: Enhanced Elements (P) – Increases elemental damage.
87 Ascendence – Become an Air Ascendent, your auto-attacks and Stormstrike become Wind attacks, ignoring armor and having a 30 yrd range.


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Shaman Gear, Stats, Etc.


Dwarf Shaman Leveling Through PandariaPrimary Stats

  1. Intelligence increases Spellpower so is the #1 Stat for Resto and Elem. You have no use for Agility.
  2. Agility is #1 for Enhancement, and you have no use for Int.
  3. Spell Power: If you’re lobbing bolts all the time, and as Elemental you will be, then this is a good stat to get, but it only appears on some trinkets and enchants. Enhancement will use Attack Power instead.
  4. Attack power: this equals a straight up increase in damage, so is quite helpful. Unfortunately, it only appears on some enchants and a very few items. Resto and Elly shamans will use SpellPower.
  5. Strength is of no use to any Shaman.

The Other Stats

  1. Stamina: Your #1 stat when leveling at lower levels. You need enough to stay alive and I recommend stacking only Stam at low levels. Stamina enchants, for your gear, are often very cheap on the Auction House. You can also get Stam scrolls and various foods will also buff Stam.
  2. Spirit is for your mana regeneration. Enhancement doesn’t have much use for it, But Elly and Resto do. If you’re having mana issues than see if a couple of spirit enchants, potions, or scrolls will help. At high level it’s very important for Resto. If you’re not having mana problems then get the Int scrolls, potions, etc. instead.
  3. Haste makes you do everything faster, including burning your mana. All flavors of Shaman like Haste.
  4. Crit rating is obviously important, and a high crit rating allows you to have a more active Flurry effect going. Flurry counts for quite a lot of damage for Enhancement, and therefore is quite handy to have going 24/7. Given a choice between Haste and Crit, go for Haste.
  5. Mastery is gained at level 80. Don’t worry about it until the end game.
  6. Versatility helps you hit harder and take less damage amd is generally better for PvP than leveling or PvE.

PvP Stats

  • PvP Power is only for level 90 play. It’s like Attack or Spell Power, but only for PvP damage and healing. After the patch 5.3 nerf it’s somewhat less valuable than before. It does not appear on Draenor gear.
  • Resilience also appears on lower level PvP gear, but not on Draenor gear.
  • Stamina is a great things to have for PvP, the more the better. Stam gear, enchants, scrolls/potions, and some buffs will adds to your total health.
  • Check out Skill-Capped for all kinds of Shaman PvP stuff (and all other classes.) It’s aimed at level 100, but you’ll be able to get a lot of use out of that site, even at much lower level.


Enchants & Gems

Chasing down the best gems or enchants is of little use while leveling. You’ll burn through a lot of gold, and you’ll probably be leveling fast enough that you will outgrow any enchanted/gemed gear that you’re using very quickly. Assuming you have the gold and you want to pick up some gems anyway:

  • Enhancement should gem and Enchant for Agility first, attack power and Haste being 2nd choices if Agility is unavailable. Int gems have “brilliant” in the name, Agility gems are “Delicate.”
  • Elem and Resto should gem for Int, they should also enchant for Int, then SpellPower, then Haste.
  • Haste is a good stat for any Shaman.
  • As of patch 5.4 (and into Warlords) all the high level enchants, including crafted ones, can be added to any weapon. Yes, you can put the top end enchants on your starting weapon or shield. Crafted enchants, such as the Inscription shoulder enchant, can also be added but you will need to have a level 85+ character to the work then ship it off to your leveling character. Enchants done by enchanters can be added directly. Unless you’re really rich (or a twink) it’s best to only use these on your heirlooms or items that you are going to keep for awhile.


Basic Gearing Up

At low level (up to 40) you will be wearing leather armor. If you enchant your gear at all try to get Stamina enchants. See the note just above about high level enchants.


If you have the gold then this is the way to go. With Warlords most of the heirlooms can be bought with gold. 30k or so will get you a full set that’ll last from 1 to 100.

  • 500-700 gold for each item (good till lev 60,) 1,200 to boost it to level 90, another 2-5k to level 100.
  • AllianceKrom Stoutarm is in the Library of Ironforge, which is found on the north-eastern edge of the outer ring.
  • HordeEstelle Gendry lurks around the south-western side of the Rogue’s Quarter of Undercity.

At 40 you get to wear mail armor, though you might have (or find) some leather pieces with better numbers. This is fine for now, but at 50 you will want to be in all mail armor. At that point you will get a 5% bonus to your best stat (Int or Ag) by wearing mail in all of your armor slots.

Before you hit 70 do enough Battleground PvP to get around 2k Honor Points. At 70 head to the Legacy Arena Vendors and pick up your epic PvP set, even if you don’t really care for PvP (and you won’t have to do it again.) This is much better than the other gear you might find at that level.

At 77 you’ll start getting gear that’s better than that PvP gear. Your heirlooms, if any, will have caught up.

at 81 keep an eye on the Auction House for Mists of Pandaria gear. You can sometimes find blue items for a level 81 which are iLevel 417. This is better than Heroic Cata raid gear, though that raid gear will have gem slots. If you have the gold you can keep yourself in nice blue gear through 90.

If you don’t want to spend the gold or keep an eye on the Auction House then that’s Ok. Your cata gear that you find through level 85 will do you fine. In the lands of Pandaria there are vendors who will sell you complete sets of green gear for very good prices. If won’t be the better gear that’s on the AH, but it will be good enough and it will be cheap. You can see some of those vendors here.

At 90 you can buy the crafted Malevolent PvP set from the Auction House and/or scout the Timeless Isle for armor tokens.

90+ you will be exploring Draenor. Keep an eye on the AH for nice stuff that pops up or just quest. Draenor quest gear sometimes upgrades itself when you receive it.

91+ will let you get (or make) some epic crafted gear that is ilevel 640. Buying it will be expensive, buying the stuff to boost it to over 700 item level (still usable at level 91) will be grimly expensive.

If you want to get the gold to get the better stuff then check out Zygor’s Gold Guide.


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“How To” for the Leveling Shaman

These videos are aimed at 90+ players, but there is plenty there for lower levels. Take what you need.

Crash Course for the Boosted Elemental Shaman

Blizzard has a series of crash courses for people boosting to 90 with classes that they might not know well. Here’s the video for the Elemental Shaman. Apply what you can for your own level.

A Slightly More Advanced Elemental Video

This is aimed at the end-game Ellie Shaman, but there’s a lot of stuff here that lower levels can use. The narrator is very energetic, which is appropriate for Elemental. He also covers talents and glyphs.

The tactics covered are usable at most any level.

Language alert, if you care about such things.

Enhancement Guide

Same guy as above, and he covers a lot of good stuff. As above, take what you need appropriate to your level. As above, the tactics covered are usable at most any level. 

Language alert, if you care about such things. 



Shaman Races

All the Shaman Approved races bring something to some aspect of the end-game (raiding, pvp, etc.,) but none of them are major abilities.

  • Orcs and trolls have a damage cooldown and other useful abilities, so will be best for offense.
  • Goblins and Draenei have stat increases that will add to overall damage.
  • Dwarves and Taurens have useful defensive abilities.

In Legion there are no significant racial changes.

For the Horde

  • Orc
    • Blood Fury increases melee and spell damage for a short time. Stick it in a macro with your opening attacks. Test it to make sure it works right.
    • Resistance to stuns (Hardiness) is nice for PvP and certain other situations. You won’t see much need for it while questing.
  • Tauren
    • War Stomp is nice to have for the melee shaman. It’s not quite so useful for bolt lobbers, but can help with escaping.or kiting the opposition.
    • Increased Health is always nice to have, as it increases your base health.
    • Critical Strike bonus damage and healing done are increased by 2%.
  • Troll
    • Berserk increases casting and attack speed for a few seconds, which is always useful. Stick it in a macro with your opening attacks.
    • Increased Regeneration sounds nice, but it’s a very small amount and you have heals.
    • Reduced Duration of Movement Impairing Effects is nice in PvP and has its uses elsewhere.
    • You get increased XP for slaying beasts.
  • Goblin – Goblins as Shamans? Who’d they bribe to get that deal? Do they buy their totems from GobMart?

    • Rocket Jump is a nice way to get to the fight or to escape from it.
    • Vendor discounts will make living cheaper.
    • Haste (1% increase) is a nice little DPS increase in all cases.
    • Gobs get +15 with their Alchemy skill.

For the Alliance

These two can be Shamans and Humans can’t? Sheesh.

  • Dwarf – The Dwarves have been corrupted/enhanced by new tribes, some with a Shamanistic tradition. Naturally their totems should be kegs, unfortunately they aren’t.
    • Stone Form washes away bleeds and various effects, as well as reducing damage by 10%. This ability will be very nice in PvP.
    • Critical Strike bonus damage and healing dealt is increased by 2%.
  • Draenei
    • The heal (gift) is nice, but redundant for any flavor of Shaman.
    • Your Heroic presence now increases your Int & Ag.

Pandarens can become Shamans. They can pick Horde or Alliance at character creation or skip it and remain neutral, at least for awhile.

  • Pandarens have a melee range stun. This puts your enemy to sleep for a brief time and breaks combat.
  • They get better Rest XP (Inner Peace.)
  • Better buffs from food. That Ag/Int food you just ate will give you twice the buff that others get.
  • Less falling damage, which is rather nice.
  • They’re good with Cooking.

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Shaman Professions

If your other characters are rich then go ahead and level a crafting profession. If you’re poor then you might want to stick with the gathering professions for awhile. You can earn gold, lots of gold, with the crafting professions, but it takes some work and you need to keep an eye on the Auction House. Tycoon will be a help with that.

All three gathering skills are good money makers. You get to pick two. I suggest Mining and Herbalism, because they both give XP.

In Warlords all profession perks have been removed. Leatherworking no longer gives an Agility enchant, skinning no longer adds crit, etc.

Other skills

  • First Aid – You have heals, so why bother? Still, it’s something to do with all that extra cloth you’ll be finding.
  • Cooking – You can create your own buffing foods. Cooking mats are often, not always, dirt cheap. At max level cooking you will be able to feed your entire group.
  • Archeology – You can find BoEs, mounts, very nice weapons, and even some BoA (Bind on Account) items.
  • Fishing – Kick back and goof off after a few dozen quests, dungeons, or battlegrounds.
  • Mining – Breaking ore out of rock nodes builds big muscles. Clearly the favorite of the Draenei Shaman.
  • Herbalism – Pick flowers and sometimes find healing or mana spirits (they act like potions.)
  • Skinning – With the bazillions of critters in WoW it’s easy to gather many stacks of skins. Might as well take advantage.

Ok, so you have enough gold:

With profession bonuses gone in Warlords the “should I take a profession” question becomes a bit more interesting. Do you want it for the gear? To make gold?

  • Leatherworking – You’ll be able to make your own mail armor, including PvP gear up to 90 and raid quality gear (expensive!!) in Draenor. In Draenor your level 2 garrison, with follower minion, will give you access to account bound tents that add +10% to all your stats. Mail them to all of your alts.
  • Blacksmithing – Make your own weapons. n Draenor your level 2 garrison, with follower minion will give you a buff that blocks gear damage and also a possible body guard when questing there. 
  • Inscription – Inscription provides all of the high level shoulder enchants as well as glyphs. In Draenor your level 2 garrison, with follower minion, will let you make one merchant order per day. These can be turned in for a bit of gold. 
  • Alchemy – You can make all kinds of chemical to consume, but it might be cheaper just to buy them off the AH. In Draenor your level 2 garrison, with follower minion, will let you get four free potions a day. 
  • Enchanting – Enchant things, sell enchants, disenchant and use or sell parts. In Draenor your level 2 garrison, with follower minion, will let you make illusionary enchants. These let you change the look of other enchants. 
  • Engineering – various nifty gadgets, including rockets, nitro boosts, gliders, mounts, etc. In Draenor your level 2 garrison, with follower minion, will let you buy certain items, one of which is a summonable bank and repair bot. 
  • Jewelcrafting -Make some nice jewelry pieces (neck, rings)
  • Tailoring – Has a flying carpet. You can also make nets and war banners (in Draenor.)


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Need to get to the level cap, fast? Then click here, now


Shaman Leveling Notes

Note on leveling: Regardless of whether you’re questing, dungeoning, or PvPing you will be far more effective if you use macros and keybindings. Macros are just sets of commands that can all be activated at the same time with one keypress. See our Macro page if you need help with macros.

Keybinds are just where you assign an action to a key. You can google or Youtube wow Shaman keybindings and find some good stuff. You can also grab this nifty addon which will do them all for you.

It used to be that going level 1 to 60 in 6 days in-game time was pretty fast. These days? Zygor’s + heirlooms + questing + Recruit a Friend + charging as hard as you’re able can get you to the cap in about the same time.  Our RaF pair has gone 1-80 in 17 in-game hours, doing just that.

Nowadays we have three (or four) ways of gathering our XP. All are fast.

  • Questing and or Grinding – low stress and you’ll level fast enough. Questing is, overall, at least as fast as dungeon or PvP leveling.
  • Dungeoning – via the Dungeon Finder tool: DPS classes are a dime a dozen so the wait times to get into the dungeons can be a few minutes, but this can result in fast XP and better gear than you’ll get from questing. Just go questing while you’re waiting for the dungeon queue. Dungeon leveling isn’t faster than questing (mostly due to the sometimes long wait times for a group,) but it’s different and you get the nicer gear. If you go Resto, and are a halfway decent healer, then your queues will be shorter and XP gain faster.
  • PvP leveling – Battlegrounds can yield pretty good XP if your side wins. Since winning doesn’t seem to be a priority these days, for either faction, it might be best to do this with a well-oiled team. Even if it’s not the BG weekend, wins still result in very nice XP gains. XP while losing is about the same as questing XP and is more frustrating (to me, anyway.)
  • PvP Skirmishes are basically informal (not rated) arenas, you can start at level 20, and they award honor. Queue up solo (and be randomly matched with someone, or queue with your own team.
  • Healing – Bind your best heals to a key.
  • Buffing foods can add Int and Stam and other stats, which gives them a bit of an edge over your own heals.
  • Always have the biggest bags you can afford
  • Make an Auction House alt and send anything (that isn’t grey) to the alt instead of vendoring it. Vendor the grey junk.
  • Questing is faster than grinding, except at the very lowest levels, but you do have to have a plan for your questing. Get a guide (see below) or study the in-game quest help thing and organize your quests to hit several at one time in the same place.
  • Keep your weapons updated; the rest of your gear can fall behind a bit (unless you’re serious about dungeons or PvP.)
  • Killing mobs of a bit lower level gives less XP per mob, but a lot less downtime, for a net XP per hour increase.
  • Always log out at an Inn, to get the Rest XP when you come back.
  • Level with a new friend for 3x XP. I hit level 42 in 12 hours played this way. People who are actually trying hard will go faster. I’ve seen people hit 85 in about 2 day (in game time) with RAF, Heirlooms, and Zygor’s guide.
  • Dungeons (instances) are a great source of XP (especially if you get the associated quests ) and much better gear than you’ll find while soloing. Depending on the teams you join they may also be a great source of irritation or fun. See our dungeon leveling guide for more info and “how not to fail” tips. For example:
    • Only attack what the tank is attacking.
    • Stay out of any goop on the floor unless your guys are creating it (such as healing circles.)
    • Stay behind the opponent at all times.
    • If you get aggro then either kill the mob or drag it to the tank.
  • Here are ten more fast leveling tips.

More Dungeon Leveling Tips:

OK, you’re in a dungeon and you’re healing/blasting/hacking stuff. Here are some pointers.

  1. When you are moving always be doing something, never do nothing on a boss fight. Use Earth Shock while moving, re-apply Searing Totem so you don’t have to do it later, or use Unleash Elements.
  2. Do not keyboard turn! Bind the A and D keys to strafe left and right. Turn with your mouse. This not only makes you much more effective as a player, but allows you to use Spiritwalker’s Grace much better.
  3. Key bind all of the abilities you use in a boss fight. If you bind these keys as you level (and learn the new abilities) then you will learn to use them more effectively.
  4. Get the Glyph of Thunderstorm or don’t use that ability on mobs the tank is tanking. It is very annoying to tank when a shaman keeps knocking away all the mobs that the tank is trying to position. It may result in getting you kicked from the team. (In PvP knocking people around or off cliffs is just peachy.)
  5. Be able to carry out your rotation and pay attention to what is going on around you. if you cannot do this, get more addons (see addon section) and practice more. If you level in the dungeons this will become second nature.
  6. Use your interrupt. You have one of the best in the game, you should use it.
  7. Use Purge when you should. There are a lot of trash mobs that get some kind of magic buff which makes them hit hard. You should purge this to prevent a wipe and save your repair bill.

Even more General Dungeon Tips

  • Let the tank lead & pull (attract the enemy,) unless he states that someone else should pull.
  • Do not use Knockback effects on anything the tank is fighting.
  • Stay out of any goop on the floor unless your guys are creating it (such as healing circles.)
  • Stay behind the opponent as much as you can.
  • If you get aggro then either kill the mob or drag it to the tank.
  • Groups tend to move very quickly through the dungeons. Kill, move, kill, move… Be quick with your looting and try to keep up. Guild groups are generally much more forgiving.
  • Questgivers are located just inside the entrance to the dungeons. Grab all of the available quests and hand ’em in when done. Sometimes the questgivers will come to you when the final boss is down. Other times you will need to get back to the entrance. An easy way to do this is to exit the dungeon (using the icon on your mini-map, right click it and teleport out) and then teleport right back in. You’ll be at the entrance.



The (Really) Fast Shaman Leveling Guide

level your Kul Tiran Shaman fast!
Level your Kul Tiran Shaman fast!

The best way to get to level to the level cap fast is to do it with a pre-written, automated, in-game leveling guide. WoW has thousands of quests and a few million mobs to grind and it’s easy to get lost (in terms of what to do or where to go next ) or just bored. A full-blown guide will make your blast to the top much smoother.

Zygor’s Guide is what you want: constantly showing you where to go and what to do, without ever having to leave the game to look something up:

Assuming you stay focused on leveling (as opposed to shopping, PvP sessions, and RPing) you should be able to hit 85, 90, 110 or whatever (from 1) in well under 10 days (in game time,) and maybe even less. If you’re brand new or have full heirlooms and Recruit a Friend you’ll find yourself leveling even faster.

Zygor is Fully updated for all new expansions, even Shadowlands, and so will never be obsolete. You can snag your copy of Zygor’s Guide here and cruise through the levels.


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