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Warlock PvP Gear in Warlords

So instead of copying this info to all of the Warlock PvP pages, how about I just keep it all in one spot and link to it?

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Warlock PvP Stats

Affliction, Demonology, Destruction

  • Priority: Int > Haste/Mastery > Crit > Multistrike > Versatility
  • Look for: Mastery + Haste gear.
  • Yes, the stats pretty much the same for all Warlock specs.

Gem and Enchant for Mastery. Not that only PvE gear every comes with gem slots. If you’re using a PvE piece with a socket then gem for Mastery.

The only items that can be enchanted are your Neck, Cloak, Rings, and Weapon. Not that the cloak enchant adds a 10% speed boost.

Int is your primary stat and improves everything you do. In Arena and RBGs you can only get it from gear, elsewhere you can get more Int from Runes, Potions, and Flasks.

Mastery improves the damage of your important abilities. Good enough.

Haste improves your casting speed, reduces cooldown times, and so on. Faster casting makes it a bit harder for the enemy to interrupt you and your DOTs also tick faster.

Crit adds 50% to your damage (200% in PvP.) You have nothing that procs off of it, so it’s just a random damage increase.

Multistrike gives you one chance (two in PvE) to fire off one copy of your attack at 30% effect. As with crit, nothing special procs off of it, it’s just a random damage bump.

Versatility adds to damage, healing that you do, and (at half value) to your damage reduction. Basically Mastery adds way more damage and Versatility is just too little to worry about.

Warlock PvP Leveling to 100

On your way to 100? Hit the honor cap before you hit 100, then you’ll be able to buy some gear immediately when you’re there. Your heirlooms will generally be good enough until you hit the item level cap on the things.

  • skillcap-medUnder 70: Your heirlooms are more than good enough. If you don’t have those then just get the best gear you can find or don’t worry about it and blast through those levels.
  • Level 70: Get the epic Brutal Gladiator’s set from legacy vendors. It’s better than your ‘looms till mid-late 70s. If you gem/enchant it then go all Int or Int/Haste.
  • Level 85: The crafted Vicious set or grab the Cataclysmic Gladiator set from the PvP Vendor. Note that you might be able to find iLevel 450 blue PvE gear on the Auction House.
  • Level 90: just blast on through (unless you’re doing 90 content.) If you’re sticking around at this level for awhile you can get PvP gear from the vendors on the west wall of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Alternatively, you can work the Timeless Isle for a couple hours and get the ilevel 498 PvE gear.

Level 91 is the Warlords twink level. You can equip three pieces of crafted item level 640 gear (weapons are 630.) Each can be upgraded 45 levels (more in 6.2 onward.) You will either need a generous crafter buddy or be fairly rich (figure at least 100k+ to get the three pieces and boost them.) These items will be way better than anything else you will get until you’re in the level 100 honor, and better, gear. You can also reroll stats until you get what you like on the item.

Note that in Warlords Season 1 the crafted armor maxes out at 685, which is better than the honor gear’s PvP rating and almost as good as the Conquest gear’s 690 PvP rating. The weapons max out at 675, which is the same as the honor gear.

You can make the armor with Inscription and the Staff with Inscription. If you’d rather use blades then use Blacksmithing. In either case, making them will require a large amount of crafted resources, sorcerous mats, and savage blood. This is why the stuff is so expensive on the AH.

If you do get/make the crafted gear, I suggest the weapon and two of the large pieces (head, chest, legs) because of the higher stats on these items.

If you’re questing and need to hit 100 faster, then check out Zygor’s Guide.


Ok, You’re Level 100

Time to Grind. In Warlords there are a couple of addition ways to gain the Honor and Conquest points that you will need to get the better gear. The net resulet is that you can get geared, at least to Honor, faster than ever.

  • Battlegrounds for Honor and some Conquest
  • Arena and Rated BGs for Conquest, if you win.
  • New: Skirmishes – random arena pickup groups for Honor.
  • New: Boxes are dropped in BGs and from Ashran success (see just below.) Each box can hold a piece of gear or Honor points or gold. The gear will either be Honor or a slightly lower level of PvP gear: Aspirant.
  • New: The Gladiator’s Sanctum is your Garrison will award gold, Honor, a few Conquest, gear (Aspirant and Honor) and some misc items. All you have to do is collect large stacks of bones from your enemies. You get these from any World PvP, including Ashran. Large PvP raids (Guild or Ashran events) can get you piles of bones fairly quickly. Hand ’em in as workorders.
  • New: Ashran. This is the new PvP zone. Joining a raid group (PUG) is highly recommended. The group will either run around and do the various PvE events (awarding Honor and Conquest) and or assault the enemy (awarding Honor and bones.) There are also various rare bosses which drop interesting items. Enemy raid teams frequently smash together awarding you piles of bones.

PvE Vs PvP gear: Equip whichever piece is the higher item level. PvE gear is boosted in instanced PvP (BGs, arena, etc.) to a level close to the honor gear. Note that the PvP gear has two ratings. For example: the Season 1 honor gear is 620/675. That’s 620 in PvE and 675 in any PvP situation. PvE gear might have a gem socket or other stats (such as Speed,) PvP gear will not.

Yes, this means you can use your best raid gear in PvP and, in some cases, it might be better than the PvP gear.


Gear Types and Stats

Warlords killed off Hit, Expertise, Resilience, and PvP power in Warlords gear. You can still find Res and Power on lower level gear, but it’s probably not worth the effort.

In Warlords there are three levels of PvP gear. Previously there have only been the two, Honor and Conquest.

  • Primal Aspirant: New for Warlords. This is the basic gear, found only in boxes and from your Gladiator Sanctum work orders. It’s item level is 600/660 (600 PvE, 660 PvP.) It can be Warforged which adds 6 item levels.
  • Primal Combatant: This is the Honor Gear. In season 1 it’s rated at 620/675. It can be Warforged which adds 6 item levels. 
  • Primal Gladiator: This is the Conquest gear. In season 1 it’s 660/690. It cannot be Warforged.

Gear Stats

Each piece of Honor and Conquest gear comes with two options for stats. Try to get the pieces with Mastery and Haste, or as close to that as you can.

Only one of the available options has the set bonus, the other does not.

Conquest gear has a third option, once you get Revered rep with your faction. How? Collect Artifact Fragments is Ashran by killing things. Any things. Bigger things award more fragments. Hand them in at your has and you’ll get Honor and Rep. This third option does not have the set bonus.

For example: 

  1. Set bonus – Primal Gladiator’s Felweave Raiment: stats are Haste and Crit
  2. No set bonus – Primal Gladiator’s Felweave Raiment: , has Haste & Mastery.
  3. No set bonus, requires Rep – Primal Gladiator’s Felweave Raimenthas Multistrike & Versatility (not great stats for you.) 

Getting the Gear

There’s an order to acquiring things here, so consider these points:

  1. If you don’t have the escape trinket yet then that’s your #1 pick.
  2. The PvP trinket pair gives you a 15% damage reduction from other players. Consider the DPS trinket as your second pick, for this reason. Or the escape trinket, since earlier versions do not have the damage reduction feature. Just get both if you need the defense.
  3. Weapon next, due to the Spellpower. It can also be enchanted.
  4. Are the set bonuses a nice match for your game? If so then get two or four of five of the five pieces with the set bonus (Head, Shoulder, Chest, Legs, Gloves.)
  5. Get the rest of the big pieces, since their stats are better (more Int, etc.) than the smaller pieces.
  6. Get the rings, neck, and cloak pieces, since they can be enchanted.
  7. Get the rest.

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