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The GW World of Warcraft Guide List

This is a list of the WoW guides on this site.  Also check the drop down menu bar above and our blog posts.

Class Guides

Scroll down to see all the links to our guides. Anything labelled “class guide” is an overview of that class and will also link to the individual specializations (specs) for that class. Guides are updated regularly. If one isn’t updated, or you would like to see one that isn’t here, then let us know or leave a comment.

Scroll down or use the links:


Death Knight GuidesDeath Knight Guides




Druid GuidesDruid Guides




  1. Restoration healing spec, raiding
  2. Restoration PvP

Hunter GuidesHunter Guides

Marksmanship: The bow (gun, etc.) is primary, the beast is secondary.

Beastmastery: The beast is primary, or at least equal.

Survival: Not so squishy now, are we?


Mage GuidesMage Guides

Arcane: Bursts of energy to nuke your opponent.

Fire: Burn baby, burn. For the Pyros in the house.

Frost:  Chill out, here’s how.


Monk GuidesMonk Guides





Paladin GuidesPaladin Guides

Holy: For the healers, and Paladins are very good healers.

Protection: not so much for damage, great for tanking.

Retribution: To lay down the hurt.

Priest GuidesPriest Guides

  • Priest Class Guide – Covering the basics of what you want to know abouit priests.
  • Priest leveling guide – Priests are a bit slow in the leveling department, here’s how to make it faster and less painful.

Holy: Keep ’em all healed.

Discipline: A good mixture of offense, defense, and support.

Shadow: The Darth Vader build of priests.


Rogue GuidesRogue Guides

Assassination: Master of Poisons

Combat: The Swashbuckler

Subtlety: PvP and not bad at DPS, either

Shaman GuidesShaman Guides

Elemental: Using the forces of nature to fire death at the opposition

Enhancement: Face to face combat



Warlock GuidesWarlock Guides

Affliction: Dots and drainage, here’s how it works.

Demonology: The pet becomes mighty and you’re its master. You hope.

Destruction: Ranged nuking

Warrior GuidesWarrior Guides

  • Warrior class guide – An overview of the Warrior covering trees, mechanics, and more.
  • Warrior leveling guide – Warrior can level nearly as fast as anyone with the right stuff. So check this page out.





Heroic Instance Guides

Profession Guides

Misc. Guides

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