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Heroic Shadowfang Keep

Before you start, we have a pre-heroic checklist that you might find of use, especially if you’re not a veteran of the Heroics. It also includes a link to basic DPS, Heal, and Tank tactics. It’s here: Cataclysm Heroic Dungeons.

If you need the gold to pay for repairs, gear, potions, gems, enchants, mounts, 310% flying speed, pets, frivolous vanity gear, etc., then take a look at our gold guide or a far more extensive gold (and more) guide: WoW Crusher.

Baron Ashbury:

Baron Ashbury, Heroic Shadowfang KeepThis fight places a lot of demands on the healer.

The Baron casts a number of interruptable spells. Consider assigning players to look out for and interrupt particular  spells, such as his Mend Rotten Flesh. For example: Player A interrupts Mend, player B gets Pain and Suffering, etc.

Any self-heals that the players have will make the healer’s job that much easier.

Casts Pain and Suffering. Interrupt if possible, else dispel. Due to other fight mechanics, such as Asphixiate, everyone may be very low on health when this is cast.

He also casts Wracking Pain, which just makes things worse.

Casts Mend Rotten Flesh. You must interrupt this. It heals him for 30%.

Casts Asphyxiate. Brings everyone to 1 hp. Immediately casts Stay of Execution after. Every tick of Stay of Execution heals you and the boss for 10% health. If the healer can immediately bring the tank back up then you don’t have to wait on interrupting this spell. Otherwise let it tick 1-2 times (to heal party somewhat) before interrupting, as the healer will run out of mana pretty quickly otherwise. Wait too long and the fight will last until the healer goes OOM and you wipe.

At 20% he will go into DarkAngel form and blasts away with his Calamity AoE.. This is where you need to pop Heroism and burn him down ASAP. Healers will need to AoE heal the group. Try to be healed as much as possible before he pops this.

And that’s it. Easy, right? 😉

How to Baron Ashbury


Baron Silverlaine:

This one’s a bit easier than the last fight.

  • Two choices: Zerg boss, or DPS down adds then DPS boss. Your mileage may vary.


Commander Springvale:

Commander Springvale, Heroic Shadowfang KeepThis is an optional boss. He places a lot of demands on your interrupts and CC abilities. At some point in the video they mention their iLevel 333 gear. Yours is probably higher, so you might find the fight easier.

  • Springvale will summon a Tormented Officer and a Wailing Guardsman. Frequently during the fight, Springvale will call for aid, summoning another pair of the same adds.
  • Interrupt everything the adds do. The most important thing is to stop then from casting, otherwise this becomes a very long fight.
  • Kill the adds as time permits (such as with the AoEs you’re tossing on the boss.) Consider locking down the adds as they appear.
  • Interrupt adds’ Unholy Empowerment if possible. It heals him for 4%. Ranged should maintain distance from the Wailing Guards as they cast an AoE spell lock (Screams of  the Past).
  • Stay out of front of boss.
  • Healers might consider damaging attacks at the start of the fight, since every little bit helps.
  • Stay out of Desecration.
  • At 3 Holy Power he either casts Shield of the Perfidious or places Word of Shame on all players which decrements the player’s health by 5% every 3 seconds.
  • He will also generate Unholy Power on his own through Malefic Strike, so you can’t avoid his nastiest spells completely.
  • It is now a DPS race. Kill boss.

How to Commander Springvale


Lord Walden:

  • Casts Conjure Mystery Toxin.
  • Red for stop. If you get the red debuff, stop moving. (just like when you’re driving.)
  • Green for go: If you get the green debuff, keep moving.  (Jumping is a form of moving.)
  • He also casts frost shards which are indicated by him shooting small little frost shards to small blue circles on the floor. Stay out of the circles.

How to Lord Walden


Lord Godfrey:

Lord Godrey, Heroic Shadowfang KeepPull Godrey down to the main floor, you’ll have more room.

DPS adds. They have pretty low health.

Try and interrupt Cursed Bullet as best as you can, it’s hits very hard.

Stay away from the front of the boss when he casts Pistol Barrage (it’s a cone), even the tank.

How to Lord Godfrey:


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