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Heroic Vortex Pinnacle Boss Guide

Before you start your Vortex boss punting, we have a pre-heroic checklist that you might find of use, especially if you’re not a veteran of the Heroics. It also includes a link to basic DPS, Heal, and Tank tactics. It’s here: Cataclysm Heroic Dungeons.


Grand Vizier Ertan

Everyone stack in the middle, Ertan won’t move from his position. Healers will be spamming their AoE heals for this fight.

Try not to leave the center when the cyclones close in (you might get kicked out of the center anyway.) If you’re careful you might be able to maneuver between the cyclones when they come close.

Adds will appear, but are easy to kill.

Otherwise, tank and spank.

How to Grand Vizier Ertan



Alttairus generates a wind across the platform that you need to be aware of. If you are on the upwind side of the dragon then you will get a nice buff, if you are downwind then you will get a debuff which will make you ineffective. You will see the buff/debuff marker in the usual area on your screen. You will want to see: Upwind of Altairus

Tanks should try to position Altairus such that they can get the buff, too. Also to make it easier for DPS to position themselves correctly.

Stay out of tornadoes if you can. Always stay upwind. Kick his butt.

How to Altairus



Asaad will spam chain lightning throughout the fight. Everyone should stand as far apart from each other as they can to minimize damage.

He will often cast Static Cling which will root you to the floor. In order to avoid the magic debuff that roots you in place you need to jump as soon as you see the cast. Also dispelable by Magic and any ability (eg: Cloak of Shadows) which washes away magical effects.

Spread out for chain lightning. When he casts a Temporary Grounding Field, get to it immediately. It will be a lightning triangle on the ground. Supremacy of the Storms will be cast immediately after the grounding field is formed and will one shot anyone not in the field.

How to Asaad


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