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Siege of Orgrimmar, Boss #4: The Sha of Pride

Siege of Orgrimmar, Boss #4: The Sha of Pride

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The final burden on Emperor Shaohao, Pride. Now awakened due to Garrosh Hellscream’s all consuming arrogance.

This completes the first wing of the raid. The goal here is working out how not to take a lot of pride and what to do when you DO get too prideful, plus how to get people out of jail. Not much movement is needed here and the adds are pretty easy.

Quick and DIrty Sha of Pride

The Sha of PrideBased off a post on JoyStiq

  • Stack at the Northern end of the room unless you are a tank. The boss can be solo-tanked, so OT take the adds where possible.  The raid will stay stacked throughout the fight, with the exception of Swelling Pride attacks (see below.)
  • Healers only dispel Mark of Arrogance when you have Gift of the Titans.
  • Step on the orange buttons to release players from prisons.The tank should always step on the button closest to the boss or he’ll be out of melee range.
  • Kill priority is big adds, little adds, boss.
  • Your pride bar should show as an extra bar at the lower center of the screen. You start at 0 Pride. You will gain pride as your are hit by one of the Sha’s abilities or one of his minions. The Sha will occasionally fire off Swelling Pride, which will have varying effects depending on how prideful you are.
    1. If your Pride level is 25-49, spread out for Swelling Pride. You’ll blow up. Try not to be within 5 yards of any other player.
    2. If your Pride level is 50-74, Swelling Pride will spawn a pool with a green arrow. Stand in it ASAP. That’s your own projection. You need to be standing next to it when it blows to keep it from dealing raid wide damage.
    3. If your Pride level is 75-99, spread for Swelling Pride. You’ll deal AoE damage for 25 seconds. Stay at least 5 yards from any other player.
    4. If your pride hits 100 Swelling Pride will permanently CC you. Make a cup of tea and think about what you did while your nicely buffed character, now working for the Sha, attacks the rest of the party.

A Bit More Detail

Gift of the Titans is cast on occasion by Norushen. It lasts 20 seconds and grants players immunity to pride. Players shold stna dnear each other, when the Gift is up, to get a 15% buff to Haste, healing, and damage.

A Manifestation of Pride periodically appears behind the group, always in the same place, and attacks. It blasts away at random players until killed. When it dies the two closest players get +5 Pride. DPS might want to rotate being on Manifestation Duty.

Self Reflection causes Reflections of Pride to appear at the location of up to 5 players. Burn them down quickly.

Go to Prison: Two of the prisons round the Sha will activate, one near the tank, the other near the group. Two players are sent to the prisons. When the prisons activate there will be a burst of damage and a knockback effect. Player in the prison will take continuous damage and be able to take no actions until freed. They also gain 5 pride per second until freed.

Sections next to the prison will change color. A player has to stand on each section until both change back. They player is then released.

Reaching Attack isn’t likely to happen as the Sha only does this when no targets are in melee range. He will strike at a random distant target and put a debuff on that targat which increases their Shadow Damage taken by 25% for 8 seconds.

Unleashed happens when he hits 30%. He’ll kill Norushen immediately and then pulse 245k damage every ten seconds, pls all the rest of the stuff, until the end. BTW- when Norushen dies all players have their Pride values reset to zero.

How to: Sha of Pride


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