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Throne of the Tides – Heroic Boss Guide

Before you start, we have a pre-heroic checklist that you might find of use, especially if you’re not a veteran of the Heroics. It also includes a link to basic DPS, Heal, and Tank tactics. It’s here: Cataclysm Heroic Dungeons.

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Lady Naz’jar:

Interrupt her Shock Blast or someone will take some major damage. Apparently this is not the one shot kill that the video mentions, but it’s still better not to get hit by it, esp if youi happen to be low on health at that moment.

Stay out of spouts (white swirly things on the floor).

At 66% and 33% she will place a shield on herself and summon three adds. Two casters and one melee. CC the casters if you can as they spam Chain Lightning which will do enough damage to be annoying. DPS down the melee add then the casters. While she has her shield up she also summons water tornadoes. Stay out of it.

How to Lady Naz’jar:


Commander Ulthok:

Places void zones on the ground in front of him which grow, eventually filling the room.

Keep kiting him while maintaining high DPS on him.

He will enrage at the end. Dispell it, pop Heroism, and burn him down.

How to Commander Ulthok


Erunak Stonespeaker & Mindbender Ghur’sha:

Stay out of Earth spikes. Interrupt Lava Burst. DPS boss to 50% at which the octopus on his head will detach and MC another player. DPS the MCed player to 50% and he will pop off automatically and cast two abilities. Absorb Magic absorbs all healing done to your members and redirects the healing done to him. Purge it or spellsteal it. He also throws poison pools on the floor. Stay out of it. Rinse and repeat.

How to Erunak Stonespeaker & Mindbender Ghur’sha



Kill smallest adds. Kill small faceless mobs. Tank large faceless guardian. Once they are all down, four sappers will spawn and other adds will continue to spawn. DPSers should just focus on the four sappers. Stay out of the black pools, they place a stacking DoT on you. Once the four sappers are down you will grow large and be able to attack Ozumat. At this point it becomes a DPS race and you should blow all cooldowns. Healers will not be able to keep you up for long. Killing the adds when you are large may give you more time to kill him if you are having trouble, otherwise kite them as they are easily kitable.

How to Ozumat


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