Fire Mage PvPFire Mage PvP Guide, For Pyros Only

Fire Mage in Season 11 Cataclysmic Gladiator's GearUpdated for Mists of Pandaria patch 5.4.8

Fire is more challenging than Frost and some think that make it more interesting and that Frost is just … dull. Most high level PvPers are Frost, but there are a few who go Fire. If you’re up for the challenge, read on.

Fire’s survivability and control are greater than that of Arcane, but less than Frost.  Fire relies on DoT’s and Pyroblast procs to do the majority of its damage, making it capable of putting out damage on multiple targets. Fire can do very well in battlegrounds  PvP, but the lack of survivability and control makes arena a bit more… interesting.

Some skilled players are competitive though, and Fire Mages can do some pretty impressive burst when things line up. Fire is also quite vulnerable to dispel magic and RNG (Random Number Generation,) which means that if you’re facing a good dispeller or are simply unlucky you’ll find yourself doing far less damage than otherwise.

The guide is oriented towards level 90 PvP. If you’re looking for raiding info then see our page on Fire DPS. If you aren’t yet 90 and want to get there ASAP then see this leveling guide. Also see our Mages on M of P post for info on the new skills, talents, glyphs, etc.

Here are the patch 5.4 mage changes and for FIre in a PvE scenario, go here.  Gearing up? See our PvP Mage Gearing page.


Fire Mage PvP Build

Let’s see… you can do ganking, world PvP (solo or group,) duels, arena (2, 3, 5s,) and various BGs. Your talent picks will vary depending on your PvP of choice and your group. Our picks for general PvP are checked Best talent, but other talents might be the best for particular situations.

If you’re not yet 90 then go here.

Fire Mage Talents Tier 1

Presence of Mind or Blazing Speed

  1. Best talent Presence of Mind (PoM) is optimal for fights where you need a spell cast “right now.” It will give you a free Pyroblast (or other spell with a cast time) every 90 seconds. Keep in mind that Ring of Frost is no longer insta-cast with PoM, but now has a 2 second “arming time.” You can still P of M your Frost Jaws and Pyroblasts. EG: Cast Frost Jaw and PoM Pryo blast, get the crit, inferno blast gives a 2nd crit, then Combustion. With Alter Time you can get a 2nd POM.
  2. Blazing Speed does nothing for your DPS, but gives you a nice “break free from snares,” which saves your Blinks. It’s also a good gap closer or space maker. Whether it’s more generally useful than PoM depends on what you’re doing. If you need movement more than an insta-cast every 90 seconds then this is your pick.
  3. Do not take Ice Floes as it is not worth the effort. Either of the other picks are much more generally  useful.

Fire Mage PvP tier 2 talents, Ice Barrier

Combine any of these with Incanter’s Ward.

  1. Best talent Ice Barrier is the “fire and forget” shield. Put it up and forget about it for a minute. Blocks a fair amount of damage. Especially useful in fights where you are suffering from “pushback” or there’s a big chunk of damage coming in.
  2. Temporal Shield is a solid choice if you can anticipate, or react quickly to, large incoming damage. Along with Cauterize this can be a solid choice. Nice if you know that Warrior is just about to unload on you. It’s the having to anticipate and time things just right than knock this one down. This spell was buffed in patch 5.4 to provide a damage reduction effect while active. If you are good at anticipating attacks or reacting quickly then this is the best choice.
  3. Flameglow constantly mitigates some damage. It’s a great choice for fights where you anticipate taking constant damage. It won’t make you a tank, but it will make the healer’s (and your) lives easier. You also don’t have to remember to use it.

Fire Mage Talents Tier 3

As this tier is composed solely of CC, take whichever appeals to you most/suits an encounter best. Freeze to Deep freeze (stuns) to PoM Pyro (crit = heating up) to inferno Blast (crit-Pyro proc) to Pyroblast!

  1. Best talent Frostjaw is a very nice single target CC/Silence and will set up a Shatter, esp if you have a Pyro! proc handy. Also useful as an additional Silence. This is the better choice for small groups or duels, esp since you can insta-cast it with PoM (and then Deep Freeze.)
  2. Ring of Frost is an AoE CC. Freeze several opponents and Shatter them. Nice for grabbing a group or blocking pathways (eg: tunnels to bases in the BGs.)  Takes 2 seconds to cast or arm, even with POM. Can do some nice numbers if it arms right before your Frost Bomb detonates (taking advantage of Shatter on several opponents.) For small groups and duels Frostjaw might be more useful, esp. when used with Presence of Mind.
  3. Ice Ward is another form of AoE CC with different usage. Useful if you or another is being attacked. Best for kiting players in PvP. Does not share Diminishing Returns with your other freezes, so it can be followed right up with a full length Frost Nova.

Fire Mage PvP talents tier 4

  1. Best talent Cold Snap is the only one that can add to your DPS, by resetting important cooldowns, and the additional Ice Block + 30% Heal can help survive in some bad situations.
  2. Greater Invisibility is an interesting choice for survivability. It removes effects, massively reduces damage, and drops threat (obviously only useful in PvE,) so can be very nice in bad situations or getting into better position before unloading.
  3. Cauterize lets you avoid death, but also sets you on fire, which is actually a much better tradeoff than it might sound. Ice Block removes the burning and Temporal Shield will help heal it. Some put this into an “I’m Cauterizing, Heal me Now!” macro. Follow it up with an ice black or Temporal Shield (if you took that talent.) Great if you anticipate the occasional Mage crushing damage to come in.

Fire Mage PvP Talents, tier

Which bomb depends on which situation.

  1. Best talent Living Bomb has its DOT effect buffed nicely in patch 5.3 and again in 5.4 and is now the preferred choice. It doesn’t break nearby CCs until it explodes and if you refresh it before it ends then it doesn’t explode and just continues the DOT. In addition, Living Bomb now works well with Haste. Most of your damage will now come from the DOT, the explosion was nerfed hard, so just keep refreshing it. If you’re playing against opponents who make it hard to cast (which makes Frost Bomb difficult) then Living Bomb is your only choice.
  2. Frost Bomb does the best damage of the three on larger groups of 6 or more targets. It can hit any number of targets, as long as they’re within range. If you can freeze those targets fight before it goes off (Frost Nova, Ring of Frost) then you should get a few Shatter Crits. It does have a cast time, which hurts it a bit, and which is painful if the other team is good at breaking your casting. While you don’t have Frost’s increased damage Vs frozen things, it can still drop some very nice damage if you time it right.
  3. Do not take Nether Tempest – With the buff to Living Bomb in 5.3 Nether Tempest is now the inferior pick. It’s damage is less than LB and and the extra damage to other targets breaks Crowd Ccontrol.

Fire Mage PvP talents, tier 6

  1. Best talent Incanter’s Ward is the choice here, hands down. You will be moving, you will be taking damage, and you usually won’t want to stand still and evocate. Passively increases damage and mana regen. Changed in 5.3 to give a smaller boost, but now has a longer duration. It gives a bigger buff when it breaks and it’s easily broken.
  2. Invocation is perhaps the most difficult to use talent of this tier, but has the potential to be useful on certain encounters. You have to have enough time to be able to evocate. When glyphed it restore 10% of your health. The extra damage should make up for the time to Invocate. Best used when you have time to “get set up” for your attacks.
  3. Do not take Rune of Power is the simplest to use of this tier, seeing as all you have to do is stand in it. Might be useful in certain BGs when you have are able to just stand in one place and blast away. IW will be more generally useful since standing in one place is not optimal for the vast majority of PvP.


Fire Glyphs

As with the talents the glyphs are easily changed to suit the situation.

  1. Glyph of Polymorph – removes DOTs from those newly sheeped.
  2. Glyph of Armors – useful if you need the defensive effects of the armors, and you will. It’s much like having that much more Resilience.
  3. Glyph of Deep Freeze – Removed DF from the global cooldown and reduces duration by 1 second. It allows for immediate follow-up after DF. Especially valuable in higher level PvP, where people’s reactions are better.
  4. Glyph of Combustion – More burnination on a longer CD. Can make for brutal compbustions if you can line it up with Pyro! crits and your damage buffs.
  5. Glyph of Inferno Blast - Spreads your DoTs to an additional target.
  6. Glyph of Remove Curse is a damage buff every time you remove curse. If you are using that ability then you want this glyph.
  7. Glyph of Blink – More range on your Blink.
  8. Glyph of Evocation – Adds a heal. Note that Evocation is changed by the tier 6 talents. In arena you will have little opportunity to Evo anyway.
  9. Glyph of Arcane Explosion – for large groups.

Minor Glyphs

Minor glyphs are generally just cosmetic, though a few have minor utility.

  1. Glyph of Mirror Image – A small DPS gain.
  2. Glyph of Momentum – Let’s you bink in the direction you’re moving rather than facing. Nice for strafing.
  3. Whatever you like.


Fire Mage PvP Stats

  • Your Stat Priority: Hit (to 6%) > Intellect > Crit > Haste  > Mastery > PvP Power > Resilience
Fire Mage Entering Combat

Eat Pyroblast! and BURN!

Resilience: 5.4.7 boosted Res to 77%, patch 5.3 nerfed PvP power and changed the resilience rules. Now everyone, naked or in full raid gear, starts at 77% resilience and that stat was removed from high level PvP gear, though PvP Power remains on that gear. Your stats should be picked with the intent of punching through that 77%. PvP Power is still good, but Int is solidly better. In addition, the gem values to both were cut in half.

Can you use PvE Gear for PvP? You can, as you start with lots of base resilience, but note that PvP gear has a lot of PvP power, which is why it’s much better than PvE gear (at the same item level) for PvP. Also see our PvE vs PvP gear post and Mage PvP Gear for more detail.

Explanation of Stats

Hit is easily your most important stat until it hits 6%. Any Expertise, even from appropriate racials (if you equip the right weapon) adds to your Spell Hit. Draenei get a +1% Hit for free.

Int also increases everything you do, including adding a bit of Crit. It does not add to mana pool, as it used to do, but mana is the least of your issues.

Crit – your Pyroblast procs, shatter, and Critical Mass make Crit, by far, the most valuable of the rest of the stats. Once you have your 6% Hit reforge everything else into Crit. You should try to get a minimum of 15% Crit rating. Your Molten Armor and Arcane Brilliance will give you another 10%, for 25% total and a 100% chance to Shatter.

Haste is nice, especially with the 5.3 changes to Living Bomb, but Crit is better. Heste is very good when you can hit the “breakpoints” that give you an extra “tick” on your Damage over Time (DOT) effects. Go here to see those breakpoints. It also speeds up your casting and lowers your cooldowns and global cooldowns.

Mastery is generally weak and your ignite DOTs can be easily dispelled anyway. You live and die mainly by Pyro! blasts that come from your crits, not your DOT damage.

Resilience was changed in 5.3 (see above.) Where it fits in the calculation is up to you. You start at 65%, do you want more? If you’re feeling squishy, but can still punch their resilience, then get more. If you defense feels fine, but firepower is lacking, then skip it for offensive stats.

PvP Power is a direct add too all of your damage to other players. It becomes more valuable, point for point, as gear level increases, but with the 5.3 changes, especially to the gems, it’s less valuable than Int and Crit.

Reforge Mastery, Haste,  and excess Hit (over 6%) into Crit. ReforgeLite is a nice addon that will help with reforging.


Fire Mage PVP Gems

mnor003-aGems with secondary stats have twice the value of those with primary stats (eg: 320 Crit Vs 160 Int.)

Consider dumping PvP Power bonuses and putting Crit gems (here) in any of those sockets. (You should have plenty of gold to buy these gems from your questing and dailies, but go here if you need more.) Crit is much more beneficial to you than PvP Power.

What about defense? Keep in mind that the value of gems with Resilience and PvP Power was cut in half in patch 5.3. They are now the same value same as Int. (at 160 points.) Resilience, in patch 5.4.8 is 77%, so gemming for it is not your #1 priority. Also, keep in mind that the PvP Trinket pair adds another 3% to that Resilience total, as a set bonus, for 80% total.

Note your Mage bonus adds to any Int gem bonuses, making them worth 5% more Int and worth that much more than PvP Power. (That bonus does not add to other stats.)

Offensive Gem Picks (recommended)

Defensive Gem Picks

If you feel that your damage is fine, but you’re getting too much pressure.

A couple of gems are show that have Hit, if you still need that stat. Also, some mages swear by gemming for Crit > Int. Give it a try if you want. You might like it. You’ll get more Pyro procs and a bit less overall damage (DOTs and such.)

Gem possibilities
Meta Tyrannical Primal Diamond: +665 PVP Power and +775 Resilience, requires 27k earned conquest points and iLevel 476, cost 1k conquest points.
Burning Primal Diamond: +216 Int & 3% Increased Crit EffectSinister Primal Diamond: +324 Critical Strike, and chance on spell damage to gain 30% spell haste
Capacitive Primal Diamond: +324 Critical Strike, and chance on melee or ranged hit to gain Capacitance, but ony works in world PvP. Skip it if your doing BGs or Arena.
Red Brilliant Serpent’s Eye: 320 Int, self-only Jewelcrafting gem
Brilliant Primordial Ruby: 160 Int
Yellow Mystic Sun’s Radiance: 160 Resilience
Smooth Sun’s Radiance: +320 Crit
Blue Stormy River’s Heart: +160 PvP power
Rigid River’s Heart: +320 Hit
Orange Willful Vermilion Onyx: +80 Int & +80 Resilience
Potent Vermilion Onyx: +80 Int & +160 Crit
Green Vivid Adventurine: +100 PvP Power and +100 PvP Resilience
Vivid Wild Jade: +80 Res, +80 PvP Power
Piercing Wild Jade: +160 Critical Strike and +160 Hit
Purple Mysterious Imperial Amethyst: +80 Int, +80 PvP Power
Veiled Imperial Amethyst: 80 Int and 160 Hit
Prismatic Brilliant Primordial Ruby: 160 Int
Cogwheel requires an engie helm, such as this.
Quick Tinker’s Gear: 600 Haste
Smooth Tinker’s Gear: 600 Crit


Fire Mage Enchantments

Short on gold? If you want to buy the best enchants, fund all of your alts, donate to the guild, etc., but don’t have the cash, then see what the Tycoon Addon can do about about fixing your poverty.

Helm enchants are gone in Mists of Pandaria, shoulder enchants are handled by the Inscription profession.

The PvP weapon enchant is not a proc, unlike Jade Spirit, so it’s always there and predictable.

Fire Enchantments
Weapon Main hand or Staff: Enchant Weapon – Jade Spirit: Sometimes increases Int by 1650
Main hand or Staff: Enchant Weapon – Glorious Tyranny: 600 PvP Power, 50% Disarm reduction, cost is 1,000 Conquest points. Does not stack if you have this on both weapons.
Off Hand: Enchant Off-Hand – Major Intellect: +165 Int
Shoulders Secret Crane Wing Inscription: 520 Int and 100 Crit rating, Requires Inscription 550.
Greater Crane Wing Inscription: +200 Int and 100 Crit
Cloak Enchant Cloak – Superior Intellect: +180 Int
Lightweave Embroidery – attacks can give 2k Int for 15 sec, requires tailoring
Chest Enchant Chest – Super Resilience: +200 Resilience
Enchant Chest – Glorious Stats: +80 to all stats
Bracers Enchant Bracer – Super Intellect: +180 Int
Fur Lining increases Int by 500, requires leatherworking.
Socket Bracer – Pop in a gem, requires Blacksmithing 400
Gloves Enchant Gloves – Greater Haste: +170-Haste
Socket Gloves – Pop in a gem, requires Blacksmithing 400
Belt Livingsteel Belt Buckle: Gem slot for a nice Int gem
Leggings Greater Cerulean Spellthread: +285 Int and +165 Crit
Boots Enchant Boots – Greater Precison: +175 Hit rating
Enchant Boots – Pandaren’s Step: +140 Mastery, slight run speed increase.
Enchant Boots – Greater Haste: +170 Haste
Rings Enchant Ring – Greater Intellect: +160 Int, Requires Enchanting 550


Fire Mage PvP Rotations and Videos

You will want to have Arcane Brilliance up at all times. Usually you will also want Molten Armor, though Mage Armor is nice when casters are tossing spells at you that have longer term effects (DOTs, snares, etc.) Flask of the Warm Sun is a 1k Int buff. Potion of the Jade Serpent is a nice add to your burst in any situation where you can use potions.

Everything in this video applies to patch 5.4+, except the gems. (See above for 5.4 gems.) Basically, though, you’ll be gemming for offense, rather than defense. Living Bomb was buffed after this video was made, it’s now definitely better than Nether Tempest. Esp. since the latter will break your team’s CCs while active, Living Bomb will not do that until it explodes and you can refresh LB before it blows. 


  1. Basic method 1: Inferno blast, wait 8 seconds, 2nd Inferno blast = Pyro! proc. DO NOT cast your scorch or other spells while waiting.
  2. Basic Method 2: Freeze target  > Scorch or POM Pyroblast  (crit 1) > Inferno Blast (Crit 2 = Pyro! Proc.)
  3. Note that If you just spam scorch and wait for the Pyro proc that way, well, it doesn’t work well. :)
  4. Burst: Heating Up proc > Living Bomb (Pyromanic buff) > Freeze & Deep Freeze (shoud get a crit from your bomb) > Pyro! > Combustion > Pyro! > Inderno Blast > Pyro!
  5. With Presence of Mind you can drop a normal Pyroblast into the mix.
  6. Alter Time, right after the freeze, will let you get another couple of Pyro Procs.

Hansol takes the above a step further and adds Alter Time to the mix

You will need to practice to nail this routine down.

Hansol the Pyromaniac demonstrates BG burnination and why Fire is just plain fun.

More Mage Guides, from Skill-Capped

Unless otherwise noted (ie: Free) a Skill-Capped membership is required to view these videos, the membership is a grimly expensive $4 a month. Go here if that works for you.


Basics of Keybinding

If you’re not binding your abilities to your keys then you’re gimping yourself. Here’s a good tutorial on the why and how of keybinding. Start with a few bound abilities and work out from there. Memorize them by practicing on the target dummies.

Check out Impulse if you want an addon that will help you with your keybinds and macros.



Gearing up

Not yet 90?

Get leveled and run BGs. Try to get the honor cap (4k) by the time you hit 90. This will allow you to immediately pick up a large piece of honor gear (chest, legs, etc.) and a DPS trinket. Then you save the next 3,500 points for your weapons.

Freshly 90

Ok, you’ve got green gear and maybe a couple of PvP pieces (see above.) If you can afford it go ahead and buy the crafted malevolent gladiator set off the Auction House or from a friendly tailor. An alternative is gear from the Timeless Isle, which can be interesting if you’re on a PvP server.

So you have a PvP Escape Trinket? If not then buy one off the AH. Crafted Malevolent Gladiator’s Medallion of Tenacity

Should You Get the Honor Gear?

If you have the Season 14 Conquest gear, then no. If you have a full raid set, then no. That gear will be downrated, but not so much that the honor gear will be greatly superior. Your Spell Hit will likely be way too high, though.

If you’re freshly 90 or the honor gear is otherwise better than your current set, then yes. Grind it out. It will make your arena work much less painful.

The Conquest Gear

This is the best PvP gear available for season 15 and will be superior even to raid gear (due to PvP power and better stat allocation.) Get your weapons ASAP and the big pieces to get your 4 piece set bonus. Then fill out the lesser pieces.

  1. Chest: Prideful Gladiator’s Silk Robe
  2. Trinket #1: Prideful Gladiator’s Badge of Dominance
  3. Main Hand Weapon– Prideful Gladiator’s Mageblade
  4. Off-Hand – Prideful Gladiator’s Endgame
  5. Gloves: Prideful Gladiator’s Silk Handguards – Blink cooldown reduction and 2 piece set bonus (more PvP Power & Counterspell cooldown reduction.)
  6. Head: Prideful Gladiator’s Silk Cowl – Meta gem and larger socket bonus.
  7. Shoulders – Prideful Gladiator’s Silk Amice – Int bonus and slot for crit gem, 4 piece set bonus for more PvP Power and Altar Time cooldown reduction.
  8. Legs – Prideful Gladiator’s Silk Trousers – Finishes off the larger pieces.
  9. Cloak – Prideful Gladiator’s Drape of Cruelty
  10. Boots – Prideful Gladiator’s Treads of Alacrity
  11. Bracers – Prideful Gladiator’s Cuffs of Accuracy
  12. Belt – Prideful Gladiator’s Cord of Cruelty
  13. Neck – Prideful Gladiator’s Pendant of Cruelty
  14. Cruelty Ring – Prideful Gladiator’s Band of Cruelty
  15. Accuracy Ring – Prideful Gladiator’s Band of Accuracy
  16. PvP Freedom Trinket – Grievous Gladiator’s Medallion of Cruelty/ Prideful Gladiator’s Medallion of Cruelty (Not a high priority unless you do not already have one. )

Gems needed (see above.)

  • One Meta
  • Three each of red, yellow, and blue.

See above for enchants


Fire Professions

This is for those who need every last bit of burning power. All of the regular professions offer a self-only buff of some sort. Leveling any of the crafting professions will be expensive. Check out Tycoon if you are short on gold. Keep in mind that that’s a lot of expense for not a lot of buff. (about two gems worth.)

Blacksmithing gives you those two extra gems slots, for more flexibility than the others. You could use two Crit gems, for example.

Engineering gives you a sweet cooldown every minute and a bunch of cool toys.

If you take both Tailoring and Engineering you get a 2k Int proc and a nearly 2k Int cooldown, plus the other engie toys.

Herbalism will earn you gold and gives you that big Haste cooldown, plus you’ll find healing spirits.

Professions for Fire Mages
Tailoring Cloak enchant sometimes adds 2k Int. Esp. with high Haste the proc rate is frequent enough to be interesting. Keep an eye on the proc and use your DPS trinket with it for extra damage.
Leatherworking Bracer enchant adds 500 int.
Jewelcrafting Make nicer gems for your own use, they’ll work out to 320 Int over the other gems.
Enchanting Enchant both rings, for a total +320 Int gain.
Inscription Shoulder enchant adds 520 Int and 100 crit.
Alchemy More effect from your own potions. Adds 320 Int and an extra hour to your main flask.
Engineering has lots of interesting toys, some of which have situational use, and Synapse Springs, which increases Int by 1940 for a short time. If you take this use a macro to activate it along with other short term buffs.
Blacksmithing gives two extra gems slots. Since gems with secondary stats have twice the value of gems with primary stats Blacksmithing might be a very valuable profession. For example, you’ll be able to socket he two gems for +640 Crit instead of +320 Int.
Skinning provides 480 crit rating
Herbalism Small heal and 2880 Haste for 20 seconds, plus spirits. These heal for as much as the best potions.
Mining 480 Stamina



Races for the PvP Fire Mage

Pandaren MageNot that race is a replacement for skill, but some have certain advantages. Play what you like, as long as it’s Undead. ;)

Only the high points of the racials are covered below.


  • take less falling damage,
  • have a melee range stun,
  • get better buffs from foods,
  • and can choose to be either Horde or Alliance.


  • Escape ability allows use of two DPS trinkets.
  • Expertise with Swords adds to your Spell Hit rating if you equip a sword.


  • Decent escape,
  • bigger mana pool (not that mages have mana issues.)
  • small size helps (really.)
  • Expertise with Swords and daggers adds to your Spell Hit rating if you equip either.

Night Elves:

  • A bit harder to hit,
  • Shadowmeld has definite uses. Ambushing, for one, dodging incoming spells (if you’re good,) for another.


  • Ability washes away bleeds and reduces damage for a short time.


  • +1 to your Spell Hit is nice.
  • a small heal.


  • +1% crit, is nice
  • Sprint-like ability is quite useful.


  • Blood Fury for increased burst,
  • stun resistance works out to about 1 second off of a 6 second stun. Not bad.


  • Remove Fear, Sleep, and Charm.
  • Drain life (and heal.) The Drain is automatic and will add (a small amount) to your Damage totals.
  • Eat your dead opponents.


  • Berserk increases casting speed,
  • less affected by roots & slows.
  • Greater damage Vs beasts doesn’t help Vs Worgen.


  • 1% Haste,
  • Rocket Jump is a decent escape or gap closer.

Blood Elves:

  • Arcane Torrent restores some mana (which you won’t need) and silences whatever is within range.

Tauren don’t believe in Magery.


How to Get your Mage to the Level Cap, ASAP

Hit the Level Cap FastMage leveling is really pretty easy. Once you get a couple of spells under your belt you’ll destroy things quickly and efficiently. If your mage is already at 90 then you have those other alts you want to level though those 90 levels.

With the thousands of quests to the level cap and a bazillion mobs to kill (not to mention other players, but they don’t count here) sorting out which quests are best and which series of quests will get you to 90 the fastest is important, not to mention the “where to go, what to do” part, which is why we highly recommend Zygor’s Guide.

Zygor’s is an in-game guide and it nearly automates the whole leveling process: you just pick your starting point, at any level, and the guide tracks which quest you’re on, tracks the quest objectives, and automatically advances and updates as you complete your tasks and quests. In addition, a waypoint arrow is set automatically, so you never have to wonder where to go. All of the important quest info is included in the guide so you never have to wonder what to do. You’ll find that it’s vastly superior to the in-game questing help.

Playing with Heirlooms and/or Recruit a friend? Gaining a few levels in the dungeons or in PvP? Zygor’s has your back. The guide knows what level you are and will correctly suggest where to go next and will let you dump all of your obsolete quests. You will probably never need to look at your quest log again.

Grab your copy here and get to 90 as fast as possible, or read our review, first.

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