Rogue PvP in the Mists of Pandaria


Rogue PvP in the Mists of Pandaria

Female Orc Rogue in Opportunist's PvP gearUpdated for Mists of Pandaria 5.4.1

Also see our notes for the patch 5.4 rogues.

If you’re not yet 90 then you’ll need to level into some of the info on these pages. If you want to get your Rogue to the level cap as quickly as possible, then look into a leveling guide.

Note that this page covers general Rogue PvP stuff. For details on each spec, including talents, see the pages under Builds.


Specs and Builds:

Currently the Subtlety spec is the “flavor of the month” spec for Rogue PvP. Subtlety just has more tools than the other for effective ganking.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t effectively PvP with Combat or Assassination, just be aware that it will be a bit harder.

If you want a bigger challenge then go for it. Wouldn’t you love to see someone say, “That Combat Rogue is kicking our butts!!”


It used to be the case that…

Subtlety was the PvP spec, combat for raiding, and Assassination decent at both. All were good for leveling. With the changes that came with Mists of Pandaria and patch 5.4 (buffs) this is less true than before. Combat is generally still best for raiding, but not by a lot. Sub fall a bit behind there due to a more complicated rotation and is still more PvP/Burst oriented. Assassination is just good all over.

Spec Pros Cons
  • Lots of damage
  • Good burst
  • Best poison skills
  • Energy recovery requires bleeds
  • Don’t forget to keep your weapons poisoned.
  • Nothing special out of stealth
  • More complex “rotations”
  • Energy rec based of Slice and Dice. (Energetic recovery.)



Rogue PvP Stats

  • Sub: 3% Hit > 3% Expertise > Crit >= Mastery > Haste
  • Cbt:  3% Hit > 3% Expertise > Haste > Mastery > Crit
  • Assas:  3% Hit > 3% Expertise > Mastery > Haste > Crit


  • Hit: can’t kill what you can’t hit. 3% is required for same level targets, 6% for poisons.
  • Expertise: Cuts down on opponents dodge. Doesn’t apply if you’re attacking from behind, which you will be doing, at least sometimes, so less valuable than hit. Go for 3%, though some like more when fighting dodgy claases, such as other Rogues
  • Crit: Sub loves it, Cbt and Assassination not so much.
  • Mastery: Some say this is the number 1 stat for Sub, Assassination loves it, #2 for Combat.
  • Haste: #1 for Combat, #2 for Assassination, #3 for Sub. Haste isn’t bad for Sub, it’s just that the others are better.
  • PvP Power: this is a straight up damage add, like attack power, but PvP only. Nerfed hard in patch 5.4. The PvP Power on your gear will be enough, you shouldn’t gem for it.
  • Resilience: The base resilience for all characters, at level 90, is 72%. If you have the PvP trinket pair then there is an additional 10%. Stacking additional resilience is no longer necessary. Resilinece at lower levels is much less that 72%.

Sub. gets a 35% bonus to all Agility from the combination of the Leather bonus and Sinister Calling. This applies to any Ag. bonus from gear and any buffs (including food.) This is why Sub values Ag. more than PvP Power, esp after the 5.3 nerfs to PvP Power.

  • Visit Skill-Capped for lots of Rogue info. Not free, but $4/mo is pretty cheap.


Rogue PvP Gems

All Rogues, esp. Subtlety, value agility well over all other stats. This means that you will be using hybrid gems in the yellow and blue sockets. As for costs, not the the gems shown and the “perfect” gems have exactly the same stats, but might well have very different costs. Get the cheaper ones. If you’re running a bit short on gold, then check out the Tycoon gold addon.

Meta: All specs use: Agile Primal Diamond, go for the Tyrannical Primal Diamond if you feel the need for the extra Resilience.
Red: All specs use: Delicate Primordial Ruby
Blue: All specs use: Assassin’s Imperial Amethyst
Prismatic (Belt buckle or Blacksmithing socket: All specs use: Delicate Primordial Ruby


Other gems, if you want to experiment:

Meta Agile Primal Diamond: 216 Agil & 3% Increased Crit Effect
Tyrannical Primal Diamond: +665 PVP Power and +775 Resilience, requires 27k earned conquest points and iLevel 476, cost 1k conquest points. (Must earn 25k CPs in one season to see his gear, 27k to be allowed to buy it.)
Red Delicate Primordial Ruby: 160 Agility
Yellow Quick Sun’s Radiance: 320 Haste
Fractured Sun’s Radiance: 320 Mastery
Smooth Sun’s Radiance: 320 Crit
Blue Stormy River’s Heart: 160 PvP power
Rigid River’s Heart: +320 Hit
Orange Deadly Vermilion Onyx: 80 Agility, 160 Crit
Adept Vermilion Onyx: 80 Agility, 160 Mastery
Crafty Vermilion Onyx: 160 Expertise, 160 Crit
Deft Vermilion Onyx: 80 Agility, 160 Haste
Purple Assassin’s Imperial Amethyst: 80 Ag, 80 PvP Power
Glinting Imperial Amethyst: 80 Ag, 160 Hit
Accurate Imperial Amethyst: 160 Expertise, 160 Hit
Green Piercing Wild Jade: +160 Critical Strike and +160 Hit
Lightning Wild Jade: +160 Haste and +160 Hit
Shattered Wild Jade: +160 Haste and +80 PvP Power
Prismatic Delicate Primordial Ruby: 160 Agility
Cogwheel Smooth Tinker’s Gear: 600 Crit – requires an engie helm, such as this.
Fractured Tinker’s Gear: 600 Mastery
Quick Tinker’s Gear: 600 Haste



Rogue Enchants

Note: Dancing Steel procs from separate weapons do stack with each other. Back to back procs from the same weapon do not stack.

Short on gold? Most of the enchants below have similar enchants available, of lesser value, for less cash. We’ve linked to a couple of these. Check with the rep vendor or the Auction House for others. If you want to buy the best enchants, fund all of your alts, donate to the guild, etc., but don’t have the cash, then see what the Tycoon Addon can do about about improving your situation.

Helm enchants are gone in Mists of Pandaria, shoulder enchants all come from the Inscription profession.

The chest item is the only Resilience enchant, there are no M of P level PvP Power enchants.

Weapon Enchant Weapon – Dancing Steel: Sometimes add 1,650 Ag when striking.
Enchant Weapon – Glorious Tyranny: 600 PvP Power and 50% disarm duration.
Shoulders Secret Tiger Claw Inscription 520 Ag, 100 Crit, requires Inscription 575
Greater Tiger Claw Inscription: 200 Agility, 100 Crit
Cloak Swordguard Embroidery: Sometimes pops 4k AP for 15 sec. Requires Tailoring.
Enchant Cloak – Superior Critical Strike: 180 Crit rating
Chest Enchant Chest – Glorious Stats: +80- to all stats.
Enchant Chest – Super Resilience: 200 Resilience
Bracers Fur Lining, Agility: 500 Agility, requires Leatherworking.
Enchant Bracer – Greater Agility: 180 Agility
Socket Bracer: Self only, Blacksmithing, pop in a nice Agility gem.
Gloves Assassination & Sub: Enchant Gloves – Superior Mastery: +170 Mastery
Combat: Enchant Gloves – Greater Haste: 170 Haste
Socket Gloves – Self only, Blacksmithing, pop in a nice gem.
Belt Living Steel Belt Buckle: put a nice gem into this slot.
Leggings Shadowleather Leg Armor: 285 Agility & 165 Crit rating
Boots Enchant Boots – Blurred Speed: 140 Agility and Slight run speed increase.
Rings Enchant Ring – Greater Agility: 160 Agility, Requires Enchanting 550




Gearing Your Rogue for PvP

Once you’re level 90 it’s time to gear up.

Get the Crafted Malevolent set, if you can afford it, as this will give you a lot mroe punch in the battlegrounds than you lesser stuff. Crafted Dreadful is the next step down, but might be a lot cheaper.

Consider getting most or all of the Honor set before you hop into more competitive PvP, just because it will make your life easier. The season 14 set is Tyannical Gladiator.

Your #1 item to obtain is the trinket that allows you to escape from effects. #2 is the lowest level item that you’re wearing, if it’s a lot lower than the rest (as it might be if you were questing till 90.)

Otherwise here’s a good order of gear to work for: This list is for Sub, but can easily be used by the others with a bit of reforging. See the Rogue PvP Gearing page for more detail. Pretty much the same order applies to the lower levels of gear.

  1. Grievous Gloadiator’s Head piece, for the meta gem
  2. Grievous Gloadiator’s Medallion of Cruelty: Crit and escape
  3. Grievous Gloadiator’s Weapons: Dagger and off-hand
  4. Grievous Gloadiator’s Chest piece
  5. Grievous Gloadiator’s Legs
  6. Grievous Gloadiator’s Shoulders
  7. Grievous Gloadiator’s Cruelty Belt
  8. Grievous Gloadiator’s Cruelty Boots
  9. Grievous Gloadiator’s Gloves
  10. Grievous Gloadiator’s Prowess Neck
  11. Grievous Gloadiator’s Alacrity Bracers
  12. Grievous Gloadiator’s Ring #1: Accuracy
  13. Grievous Gloadiator’s Ring #2: Cruelty
  14. Grievous Gloadiator’s Prowess Cloak
  15. Grievous Gloadiator’s Insignia of Conquest


Professions for Rogues

More or less in order of value, based on the burst. Changes in 5.2 will make leveling some of these easier.

  • Engineering has the Gloves enchant (Synapse Springs,) which stacks with other enchants, and other useful items.
  • Blacksmithing adds (self-only) gem sockets to bracer and gloves. Since these can be PvP Power or Resilience gems then the Blacksmithing profession might be the best, as far as profession perks are concerned.
  • Alchemy gives you more benefit from your own potions than the other guys gets (Mixology.) Figure a 30% bonus and an extra hour duration from flasks and elixirs. This makes your #1 flask worth 1320 AG, plus any other bonuses.
  • Herbalism adds a small heal and 20 seconds of 2,880 haste rating. Plus you get spirits every now and then as you pluck the M of P herbs.
  • Leatherworking will allow you to make your own PvP gear and has a nice wrist enchant.
  • Jewelcrafting allows socketing of two much nicer gems than otherwise available.
  • Inscription has a killer shoulder enchant (520 Ag, 200Crit.)
  • Enchanting can add +160 Agi. to each of your own rings
  • Tailoring only has a cloak enchant, for 2k attack power on occasion.
  • Skinning adds to Crit rating (480 at max skill.)
  • Mining adds to Stam (480 at max skill.)




Note that Pandarens get twice the food buff. All food buffs last one hour. Any Ag bonuses you have will add to these numbers. Food buffs will expire when you die. Certain PvP venues (eg: Arena) might not allow potions.





Tips for Sneaking and Striking

1 –  Know how to re-stealth
If you can’t re-stealth in combat, you are drastically reducing your survivability. The main techniques for acheiving this are:

  • blind, move away, and wait to leave combat
  • gouge/kidney shot your oppenent and run out
  • get your oppenent crippled and sprint away
  • vanish
  • Note: When running away (to re-stealth) it helps if you can break “line of sight” with a convenient building or object.

2 – Don’t blow all your energy

If you sit on a person and spam your main strike, you won’t have enough energy for legitamite burst.

  • for example, get 5 combo points, wait for full energy, then KS (Kidney Shot) and you will be able to, assuming you are Assassination, mutiliate twice then eviserate/envenom.
  • It’s more efficient burst than if you were to KS with 25 energy and maybe get 1 mutilate and some auto attacks in.

3 – Know the different playstyles and adapt
You don’t try and beat a warrior the same way you beat a priest do you? There are unique ways of handling each class. Generally though, the two main styles a rogue can play are burst and control.

  • Burst: When you do a lot of damage in a short period of time. This usually involves getting back into stealth again multiple times to get max damage possible.
  • Control: When you use all CC (Crowd Control) methods available to control an opponent and take them out of the game, so to speak. This means you have to always leave enough energy to gouge and be ready to kick the right school magic. Also blinding into a sap can be a game breaker when speaking in terms of arena.
  • Defensive: A rogue who needs to be”defensive” would simply try and avoid as much damage as possible. This would include moves like evasion, vanish, blind, dismantle, gouge, and trying to re-stealth.

Like a Warrior – if you have a pocket healer then you will lay waste. Without one you will have to be somewhat careful about picking and choosing.

Otherwise, obviously, the best pvp build depends on who’s in your team, if you have one, and who the other guy is.

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