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How to get 470+ Item Level in BFA 8.3

Found a nice, quick and dirty guide to getting your item level up as Battle for Azeroth comes to an end. (Shadowlands on Oct 26.)

A summary of the video:

    1. Extra: Check that Auction House for gear that is 400+. The 400 gear is generally not to bad in price, the higher level gear definitely is. Got gold? Then go for it.
    2. Extra: A bit more on World Quests below.
    3. Back to the video: Timewalking dungeons to get 410 pieces.
    4. Unlock world quests, scroll down a bit.
    5. Unlock Nazjatar – work it until you get the portal. Magni will then appear and you will be able to unlock the 8.3 questline and work your way up to the legendary cloak (470) Wowhead has a full guide to that, here. Basically do all the quests Magni gives you, until you get the cloak.
    6. Seals of fate to get an extra loot roll. Also, if you have a TON of Titan Residium, you can talk to the Exquisite Furnishings dude right next to him and buy level 470 pieces.
    7. Heroic Warfront might give a 430 piece.
    8. Assaults and Visions to get a piece of corrupted gear.
    9. LFR (Looking for Raid)
    10. Mythic dungeons, the higher the better.
    11. Professions. Make your own 470 pieces. But you will still have to do the dungeons to get the bits to make those pieces. Rather time consuming.
    12. Like PvP? Hit the conquest cap and get gear.
    13. +12 or +15 Mythic dungeons and/or raids.

Another 8.3 Video, for PvP Gearing.

From Skill-capped. This one is better then the above video, but longer. The rogue page mentioned in the video is here.

World Questing was mostly left out of the above video, but is a nice thing for solo players. You can get 415-420 item level pieces, and Azerite for your neck piece, as well as gold and rep. Complete 4 quests for a faction and get an award from them, which typically includes more azerite.

Kul Tiras world quests with item

How to Unlock BFA World Quests

    • Blast up to level 120, even if this is an alt. If you have the rep on your main then you do not need to acquire it here, but you still need the footholds.
    • Unlock all three footholds as part of the Alliance or Horde War Campaigns.
      • Horde: Gain friendly rep with Zandalari Empire, Talanji’s Expedition, Voldunai and unlock the: Drustvar, Tiragarde Sound, and Stormsong Valley Footholds.
      • Alliance: Become friendly with Proudmoore Admiralty, Storm’s Wake, Order of Embers and gain the following footholds:  Zuldazar, Vol’dun, and Nazmir

You can track your progress in Wowhead’s Battle for Azeroth Attunement Tracker.


Zygor's guide to get gearedIf you already have unlocked World Quests on a 120 character before, future alts still need to unlock all three footholds from their War Campaigns, but they are no longer required to reach Friendly with their factions.

Zygor’s Guide will run you through Dungeons, has a World Quest planner, and will take you through the Magni quest lines, plus a bunch of other stuff. There is also a gold guide to help you with buying your better gear.

Not to mention getting from 1 to 120 ASAP. And Zygor will be 100% ready for Shadowlands.

Check it out here.

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