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Pilgrim’s Bounty Event Guide

Pilgrim’s Bounty starts today, so we’ve got a new guide to getting all the Pilgrim’s Bounty achievements. This event Is also a really good way to boost you cooking up to 300 in no time. So, without further ado, here is our Pilgrim’s Bounty guide:   The WoW Pilgrim’s Bounty event takes place every year close to American Thanksgiving time; it runs from November 20th to November 26th this year (2011.) If you prepare, It should only take a few days to get all the Pilgrim’s Bounty Achievements. In order to complete all of the Achievements you will need to…

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Heroic Stonecore Guide

We’ve updated our Heroic Stonecore guide with some videos. Check ’em out, get some good info, smash some bosses, have fun. Heroic Stonecore Boss Guide

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Cataclysm – Fail, Good Stuff, or Something In-between?

With the upcoming Mists of Pandaria expansion people are kicking around the “What’s Happening to WoW” set of questions. Such as, “Is it failing,” “Did Cataclysm fail,” “Are Pandas an attempt to break into the Pokemon market,” and other deep stuff like that. So I’m going to focus on one of those. World of Matticus has a post on the question, “Did Cataclysm Fail?” In his article he covers healing, raiding, guilds, and a couple of other topics. So, in this regard did Cataclysm succeed or fail? Well to me the answer here is two fold. They both succeeded and…

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