Oct 102013
PvP Gear Vs PvE Gear

The PvE Gear Vs. PvP Gear question often comes up:

  • Can I (or should I) use PvP gear in PvE?
  • Can I (or should I) use PvE gear in PvP?

So what about it, then? First off…

  • I Don't Have My PvP GearReslience is a stat that reduces damage done to you by other players. It used to be on high level PvP gear, but it was removed in patch 5.3. It still exists on lower level gear. In patch 5.4 the resilience number is 72%, regardless of the gear that you’re wearing. So that shot you do to another player does not hit for 100k, it hits for about 28k. It’s completely irrelevant in PvE.
  • PvP Power only appear on high level PvP gear and adds to the damage you do to players, and only players, much like Attack Power or Spell Power. It’s also completely irrelevant in PvE.

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