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Warlock Leveling Build

Just the Warlock builds and no more than that.

Click the link to go to the build:

  • Demonology – This is what we recommend as your leveling spec. It’s easier and faster than the others.
  • Affliction – Works just fine for leveling, maybe a bit slower then Demonology.
  • Destruction – We have no leveling build for this spec yet.
  • Return to our Warlock Leveling page

Demonology leveling Build

 Demonology Warlock leveling spec

Demonology leveling glyphs

Click Here to level faster

Affliction Leveling Spec

Affliction Warlock leveling build

Demonology leveling glyphs

Speed up your leveling, whether you’re new or
decked out in heirlooms. Click here to level fast.

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