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Druid Changes in Warlords of Draenor

Wow. Lots of Druid changes, especially Balance, arrived with Warlords of Draenor. Then a couple more came with patch 6.1. Various changes are across the board. All classes are losing various abilities and others are being restricted to one or another spec. Occasionally new abilities will be replacing old ones, but no one is going to gain abilities. The “new” level 91+ abilities are “perks.” These are actually enhancements to existing abilities, not new ones.. Feel free to add your thoughts in the comment form at the bottom of the page or share this page and add them there. Now, read…

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Druid Patch 5.4 Changes
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The Patch 5.4 Druid Changes

So what happened with Druids in patch 5.4? What are the changes, buffs, nerfs, and new abilities? Scroll down, all the notes are posted, with links and some comments. Resto and Balance got the lion’s share of changes, Guardian Druids got nothing spefic to them, and Feral only a bit. But if you’re a Guardian and you tank you will want to pay close attention to the Vengeance changes. I think Resto Druids will be quite happy, Balance a bit less so. At least both of them get Nature’s Swiftness as a one of their abilities. That’s a nice buff all…

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The Druid in Mists of Pandaria

Take all your Cataclysm builds and chuck ’em.  They’are all dead and useless. Mists of Pandaria is revising everything. All classes will share a pool of abilities, as they always have, but each spec in each class will have a set of unique abilities that define that spec. These abilities will be learned from your trainer, as you level, just like any others. By the way. Druids will have four specs in Mists of Pandaria. In reality, they always have, now it’s just official. Note – this page is a work in progress. If you find something wrong, leave a comment….

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