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Gold Tips: What’s in Demand?

Obviously there are about a bazillion things to sell on the Auction House, but how do you tell what people actually want to buy? Certain things are easy. For example, there’s always a demand for cloth due to First Aid and Tailoring and a few other uses. Most all of the ores and herbs and skins you gather will have a pretty fair demand. Basically, anything that another player can use will have someone willing to buy it, but it may be hard to find that someone. We want items that have a lot of someones wanting to buy them, preferably across…

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Has Your Account Been Hacked?
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WoW Hackers Steal Millions in Gold

This popped up on Yahoo News a few days ago. WoW Hackers Steal Millions in Gold The issue came to light on June 22, when a user named “Abidah” realized that almost 200,000 gold pieces had disappeared from his account for three unauthorized purchases in the game’s Auction House,. He posted his plight on the Blizzard forums, where other users shared similar experiences. Blizzard investigated, and discovered that while “World of Warcraft” itself had not been compromised, its Web and mobile Auction House apps had. On June 23, Blizzard acknowledged the hack. “We have taken the Web and Mobile Auction…

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